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Anal Fanatic 8

Studio: Elegant Angel » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 9/30/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genres: All Sex, Anal, DAP, DP, DVP

Director: Pat Myne
Camera/Editing: Sid Knox


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Cast:  Holly Hendrix, Moka Mora, Roxy Raye, Kimber Woods, Markus Dupree, Mr. Pete, Mick Blue

Length: 2 hours 2 minutes

Date of Release: August 15, 2017

Extras: Cumshot Recap, Photo Gallery, Web Info, 4 Menu-Selectable Trailers, 19:54 minute BTS

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Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Very good overall. Well lit, well-shot production. Editing is well done and keeps the momentum moving at a really nice pace.

Overview: Pat Myne brings four anal-centric scenes to the screen for Elegant Angel. The award-winning starlet, Holly Hendrix, leads off the disc and is followed by Kimber Woods, and newcomer Moka Mora. Roxy Rae closes out the disc with a number of "doubles". Anal fans should enjoy this flick that has the usual high production value of an Elegant Angel title.

Scene 1: Holly Hendrix, Markus Dupree

If you don't know who Holly (2017 AVN Best New Starlet & Most Outrageous Sex Scene Winner) is, then you must have slept through the last two years of adult movies. Here, she stars with the male performer who helped her win that Most Outrageous Sex Scene award and took home some gold himself for that and Best DP Sex Scene along with it.

Holly Hendrix

Before she gets to relive the magic that is Markus, she teases in a room washed with massive backlighting. The kind of lighting that makes every tiny hair on her tiny body glow, the metallic flakes in her jet black talons shimmering. Markus strolls in from stage left, cock erect and poking out of his torn jeans. Miss Hendrix sits up and not only takes notice but immediately offers up her throat for his use. An edit brings us to the white loft (yes, that loft) where shoe fetishists will enjoy some nice views of the pink designs on her shiny, black heels as Dupree licks her ass in preparation for his anal assault. During that welcomed assault, Holly's gaze shares its time between Markus' face and the rapid action going on in her back door. Bent over, then lifted in the air, she expresses her enjoyment of his actions and then takes control of the situation as she sits on his cock in reverse cowgirl, her ass working up and down his length.

Holly Hendrix

Our little spinner gets folded and stretched about as Dupree continues his derriere drilling in position after position, Holly staring at him and exclaiming that he's the best fuck. It's not only her back door that gets penetrated, he sometimes swaps to using the front door. The jewels in her navel and on her cheekbone shine in the light as the duo continue their romp without pause. The pair is so in tune that Markus is able to literally change couch sections and positions as Holly sits atop his cock with two of her fingers buried in her ass. Holly seems to achieve a rhythm that really works for Markus and he whispers something to her and she responds, as the two almost break into a giggle. A quick repositioning has them bantering, now almost playing characters as Markus swaps his rhythms and the holes that he's plowing. With one last, slow and deliberate repositioning of themselves for the camera Markus pumps himself to completion, pulling out of her ass just in time to drip all over her ass cheeks. Holly pulls herself up onto all fours and twerks her load laden ass for the camera.

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Markus and Holly always seem to work really well together, the connection between them readily apparent.
Scene 2: Kimber Woods, Markus Dupree

Kimber Woods

Kimbers wears a silver mesh ensemble during her tease, not quite bra and panties, not quite bathing suit. It's one of those outfits created strictly for erotica. Crawling on all fours to a nearby couch, she grabs a bulbed, golden dildo and uses it on herself. She speaks directly to the camera as she slides it in and out of each hole and then a cock appears. Abandoning the dildo, she opts for the kneel and bob; her cat-like eyes shining in the light. Back on the couch, she receives a quick lick from Dupree and he gets busy in doggie. He starts the action but then stands motionless, letting her continually impale herself for her own enjoyment. Once she's warmed up he shows off multiple rhythms as he plunges into her. That's an unusual thing for him, he usually has one speed: "11".

Kimber Woods

As she rides rodeo, Markus explores her back door with his fingers and the dildo. With her tempo and force getting faster and harder, he tosses that thing aside and rotates himself into a sidesaddle position as she belts out "fuuuuuuuuuuuck" followed by a burst of high-pitched squeaking shrieks. Rolling over, she folds herself like a taco; presenting her anus to his rod. The consummate pro that he is, Markus deftly reaches underneath her back and tosses the metal dildo to the floor with a clang. (Safety first) With the shriek of an eagle, she orgasms while he drills her booty in doggie. Depending on the camera position, and their position, the massive amount of light filling the room borders on washing them out but our camera guy keeps it just under that threshold. Markus' face is intense, with him often whispering to her as he pulls her from one position to another. Along the way, she shows off a vocal range that might rival that of Mariah Carey although she's just going from moans to shrieks as the slamfest continues. That slamfest ends with her face looking as if she was involved in a donut factory accident.

