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Angela Volume Three

Studio: Girlfriends Films » Review by Staff Review » Review Date: 9/27/17

XCritic's Advice: XCritic Pick

As we wind down to awards season and the end on 2017, so much has happened in the adult industry. One of the biggest phenomenons being a brunette from down under who came ashore in Los Angeles with the strength and might to match any hurricane. Angela White has had some of the top releases in almost every genre in the adult entertainment industry this year. Angela Volume Three, is a piece of Angela that she had been saving for last. It is what she tells me, is her new "sexual adventure." To me, that means that she is taking time to discover more about herself sexually, while sharing the moment with the fans. In this day and age, it has been attempted a few times but never like this. My take on this film was simple, a collection of sexual journeys that will send Angela to places she has never been before, places she wishes to discover. The XCritic team has united to give this film a perspective that no one else in the adult media world will. A view from three different worlds and opinions, in order to truly see if Volume Three is everything it claims to be by three writers in the industry who value adult cinema more than anyone else. JW Sharp, Cyber 5 himself and Don Juan DeMarko take on this film to see how much can be blended together. This will be a review for all fans not just our followers. It will showcase a view through the couples eye, the strong cinematic critic, the sexual connoisseur and gentleman. This is a film that deserves to be dissected in depth to truly see how much Angela has put into things, not for us but for you the fan.

Angela Volume Three Cover 

Genres: Star Showcase, Anal, DP, DAP, Gangbang, Interracial, Creampie

Director/Editor: Angela White

Camera: Chris Streams

Cast:  Angela White, Mick Blue, Markus Dupree, Isiah Maxwell, John Strong, Jon Jon, Mandingo, Manuel Ferrara, Prince Yahshua, Rico Strong, Rob Piper, Toni Ribas, Xander Corvus

Length: Disc 1:  2 hours 19 minutes Disc 2: 1 hour 38 minutes

Date of Release:

Extras: All on disc 2. Non-Selectable Trailers, Cumshot Recap, Angela White Discusses "Angela Volume Three" 17:47 minutes

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Superb on both counts. Anamorphic widescreen presentation of a high-def capture. Chris Streams' camera work during the tease sequences is reminiscent of the 90's soft core stuff shot for the likes of Playboy laser discs. Lighting is fantastic, editing is on point. Cinematography nods come awards time should ensue.



Scene 1: Angela White, Mick Blue, Markus Dupree "Double Penetration"

Written By Cyber5

Angela White, Mick Blue, Marcus Dupree 

Within the first minute of this scene opening you know this is going to be something extraordinary. Angela is wearing yellow lingerie and teasing by a mirror. That's not unusual for an adult film but what is unusual, is her mastery of her body and the way she "blankly" stares at the mirror in order to achieve absolutely perfect eye contact with dead center of the lens and connect with the viewer. Go ahead and pull up all the Instagram/twitter/Facebook selfies you can. See anybody else do that? Okay then, let's move on.

The tease fades and our cock-stars are both dressed in jeans and black tees, Mick's hair pulled into that tight little bun knot he seems to prefer as of late. Sandwiched between them, Angela wastes no time in opening her holes to the men. There's no point in trying to narrate the action here, the real key is the eye contact and the crotch-to-eye coordination that is going on. The trio's eyes dart around to each other and the action between Angela's thighs. Perhaps they are taking visual cues from each other's faces, or perhaps they are watching reflections of the one they aren't looking at (or the camera) in order to pull off some mighty impressive sexual choreography. There are moments when that eye contact goes away. Those are the moments when Angela has left her body and is occupying a different plane of existence known as ecstasy.

The men use all of her holes freely. I know that there's a ton of research into sex dolls and robotics but I have news for those companies: they are decades away from achieving a doll that can ever approach what Angela smilingly achieves. At one point, Markus manages to finger her rapidly causing her to squirt all over her own tits while the guys continue their continual conquests like it's a dance battle. Angela's eye contact is unwavering and unblinking as one man finishes in her mouth at her hand and she jerks the other to completion on her face. Did I say completion? Psych. They surprise her with another double nailing and another fingering to her own squirting orgasm as she rolls Mick's load around her tongue.

