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Your Mom Tossed My Salad 19

Studio: Pulse Distribution » Review by Steve P » Review Date: 10/6/17

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Content: 3.5/5 stars

Running Time: 3 hours, 3 minutes

Cast: Britney Amber, Mercedes Carrera, Krissy Lynn, Olivia Wilder, and Barry Hunt

Directed by: Chucky Sleaze (produced by Stoney Curtis)

Genres: All Sex, Gonzo, MILF, POV, Rimjobs

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: No technical specifications to note

Bonus Scenes: Lily Ford in Stepdaughters Creampied 2

Extras: Photo gallery

Overview: Lethal Hardcore and the company's super-producer Stoney Curtis continue their long-line of eclectic porn with even more adventurous, highly specific titles with Your Mom Tossed My Salad 19. The volume before the inevitable twentieth installment of one of Lethal Hardcore's longest running series, the series that features firecracker MILFs burying their faces in the asses of men continues, this time with a peculiar real estate theme that ties all but one scene together. The series continues on from its humble roots back in 2009, beginning with Totally Tabitha, the forgot Courtknee, and the product-placement for "Stoney's Ass Dressing" that shockingly hasn't been turned into a meme (that I know of). Few porn series this niche could stay not only relevant but exciting for this long, but director Chucky Sleaze's commitment to craft shines through yet again in another fun, serviceable entry in the franchise.

Scene 1: Britney Amber and unnamed male performer

Our man of the hour is in a meeting with the alluring Britney Amber, who is disheartened to hear that she cannot be granted permission to rent a condo due to her poor credit standing. He promises to try and get her a decent hard money loan, but that could take more days she doesn't have, as eviction is right around the corner. Desperate and horny, Britney moves to unbutton her shirt to show she's a special case, not only trustworthy enough to be given a loan, but perhaps forgiveness on a few other naughty escapades that are just a few positions away.

Britney disrobes for her agent, shaking her ass and showing of her marginally furry bush that peaks through a pair of see-through panties. He goes in right away, his dick made wet with Britney's damp snatch. She doubles her legs behind her head and welcomes him with the piercing eyes for which we know and love Britney. A sloppy, drooly blowjob that has his dick petting her face paves the way for the first bout of rimjobbing.

"You want me to be a dirty girl," Britney says when he sticks his ass out for her to see. She tongues it deep in a couple of positions, moaning with satisfaction as his eyes are opened to the wonders of ass-eating too. She continues his surprise treat, penetrating her deep from behind, showing the enthusiasm Britney never ceases to exude. She is always so sexually adventurous and consistently entertaining, even in this case, when some positions run a tad too long and the gonzo/POV style sort of fails when trying to find the right angle for the rimjobbing.

We get a look at Britney's bush during reverse cowgirl after she licks more brown-eye, then get a glimpse of her stocking clad feet when she grinds her ass facing the opposite way. She gets a load in her mouth and a loan in her hand for all her hard work in an opener that mostly entertains, resting yet again on the capable, charismatic shoulders of the remarkably gorgeous Britney. 3/5 stars.

Scene 2: Mercedes Carrera and unnamed male performer

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I fell in love with Mercedes Carrera on Mrs. Creampie Vol. 3, where she performed a sizzling scene of passion that accentuated her finest curves and insatiable sexual appetite. At 34, Mercedes defines MILF, as she's thick in all the right places, attentive to her money-making areas (don't neglect the blood-red lips), and her desire to "incentivize" her men. Such as in this case, where she plays a Realtor hellbent on closing a deal when her client needs a little bit more assurance that he's making the right decision. With her hand on his crotch, ignoring the fact he's a married man, Mercedes reveals that her biggest fetish is licking man-ass and she'd love to have him over to finalize the deal in a more fun manner.

Upon their arrival at her place, Mercedes somehow takes off her blouse from the bottom, slipping it past her wide curves in efforts to tease him. She lies on the bed where he slips in from behind following a great solo session that brings to life everything Mercedes has. She bounces her large ass on his dick, ceasing only to ride when she decides to bounce her booty up and down. She fucks doggystyle for extended period of time until she hops off to bend him over and get her long-awaited treat.

Mercedes licks all over, greeting his cheeks, his hole, and his balls, sometimes all in a matter of seconds. She shifts positions so he is sliding his ass along her tongue, fully committing to the act and the thesis of the disc. The self-billed "asshole slut" desperate for a deal then goes on her back to be pounded into the bed, getting a tiny bit of the bedsheets between her teeth in order to ease the rigor.

She returns to tonguing his ass, going as far as forcing herself deep into the crack of a client with fingers crossed she'll close the deal. There is something sexy about Mercedes using both of her hands, her tongue, and her energy to pull off a successful, must-watch rimjob.

