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Cute As They Cum

Studio: New Sensations » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 10/8/17

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours

Date of Production:  2017


Genre: All Sex; 18+ Teens

Condoms:  No

Audio/Video: Video quality: Shot in HD.  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Eddie Powell

Cast: Featuring Olivia Nova with Hallie Little, April Snow, Kiley Jay, Ramon Nomar, Tyler Nixon, Damon Dice, Brad Knight

Bonus Scenes: Scarlet Sage and Chad White from It’s The Girl Next Door 2; Alex Harper and Karlo Karrera from Young and Curious 2

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Photo Gallery; Trailers; Behind the Scenes with over 19 minutes of interview footage with each starlet; 2 Bonus Scenes; Pick Your Pleasure with tease, blowjob, missionary, doggystyle, cowgirl, popshot; Fantasy Lingerie; Company Info


Beautiful, 20-year-old Olivia Nova is practically a porn newcomer, having entered the business in 2017. She’s a brunette cutie who leads the pack of starlets in Eddie Powell’s Cute As They Cum flick. Being cute is one of the criteria for this flick. The other is being horny with a large cock-craving appetite. That combo sets these girls up for hot scenes with their prick partners. Olivia is joined by Hallie Little, April Snow, and Kiley Jay. I recommend this movie. The four scenes run for two hours with short storylines and long sex sessions. Olivia fucks Brad Knight in the opening scene of the flick. She wants to have porn sex to prove she’s just as flexible as those porn stars. Brad bangs her pussy until she cums, proving to each other that they’re both good at porn. Hallie and Damon Dice’s scene is another hot one and it’s all about fucking the football star. But on Hallie’s field, she’s in charge, calling the plays and owning his cock. The closing scene between Kiley and Ramon Nomar sizzles with a Spanish theme. Ramon is tutoring Kiley in Spanish and after she learns how to say, “I want to fuck you” in Spanish, he teaches her pussy a hard fucking lesson. April and Tyler have so much fun fucking each other, they can’t stop smiling and giggling. He drills her cunt and showers her face in spunk. Overall, the scenes are steamy, there’s great chemistry between the pairs and the production qualities are all good.

Scene 1:  Olivia Nova and Brad Knight

Olivia is in her bedroom watching porn on her laptop. She is surprised and turned on by what she sees and starts fingering her pussy. Brad walks in saying that he thought he heard porn noises. He asks Olivia why she’s watching this. She admits that she’s curious about porn sex. Brad thinks that’s cool. She asks him if they can try porn sex. “Like, right now,” Brad asks her. She says yes. She lies on the bed and Brad sucks her nipples and spanks her ass. He pulls her panties off, spreads her legs open and fingers her pussy. “Is this what you want,” he asks her. Olivia grips the pillow and moans endlessly as Brad’s tongue licks her clit. Olivia is enjoying her new adventure into the world of porn sex. She gets excited when Brad takes his cock out of his pants, and she puts it in her mouth and sucks it. She is bent over doggy style on the bed, eating his meat. Brad guides her head up and down as she bobs on his cock. He grips her around her neck then skull fucks her, feeding the back of her throat.

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Olivia is ready to fuck now and she lies on her back, missionary style to host his cock. Brad penetrates her then starts thrusting his cock deep inside her pussy. She kisses him passionately while he bangs her hole. Olivia is in the zone of ecstasy and is about to cum. Her mouth is gaping open and her eyes are closed as she enjoys the feeling of his cock stretching her pussy. With one leg up over his shoulder now, Olivia holds on to Brad tightly while he drills her. She turns around and sits on his cock cowgirl style. Brad grips her ass cheeks and spreads her pussy with his dick. She takes over now, bouncing up and down on his hard prick. Olivia switches into reverse cowgirl position, but not before sucks his cock and tasting the flavor of her own pussy off it. Brad spoon fucks her then slams her pussy from behind doggy style. He’s ready to pop now and he tells her to lay on her back. When Olivia turns over, Brad splatters her tits with spunk and asks her if the sex was everything she had hoped for. Olivia confirms that it was.

Scene 2:  April Snow and Tyler Nixon

April invites Tyler to come over to her house and hang out. Tyler isn’t doing anything, so he gets up and on his way to her house. April gets ready for him by pulling out her Hitachi and using it on her pussy. The vibrations give her great pleasure and before long, she’s lost in the sensation. She closes her eyes and rubs her nipples while holding the Hitachi in place on her cunt. Just as she’s about to cum, Tyler knocks on her door. She quickly answers the door and throws herself at him, kissing him uncontrollably. Tyler asks what’s going on, but April tells him to just shut up and let her do this. She takes him back to her bedroom, sits on his lap and continues to kiss him, pulling off her top. Tyler sucks her tits and grabs her ass, asking himself how he got so lucky. He kisses his way down her body then gets to work fingering her pussy. April moans and pulls him closer to her. He pulls her panties aside and kisses her pussy, wagging his tongue across her clit until it makes her shiver. He licks her ass hole then tongues his way back up to her cunt. He spits on it then fingers her pussy while licking her clit. April is beside herself with her eyes rolling back into her head. “I want to suck your dick,” she tells him with a big smile on her face.

She unzips his pants and takes out his hard cock. Looking up at him, she puts his dick in her mouth and sucks it until Tyler grips her hair and bangs her face. She takes his dick out of her mouth to get a gasp of air then he skull fucks her again. “Keep sucking it baby,” he tells her as she deep throats his meat. They give each other a hand job then April goes back to swallowing his cock.

