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True Lesbian Lovers 4

Studio: Desire » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 10/24/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Desire Pictures. They are almost something most people know nothing about. Well, this reviewer aims to change that. Not because there is something this wonderful company is doing wrong, or that the way these films are shot or produced are a miss. No, far from it. It is more so, that the world must know this company is the DVD version of the PUBA Networks wonderful scenes. This is the DVD package that has some of your favorite porn star's scenes that they pieced together and that the “mad Russian” himself has created with grandeur for the ladies. Ivan always puts something unique into his creations. When you press play, you know that you are getting something beyond wonderful, that has old school charm in terms of performers with big sexual appetites and a new age flair that has dazzling lighting, cool graphics, swanky music all created from the mind of a porn genius. Puba has been a man that has been winning awards since his jump into the business. There is so much he has yet to produce and he will tell you that his canvas always has additions going onto it. True Lesbian Lovers 4 has some of the most genuine pussy lickers to every grace the discs of adult cinema. Lynn Vega, Marica Hase and porn legend Jezebelle Bond. The one thing I can tell you is if you have never seen these ladies perform, you are in for a treat. These beauties are true girl/girl connoisseurs and if the box cover is a display of just a smidgen of what is in store, lesbian heaven awaits dear readers.

Front Cover True Lesbian Lovers 4 

Film Duration: 57 Minutes

Director: Ivan Puba

Cameras: Ivan Puba

Don Juan’s Phyla: Girl/Girl, Older/Younger, Variety, Toys, Chemistry Through and Through, Gonzo, Passionate Sex, Face Sitting


Scene 1: “Tangerines” with Lynn Vega and Jezebelle Bond

Scene Features: Wonderful Chemistry, Superb Pussy Eating, Deep Lesbian Kissing, Inked Performers, Older Woman with Older Woman

The Reveal & The Sex:

Lynn Vega and Jezebelle Bond 

This scene starts out with some beyond epic visuals. The lighting in the background. The slowdown of the camera as Lynn Vega bites into a yummy tangerine as Jezebelle chomps at the bit to eat her alive. The sex begins almost immediately and why wait when you have two gals who love to eat pussy as much as these two do. The aggression, the allure, the gorgeous tattoos. Jezebelle Bond is porn royalty in these parts and when you see her kiss Lynn, remove her bra and keep the camera at the center of the action, it is just brilliant and kinky as can be. The action is fast and steamy. The teasing is out of this world, as is the kissing. This is some of the most passionate girl/girl kissing that you will see anywhere. The way that both women giggle with lust is just mind blowing and the most massive of turn-ons. Jezebelle is one of the most legendary pussy lickers. She is aggressive as I remember her always being but with this wonderfully sensual and innocent way she can perform. It is why she is a adult film legend. The way that you see Lynn licking her lips shows that she is enjoying the action just as much as you are. As Lynn whimpers in the most sensual way imaginable, you see Jezebelle take things up another notch. As she fingers Lynn pussy, you can see that Mrs. Vega simply enjoying every second of this shoot. It is brilliant lesbian action. Lynn Vega has absolutely one of the most gorgeous pussies in the business, it is literally shaped like a heart. To see that Ivan let miss Bond simply please it in any manor she sees fit, really made this scene something beyond your standard encounter. The steam in this scene could go on for hours and the viewer would simply be stuck in their tracks with their tongue hanging out for as many hours as the ladies could withstand. That is how delicious this scene is. As Lynn gets her turn to taste Jezebelle the kissing just keeps things rolling along and will have the audience's mind spinning equally as fast. Hot damn, does Jezebelle still got it or what? You better fucking believe it. She turns on that girl next door charm. That voice, that body, those extremities. When you add in camera work that displays Lynn’s hard body and derriere in the background you are just sent right to cloud nine in the land of fantasy. This scene is twelve minutes of pure dynamite. Ivan always makes his scenes to be something that has enough zeal to get things done. This is fast action that gets to the point and the scene delivers in so many ways. This is one of the steamiest lesbian scenes of 2017. Its length hinders it at tad from awards consideration but the truth of this scene, is that this what lesbian fans, true lesbian fans want. As you see the woman end the action by squeezing the nectar of the delicious fruit they share in between their breasts and lapping it up with their long tongues, you feel that this scene ended on the most perfect of notes and my, oh my does it get you hungry for more. Lynn Vega is coming to be known as a perfomer who puts on an even more dazzling show that then the previous. This girl/girl only performer is turning heads with the intensity and unique sensuality she can mix in a a scene. Jezebelle has shown she still gots it and that mixture makes that the hottest scene in the film.

