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Railed By The Cocksmen 2

Studio: VIP Digital Media » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 10/4/17

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genres: Gangbang, Creampie

Director: Buzz Aziani


Chapters Menu

Female Cast: Taylor Sands, Taylor Mae, Alena Croft
The Cocksmen: Carl, Focker, Beckham, eLmO, Oscar, Thomas, Mitt

Length: 3 hours 22 minutes

Date of Release: July 5, 2017

Extras: Photo Gallery, 2 Menu-Selectable Trailers, BTS/Outtakes are separate chapters within the film itself.

Trailers Menu

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Very good on both counts. Hi-Def Capture, anamorphic widescreen presentation. There is a logo in the corner and a creampie counter on-screen at times, they are unobtrusive.

The Case: This DVD case is slightly different than 99.9% of the cases I open (and that's a lot of cases). It snaps a bit differently, the material is slightly a different kind of, or thickness, of plastic. The key is it has a very easy to press center spindle where the disc goes. I'm not sure if that will lead to more durability or less, but it beats having to risk snapping a disc to get it off the spindle like most!

Overview: This is the second Railed By The Cocksmen flick, and it pretty much follows the same format as the first. When I reviewed the first one, it was a totally new concept and very unique. This time around, I was glad to see this one following the now familiar format. It goes like this: they drive around Arizona, they stop for lunch and get to know the girls. It's quite interesting in the fact that they sit on a popular restaurant patio and openly discuss sex in graphic detail. After lunch, they head to "the black room" where the railing goes down.

Scene 1: Taylor Sands

The guys are chatting up Taylor as they drive to lunch. Apparently, they have spent a day together before and have convinced her to not wear any panties today. She flips her skirt up to prove she is going commando and the guys explain some American sex terms to her as she's from the Netherlands. At lunch, she orders a salad and is surprised that she gets to choose her own dressing. She laughs while discussing orgasms because she thinks four times is too many because then you get too sore to fuck the next day. It's hard to tell if she's smiling from nervousness or excitement of the things to come as Buzz compliments her and propositions her to come back for a DP film in the future. Either way, she's cute as a button, with a big, pretty smile. She seems to be having a great time answering all of their questions, even trying to teach them some dirty words in Dutch. She finds their attempted pronunciations hilarious.

Taylor Sands

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On the way to the shoot, they engage in "the Mitt inspection" which has Mitt eating Taylor's pussy while she sucks Carl's dick. Yes, that goes down on a busy city street, stoplights and all. Even in the cramped quarters, Taylor operates with efficiency, giving them both some head. Once they're at the "gangbang station" the cocksmen get her naked. Now, here's the thing with the cocksmen: these are not porn stars. These are a bunch of average, middle-aged dudes, and they wear masks. As they get busy with the Dutch girl, they joke about how her pussy is better than Amsterdam weed. She doesn't notice, she's too busy sucking dick and getting her pussy pumped. Don't forget, these aren't top male porn stars, so they get a few strokes in and then step aside so they don't lose their loads too quickly. They have pallets and stools handy to stand on in case one of them is too short to fuck the girl on the bench. Sometimes, accidents happen, too. Like slipping out in the middle of delivering a creampie or accidentally cumming on the bench before you're in the batter's box.

Taylor Sands

These amateurish idiosyncracies are what actually makes this whole concept work. It's just a bunch of guys fucking porn stars. Yes, Taylor is a porn star, with dozens and dozens of credits to her name mostly shot across the pond. She takes it all in stride, gladly accepting a bottle of water as the cameraman moves in for a closeup of the first completed creampie. The guys stand there gushing about how adorable she is. Now, being normal guys has drawbacks, they spend a lot of time trying to work up erections capable of delivering what this girl is longing for. That's okay though because there's a bunch of them and somebody's always up for the mission. Taylor works it all out, taking charge of her own needs while riding in cowgirl and thrusting wildly. One by one, the guys fill her donut with cream. Not everyone unloads in her, one guy chooses to unload on her face. She spends a few minutes chatting with the guys after they've all finished and she scoops their loads out of her for a light snack.

