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My Killer Girlfriend

Studio: Burning Angel Entertainment » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 9/22/17

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genres: Comedy, Horror, Feature

Writer/Director: Joanna Angel
DP: Mike Quasar Editing & Scoring: Small Hands
Makeup: Twin Peeks Special Visual FX: Ruby Redd

Cast: Joanna Angel, Carmen Caliente, Katrina Jade, Nikki Hearts, Arya Fae, Small Hands, Ramon Nomar, Will Havoc

Length: 1 hour 57 minutes

Date of Release: September 22, 2017

Extras: N/A

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Good. Shot well. Viewed via streaming on Gamelink.com and there were some jaggies present during motion but nothing that is a deal breaker. Dialog is clear.

Overview: In the spirit of the Halloween season, Joanna Angel teams up with her usual crew to bring us some comedic gore porn. I really don't know what else to call it. It's a scripted tale of Joanna meeting a longtime online "girlfriend" in real life for the first time. Miss Angel spins her traditional comedic slant on the screenplay even though it is a tale of two girls that obviously have some emotional and mental instabilities. Carmen Caliente is the actual star that the story follows but Joanna plays a significant role in the screen time she gave herself. Along the way, some porn royalty joins the cast and are quickly dispatched. I feel I can say that because Joanna herself has been letting the cat out of the bag via social media so I'm not really giving away any spoilers.

Scene 1: Joanna Angel & Carmen Caliente

Joanna's meeting her longtime online girlfriend for the first time ever IRL. Carmen shows up at her door and they are excited to meet. As they join each other on the couch Carmen says she finally had time off of work and Joanna's confused because she thought Carmen was taking care of her sick mom...it makes no difference to Joanna since she's playing a spastic character here that is overjoyed to finally meet her lady! Sticking out her tongue for a kiss, she takes Carmen aback who must be wondering just WTF she got herself into here...

Carmen Caliente

With the awkward kiss out of the way, the girls just ravish each other right then and there. It's a moan filled scene as fingers and tongues are employed rapidly, clothes getting thrown aside as necessary. Quasar's camera captures the action as best it can but the ladies seem to have forgotten they are being filmed; burying their faces in each other's crotch, ass, or boobs along the way. This often leads to a lack of face time onscreen but they seem to remember the camera every time they do it and come up for some air with a smile. There's one position that I'm just going to have call backward cowgirl where Joanna straddles Carmen's neck as she kneels and eats her ass with veracity. I'm telling you, it's an intense lesbian first fuck!

Joanna Angel & Carmen Caliente

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As the action winds down, they snuggle on the couch and Joanna mentions she has some friends coming over to meet Carmen. Carmen's not thrilled with that idea at all nor is she thrilled at the snacks Joanna is heading to the supermarket to buy because of a conversation they had online about it weeks (months?) ago that she recalls vividly. Carmen's starting to suspect Joanna's a fruitcake and once Joanna's out of sight she inspects the kitchen cutlery drawer.

Scene 2: Arya Fae & Ramon Nomar

Arya Fae

Ramon and Arya show up at Joanna's house and Carmen answers the door. She doesn't want to let them in since Joanna's not home but since they are decade-old friends they just cruise on in anyway and introduce themselves. Carmen acts a bit weird during the introductions and Arya has to rush off to the fridge to put her crudite tray away with Ramon taking the opportunity to tag along and leave Carmen to her self. Once in the kitchen, they stash the veggies and Arya starts slobbering on Ramon's rod because - you know...that's what you do in other people's kitchens. Arya has a look about her as if she is a CSR for some law firm until Ramon peels off her clothes and her body and face just scream "I'm a fucking porn star!"

Arya Fae

With her clothes out of the way, Ramon just starts hammering into her bent over the counter, lifted in the air, and standing on the floor. It's a raucous romp, Ramon's body just dripping sweat. He lies back to take a break while Arya stands and slurps on his cock. After he has a quick breather she climbs onto his bang pole, bouncing like a world champion. With his energy restored he takes her for another aerial romp, dropping her to the floor to unload on her gorgeous face.