The IAFD tracks a dozen "rare" sex acts in their database. In this scene Angela managed to check off eight of those!

Scene 2: Angela White and Mandingo

Written By Don Juan DeMarko

Scene Features: Artistic Presentation and Teasing. Interracial, Anal, Heavenly Head, Up-Close Shots, Ass to Mouth, Ass to Pussy

Angela White and Mandingo

The Set-Up:

The hypnotic score of drum beats, flashy over tones and snazzy effects really create a world all its own. Angela walking across this blank warehouse setting is very artistic and very erotic. You get this sense of European style porn, yet you do not. You see Angela move to the music with precision. The way that she is simply creates the production around her is magnificent. She adds touches to know that you are in for a rather tasty American style treat when she reveals through the most seductive red lingerie, her hard nipples. The camera moves down and around her gorgeous mid-section to basically show the most delicious, curvaceous body that this industry has ever seen. We are talking a butt that can rival Jewel De’Nyle, a pair of breasts that are as bodacious and real as Cristy Canyon’s, with a sex drive to match. These are the things that will go through any veteran porn fans mind. As the action starts, you see that even the infamous Mandingo is on cloud nine, hypnotized just like the viewer is, starring into those beautiful eyes. The red nail polish is something that is sticking in your head from the start. When Angela removes her top and you see her touching and caressing her own skin. You see that nail polish become a character in the performance. It draws your attention just as much as the wonderful breast play does. This is one of the quickest transitions to sex I have seen in an Angela White film and it is done, spot on perfect.


The Sex:

My goodness, Mandingo was the perfect choice for this film. As you see his pants slide off and he leans in to have Angela kiss him, the look on his face is b pure bliss. As you see Angela grab one of the biggest cocks in the history of porn in preparation to do her worst with it, you have a feeling that she wants this so much that she cannot contain herself and that adds so much heat into the room. It describes the look exactly that is one Mandingo’s face. I think most fans who read our reviews have seen Mandingo do his thing. He is a commanding male performer. Watching Angela lick, suck and swallow his massive manhood is as good as it gets in the oral department. This is something fans who like in sensual and fans who like it a little rough will both enjoy. The camera captures the action blow for blow with precision. I am talking full on HD and you should watch this scene on the big screen by any means you can. This is beautiful, artistic, yet kinky and nasty adult entertainment done with the upmost care and detail.

Support Our Sponsor:

Mandingo in the porn world is an adventure. A mountain to climb to say that you have been there, done that. The who’s who of porn starlets have all tried to conquer mount Mandingo and created some of the best adult cinema of recent memory of any period in the business. Angela is adding her twist on it. Angela herself is a mountain of sexuality and allure. These two coming together simply showcasing who they are is amazing. I don’t think I have ever seen Mandingo fuck another woman’s face like we see here with Angela and it looks so sexy and not so sloppy. Don’t get me wrong, that has its place but seeing Angela take his cock at blinding speed is a fucking site to see dear readers. The action moves to Angela on her side and something that I have never seen before occurs. You can see it and every red-blooded male knows how wonderful this feeling is. As Mandingo begins to break Angela off something grand, you see Angela’s pink hole grip onto Mandingo’s dick tight as she cums. You can see his cock come out with a little resistance due to Angela creaming all over him. The look in Angela’s eye is something beyond spectacular and seductive. The camera angles that follow the performers into missionary are spot on and do not miss one second of the action or interaction. This is simply the most provocative, yet simply view to showcase a steamy encounter that will simply have you as sweaty as the performers before they move to the next position. The motion in and out, the look on Angela’s face. This is what you want when it comes to boy/girl sex ladies and gentlemen. Seeing Angela’s kitty swallow almost every inch of Mandingo’s throbbing cock is remarkable. Mandingo moves to her ass with precision. To see Angela, suck her nipples hard and seeing her eyes get as large as saucers as she watches this massive piece of man meat go in and out of her asshole is just heaven to watch. The sense of realistic passion in there. You know you are watching a sexual encounter between two souls hungry for one another. It makes for a scene that simply takes hold of you and takes you to their world from yours. Everything is in this scene for your viewing pleasure. Nastiness in a perfect form when Angela licks her ass off Mandingo’s sword. Your standard boy/girl, big boob wonders, especially when Angela is in reverse cow-girl and the girls are flying left and right as she gets drilled hard in her beautiful booty.

