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Cuties 10

Studio: Elegant Angel » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 10/5/17

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genres: All Sex, 18+ Teens

Director: Dreadneck

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Cast:  Melissa Moore,  Liza Rowe, Kimberly Brix, Kenzie Green, Markus Dupree, Mick Blue, James Deen, Danny Mountain

Length: 2 hours 23 minutes

Date of Release: August 28, 2017

Extras: Cumshot Recap, Photo Gallery, Web Info, 4 Menu-Selectable Trailers, BTS 8 minutes

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Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Shot well, good lighting. Presented in anamorphic widescreen. Some of the dialog is recorded a bit low, so I had to ride my volume control a bit. There seems to be a disc mastering problem though. It played fine on a standalone machine. It wouldn't read at all on the laptop, and my external drive for the laptop read it fine right up to the final moments of scene 2 and then it shut off. It just refused to play any parts of scenes 3 or 4, so those scenes were reviewed by viewing them online at elegantangel.com. The pictures included for those scenes are gallery shots from the website.

Overview: Dreadneck brings 4 cuties to the screen for Elegant Angel. You might recognize one or two of them, or they may be entirely new to you. Most of the young ladies here are just starting out, although some of them have racked up quite a number of titles in their short time in the biz so far. It's shot well and features some top male talent taking the ladies for a spin. Check it out.

Scene 1: Melissa Moore & Markus Dupree

Melissa Moore

2017's multiple nominee for Best New Starlet is trying to get interviewed on a patio but Markus is too busy filming himself licking her ass. When he's finally satisfied with his phone footage he bails and the interview begins. Her eyes sparkle, her smile is wide, her boobs are like perfect grapefruits. Dreadneck's excited that she's also sporting a decent bush. He's also happy to hear that she's been practicing some anal on herself and is looking forward to that! Melissa mentioned hse has a thing for spit, lots of spit, and proceeds to drool on her tits as Markus warms her up on a couch inside. He spreads her legs wide and licks both of her holes with determination, bringing a smile to her face.

Melissa Moore

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Lying face down, with her legs squeezed together, she gets penetrated by Markus, making her wince at the sudden thrust. With the initial shock out of the way, she starts thrusting her hips upward to meet him and they move fluidly into a doggie drill. Her long hair bounces, part of it tied into a high ponytail. Markus puts his feet up on the couch for even more leverage and then wraps his legs around her as he moves to get his dick sucked. She sucks it, and devours his ass, giggling excitedly as she does. A quick reposition has her riding cowgirl, Markus pummeling into her from below as he spanks her pussy and chokes her, pulling her close to him. Her drooling continues as she screams and moans while they innovate some position variations while tucked into the corner of the couch. Their raucous romp continues, Melissa moaning for more as spit drips to her crotch, a seemingly endless supply of active lubing. They literally tumble from one position into another, Markus sitting his ass on her face at one point before oiling up their crotches for a jackrabbiting in missionary followed by a standing doggie that has them dripping sweat and spit. Markus tosses her back to missionary, choking her hard and then fingering her to a massive geyser that covers her body. He quickly follows that up by pulling her to her knees where he plasters her face and then rams his cock down her throat while walking forward to stand on the couch. They laugh as they collapse on the couch and the scene fades out as Melissa's eyelash starts to peel off.

This pair work really well together, they seem to enjoy each other and that always comes across well on film.

Scene 2: Liza Rowe & Mick Blue

Liza Rowe

Liza's hanging by the pool showing off the fact that her pussy is still tiny and tight even though she's been taking a lot of BBC. AS she drops her jean shorts, they fall into the water and become a useful prop for the scene. They discuss her hot and tiny body and how she's going to be even hotter once her braces come off. She talks about her anal practice and promises to show him a phone video she has later on. They talk about her masturbation habits and how much she's learned since being a 2017 XBIZ nominee for Best New Starlet. She thinks her skills have improved and can't wait to let Mick do whatever he wants with her. Sauntering her now naked booty into the water, she promises to show him some sloppy BJ skills today and Mick joins the pair poolside, looking right at home in his sunglasses as he strips off his board shorts and Liza rubs his stiffie.

