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Studio: Tushy.com » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 10/5/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

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Genre: Anal Showcase Feature


Cast: Eva Lovia, Riley Reid, Kaydon Kross, Jean Val Jean, Manuel Ferrara, Ricky Johnson, Christian Clay

Director: Greg Lansky

Writer: Jacky St. James

Release Date: Sept. 20, 2017

Two Disc Total Length: 3 hrs. 12 mins.

Condoms: None

Extras: 5 min. BTS doc., Popshot Recap and Photo Gallery


Overview: In the latest film from Award Winning Greg Lansky (as he like to remind us in the opening credits), Eva Lovia plays a best selling erotic author with a bad case of writer's block. She's hung up over one single bad review of her last book, and it's messing with her head. She finds the best inspiration is through sex with total strangers. Thus sets us on a path of new discoveries of innermost desires. It's a beautiful film, photographed by a true artist, with very absorbing characters created by Jacky St. James.


Scene One: Eva Lovia and Jean Val Jean


Eva is an author living off the success of her first book. After a year she's become board with her life and can't seem to find inspiration for a 2nd book. Plus, she's still obsessing over a single reviewer who berated her work. She finds comfort in the arms of her publisher/lover Jean Val Jean. After a quick make out session his cock is in her mouth. Freckled-faced Eva is just so cute with her lips wrapped around Jean's dick, sensuously running her mouth up and down his shaft and pushing it to the back of her throat. She gives him head both standing and lying down before going into a 69. After getting her nice and wet she climbs up and rides his cock. She engulfs his cock with her pussy, grinding, bucking and twerking on his cock cowgirl style. She fucks him with her pussy first before he eases his cock into her ass. She bounces her ass on his cock before they go into a doggy. He licks her gaping asshole first before he sticks his cock in and fucks her heavily lubed up ass.


As with most Lansky scenes the performers take their sweet time enjoying each other. Eva is loving it as Jean gently drives his cock in her ass for Eva's first anal scene. After giving her a very sweet and gentle ass fucking Jean lays down again and Eva climbs up and fucks him reverse cowgirl. Lansky is an absolute genius when it comes to framing a shot and this one is no exception. Beautiful shot of Evan riding Jean's cock with lots of nice closeups. We then go into a missionary with Eva holding her legs in the air and Jean fucking her ass. She rubs her pussy to orgasm and an keeps fucking her until he shoots off on her face and in her mouth. The first of five absolutely gorgeous scenes photographed by a true master.


Scene Two: Eva Lovia, Riley Reid and Manuel Ferrara


Eva decides the best way to gain the right inspiration is to get with her best friend Riley Reid. Riley is the sexually open party animal whom Eva had her only lesbian experience with. Riley takes her to a pool party where they look amazing. They start making out drawing attention from the crowd, especially Manuel Ferrara who makes his move on the both of them. It obviously works because the next thing we know Riley and Eva are in the hotel lobby sucking his cock. When they start to get an audience of onlookers they take it into the hotel room where they continue sucking him, Manuel passing his cock back and forth between their mouths. Eventually they're on the bed with their amazing asses in the air for him. He eats their asses out for a minute before fucking Riley's pussy. Riley marvels at how big Manuel's dick is as he fucks her from behind.


He then swaps pussies and starts fucking Eva. He pulls it out for Riley to suck before going back to Riley and driving his cock in her ass in a beautiful POV shot with Eva looking on. Riley struggles to take all of Manuel's huge cock in her tiny asshole, with Eva spreading it open and spitting on it for him. He fucks her ass with Eva looking on and goes from Riley's ass to Eva's mouth. Riley and Eva switch as Manuel fucks Eva's ass while Riley looks on, sucking him from time to time. We see Eva's gaping asshole as she rubs her pussy to orgasm. He then lays on the bed and they suck and jerk his cock with Riley riding his face before lowering her asshole down on Manuel's cock. She rides his dick reverse cowgirl, Eva rubbing her pussy while Manuel fucks her from underneath. They then start spooning, Manuel ass fucking her from behind as Eva looks on rubbing her own asshole.


Eva then jumps on his cock and fucks him with his ass while Riley sits on his face. She bounces her ass on his cock, taking it balls deep before they start spooning. He fucks her from behind before finally shooting off in their open mouths.


Scene Three: Eva Lovia and Ricky Johnson


Eva's encounter with Riley and Manuel is just the inspiration she needs for her next book about having sex with strangers. She sets her sights on her next partner, some random guy she's only seen in the parking lot of her publisher's, Ricky Johnson. After giving him some come hither looks and immediately she tells him she wants to fuck him. They go back to her place where she starts stroking his huge cock standing. She rubs her ass against it before taking it in her mouth. Eva is so beautiful as she looks up at him with his cock in her mouth.


She then turns around and he starts lapping up her pussy and ass before he sticks his cock in her pussy. He grabs her hips and fucks her pussy while she rubs her self off and grinds herself on his cock. He pounds away at her pussy before sticking it in her ass, slapping it as he pistons his cock in and out of it. She keeps rubbing her pussy getting herself off before going ass to mouth and sucking his cock. They then spoon, Ricky fucking Eva's asshole as she keeps rubbing her beautiful red pussy.