Lynn Vega and Jezebelle Bond 

Scene 2: Alix Lynx and Marica Hase

Scene Features: Tongue Fucking, Delicious Moaning, Asian Sensuality and Charm, Big Boobs and Hard, Long, Erect Nipples

The Reveal:

Marica Hase and Alix Lynx 

Marica Hase is known the world over as one of the most sought-after stars in the adult world. This is one of the first glances I have had a chance to take of her work with the PUBA Network. Alix Lynx is a regular when it comes to Ivan’s productions and after this film I see why. This blond bombshell features legs that go on for days and a booty that is as delicious as they come in the adult film world. This pairing has so much to offer on paper. The scene once again thrusts you right in the middle of the action. The attire that both women have on is simply to die for. It sparks the minds curiosity and it creates a wonderful stage for the erotic art that is XXX cinema. Marica Hase flat out has some of the most gorgeous natural breasts in the industry. I truly think she should be on the list for AVN’s fan vote of best boobs without hesitation. When you see Alix begin to go to town, I think the temperature in what ever room you inhabit watching this scene, even if your sneaking a peek in the freezer at work, will start to rise and keep you nice and toasty. The kissing, the touching is a little short but Ivan does not sell the fan short for one second with how these women keep the fantasy going at a slow and delicious pace after the clothes start to come off.


The Sex:

Marica Hase and Alix Lynx

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Marica has this sexy whimper that I have never heard from an adult actress. It is high pitched, yet sexy as can be. You see her body thrust as Alix pulls out her wicked tongue to begin to ravage her kitty. This scene will delight the fan that loves Asian cuisine more than the rest. Marica and her facial expressions are just erotic and alluring. The shot of Alix fingering and licking with her bodacious booty in the air, as the camera pans in close and then pans right to left both up close and at a distance, is just amazing videography. It follows the action and angles we want to see as viewers. Then you get these scrumptious shots of Marica’s hard nipples, as her head tilts back with pleasure and we focus on Alix tasting her with the most sensual delight you will be sweating from head to toe. As Marica gets her turn and goes to work with a smile, fans are treated to one of the most gorgeous slits in the modern industry. Alix has a kitty that will have every viewer begging for mercy and as you watch Marica finger it with this wonderful grin on her face that is highlighted by a wonderful shot of her gorgeous gams, you will be turned on and smoking like a toaster oven forgotten about after a long day at work at this point. Hell, this is the ultimate of un-winds to see these two enjoy each other’s company. The language barrier may hinder things a little bit in terms of dirty talk but I think the way these two squirm, moan and gyrate with pleasure is enough to sell this scene without any damn sound at all. Add in, when you hear Marica sucking on those long pussy lips that is all the music to your ears you will need in this chapter of the film. Ivan puts Marica’s kitty on display for us next and as she gets on all fours and as Alix starts to spit, love and rub, you see exactly why Penthouse chose this Japanese beauty as their first Pet of the orient. The bodies of these babes sell this scene better than a used car salesman could. The editing is wonderful as the action does not skip a beat as the angles move from side to side as Alix plunges her long tongue deep in Marica’s wet pussy and backside. The aggressive look of Alix thoroughly poking Marica’s box with her long tongue, is her bread and butter as a performer. I would have loved to see more of that. She has a beauty that simply makes those aggressive facial expressions go hand in hand with an amazing scene. As Marica can’t decide whether or not to have Alix sit on her face, the end pussy licking with Alix spread eagle is just heavenly and one hell of an end to a great scene. Marica has an over-the-top way that just works brilliantly for this scene and film. I thought the real great aspect was how well Alix adds to Marica’s brilliance and throws in a little of her own. When you see Marica leave a trail of kisses all the way up her body to her waiting lips, you will now just how damn good a show these performers put on from start to finish.


Scene 3: Nicole Aniston and Chanel Preston

Scene Features: Minimal Dialogue, Face Sitting, Older Woman with Older Woman, Big Boobs

The Reveal:

Nicole Aniston and Chanel Preston

What a view, what a view. If that does not some up the set-up of this scene I do not know what does. These two paired together is every diehard fan’s dream come true. Chanel is an industry veteran, she simply knows how to display her command on screen, she always has. Nicole is your classic style performer who simply can adjust to all that is thrown at her. The dialogue is as minimal as it can get and good thing too because what these ladies do with their tongues in this intro is far bettera set-up that a long script. I really loved the camera angles. Especially when you see a perfectly arched Chanel Preston bent over perfectly, putting on display, that amazing asset of hers, all while she flicks Nicole’s hard nipples with her long tongue. As things pick up quickly, you simply just know a great scene is ahead no matter what, with such amazing, veteran performers paired together.