Kimber has great eye contact and tons of enthusiasm.

Scene 3: Moka Mora, Mr. Pete

Moka Mora

In scene 3 we find Texan, Moka Mora, a girl I have never reviewed before but I know she's been a regular player in reviews from my teammates here at XCritic. The first thing I notice about her is her legs are incredibly long and lean. So, off to IAFD I head, where it states that she's only 5'2! In keeping with the lengthy perspective, she grabs a long, clear, pink-tinted dildo and stretches her holes out with it as she slinks around on the couch and shows off her naughty parts.

Moka Mora

Mr. Pete inspects those parts up close and personally as she strolls over to him, smacking her round ass as he unties her top. Part of that inspection is done with his tongue and she returns the favor, looking into the camera as she swallows his sword. Leveraging the power of her long legs, she begins slamming herself up and down on that sword in a reverse cowgirl, their bodies slapping together loudly. Moka seems a bit unsure of herself at times as they roll through their positions, glancing at the camera fairly often. Hall-of-Famer, Mr. Pete, seems to realize this and whispers encouragement and directions to her as he plugs away. With kisses and nipple licks, he seems to ease her mind as his back door banging continues. Her body seems to lose its tenseness and her eyes now focus on his as she drops for some ass to mouth and he teaches her a trick where she grabs her heels and he leans her forward as she throats him. Their boning continues, Mr. Pete leading her along, her gaze continually drifting back to the camera. When she invites him to cum, he does; her leg lifted skyward as he starts his load in her ass and slowly pulls it out to complete his delivery.

Not a bad scene, just not quite up to par with the other three.

Scene 4: Roxy Raye, Markus Dupree, Mick Blue

Roxy Rae

Our disc closes out with a scene that features Roxy Rae, a lady that has been nominated four AVN's Most Outrageous Sex Scene 5 years running! Here, she takes on the masterful DP duo that is Markus and Mick. Like Moka's scene, this features a slinking tease on a couch. The difference is that Roxy chooses a jeweled butt plug as her prep tool rather than a dildo. She readies herself by a full-length mirror, rubbing and touching her body as our dick duo sit nearby. Crawling to Markus, she pulls down his jeans and begins making love to his member with her mouth. He stands to undress and she crawls over to her other cockstar, Mick Blue. She tears off her top to reveal her globes as she mouths and jerks him, Markus reentering the frame for some back and forth oral action. Before she becomes a total slobbery mess, the men yank her into a spitroasting; Mick unplugging her rear and handing it off to Markus so Roxy can clean it with her mouth. As she projectile spits while sucking off Dupree, she invites Mick into her rear.

Roxy Rae

Markus quickly has her reverse so he can give some anal action and Mick can't help but smile at the others as Markus jackrabbits into her. Lying back, Dupree pulls her onto himself, cock buried in her back door to allow Blue to start banging her front. Our dick duo shows off their considerable choreography skills with our starlet sandwiched between them. Taking it up a notch, Mick joins his scene-mate in Roxy's rear as she wildly rubs her clit. Roxy stops to clean both their shafts off with her mouth as they discuss going two wide in her pussy. She's down with that and they do some warmups with Markus in her rear before joining Mick in her pussy which leads her to a quick orgasm as Markus yanks her head back by her hair and lips. They manhandle her around, flipping her to and fro at their whim. Markus pulls her ass open with four fingers to allow his buddy entry into her butt. Roxy proves to be an accommodating, no-holes-barred kind of girl, taking anything they can dish out. Two at once, trading off, whatever they like. She ends up kneeling on the floor to swallow the first load delivered and have the second one plastering her eye shut.

It's a high-energy scene from all involved.

Final Thoughts: It's a high-quality production all around. Holly and Markus show off their familiarity with one another in a hardcore, chemistry filled scene. Markus also stars alongside Kimber Woods and they also work well together, with great eye contact. Moka Mora's a long-legged cutie and a newcomer. Her relative inexperience in comparison to the others on the disc does show a bit as she looks into the camera way too often. The thing with scenes where you are nude, except maybe for shoes, you have to wear a suit of total confidence throughout the scene as the camera will immortalize any moments you don't. Luckily, here Moka gets paired with the masterful veteran, Mr. Pete, who gets her a bit more comfortable and it all works out in the end. Roxy Rae takes on the current DP Masters, Mick, and Markus for an energy-filled romp where the guys put her through her paces and she takes anything they can dish out. Overall, the disc is well crafted and has some high replay value. It won't surprise me if there are some award nods come season (which is almost upon us) and for those reasons, I'm Highly Recommending it. The BTS interviews are also really fun to watch on this one!

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