To tell the fans, why they need to see this scene. You get something that has never been seen before. Angela flips up on her knees and gets into standard cow-girl position and you see Mandingo pound and stretch out her hole. It is as sexy as it is jaw dropping. You do not know what to do when you are watching this. It is a true first and my goodness, was it done right. The view is simply breathe taking. As we see the scene wind down and Angela gets into doggie, the camera crew once again moves without problem. As you see Angela get her asshole stretched, you see that it is truly one of the most beautiful assholes in the industry. Even Mandingo is in awe. This view is enough to drive a fan wild and as things head to climax, especially when you see Mandingo’s body tense up after Angela’s slit just grips down on his Johnson again with firmness and pleasure. That is one of the coolest fucking things I have seen a male star show on film. My goodness is it sexy. Angela singly shows that she is a force to reckon with as well. The end climax is too good to give away in this scene. Let’s just say, you have never seen timing this perfect and the way you see Angela enjoy her conquest is something that must be witnessed to be believed. Five Star cinema. One of the best scenes of the year, fuck any category. Porn fans, this is fantasy plain and simple. This is what fantasies are truly made of period, end of story.

Scene Three: Angela White and Manuel Ferrara

Written by: JW Sharp

Angela White and Manuel Ferrara

Out of all my years of watching adult films I've seen some extraordinary scenes. But this scene, Angela White's one and only creampie, is something very special. It isn't just a scene of two people fucking. It's a celebration of the sexual act. Two companions enjoying and reveling in each other's bodies, becoming one with each other as they engage in the most universally natural acts between two people. This is a very special scene of trust, fulfillment, and dare I even say love as Angela and Manuel expose themselves to the world as two beings in the most intimate throws of passion and lust. I have never seen Manuel so tender in his delivery, truly showing his care and admiration for Angela. And Angela opening herself to the world in the most daring scene she has shot yet. At almost an hour-long Angela and Manuel take part in all throws of sex. Missionary, doggy, 69, oral, in some of the most interesting positions they can muster, giving Angela dozens of orgasms. And after all is said and done and Manuel releases himself inside Angela's pussy we get what is probably the most incredible 17 min. ever shot for a porn scene. Angela and Manuel simply hugging and kissing, embracing each other, becoming one with each other. It's such a tender, passionate and beautiful sequence. Two people who truly care about each other reveling in the aftermath of the incredible passion that they've just enjoyed. We can tell just how special this scene is to both of them as the feelings they have for each other overflow. Angela at one point is so touched by what had just occurred that she starts to cry, again opening herself to us, her fans, and showing such a beautiful, vulnerable woman, she is. It's one of the most amazing scenes this reviewer has ever seen, not just because of the incredible sex, but the pure raw emotion Angela and Manuel display for us. It's the most important and personal scene Angela has ever shot. And it's the one real highlight of the entire release. Thank you Angela, for revealing your beautiful soul to us. We just love you all the more because of it.

