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Studio: Tushy.com » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 10/7/17

XCritic's Advice: XCritic Pick

Feature Running Time:  3 hours 12 minutes

Date of Production:  2017

Genre: Anal; Double Penetration; Feature; First Anal; First Double Penetration; Star Showcase; Threesomes

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: Video quality: Shot in HD. 

Director: Greg Lansky

Cast: Featuring Eva Lovia with Riley Reid, Kayden Kross, Manuel Ferrera, Ricky Johnson, Jean Val Jean, Christopher Clay

Bonus Scenes: No

2 Disc Set

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Slideshow; Cumshot Recap; Feature Trailer; Behind the Scenes with over 5 minutes of footage that includes Eva Lovia’s perspective on the movie. She talks about the fun of shooting the film and how she’s exploring all of the things she likes in her showcase. Eva has never done a DP in her personal life and she describes her DP with Christian and Jean as fucking amazing; Website Information


In my review of the flick Eva, I’m giving this flick a rating of XCritic Pick. I watched it several times and it gets this rating for Eva Lovia’s and the other starlet’s acting and sexual performances, the cohesive and compelling storyline, the cinematic elements and the great anal and DP sex in the film. Director Greg Lansky has managed to wrap the story of a New York Times best-selling author’s growth as an erotic novelist into a cohesive, pleasurable star showcase full of hot sexual fantasies and top-notch video production. I also enjoyed the behind-the-scenes footage, which is something new for Lansky’s films, that allows Eva to go more in-depth about what it was like filming this showcase, including experiencing an incredible DP in the last scene.  Eva stars in this two-disc story chronicling her journey to sexual freedom while she writes her next successful book. Her first book was a success but a really bad review from critic Kayden Kross has left Eva with writer’s block. Kayden describes Eva’s writing about sexual experiences as shallow and clearly showing that she has never experienced these activities herself. In order to break free of her writer’s block and to pen a believable erotic novel, Eva must experience the sexual situations she writes about for herself and we have the pleasure of watching. Eva fucks her publisher, bangs her biggest critic in a hot girl-girl scene, sucks cock in front of a crowd at a pool party, has interracial anal and participates in a sizzling hot threesome stuffed full of DPs and deep penetrating anal sex. With all these experiences behind her, Eva now has the material she needs to pen her next bestseller. A year later, Eva’s book is a publishing success and her biggest critic has become her strongest advocate.

Disc 1

Scene 1:  Eva Lovia and Jean Val Jean

When the movie begins, we learn that Eva is a successful erotic novelist. Her first novel was a big hit and it made the New York Times best-seller list, but she hasn’t written anything since and her publisher has been pressuring her to finish her next book. Eva is suffering from a case of writer’s block and it’s because of one critic who gave her a horrible review. That critic is Veronica Winters. Even though it was a year ago, Eva still can’t get it out of her mind and it’s affecting her writing. She’s got to kick this if she’s going to publish that next best seller. She remembers the advice she got from her dad that you’ve got to experience life in order to be able to write about it. Now that she’s living on her own, things just aren’t as exciting as they used to be. Jean gives her a pep talk. He encourages her to forget about Veronica and get to work on her new erotic book. Eva tells him that she needs inspiration right now, not pressure. Jean says he has lots of inspiration for her. He kisses her and takes her to the bedroom where these two engage in a round of passionate kissing, giggling and smiling at each other. She grabs hold of his hard cock and jerks it. “Can I put your cock in my mouth,” she asks him. Jean is happy to oblige. She lies on her stomach at the edge of the bed, opens her mouth wide and he thrusts it down her throat. She does a round of no-hands cock sucking, spitting up all over his shaft as she swallows the length of his dick. There are lots of great close-ups and great camera work that puts us right up on the action. Eva owns his dick and the inspiration is starting to develop. The pair gets into a hot 69 session when Eva smothers Jean’s face with her ass hole and pussy. She jerks and sucks his cock at the same time, ordering Jean to eat her ass hole.

