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Ebony Vixens 3

Studio: Reality Kings » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 10/10/17

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

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Genre: Interracial Gonzo


Cast: Myeshia Nicole, Nicole Bexley, Indigo Vanity, Tara Fox, Jaime Fetti, Ocean Pearl, Tiffany Taner, Mick Blue, Tyler Steele, Jmac

Directors: Unknown

Release Date: July 31, 2017

Length: 3 hrs. 52 min.

Condoms: None

Extras: Cumshot Recap, Photo Gallery and Web Access


Overview: This is a compilation of six black girl/white guy scenes from Reality Kings and Round & Brown, companies both owned by the good folks at Mind Geek. It's also one of the biggest wastes of time you'll experience this year. With shoddy camera work, boring scenarios and lackluster performances there isn't a single memorable instance on this whole disc. But we'll plod through it anyway.


Scene One: Myeshia Nicole and Mick Blue


The first image we get is Myeshia Nicole walking into a room, the camera focus on her booty. She sits on the couch and there's some banter between her and the director and her sticking her ass to the camera. In comes Mick Blue who starts rubbing her ass and taking her bikini off. She sits back on the couch and starts rubbing her pussy. Mick fingerbangs her a little before she's going down on his cock. Myeshia is pretty as she looks up at Mick with his cock in her mouth, and before long he's fucking her doggy style on the couch. We get a POV shot of the action, Myeshia backing her big ass up against Mick's cock. She then starts riding him reverse cowgirl and we only see her from behind, Mick holding her hips as he guides her pussy up and down on his cock. She then starts fucking him regular cowgirl with Mick fucking her from underneath. After making her cum she cleans his cock off with her mouth and then they start spooning. This is the best shot of the scene as Mick grabs her tits and fucks her from behind. They then go into a quick missionary before Mick shoots his load on her chin, Myeshia avoiding getting cum in her mouth at all costs. This is just your very standard, conventional, played by the book sex scene. Newcomer Myeshia Nicole is pretty with a nice booty. And I truly hope she's finds better scenes than this one in the future.


Scene Two: Nicole Bexley and Seth Gamble


In this one we go to the beach. Nicole Bexley comes walking up to the camera, presumably after swimming in the ocean even though she's not wet. She teases to the camera, showing her ass and tits. Seth Gamble then comes up and starts feeling her up. They take it inside and Nicole is now all oiled up and shiny. She keeps teasing to the camera before taking her shorts off and playing with her pussy. Seth comes in and oils her up some more before taking his cock out for Nicole to suck. She pops her mouth on his cock before climbing up and riding him cowgirl. She bounces her oiled up ass on his cock before she spins around and rides him in reverse. The horrible camera work simply cannot keep her completely in frame as she fucks him and we miss most of the action. We get a better shot when they go into a doggy and Seth fucks her from behind. They then go into a missionary and it's not long before Seth is shooting his cum on her face and tits.


Scene Three: Indigo Vanity and Tyler Steele


Indigo Vanity is looking in the dryer for a towel to take a shower (apparently she doesn't have a closet). Her boyfriend is filming her in her underwear bending over with her ass in the air and is about to make his move on her when Tyler Steele comes in and cock blocks him. He worships her ass, jiggling it and burying his face in it before pulling her panties off. She plays with her pussy while Tyler plays with her titties and before long he's fucking her missionary for about five strokes. They take it to the living room where she starts twerking her naked ass to the camera. She plays with her pussy until Tyler comes back in to let her suck his cock. She gives him head sitting and standing before he starts fucking missionary again. She lays there and goes through the motions, oo-ing and ah-ing as he moves his dick in and out of her. She rides him cowgirl bouncing her ass on his cock, and then he starts t-boning her for a little bit. With her legs closed they fuck doggy style and she oo's and ah's some more as he pounds her ass. They fuck missionary one more time before he shoots his load on her tits.


