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Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 9/24/17

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

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Genre: Couples Feature


Cast: Asa Akira, Jessa Rhodes, Abella Danger, Valentina Nappi, Katrina Jade, Seth Gamble, Tommy Gunn, Small Hands, Isiah Maxwell, Jessy Jones, James Bartholet (non-sex)

Director: Rikki Braun

Writer/Producer: Axel Braun

Release Date: May 23, 2017

Length: 1 hr. 58 min.

Condoms: Yes

Extras: Three bonus scenes, photo gallery, seven trailers and a Wicked Features promo reel


Overview: In Rikki Braun's Exposed Asa Akira plays a paparazzi photographer who's work and love of the hunt gets her in a little over her head. She'll do anything to get the shot, until she sees things that will effect her life forever. It's a very good performance from Akira, and a pretty good job from Rikki Braun in his feature directorial debut.


Scene One: Asa Akira and Isiah Maxwell


The film opens with Asa trying to get into a club to film pop sensation Justin Griever. However, the doorman played by Isiah is giving her a hard time until she proposes giving him a blowjob. The sneak off to a dark alley and Asa goes to town on his BBC. This is just a very basic BJ scene interrupted in the middle by Asa standing and Isiah fingerbanging her. After he shoots his load on her face they go back into the club and Isiah takes her to Justin, sitting in a booth with some hotties. However, once she turns her back he disappears. She then overhears two airheaded bimbos talking about fucking him in the ladies room. Asa sneaks in to film the action.


Scene Two: Abella Danger, Valentina Nappi and Jessy Jones


Once in the ladies room the hotties, played by Abella Danger and Valentina Nappi (whose entire vocabulary is “yeah”) take turns sucking Justin's cock. Justin, played with great smugness by Jessy Jones, passes his cock back and forth between them before bending Abella over the sink and fucking her from behind. While he drives his cock in and out of her Valentina rubs her pussy making her cum on his cock. They both take turns sucking her juices off before he does the same to Valantina. Abella gets below them and licks Valentina's clit while Jessy fucks her making Valentina cum. Asa films away as they clean Jessy's cock and he fucks Valentina missionary on the sink. Abella rubs Valentina's pussy making her cum again before Jessy bends her over (again) and fucks her from behind (again). Abaella then gets into a ballerina position giving Valentina plenty of access to her pussy as Jessy fucks her. After making Abella cum Jessy fucks her missionary before Valentina licks her juices off of Jessy's cock. Jessy finally fucks Valentina standing while she rubs Valentina's pussy before Jessy shoots off on their faces. This is just a very average, almost claustrophobic scene given the tight space they have to work in. There's not a lot of positions they can get into and it shows. But they do their best, giving us just an ok scene.


Asa delivers her film to her boss, played by James Bartholet. He tells her to take some time off, that she's getting in too deep with her methods of getting access to the celebs. But she reminds him that she's married to a porn director, and that sex is just part of the job. Besides, she simply loves the hunt too much. To his chagrin he reluctantly gives her the next assignment, movie star Lindsey Logan.


Scene Three: Asa Akira, Tommy Gunn and Small Hands


Asa arrives at the studio Lindsey is shooting at. Unzipping her jacket, it doesn't take long for her to convince the film hands, Tommy and Small Hands, to take her inside. They find a mattress and Asa and Small Hands start making out as Tommy runs his hands all over her body. They take out their cocks and Asa goes back and forth on them, both of them gagging her with their dicks. They both rub her pussy getting her wet before Small hands slips his cock in her and fucks her from behind as she keeps sucking on Tommy. He pulls her hair and fucks her doggy style before they switch up. We get a better shot of Asa's pussy as Tommy fucks her from behind all the while Small Hand's cock is in her mouth. She then lays down missionary, still sucking on Small Hands dick while he rubs her pussy. Tommy fucks her missionary giving her a great orgasm as only Asa can have. He t-bones her a little while she jerks Small Hand's cock before climbing on top and riding him. Tommy fingers her asshole as she bounces on his cock with Small Hand's dick in her mouth.


Tommy and Asa 69 for a second before Small Hands brings his hard cock over and slides it inside Asa's pussy, fucking her from behind as she sucks on Tommy's cock. After making her cum she flips over and Small Hands fucks her missionary, choking her as he drives his dick in and out of her. She pumps Tommy's cock as Small Hand's makes her cum before Small Hands fucks her in the ass. He spoons her asshole, anally fucking her as she rubs her pussy and jerks Tommy's cock at the same time. After she brings herself to orgasm she climbs on top of Small Hands and sits on his cock. Tommy sticks his dick in her pussy and he and Small Hands DP Asa, giving her a screaming orgasm. She then spins around and rides Tommy's cock while Small Hands fucks her asshole. After giving her multiple orgasms she sits up and they both jerk off on her face and tits. This is a very good scene with great performances from everyone. If only the camera work wasn't so jerky, with too many awkward zooms in and out.