Scene 4: Angela White, Prince Yahshua, Rico Strong, Rob Piper, Isiah Maxwell, Jon Jon

Written by Don Juan DeMarko

Scene Features: No Condoms, Orgy, Interracial, Aggressive Sex, Anal, The Tri-Fecta: Pussy, Mouth and Ass Filled at Once

The Set-Up:

Angela White Interracial Gang Bang 

This film keeps getting better and better as the movie moves forward. Far too often you see films that go all over the place and never truly create something jaw dropping the whole way through. This film defies that convention. As you see her pace back the way she came with some of the best damn cinematography, you see the lighting has changed, she is out doors, her make-up is not as heavy. This is a change to yet another sexual being within her. The shoes, the swimsuit, it fits just like glove. Her curvaceous body walking into the shadows, her beautiful eyes, her amazing breasts, they simple cast a spell that there is no undoing. The wind in her hair, it is this symphony of art that leads into something that is bigger than big. As you popped in disk two and noticed that multiple players will getting a turn with Angela, I think it is safe to say interests where peaked beforehand but now, as the scene vividly begins to lead to the orgy, the thoughts going through your mind will be numerous and grand. Perfect tease and perfect build up once again. The sun shines down bright on this adult super star with the “city of angels” on the background. As she moves nude as can be, you see why the big bobbed women are such a draw, especially the ones that are “all natural” but it is more than that with Angela. It is something that is every turn and every reveal and as the action starts you better ensure that you have an hour free because you ass is not going anywhere.  

The Sex:

My goodness, you see the steam building up in the room the passion is so think from the get-go. The look in the Princes eyes and the way he is clinching his fist says it all. Every red-blooded male in that room is ready for a piece of Angela and you can tell some of them have been wanting her for years. Be careful what you wish for? That term will never apply to miss Angela White. The way that the heat goes around the circle is the sultriest damn thing I have seen in a while with all the performers clothes on. The touching, the sucking, the nibbling and grabbing. You can tell Angela is a woman that can cum from just one simple touch and when she is surrounded by these big studs, she is just in fantasy land even more so than the viewer is. Prince Yahshua’s pussy licking is astonishing.

The fellas make one hell of a team as they spread cheeks and warm Angela up in the kinkiest fashion, all while giving the camera men the views we want to see. The Prince’s enthusiasm is the fucking bomb. I cannot say it any other way. He is enjoying fucking Angela, watching Angela get fucked and is in the moment 100%! That is what fuels this orgy to mythical realms. Angela feverously sucks every man’s cock with want and need. The aggression will satisfy the people who want to see Angela dominated and watching it, she shows pleasure at every turn. It is truly something every porn fan can tolerate, I guarantee. The men are all standing around in amazement as she deep throats every piece of man meat she sees and this are some unsung swordsmen, let me tell you. This is some kinky fucking shit people. Prince Yahshua commands her in ways I have never seen another male. It is why this man deserves a big nod for Male Performer of the year in 2017. He brings out the best in the performers and he creates something fans talk about. For the talent that is in this film, when you see him railing her from behind with thrust and speed, it is beyond jaw dropping.

Angela White Interracial Gang Bang 

As it goes from Prince, to Rico Strong in terms of anal amazing-ness, the boys all start to really get into the flow. They get vocal and their throbbing members are just beyond eager for some of Angela’s delicious flesh. As every hole gets filled and the smiles are as wide as can be, you see there is no stop in this scene. The erotica factor is just what the doctor ordered after the wonderful pampering and pleasure in disc one. The camera angels are divine and the up-close shots are wicked as you see Isiah Maxwell manhandle Angela with his manhood. The action is splendid and you get to hear Angela really enjoying the moment as she screams for everyone to “take turns on that ass!” As you see the scene move to patented Angela White with her enormous natural breasts flying everywhere as she gets ridden hard fans are just going to be beyond spent to say the least. This is orgasms, spit, sweat, stamina every which way you look. As the scene winds down, you see Angela go to a realm of orgasm that is seen rarely on film. Her moans say it all as her breathe is taken away by the lust in the room and the drive of her co-stars. When you finally reach the wonderful climax, you will simply have another one of your emotions sparked in another way different from the previous scenes. As you see her waiting for all that cum she has been dying to taste all scene, the feeling in the room is one of completion and that is something rarely felt in an orgy scene and is the definition of what this film is.  