BTS/Outtake Scene: There's a couple of scenes that follow her gangbang. One features her practicing some belly dance moves and blowing all the guys as they stand in a circle. The other one features her bringing her things into the bathroom and taking a shower. Yes, she knows there's a camera in there, she plays to it a tiny bit but mostly it is her really taking a post-coital shower.

Taylor Sands

Scene 2: Taylor Mae

Taylor Mae

We meet Taylor on the now familiar patio where she tells the tale of how she was known as "bald turtle" back in school because her girlfriends discovered she shaved her pubic hair. Somehow they didn't realize that being hairless has been en vogue for over a decade now. Later in life, they all apologized to her when they realized she was the only one "in the know". Buzz comments on how healthy her plate of shrimp, rice, and veggies looks when it is delivered. It not only looks healthy, it also looks delicious (except for that zucchini and squash which she doesn't eat! Bonus points for her in my book!) They talk about her high beams and she admits she knows it turns guys on and she does it on purpose and then - BAM flashes her boobs! Back at the car, she strips naked and twerks a bit. She gets her hairy snatch licked and played with on the drive, her jeweled navel gleaming in the sun. Her backseat companion gets a bit of road head and she even rides his rod! The footage of that is horrible due to physical constraints.

Taylor Mae

As expected, the cocksmen get right to work once she's on the bench at the gangbang station. This time, the cocksmen have some alternate guys on the crew but the idea remains the same. With cocks surrounding her, her eyes peer up at the viewer as fingers, tongues and more work her over. A squeak emanates from her as the first cock enters her. She's not much of a multi-tasker when the screwing really starts, she mostly just grips the dicks near her while saying "fuck me". One of the guys catches onto this fact and straddles her, shoving his dick into her throat.  Her body looks great, especially when she's in doggie with a dick in her mouth.

Her face is a mix of devil and angel as she rides in reverse while sucking a dick, the dude standing with his cock in her mouth performing some stretches to avoid the studio light inches from his face. After the second creampie drips out of her, she quickly rubs herself to massive squirting. The guys towel her and the area off and go right back to banging, the resulting creampie again followed by a squirt session. The guys get creative with positions to put her in, and she laughs as she queefs during the position changes. Cream oozes out of her fuck hole and the guys grab a martini glass to catch it and feed it to her.

BTS/Outtake Scene: Taylor Mae, Alena Croft

Taylor Mae & Alena Croft

Like the previous one, this features a blowbang that not only involves our key starlet but she's joined by local gal Alena Croft. It also has a shower scene which has her cleansing herself inside and out.

Final Thoughts: I really like the format for the most part. This one has the BTS/Outtakes embedded within the movie rather than as Extras and I didn't really like that. In fact, that's my major complaint with this title...the shower scenes did nothing for me and I wish they would have been extras. Even though it isn't "hidden camera" footage, the girls know the camera's there, it comes off as a bit creepy. The interviews are an integral part of the show, for sure. It totally makes sense to precede the scenes with them...the showers not so much. I like the "regular guy" aspect of The Cocksmen but I have to wonder how the format would work with an all-star team of male performers. It could bring it to a whole different level. Whether that level would be as enjoyable, less enjoyable, or more enjoyable, I'm not sure. The Aziani team has found a niche here and it works, that's my take on the whole idea. Unfortunately, this time around in addition to the shower scenes that I wasn't fond of, I don't think Taylor Mae was quite ready for an on-screen gangbang. I'm sure she'd be a ton of fun on poker night but her lack of multitasking ability for me dropped her scene a peg in comparison to Taylor Sands. With that said, Mae is quite the looker, to be sure. I think she'd also be great to watch where there weren't so many cocks to attend to simultaneously. Somehow, Buzz seems to find these girls that draw the viewer into them. They aren't playing characters, they just have real magnetism to them. That's really a key factor here. I just didn't enjoy it quite as much as the first one but it is still Recommended viewing.

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