She rides it cowgirl style, bouncing up and down on his cock, then she takes more of him deep inside her in missionary position. He spits all over her pussy and slams it full of his dick. These two are having so much fun, they both giggle as they spoon fuck. A long round of doggy style fucking is followed by April taking control on top of his cock in reverse cowgirl position. She rides him, getting all the pleasure she can handle from his pole until he’s ready to pop. He stands up and April sucks his cock and licks his balls some more. Tyler shoots his load in her mouth and she gobbles his spunk then sucks his dick.

Scene 3:   Haley Little and Damon Dice

Haley makes a note in her diary that she finally had sex with the captain of the football team. It may sound cliché but she is excited about it because she was the one in control of the whole experience. She was calling the shots. She takes us back to the moment it all happened. She’s home alone and Damon comes in through the door. These two can’t keep their hands off each other. He kisses her and moves her into a utility room, sits her on a stool and kisses her neck. She giggles as he pulls her T-shirt down and starts playing with her boobs. It’s been a long time coming for these two and the pent-up attraction they have for each other can be seen. They don’t have too long to make this happen so he gets to work on her nipples, licking and sucking them and making her moan. She sucks his fingers, making them wet, then watches Damon kiss his way down to her pussy. She still has on her shorts and he pulls them to the side so he can lick her cunt. Haley helps him out by pulling off her shorts and panties and sitting on the stool again. Damon licks his fingers then uses them to tease her pussy. “Taste my pussy, please,” she says.

Damon kneels in front of her and tongue lashing her clit. She holds one leg up in the air while his tongue does loops around her snatch. Once he starts fingering and eating her pussy at the same time, the feeling gets overwhelming for Haley. She cries out, “Oh, shit” as he smacks on her wet cunt. He makes her cum from all the pussy licking, but that’s as far as Haley would go. She doesn’t let him get any further. She makes him wait and it’s all a part of her strategy. After about a month of intense oral sex, it’s finally time to fuck and Haley is still in control. She lies on top of Damon, kissing his chest and stomach and then unzipping his pants and taking out his hard cock. She sits on him, straddling his cock, then she positions it in her pussy. Damon pumps her snatch, making Haley moan louder. She holds onto the back of the couch and bounces her pussy up and down on his hard dick. “Oh yeah, right there,” she says. “Fuck yeah!” Damon’s dick fills and stretches her pussy. She climbs off and sucks her pussy juices off his dick then rides it in reverse cowgirl position. After a hard ride, she sucks him off again then bends over doggy style for a pussy pounding from behind. “Fuck, I’m gonna cum,” she screams as Damon drills her cute little pussy. He slams her harder and harder until she cums. He eats her wet pussy then fucks it missionary style until he blows his load, popping on her cheeks and in her mouth. Haley greedily sucks his cock and swallows his load.

Scene 4:  Kiley Jay and Ramon Nomar

Ramon is Kiley’s Spanish tutor and he’s teaching her the correct pronunciation for hard words in Spanish. Kiley is getting it right and Ramon is proud of her. He tells her that it sounds like her throat is a little dry so he’s going to get her a glass of water. He tells her to keep practicing while he gets it. Instead of practicing, Kiley strips out of her shorts, down to her bra and panties and sits on the couch with her legs wide open, waiting for Ramon to return from the kitchen. She starts rubbing her pussy and smiling just as Ramon walks back into the living. He is shocked at the sight. “How do you say, I want to fuck you in Spanish?” Kiley asks him. Ramon smiles and admits that he has a crush on her too. He teaches her how to say those words in Spanish then he sits her on his lap and kisses her, squeezing her tits as he smacks on her neck and chest. He speaks in Spanish, asking her if she likes it as he spanks and fingers her pussy. He gets Kiley’s pussy wet then puts his wet fingers in her mouth so she can taste her own cum. Once she gets naked and bends over doggy style on the couch, Ramon uses his tongue on her holes. He tongue-fucks her asshole and pussy, driving her bonkers then he fucks her doggy style. “Me Gusta,” she tells him. “Oh yeah, just like that,” she says as Ramon drills her cute little pussy. He pulls out and makes her beg for his cock in Spanish. She pronounces it correctly, so he sticks his dick back in her wet hole. Kiley holds her ass cheek open and closes her eyes as Ramon thrusts his cock in and out of her.

She sits on his cock in reverse cowgirl position and rides it. Ramon uses her panties to gag her while she bounces up and down on his prick. “Oh fuck! Me Gusta,” Kiley screams. After sucking his cock, she rides it cowgirl style then takes more of Ramon’s meat in standing cowgirl. He lays her on the couch and bangs her missionary style, making her scream just as he pulls out and shoots his jizz in her mouth and on her face. “I learned so many new things today,” she tells him as she sucks his cock.

Final Thoughts:

Porn cuties Olivia Nova, Hallie Little, April Snow, and Kiley Jay are out to prove that they know just what to do with a hard, throbbing cock. These cuties get their cunts crammed with cock from Brad Knight, Tyler Nixon, Damon Dice, and Ramon Nomar in Cute As They Cum, and I recommend this movie. Directed by Eddie Powell, this movie sets up four scenarios over two hours where our cuties enjoy the pussy stretching antics of their partners. Olivia fucks Brad like a porn star. That’s something she’s been fantasizing about and she proves she’s just a flexible as the girls in porn. Hallie gets the football star, Damon, on her turf and she takes control of his cock, calling the plays until they both cum. Kiley has signed up for Spanish tutoring from Ramon, but she gets a load of Spanish spunk from him after he teaches her how to say, “fuck me” in Spanish. April and Tyler have the most fun together. They have great chemistry and a case of the giggles as he bangs her cute little pussy. Overall, the scenes are enjoyable and there’s great production quality throughout the film. It’s a movie I recommend.  

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