She brings things to the inevitable conclusion by bouncing her big booty in missionary, circumventing back to doggystyle, and showing how sexually dedicated she is. She hops all over him, exhausting him with a flurry of positions before she's rewarded with cum in her mouth and another house sold, affirming her status as the best in two businesses rather than just one. 4/5 stars.

Scene 3: Krissy Lynn and Barry Hunt

Realtor Krissy Lynn comes outside to meet Barry Hunt, with hopes she can secure a client with an expensive home to trust her with getting it sold. Barry is tempted by another agent named Lisa, but Krissy isn't dumb; she knows that Lisa sucks dick and takes care of naive males in hopes they'll go with her because of her oral skills. Krissy entices by upping the stakes.

"She may have given you a blowjob, but did she toss your salad?," Krissy seductively asks, flaunting her ass that fits snug in a tight silk-skirt. She elaborates on what exactly that means, but even before Barry says yes, Krissy is practically putting on a strip-show. Upon agreement, the two move into the house where Krissy plays with her gushing pussy to warm both her and Barry up for some illicit sex. She immediately looks to impress with a deepthroat blowjob, toying with herself in the process and going as far as to beg and quiver for Barry's dick.

Her obliges to her puppy-dog groveling by entering doggystyle, spreading her butt to get a better look and arching her back for her at the right angle. She initially goes from underneath him to lick and caress his asshole, moving eventually to get a better angle by spreading his cheeks to increase her ability. Krissy Lynn is the poster-child of a woman with more to her than meets the eye; she even says during the scene that she appears a conservative housewife until she enters the sheets, where the freak comes out with no hesitance.

She shows the extent of her prowess by demanding Barry stay still as she drapes her legs over his to take a seat on his dig. She struts across his lap with her butt flailing as it dances and Krissy indulges in intercourse you could believe she's treated herself to many times. Later hiking her legs back, she allows unrestricted access to her holes while rubbing her clit, even letting her hair get messy when she returns to eating Barry's ass. She's down for everything and she doesn't care how dirty the job may get.

Ultimately, reverse cowgirl shows off her perfect body, and an ass-bobbing missionary has us seeing her butthole once again. Positions cycle enough before they breed redundancy before cum glazes her mouth and face, concluding a scene that almost ties with Mercedes Carrera's in being the disc's most fruitful offering. 4/5 stars.

Scene 4: Olivia Wilder and unnamed male performer

A pleasantly different theme for a change is what opens the final scene in Your Mom Tossed My Salad 19. A male teacher approaches Olivia Wilder as she gets out of her car to inform her that her son is on the verge of being reported for academic dishonesty. Olivia is clearly not too shaken about this, especially in her arousing business formal garb that highlights her shapely figure and makeup that draws all the attention back up to her face. "How about you bury that report," she suggests, "and I will bury my face and tongue so deep in your ass."

Initially hesitant but smitten by Olivia's remarkable forwardness, our teacher takes the offer and meets her back at her place. She strips in front of him as soon as he arrives, leaving just her stockings on to masturbate before him. She fingers her butt to foreshadow what's ahead, and after a long wait, he slides in while Olivia's legs are to the sky. She has a great, natural beauty to her, looking like your (above) average neighborhood mom that will always wave to you as you drive by. It's a look that she can pull off for several years, so it seems.

No sooner does the teacher turn around is Olivia's tongue up his ass, as promised. Also, she appears to have more discernible technique than the previous women, working her tongue clockwise while cupping his dick and balls in her hand to massage them. Not short on tricks either, Olivia whips out a Hitachi whilst on her back, aiding the pounding she gets from him. Throw in doggystyle to follow and you have Olivia, who is clearly in a trance of ecstasy.

She performs something of a 69 with him after the fact to get her tongue in his ass, which leads to a more formal 69 that occurs later, with him getting a face-full of pussy and her a mouthful of hard cock. The only thing inhibiting this scene is its lack of erotic dialog to carry the moment and enhance the taboo. She concludes her wild bout by trotting her ass on his dick once more - in both missionary and doggy - before embracing the cum all over her face and a discarded report as unique rewards almost as satisfying as the sex itself. 3/5 stars.

Final Thoughts

Rimjob movies are progressively becoming more mainstream and have been since Sleaze and Curtis' respective series was on volume 10 or 11. They are the perfect combination of kinky and naughty, infusing a little "what if" taboo for the not so sexually curious and delivering something exhilarating for those who knows their kinks and like to capitalize on them. Your Mom Tossed My Salad 19 has a few dry-spots that feel like the work of lax editing in order to push the compilation, like most Lethal Hardcore discs, over three hours. However, with two tremendous scenes with the lovely Mercedes Carrera and the deceptively depraved Krissy Lynn, as well as a capable closer that works mostly as a showcase for Olivia Wilder, it's a disc that impresses more than it regresses.

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