Great, hardcore scene here! Don't miss this.

And then...cue the Special FX team...

Scene 3: Nikki Hearts & Will Havoc

Nikki Hearts

Nikki and Will have stopped by and aren't really warming up to Carmen and Nikki's not thrilled with the fact that Joanna has "decided" she's a lesbian now. The duo step outside for a smoke and Nikki decides if Joanna can be a lesbian all of a sudden, she can be hetero and starts smoking Will's willie. He's surprised but returns the oral favor. There's no reason to not take advantage of your lesbian bandmate's sudden openness to dick, so he drills her in doggie.

Nikki Hearts

She rides him in cowgirl, sucks her juices off, licking his balls at his request, and then lies down for more cock in spoon. Spooning gets followed by missionary, Will's hand on Nikki's throat; her hand on her clit. They pause for some more pole throating and jerking and then they repeat all of the positions. Will wanks himself to a finish on Nikki's tummy tat and Carmen pops out to say hello...

and cue effects...

Scene 4: Katrina Jade, Carmen Caliente, Joanna Angel, Small Hands

Joanna Angel Small Hands Katrina Jade Carmen Caliente

Katrina and Small Hands stop by and they decide to play a game of "Never Have I Ever" with Joanna and Carmen, who is dressed only in a towel and nobody says a word about it. During the game, Joanna says she's never had an orgy and Small Hands in disbelief as he starts listing off all the orgies he's participated in and I have to say it's a pretty comprehensive list. In fact, I've seen quite a few of them! That's when the group decides to all get it on and the foursome becomes a sea of inked flesh. Carmen's quick to take a ride on Small Hands' face while the other ladies attend to his rod until he calls for a switch at which point Joanna mounts her real-life man's face.

Katrina Jade Joanna Angel

It's smiles, moans, and giggles all around as Small Hands grips Katrina's hair and starts plowing her from behind. Carmen's coochie is the next one to get hammered, followed by her mouth. Joanna's busy munching Jade's box but stops to share some throat time with Carmen. Miss Angel goes for a ride and she gets followed up by the others as Small Hands takes one hole after another. The ladies line up, Katrina in the middle, for Small Hands' finale splash and Katrina catches the brunt of it on her face but gladly shares it with the other girls.

Final Thoughts: Fuckin' A. Really liked this one. What a fun flick! In the vein of titles like Digital Playground's Lay Her Down, it puts a modern, comedic spin on a traditional slasher flick and throws in a bunch of gratuitous, hardcore sex for your enjoyment. (Lay Her Down used glitter in the blood. This blood is more traditional.) There are some physical effects and some that I'm guessing are purely digital but they are both done really well. Mike Quasar, as usual, is Joanna's man behind the cam and he captures stuff well.

Joanna is joined at the end by real-life hubby, Small Hands who gives some great reactionary facial expressions during the setup to the scene. Carmen Caliente really carries off "the crazy" here, playing a girl with some deep-seated issues and that works well bouncing off her costar Joanna who also plays a somewhat unbalanced girl. I'm not going to be surprised if there are some award noms coming their way for this. The rest of the gang that joins them along the way are nothing more than future victims as it should be in any horror flick. Who will go first? Who will be the "final girl"? All of those questions are answered predictably enough. Katrina Jade and Arya Fae look fantastic here and Arya really rocks her setup scene brushing by the "new girl" on her way into her BFF's house to stash her fresh veggies. Ramon works well in his role, following her in as they tromp into territory obviously familiar to them. Both of them put on a hell of a sexual show in the kitchen. Will Havoc's role pretty much could have gone to anyone since he's nothing more than a pawn in Nikki Hearts' game. She might be a real-life lesbian but she obviously knows how to handle a dick. All in all, I think fans of the Burning Angel style of porn are going to like this one. I'm going with a solid Recommended if you are watching it on demand. When the DVD comes out you may want to factor in a higher quality video experience and any bonus materials.

 ~cyber5  Tweet me.

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