The Sex:

Nicole is in the best shape. Which says so much coming for one of the most beautiful women to ever step foot in the industry. Her attire will steal your imagination and take you instantly to that land of fantasy that every fan wishes to be taken. Thong panties never looked so good, especially green ones. From a production stand point, once again, Ivan’s every look is brilliant and it is right where you want to be every step of the scene. Chanel’s make-up is done to perfection when you see her eye lashes flutter after Nicole sucks on her clit you too will see how damn important and how lovely good make-up is due to this scene. No matter the sound effect, they are the true unsung heroes of this scene. No matter if it is the sound of Nicole sucking on Chanel’s pussy, or the delicious decibels that Nicole’s wet pussy makes, as she gets fucked fast by Chanel's finger as they go in and out, that will simply be a sound in your memory far louder than any drum ever could create. The thing most fans never see with such talented performers, is that everything works out perfectly, the way that Nicole slips out of her panties, all the way to how Chanel perfectly catches her spit it her finger tips right before she starts to pe Nicole’s kitty. That is what this scene gives as do amazing performers like these two beauties. This scene gets the job done and has something that is different that fans will enjoy no matter if you have seen every scene these ladies have produced or even if this is your first trip to the land of fantasy with them, this is film making done right and you rewarded the most from it dear reader. This is veteran performers doing what they do beast and it truly shows why both ladies are a staple for excellence and are in the amount of films that they are.

Nicole Aniston and Chanel Preston 

Scene 4: Sarah Jessie and Briana Lee

Scene Features: Toys, Very Little Intimacy, Inked Performers, Very Little Oral, Lots of Toy Play, Very Short Scene

The Reveal:

Sarah Jessie can bring a viewer into any realm all by herself, no matter the scene partner. She has proven that many times in this industry. As scene four starts we are greeted with one of the hottest looking kitties in the adult industry, staring right into your fantasies as she is masturbating with this pink vibrator as if her beaitiful body was that was not enough to catch your attention. The first thing that caught my eye when both ladies begin to perform, was a little lack of intimacy as things get rolling. It would have elevated this scene to a vaster plain, had there been some passionate kissing. The casting is perfect, you have this inked phenom who looks and has the build of a super model, paired with one of the most yummy, curvaceous women in the industry. That is simply fantasy come to life ladies and gentlemen and it is those types of scenarios that this business was created upon and that many people have forgotten about in today’s modern porn world. This speed of this scene is bit too much due to where the performers are going. It does not give the fans mind time enough to settle down and enjoy the show. Once again, the shoot location is beautiful but as the last scene had a plan already being built of something quick, from the start, this scene has a feel with the reveal that you do not know where it may end up, or where it is going.

Sarah jessie and Briana Lee 

The Sex:

Toy play is the most misjudged thing in the adult industry and it always will be. In my opinion, due to scenes like this very one that are held back not because of what is brought into this film but more so what is left out and it has nothing to do with toys. Trust me, the toy play in wonderful. These ladies bring their A-Game, there is no doubt about that but when you follow a scene that has the same style of veteran performance, the lack of intimacy draws your attention away. The performers are wonderful when the toy action happens but no kissing, no touching leading the viewers into such enthusiastic toy play, it may keep them from staying long enough to see what these girls have in store for them and that is a travesty. Especially when you have two performers chomping at the bit to ravage the other at every turn like you do here. With that being said, I think these two ladies truly know how to bring something unique to compliment the scene, but they are never given time to put that on display. This is one of the shortest scenes I have ever seen shot and when you see the women add that zeal at the end with some pussy licking and emotion the scene fades to black and things are over. You are left wanting a lot more. I always say, every scene has something good in it and this one has a lot to offer. The women look so unique, especially Briana. Her longtime fans will be happy. Sarah Jessie, what else can you say but that woman can tease a camera and in return drive the viewer wild beyond belief no matter the scenario, genre, pluses or minuses in the scene. That ladies and gentlemen is simply what the definition of a “fantasy girl" is. She has always had one of the hardest bodies in the business and when you see her strut, you just can’t help but stop and stare. This is a short film period and yes, these scenes were created for websites for the most part, but the speed of things just kept the fantasy going but did not have time to truly maximize into it’s true potential.