Scene Four: Asa Akira and Jessa Rhodes


Asa makes her way into Lindsey's dressing room. The very bitchy Lindsey Logan is played wonderfully by Jessa Rhodes. Asa hides behind the couch as Lindsey balls out her sister about how miserable her overly privileged life is. When her sister leaves she pulls a vibrator out of her drawer and starts masturbating, giving Asa the opportunity to sneak out. However Jessa catches her and Asa tells her she's her masseuse. When Asa starts rubbing Jessa down, Jessa confesses she's into girls. And seeing this as an opportunity she goes along with it, kissing and rubbing Jessa on her tits and pussy. She goes down on Jessa and fingers her to orgasm. Asa then eats her pussy, her face buried in Jessa's crotch and grabbing her tits making Jessa cum again. Great sweeping shot of the action by the way. She fingerbangs her to one more orgasm before getting on all fours and letting Jessa tongue her pussy from behind.


Jessa then gets underneath of Asa and she rubs her pussy as Asa twerks on her tongue, riding her face to Chicago. Jessa then fingerbangs her from behind, spitting on her ass and making her cum on her fingers. Asa then gets into a missionary position and Jessa laps away at her pussy while she fingers her own asshole. With a finger in her ass and Jessa fingering her pussy, Asa cums while being DP'd. They make their way to the couch and Asa rubs Jessa's pussy making her cum again before lapping up her pussy juice. Asa then takes the vibrator and fucks Jessa with it giving her multiple orgasms. Asa then lays down and Jessa fucks her with the vibrator, again achieving multiple orgasms in one of the most beautifully framed shots in the whole movie. It's always so great to see Asa when she cums. Jessa then lays down and she and Asa masturbate each other before Asa starts tribbing her bringing them both to one last orgasm with each other. This lesbian scene is the best scene in the whole movie. I absolutely loved the electricity generated between Asa and Jessa.


Scene Five: Katrina Jade and Seth Gamble


Little does Asa know her husband, Seth Gamble, is directing Lindsey's movie. We see him with Lindsey's sister, Katrina Jade, back stage making out. Pretty soon the making out leads to undressing and eventually Katrina is sucking on Seth's cock. She deep throats him, slobbering on his balls and getting him nice and hard before he fucks her ballerina style from behind. He slaps her ass and drives his cock in and out of her pierced pussy until she cums. After sucking her juices off of his cock he sticks it back in and fucks her from behind some more. He slams her ass before laying down and she rides him cowgirl. She twerks and bounces her pussy on his cock before spinning around and fucking him in reverse. As he fucks her from underneath she rubs her clit to another orgasm and grinds away on his cock before hopping off and sucking her juices off again.


He then fucks her ballerina style again her leg hiked in the air. When he starts fucking her from behind again, Asa walks by and hears them. With tears in her eyes she wants to leave, but she's in too deep and the hunter inside her makes her film it. She watches the whole spectacle in silent distraught until she sees her husband shooting a load of cum on the emotionless Katrina Jade's tits. Thus ends another just ok scene which suffers from the bathroom scene in that it was shot in too cramped a space with not enough room for good positions. And, just like that scene, the performers do the best they can with what they have to work with.


Bonus Scene One: “Inner Demons” starring Abella Danger, Lily Labeau and Tommy Pistol


Bonus Scene Two: “The J.O.B.” starring Asa Akira, Jessica Drake and Ryan Driller


Bonus Scene Three: “Axel Braun's Busted” starring Valentina Nappi and Small Hands


Final Thoughts: After directing a couple of gonzo dvd's, the young Rikki Braun has great potential. Especially considering his dad, the great award winning Axel Braun, both wrote and produced his feature debut. He has a long way to go though. This is just an ok film, with hit and miss spots all throughout. Too many awkward zooms for one thing. Plus he needs to learn how to utilize the space he's given and not make small spaces seem so cramped. The performances for the most part were very good. Asa Akira is great as always. And I really have to give it to Jessa Rhodes who played the over privileged actress to a tee. The film was good, not great, and I'd say just Watch On Demand. I am hoping to see better things from Rikki. He does indeed have a great start.

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