Scene Four: Tara Fox, Jaime Fetti and Tyler Steele


In this dumb scene Tara Fox and Jaime Fetti are twerking for the camera and enjoying each other's asses when Tyler Steele comes in and starts getting head from Tara. When Jaime starts sucking on him Tara tells him Jaime's her girl and for him to leave. Tyler makes his exit and they twerk some more. Jaime then pulls Tara's thong to the side and starts playing with her pussy before laying down for Tara lick her clit. I actually enjoyed watching Tara flick the tip of her tongue across Jaime's clit. It was very sweet and sensuous. Too bad Tyler had to come back and stick his cock in Jaime's mouth. She sucks on it a little bit before he goes over to Tara who takes her mouth off of Jaime's pussy and wraps it around Tyler's cock. They both double team his cock until Tyler tells Tara to go get some water (I told you, dumb). When she leaves Jaime climbs on his dick and rides him cowgirl. As she's riding him we cut to the kitchen where Tara gets a bottle of water and pours it on her tits. She takes it to Tyler and Jaime and pours it on Jaime's ass making Tyler scream when the coldness hits his balls. Tara sucks his cock, warming it back up, before he leaves for them to have a wet t-shirt contest (sigh). They rub each others titties with the water and Jaime plays with Tara's pussy as she twerks for the camera. Jaime fingerbangs Tara a little bit before Tyler comes back to T-bone Tara. Jaime sits on Tara's face as Tyler fucks her missionary. They go back to sucking his cock before he fucks Jaime doggy style. With his foot on the back of her head (trust me) he drives his cock in and out of her pussy before she starts riding him reverse cowgirl. They take turns fucking each other, her bouncing on his cock, him pounding her from underneath, all the while Tara rubbing Jaime's clit. After making Jaime cum Tara sucks her juices off and Jaime climbs back on for some more, until finally Tyler cums on their faces and tits. This is the most frustratingly awful scene I've seen this year. The scenario is stupid, the camera work is horrible and all of the stopping and starting for twerking and wet t-shirt contests and everything made this a complete waste of time.


Scene Five: Ocean Pearl and JMac


This one is disappointing to me because I really like Ocean Pearl. She was so great in Axel Braun's Brown Sugar, where she performed as Ashley Pink. It's a shame she has to go through what she does in this scene. It starts all well and good enough, her posing for the camera showing off her young tight body and pretty face. She poors oil on her ass and twerks in her lime green bikini. When she starts playing with her pussy JMac comes in and buries his face in her ass. She sits on his face and he licks her pussy before she starts sucking his dick. He fucks her face for a little bit before they go into a doggy where he slams her from behind. She then climbs up on top of him and rides him reverse cowgirl. She bounces on his cock and yells multiple times that she's cumming. He then stands up and, holding her up with two hands behind her head, bounces her up and down on his cock while standing. He then lays back down and she twerks on his cock cowgirl style. He then picks her up and eats her pussy, poor Ocean looking scared to death as she grabs onto the ceiling for dear life, trying not to fall and break her neck.


They then fuck missionary before JMac shoots off on her face. This is the most memorable scene mainly from witnessing poor Ocean Pearl having to endure these dangerous positions JMac is putting her through.


Scene Six: Tiffany Taner and Tyler Steele


This whole thing ends with Tiffany Taner staring blankly into the camera being interviewed by the director and Tyler Steele. Tyler comes in and they start making out, Tyler going over her body and tits with his mouth and tongue. He pulls his pants off and Tiffany starts sucking his cock while twerking to the camera. She stops long enough to pull her pink pants off. Tyler walks back up and she sucks his cock some more before she bends over and he fucks her doggy style. We get a POV shot of his cock gliding in and out of her pussy before he starts T-boning her. He makes her squeek when she cums before they go into a missionary. We get another POV shot of her red pussy as his cock works it's way and out of it. After sucking his juices off she climbs on top of him and rides him cowgirl before he shoots a stream of cum on her chest.


Final Thoughts: I have seen some great IR releases this year (Brown Sugar and I Like Black Girls 5 come to mind), and the reason they're great is because the makers of these releases actually care about what they're doing. They put so much into making something worthwhile. That can not be said about this one. I'm not talking about the actresses. They're all very sexy and they're doing the best they can. But they're having to endure such terrible conditions. Weak scenarios and terrible camera work, it's like they're making everything up as they go along. It's porn junk food. Completely empty with nothing redeeming about it. And I'd be surprised if you could remember as single aspect of this release the next day after watching it. I definitely recommend you Skip It, but if you feel you just have to watch it, don't worry. It's a Mind Geek production, so I'm sure the scenes are already up in butchered form on they're dozens of crappy tube sites.

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