Liza Rowe

Liza's lips get busy on his long shaft, spitting all over it as promised. She works him from tip to nuts as he dangles his legs into the water where she stands jerking and slurping. The pair head inside and Mick returns the oral favor. Liza's nipples pointing to the sky. He stares intently at her face as he maneuvers himself behind her for the old in and out. Her breathing gets shallower and she starts to moan as his tempo increases and his fingers rub her clit when they aren't gripping her erect nipples. After he gets a bit more or a sloppy BJ, he powers into her from behind, making her scream with passion. She looks delighted as she glances back at him while mentioning how wet he's made her. That's when Mick starts driving like he's racing for the lead at Monaco. The couch shakes and shimmies, sounding as if a tornado is about to lift it off the ground and then he jumps to the front of her to continue his fucking in her throat. A pool of spit adorns the couch arm and Mick switches into a soft, caring mode that has her bouncing softly on his boner as he slams into her from below. A couple more positions lead him to the final pop onto her tongue and chin and then... everything goes wrong from a technical standpoint.

Scene 3: Kenzie Green & James Deen

Kenzie Green

Kenzie GreenWe meet Kenzie by the pool wearing a donut shirt. She hasn't even hit double digits in her scene count yet but she's already down with anal sex. She's slated to work with James Deen and is a fan of his but she's not down with slapping and spitting so he'll have to slow his roll a bit for this blonde cutie. Once inside, he immediately spanks her ass playfully and buries his face in it. She unbuckles his pants with her teeth and starts going to town, working him erect quickly. Deen pulls her toward him in a depth test of sorts, Kenzie quickly passing that with flying colors as she inhales him balls deep.

She turns around and James starts see-sawing in and out of her rapidly, making her squeak with delight. She's all smiles and giggles, occasionally throwing in naughty phrases, inviting him to continue his conquest using her rear entry. James complies with her request, very slowly at first to make sure she's comfortable. Lifting her leg, she invites him to fuck her little asshole and he starts ramming while she rubs her clit. He pulls her atop of him, putting her pooper through its paces, orgasmic screams emanating from her mouth as she rides. For a brand new performer, she seems to have a feel for where the camera is and plays to it without staring into lens center for more than a brief second occasionally. James takes her bald beaver and booty in all of the usual positions and she seems to enjoy every minute of it. She wants his cum all over her face but he delivers the majority of it to her mouth and she's okay with that because it tastes so good.

Keep your eyes on this cutie.

Scene 4: Kimberly Brix & Danny Mountain

Kimberly Brix

Cute redhead, Kimberly, talks about learning to give blowjobs during her interview. She mentions she likes a bit of choking and scratching during sex. She mentions that redheads love anal and that she dabbles in it in her personal life. Dreadneck has her show off her goods and seems a bit disappointed that she's not sporting a red bush. Danny doesn't seem to mind and gets busy licking it. Her face and moans indicate she really likes that. Their tongues lap at each other as she unbuckles his belt and starts slapping his cock against her face before bobbing on it. Danny lies back on an ottoman and they 69 for awhile before she starts bouncing on him high and hard.

Kimberly Brix

Mountain slams into her from below and she lifts herself off to squirt all over his crotch and then they repeat that action, with her stopping to lick it all off. She's one of the most active riders I've seen lately, her lean legs providing plenty of bounce. Danny pulls her next to him into a spoon, his shaft and balls covered in her juices as his slamming continues. Sweat shines off of Kimberly's brow as her eyes roll back during an orgasm which she again sucks off of him. Danny thumbs at her ass hole while he bounces her against himself in doggie while she pumps away. Her tiny tits jiggle as she gets jammed in missionary that results in a pearl necklace. Danny's a nice guy so he fingers her rapidly, bringing her to a screaming, squirting finish of her own.

Final Thoughts: Let's get this out of the way right off the bat. Sometimes, discs just don't cooperate with a review environment! Usually, if they don't want to play in one computer drive, they are happy in the other. That wasn't the case here. However, it played fine in a standalone drive on the TV, as well as playing the first 2 scenes fine in the external USB drive - so I'm at a loss as to what might have been the issue. I'm not really going to dock the disc too much for that but please be aware of it and adjust my final rating according to your confidence in physical media and your own viewing habits.

Overall, it's just what you would expect good gonzo to be. There's an interview prior to each romp and then it gets right to the point which is banging cuties. All the girls here fit that description and they are paired with high-quality male performers. The camera work is steady and the lighting is good. Melissa lights up the screen from the get-go and is followed by Liza who has honed her skills over the past year, for sure. Kenzie handles James Deen very well in her anal scene and I expect her to develop a huge following very rapidly! Redhead, Kimberly closes out the disc and I don't think I've ever seen her where I didn't like what she brings. That holds true here. All in all, it's four solid scenes. There's also eight minutes of BTS. Gonzo fans that like their starlets young and fresh will appreciate it. Recommended.

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