Eva’s creative juices are all coming back to her know once she sits on Jean’s cock and rides it cowgirl style. He squeezes and spanks her ass cheeks as he drills her pussy. Eva rides his cock up and down. She climbs off and gets in doggy position. Jean tongues her ass hole, burying his tongue deep inside her anal cavity. Then he stretches her ass hole with a long round of doggy fucking up her ass. The camera zooms in close on Eva’s stretched out ass hole getting pounded. Jean pulls out and beats her ass hole with his cock then sticks it back in there, giving us a POV angle of his cock thrusting in and out of her butt. Eva goes for a reverse cowgirl ride with Jean’s cock up her ass then she takes a squat thrusting bang from him as he slams her ass hole missionary style. After fully stuffing her ass hole, Jean pulls out and blows his load all over her face and in her open mouth.

Later after they’ve had their shower, Jean tells her that she should consider writing about them. Eva’s not so sure that’s the right way to go, but Jean tells her to write what she knows. She laments over what she knows that’s worth turning into a book. All that thought causes her to re-read that bad review and it makes her want to scream. She admits that she made up all of the erotic experiences in her first book and this time around, she’s determined to write about sexual experiences she has had herself. The only woman Eva has ever had sex with is Riley Reid and Eva decides she needs Riley’s help exploring new sexual fantasies.

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Scene 2:  Eva Lovia, Riley Reid, and Manuel Ferrara

This second scene of the flick is a mega scene in many ways. The story picks up when Eva and Riley show up at a pool party like they own the place. Riley is teaching Eva the ropes of how to enjoy sexual experiences and it starts with letting her hair down and having fun like she doesn’t give a fuck. The girls drink champagne as the mega pool party continues all around them with lots of girls and guys splashing around and popping bottles of champagne. Riley tells Eva to make out with her in front of everyone. Eva loosens up and follows Riley’s lead. Manuel Ferrera sits next to the girls at the pool, noticing that the girls are having a lot of fun. After a few minutes of flirting, Eva, Riley, and Manuel make their way inside to a hallway where Riley sucks his cock and Eva makes out with him. The action is so hot that this threesome soon attracts a crowd who enjoy watching the sex show. The girls decide they want more privacy and they take Manuel to a bedroom. Evan is about to experience a threesome for the first time and it will be an erotic activity that she will be able to write about. She drops to her knees and sucks his big cock and licks his balls. Riley helps by jerking Manuel’s cock in and out of Eva’s mouth then she sucks it. The girls lie side by side on their stomach near the edge of the bed and open their mouths wide for a throat fucking by Manuel’s big, hard cock.

The girls get on all fours, doggy style, side by side and wait their turn for his cock to stretch their pussies. Riley takes it all first, moaning in ecstasy as Manuel drills her pussy from behind, making it wet. He pulls out and moves over to Eva’s waiting pussy, drilling it doggy style and creating erotic memories for her that she’ll never forget. Doggy up the ass is next and it’s Riley’s ass hole that’s first up. We get Manuel’s POV as he looks down on her rectum getting stretched open. Eva spreads Riley’s ass cheeks open while Manuel pumps her hole. “Yeah, just like that,” Riley says as she smiles in pleasure. Eva’s ass hole gets a banging that leaves it gaping open when he pulls out. Riley swallows the taste of Eva’s ass off Manuel’s cock in a greedy round of ass-to-mouth cock sucking. Eva gets in on the ATM action as well, lubing his cock up for Riley’s ass hole. Riley sits on his pole in reverse cowgirl position, taking his big cock deep in her ass then she lies on her side for spoon fucking up the ass. Manuel drills her hole like a fasting pumping piston, keeping Riley pleased. Eva takes her turn hosting his cock up her ass in reverse cowgirl position. He pummels her ass hole, working every inch of his cock deep inside her. Spoon fucking rounds out the session up Eva’s ass. Manuel pulls out and the girls kneel side by side with their hungry mouths open. Manuel blows his load, spreading the spunk down both girls’ throats. The girls decide to clean up and get out of the party.