Alix Lynx and Jenna J. Ross 

Bonus Scene: “Bath 4.2” Jenna J. Ross and Alix Lynx

Scene Features: Bathtub Sex, Amazing Positions, Great Chemistry, Passionate Kissing, Wonderful Oral

The Reveal:

As the viewers mind is getting back into the swing of things with this wonderful little gem tossed in as a free-bee. The casting is excellent. Jenna has always a lot of diversity when she shoots with Ivan. They bring out so much good in each other. Alix is the show stopper once again with her ability to be featured in a film twice and have each performance be so much different in the most excellent of ways. The build-up to the bath tub sex session is cinematic and the very thing that viewers are looking for when Jenna drops her amazing derriere into the blue bath water. Jenna’s acting grows on me every film and with every role. She is a performer who simply has it, that is the best way I can explain it. Alix has the small things down pat in this world of fantasy we all love. The way she looks into Jenna’s eyes as she licks her hard nipples is unique and beautiful. Her tongue motion is captivating. The kissing just starts things out with this very hidden aggression where you have this filling the performers are going to explode with lust. Ivan’s charisma is something to see in this one. From shots of the little rubber ducky, to this blue haze next to Alix as she and Jenna play with each other’s pussy under water, the shots are gorhoeus and set things up to where you know this one is going end with a bang.

Alix Lynx and Jenna J. Ross 

The Sex:

Jenna J. Ross will go down as one of the best girl/girl performers of all time whenever she decides to call it quits, which I hope that is a long time away. That natural brilliance she possesses is seen so much here and displayed so well, especially when it is time for her to suck on Alix’s tits. She is truly this carnivorous sex machine on the prowl for Alix and she when glides across the blue water on a mission to lick Alix's pussy, she will do more than grab your attention. The tongue ring adds that perfect pinch of nastiness to this scene. Alix has the role of the more innocent of the two luscious beauties and watching her move in and out of the water, as Jenna tries to lick every square inch of her body is just magical. The allure with have you pressing rewind when you see Jenna’s wicked fast tongue. The look that Alix gives back, as Jenna’s warm tongue licks and sucks, is the ultimate of combinations and performance at is it’s best. Alix has a very bright future ahead of her. Her facial expressions and whimpers of pure pleasure will have you going mad to simply see these women climax in the most heated of ways. Ivan keeps the shots distant, showcasing the true performers these women are. When Jenna takes her leg out of the bathtub and grips hard on the edge of the bathtub, you will be turned on just as much as you will be giving her a more than deserved just due for an agility that not many people in this business have. Alix sucking and tongue fucking her pussy is presented to you in so many ways, you will be rewinding once again just see the model’s facial expressions at every turn. The truth of sexual encounters shot perfectly and cast with thought is that something as simple as kissing, will have just as much turn on, sex appeal and charisma, as the pussy licking and my goodness is this one hell of a show. The way that Jenna keeps these very cool feats of agility at the center of our attention is amazing. When she turns that amazing physical display into something just as wonderful when she scissors Alix under water, you simply can’t end a scene in a better way, with talent as amazing as these two are, who truly captivate the audience with just a glance, giving this film the ending it so justly deserved.

Alix Lynx and Jenna J. Ross 

Don Juan’s Bottom Line:

This is a film that is one simple thing. Short and sweet. Ivan did something that I have not seen in a long time. He squeezed in a lot of content and sex into a very small-time frame. The women that are showcased in this film come from every corner of the adult world, from porn legend to the world’s first ever Japanese Penthouse Pet. Girl/Girl fans, this film is something that will appeal to every type of fan there is. These woman that are showcased in this chapter of the series, they all have a love of woman and it shows in every single scene. Aside from a few lighting misses here and there, there is nothing in this film that makes it not worth your time and money. I personally loved how Ivan took us on a roller coaster ride with how each performer is different and not trying to bring out something mechanical. This film also includes something fans never truly understand as a part of this business, especially as performers grow into blossomed actors capable of any role they face. Lynn Vega and Alix Linx, they have been having one amazing year. I was blown away by how these beauties handled the veterans of this industry with a waiting tongue and a hungry eye. The little things make up those two ladies scenes and I truly believe it to be what is defining the new talent in the adult industry these days. The variety is out standing in this film. I thought something that stood out more than anything, was just how much women make us remember why the female form is just breathtaking from every way you chose to see it. This film has something a little artsy, a little kinky and nasty. It has the fire power to match a great box cover design and layout of the DVD. So, what you see is what you get. That is something that should be valuable to all porn fans no matter how big or small a production is.

Don Juan DeMarko




"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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