Scene 5: Angela White, Markus Dupree, Mick Blue, John Strong, Toni Ribas, Xander Corvus "Gangbang 002"

Written By Cyber5

Angela White Gang Bang

Again, we find our cock-stars dressed in jeans and black tees in a location that should be familiar to regular porn viewers. The house with the chainmail curtains. This time, they are clustered around our big busted starlet who quickly kneels and starts the ole slurp and jerk routine. Angela plays the circus seal for a bit and then moves onto Toni's totem pole. Her cock-stars quickly plug her airtight, sometimes with two staves occupying the same hole. Somehow, she finds time to moan, groan, and yell things like "yes fuck my mouth".

Chris' camera has a wide-angle lens installed, perhaps a fisheye, which causes some visual distortions on the men's faces occupying the top of the frame if anybody happens to be looking anywhere other than our starlets luscious body which is getting filled from all directions. At times, Angela's face is covered with slobber or some other liquid substance, threatening her makeup but the guys make sure to wipe it off before giving her a quick slap as they use her as a merry-go-round. With someone's cock planted in her ass and another plunging into her front hole, a hand wrapped around her throat, she momentarily comes out of her state of mind and glares up at the one holding her throat to very forcefully say "yes, just like that".

As in the first scene, the eye contact the men have is very telling. If you think choreographing 2 guys on 1 girl is tough, try 5. This isn't "porno gangbang 101", folks! Angela's playing first chair flute here and she's doing it with three holes at once. There are cocks coming from every direction, hand slaps, spankings, hair pulling...you name it...and her gaze locks on each and every entrant into her wide-open holes. Two holes, three dicks? Check. Screaming orgasms from her? Check. If you have kids or roommates, you're going to want to turn this way the fuck down because she just gets hammered into oblivion during this scene, losing her mind about half way through and just demanding they make her take it even harder. Like any great gangbang scene, her perfectly done hair devolves into an utter mess as guys start to unload into it and onto her face as she screams for more. She doesn't even seem to notice the cum dripping down her forehead as she gets both of her lower holes rammed while another guy steps to her face to cover the uncovered spots on her face.

Final Shot 

James Sharp’s Final Thought: I absolutely love this series. With each volume Angela reveals more and more to us. This is a woman that loves sex and isn't afraid of exploring innovative ways of having it. It's a journey. We follow Angela as she encounters new sexual experiences, trying new things and taking us along for the ride. Whether it's first IR gangbangs or her only creampie scene, she wants to share it with her fans, giving us a glimpse of her life in this industry and all of the possibilities she can have in it. And by Volume Three she doesn't fail in her mission. Taking on the massive BBC of Mandingo, experiencing her first interracial gangbang, and of course sharing with us her most intimate and beautiful scene yet, her first (and so she says, only) creampie, she's quenching her curiosity and giving her fans exactly what they are clamoring for. And that is finding out where she is going next. Angela White is a very special, beautiful soul in an industry that's losing it day by day. We need to support the ones that truly care about the fans and want to deliver for them. We love you Angela and we thank you for all that you do.

Don Juan’s Bottom Line: This is something magnificent, unique, five-star cinema, an XCritic pick. This is what porn should be. This is discovery. This is woman, hear me fucking roar! I will not go into detail because this is a joint project with my comrades but this is what once made porn not great, but the pop-culture phenomenon it is. This is sexual discovery. This is the kind of film you would pay money to jam pack yourself into a theatre to see in any era. The way that this woman goes to tears, tames the wildest of beasts, creates acrobatic feats for your viewing pleasure is just beyond words. This may be the top release of 2017. This has trophy written all over it and it propels Angela White to a level that few stars ever reach in this industry. My expectations were higher than they ever have been for a film and I will simply say this, I cannot believe they blew past my judgement of what thigs would be. This rekindled a passion for adult film that I did not think I had anymore. Readers, if ever you had a change to witness porn history and grab something that will change the industry. It is indeed this film. 

<Edit: in our eagerness to publish this, we forgot to include the following quote from the legendary reviewer at XCrtiic> Don Houston: "by all means throw in my two cents which is how the release was as strong as I have seen in a long time, Angela getting better and better to surpass expectations yet again."

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