Disc 2

Scene 3: Eva Lovia and Ricky Johnson

Eva’s quest to experience the thrill of having sex with a complete stranger continues. With two hot experiences behind her, Eva has broken through her writer’s block and now she can’t stop writing. The inspiration is hitting her from all sides and she’s on her way to writing her next bestseller. She wonders whether she can pull this off without her friend Riley. She just has to try. When she arrives at her publisher’s office, she sees Ricky in the parking lot. He’s somebody she has always found attractive, every time she sees him at the publisher’s office. She figures he’s somebody famous and that he must be working on a book too. She meets with the publisher then sits in the parking lot just as Ricky is walking back to his car. Ricky says hello and Eva tells him to get into her car. “Don’t say anything,” she tells him. All she wants to do is fuck him back at her place. They get to know each other better back in Eva’s bedroom. She takes his hard cock out of his underwear and jerks it back and forth while rubbing her big ass against him. Eva moves into doggy position on the bed and sucks Ricky’s cock. She smiles as she spits on it to lube it up. Eva intends to get the most out of her erotic experiences and she is enjoying deep throating every inch of Ricky’s dick.

She gets back in doggy position so he can eat her pussy from behind. Eva bites her lip and closes her eyes and enjoys the feeling of Ricky’s tongue lashing her clit. He spreads her ass cheeks open and tongues her ass hole, driving in deep. “Fuck me,” Eva tells him. Ricky gives her what she wants, penetrating her pussy from behind. He works his cock in slowly at first then picks up the pace, pumping her tight cunt. Eva is turned on by the idea of fucking someone she just met. Her pussy is wet and she fingers her clit as Ricky’s cock drills in and out of her. He pounds her hard, stuffing her pussy full of cock.

“I want it in my ass,” Eva tells him. He keeps her in doggy position and penetrates her ass hole. Once he puts a leg up, we get a close-up view of Eva’s tight little ass hole getting pounded balls deep by Ricky’s hard cock. She fingers her clit while he pumps her ass hole and the sensation has her moaning and cumming in pleasure. The ass pounding goes on for a while and Ricky doesn’t let up on filling her up with cock. A round of spoon fucking up the ass gets Eva off again followed by a quick missionary anal pounding. Ricky pulls out and pops in Eva’s mouth. She swallows then jerks and sucks his cock some more, getting any leftover strands of cum. Eva’s list of erotic experiences is piling up and she now has the confidence and the surge of power she needs to be free. She is ready to seduce anyone and everyone. Her publisher Jean explains that he really loves the new inspiration that’s showing up in her writing. He also tells her that the famed critic Veronica Winters (played by Kayden Kross) wants to interview her. Eva doesn’t hesitate at all. She sets up the interview for this Thursday.

Scene 4: Eva Lovia and Kayden Kross

Kayden shows up to interview Eva and the interview starts out rocky. Kayden pushes all of Eva’s buttons and Eva pushes back. Kayden tells her it’s obvious from Eva’s writing about lesbian sex that she has never experienced it. Eva asks Kayden if she has every experienced lesbian sex. This question throws Kayden off for a second and Eva sees an opportunity to take charge of the situation. She sits next to Kayden and tells her, “I used to hate you, but now I just want to fuck you.” Eva starts kissing Kayden, taking control of the situation and finally getting her biggest critic right where she wants her. The kissing on the couch is passionate and full of great chemistry. These girls want each other and it shows.

Kayden lies on top of Eva kissing and choking her. Eva sucks on Kayden’s pointy nipples then she lies back and succumbs to Kayden’s wet tongue eating her pussy. Kayden tongues Eva’s gaping ass hole and fingers her pussy, driving Eva to ecstasy. Eva returns the favor, tongue fucking Kayden’s ass hole as Kayden encourages her to go deeper. Eva sticks two fingers in Kayden’s ass hole and finger fucks her then tells Kayden, “It’s a shame you don’t write the way you fuck.” Eva has conquered her biggest critic and it feels good.