After she cums they then go into a missionary where Eva holds her legs up and watches Ricky as he anally fucks her. She rubs her pussy some more until she cums and then Ricky t-bones her, fucking her ass from behind until he shoots his load in her open mouth.


Scene Four: Eva Lovia and Kaydon Kross


Eva's publisher is loving what she's writing and sets up an interview with Eva and the reviewer who panned her last book Veronica Winters, played with icy perfection by Kaydon Kross. She questions the authenticity of the scenarios from the last book citing that they were merely fantasies not based on reality, even claiming she's never experienced an actual lesbian encounter. Eva assures her she has and you can see the sexual tension building up between them as Kaydon shifts nervously in her seat. Eva makes her move on her, kissing her and feeling her pussy. The heat starts rising between them as they explore and adore each others bodies before eventually Kaydon is between Eva's legs and goes down on her pussy. Eva holds her legs in the air as Kaydon sweetly tongues her pussy. Eva then gets her ass in the air and Kaydon starts licking her asshole, tickling it with her tongue. She then starts fucking her with her finger, rubbing Eva's pussy until she cums.


Eva then starts eating Kaydon's pussy, devouring it with her mouth bringing Kaydon to a quick orgasm. Kaydon bites her knuckle as Eva eats her out, simply loving Eva's mouth. Eva then starts fingerbanging Kaydon's asshole making her cum again. The exchange between them is just so beautiful as they have sweet sapphic sex with each other. Eva gives Kaydon multiple orgasms as she fingerbangs her asshole.


Eva then gets her ass in the air and Kaydon licks her asshole before inserting two fingers into it and fingerbanging her again. She gently glides her fingers in and out as she touches Eva's clit making her cum again. They then switch up and Kaydon sticks her ass in the air for Eva to lick and finger. Kaydon rubs her pussy while Eva fucks her with her fingers until she cums. And then finally Eva rubs Kaydon's pussy for one last orgasm. This is such a gorgeous scene with the amazingly beautiful and talented Kaydon Kross giving one of her best performances as the uptight ice queen who gets seduced by the woman who surprises her experience. Terrific and amazing scene.


Scene Five: Eva Lovia, Jean Val Jean and Christian Clay


The new book is nearly finished and Jean is loving it. He asks Eva about the ending and Eva says she wants it to be a threesome with two guys and a girl, something she's always fantasized about but has never experienced. Jean says he can help her with that and brings his friend Christian over to “inspire” her. The three start making out before Eva starts going back and forth sucking their cocks. They make it over to the bed where Eva keeps sucking Christian's cock while Jean eats her ass out. Jean then sticks his cock in her pussy and starts fucking her doggy. Eva keeps sucking Christian's cock while Jean drives his in and out of her from behind. He starts pounding his cock into her making her cum before Jean and Christian tag team out and Christian fucks her doggy while she sucks Jean's cock. Eva then positions herself and Christian starts fucking her ass. Lansky beautifully captures the shot of Christian fucking her from behind, his cock slowly pistoning itself in and out of her asshole. Jean and Christian then switch up and Jean fucks her from behind, working his cock in and out of her ass as she sucks and jacks Christian.


They then go into a missionary and Jean holds Eva's legs up for her as Christian fucks her asshole, all the while Eva rubbing her clit and sucking and jerking Jean's cock. We are then treated to Eva's first ever DP, with her riding Jean's cock with her pussy and Christian fucking her asshole from behind. Again, Greg Lansky, the master cinematographer he is, perfectly frames this shot giving us a full view of Eva's holes being filled with cock. Both Jean and Christian work their cocks in and out of Eva giving her multiple orgasms before they switch places, Christian on bottom and Jean reared back on his haunches on top. From time to time Jean pulls out showing Eva's gaping butthole before driving it back in. She has a few more orgasms before she flips over and they DP her in reverse. Jean and Christian fuck both of her holes as she sits on Christian's cock. Jean then pulls out and lets Eva choke on his cock while Christian keeps fucking her ass from underneath. They keep fucking like this until eventually they both shoot off into Eva's open mouth. Another incredible scene from one of the genre's true artists.


Final Thoughts: It's just a winning combination. One of the greatest erotic filmmakers today making an anal feature for the leading studio of the genre and starring one of the best performers. Greg Lansky is an artist, pure and simple. He paints such a beautiful portrait of erotica with every film he makes. It also makes sense that if you're going make a feature about anal sex, you get one of the most beautiful asses in the industry, and that's Eva Lovia's. Eva is just so gorgeous with her pretty freckled face, sweet slender body and amazing posterior. She's also such a great actress, delivering Jacky St. James' dialog so wonderfully. And man, what more can be said about the beautiful Kaydon Kross. Her icy delivery in this film reminds me of an early Annette Haven (a TRUE compliment indeed). If there's one criticism I have of this film it's that from time to time Lansky can let the scene drag on a bit. Each scene is nearly 40 minutes to an hour long with a minimum of positions. So sometimes the scenes wear out their welcome and you feel the urge to hit the fast forward button. But it doesn't happen that often, and the camera work is just so beautiful you get drawn into it. I'll admit I'm not the biggest anal fan, but this film is terrific. Highly Recommended

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