Scene 5: Eva Lovia, Jean Val Jean, and Christian Clay

Eva delivers her latest manuscript to Jean and he reads through it, telling her that it’s very detailed. Eva’s sexual experiences are coming through on paper. Jean is intrigued by her book but wonders how it’s going to end. Eva has always imagined being fucked by two men at the same time and she tells Jean about it. This is her ultimate fantasy and this experience is the way she wants her book to end. Jean tells her to show up at his house at 4 pm and he will make her fantasy come true. Later that day, Eva gets dressed in red lingerie and boldly walks upstairs to the bedroom. There she finds Jean and Christian both waiting for her on the bed. The guys start working on her body right away, kissing and caressing her all over as Jean tells her it’s time to realize her fantasy just like she has always wanted. Eva jerks both cocks, holding one in each hand and calling them amazing. She sucks their dicks, starting with Christian’s first. Eva spits and slurps all over their hard cocks then she bends over doggy style in the bed with Christian’s cock in her mouth. Jean eats her pussy and ass hole from behind, spreading her ass cheeks open while he tongues her gaping anal cavity.

Eva continues to gag on Christian’s cock while Jean penetrates her pussy doggy style. She’s got the makings of a hot threesome that will is sure to hit the pages of her new book. Jean bangs her pussy hard, keeping her stuffed and pleased. It’s Christian’s turn to slam Eva’s pussy and he keeps her in doggy position while he drills her from behind. It’s time to spread Eva’s ass hole open and Christian does the honors, squatting over her ass and thrusting his cock deep inside her, opening her hole wider and wider. She cries out louder and louder with each stroke of Christian’s cock. He picks up the pace and the anal banging gets harder, deeper and hotter and Eva loves it. Jean drives his dick deep into her ass hole next, pumping it doggy style. The anal love continues with Eva on her back getting her ass pummeled missionary style by Christian’s prick. The action really heats up when Eva enters the world of DP. She sits on Jean’s dick cowgirl style and in no time, Christian is penetrating her ass hole at the same time. The two cocks glide in and out of both her holes, sending Eva’s eyes rolling back into her head. The ecstasy is off the charts for her and the pleasure is written all over her face. The guys keep drilling her holes until more and more inches of their cocks get thrust deep inside Eva. She has grown into a sexual butterfly who is free to try whatever she wants. The guys trade places and this time around, Eva is riding Christian’s cock cowgirl style while Jean’s dick pumps her ass hole.

This DP is hot to watch and insanely pleasurable for Eva. Rounds and rounds of reverse cowgirl DP follow and Eva’s pussy and ass hole are stretched to their limit. Christian fucks her ass then feeds her face with his cock, giving her a tasty ATM. This is the hottest scene of the flick and the most pleasurable to watch. The guys flank Eva as she kneels on the floor and they both cum in her mouth. Christian shoots first, leaving a pool of spunk on her tongue. Jean follows up shooting his creamy load in her mouth and watching it drain down her chin. With cum all over her mouth, she looks up and smiles at the guys, telling them the experience was so good. A year later, Eva’s book goes to print and once again, it’s a bestseller. Her harshest critic, Veronica Winters, gave her rave reviews. Eva has a lot of people to thank for her bestseller, especially Veronica.

Final Thoughts:

Eva Lovia shines in her star showcase Eva for the Tushy studio. Tushy.com is about showcasing the art of anal sex and with Greg Lansky as the director, this movie is chock full of high-end cinematography, sizzling anal sex, great performances and an easy flow that moves you from one scene to the next. I especially enjoyed the behind-the-scenes footage, which I don’t often see from Lansky, that gives Eva an opportunity to share more about her on-set experiences, the incredible sex scenes and what it’s like working on a Lansky set. This movie crafts a compelling story of an erotic novelist who must push the envelope and make her sexual fantasies come true so she can write about them in her next novel. Each round of fucking leads to higher stakes sex that involves fucking her publisher, fucking her biggest critic and sucking cock in front of a crowd at a pool party. Eva morphs into a sex-crazed starlet free of any old chains that once held her back. With all these sexual experiences behind her, she pens her next erotic novel and it’s a publishing success. I give this flick a rating of Xcritic Pick. Not only are Eva’s acting and sexual performances noteworthy, there’s a great story to follow and Eva holds her own. Her girl-girl scene with Kayden Kross has sparks bouncing off the walls and her final scene with Christian Clay and Jean Val Jean has lengthy cowgirl and reverse cowgirl DPs that Eva describes as incredible. Get a hold of this Eva Lovia star showcase. It’s a flick to add to the porn stash.

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