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Mandingo Challenge 2, The

Studio: Jules Jordan Video » Review by Steve P » Review Date: 10/11/17

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Content: 3.5/5 stars

Running Time: 2 hours, 17 minutes

Cast: Ariana Marie, Anya Olsen, Jojo Kiss, Valentina Nappi, and Mandingo

Directed by: Jules Jordan

Genres: All Sex, Interracial, Teen (18+)

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: Shot in 4K

Bonus Scenes: N/A

Extras: Behind the scenes footage, photo gallery, cumshot recap

Overview: Some would say that the famous swordsman and veteran porn-star Mandingo doesn't need yet another showcase DVD. In fact, including Jules Jordan's Mandingo Challenge franchise, he has also had top-billing in franchises such as HardX's Meet Mandingo, West Coast's Mandingo vs. Jack and Mandingo: Teen Domination, DogFart's Mandingo: King of Interracial, Exquisite's Mandingo Unleashed, and both Mandingo Massacre, Mandingo: Hide Your Wives at the hands of Jules Jordan.

The amount of DVDs Mandingo headlines will make your heads spin, but The Mandingo Challenge 2, despite all that content I'm sure die-hard male and female fans have watched over and over again, is still worth a look thanks to the lovely young starlets who find a way to counterbalance the immensity of star-power for a disc that's a lot of fun.

Scene 1: Ariana Marie and Mandingo

Ariana Marie is given a backdrop of scenery that is almost as gorgeous as she is. Lush tress in the background, a pool in the foreground, and her at the center of attention as she flaunts her toned body, perfect brown hair, white garter belt/bra combo, and sexy assets against a blissful backyard. If there's one thing Jules Jordan consistently nails, it's his ability to find a great way to let the stars show off what they have in arousing preludes.

Mandingo arrives and the fun starts at the door, with Ariana whipping out his dick and immediately welcoming him with a blowjob. You're reminded at this instance that no girl will be able to successfully deepthroat his remarkable 12-inch penis, yet that doesn't diminish their will nor the possibility of a solid blowjob. The by-the-door blowjob is lightning fast, as odd editing shifts the two to being upstairs still enamored by each others bodies, which remain clothed.

Nevertheless, Ariana's second, bedroom blowjob is entertaining as it's mostly hands-free, dominated by slurping sounds, just before Mandingo pushes his way in her pussy. Ariana offers a warm welcome by wiggling her hips and moaning with incredible delight as Mandingo finds her g-spot with in time at all. She flips over on her back and throws her legs sky high, her heels straight up to provide him clearance. She begs to be stretched almost the whole time.

Missionary and reverse cowgirl follow, the latter have the great advantage of Ariana flaring her hairless crotch and even twirling her crotch around his lap like a twister. The two wrap things up by giving Jordan's camera an ass-full as the two spoon before Mandingo drizzles cum into Ariana's mouth for a cute and quaint finale. Structurally, this scene is nothing we haven't seen before, but Mandingo enthusiasts will find a lot to love about Ariana's minx qualities and brave sexual prowess that allows her to so confidently pounce on the legendary porn-star. 3.5/5 stars.

Scene 2: Anya Olsen and Mandingo

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Even when she's naughty, Anya Olsen can't help but look and play nice. She has a flirtatious energy as she whispers to the cameraman, moments away from taking the "Mandingo Challenge," her anticipation for the fucking and cumming that awaits her. She pulls down her skin-tight jean-shorts to slap her own ass a bit in excitement.

In contrast, Mandingo is a man who doesn't waste many words. It's amazing that he got so far in the industry, as he hardly speaks in any of his scenes, even the ones in which he has top-billing. He's more of a looming presence, softly smiling or even looking on with a stone-face reaction, and he lives up to those two descriptions as Anya giggles while rubbing the crotch of his bulging sweats. After several moments of being in awe of his cock, Mandingo gets sick of the silliness and drives down Anya's throat. Drool dribbles down her chin as she readies her clit for him in doggystyle. The fun has officially begun.

She backs her ass up to his pelvis, her lower body swallowing him whole. Anya always looks like she's having a great time, and she looks and moves like a more petite Nicole Aniston throughout the majority of this scene. After a few stops to return to fellatio, Anya turns on her back, her legs high, giving Mandingo unrestricted access to slide in and out of her as he pleases. He flexes his physicality, spooning and spearing the little star as she pulls apart her cheeks for better entry and a better view.

But missionary is where Anya's best position is, her ass free to jiggle as it wrangles all 12 inches of her man, and one final lengthy hurrah with a deep reverse cowgirl lets out her naughtiest inhibitions before she's greeted with a fresh load from Mandingo. Both Anya and Mandingo share many blunt differences, in skin-tone, personality, and size, but they share wonderful chemistry in a scene that almost demands an anal successor. 4/5 stars.

Scene 3: Jojo Kiss and Mandingo

Jojo Kiss is the unbridled personification of innocence and beauty. A woman with an impeccable arch in her back and curves that round her booty into a petite bubble, she's complimented by a revealing lingerie set with a skirt that serves more as a belt than a garment to cover her bottom. She's a woman capable of a good tease as well, and she flaunts herself very nicely before the camera, as the 20-year-old enjoys the attention and enjoys filling a room with her loud and spirited personality.

"I see girls do their forearms," she responds when asked how big she believes Mandingo to be. Her nervousness grabs a hold of her when she admits she has a pretty small mouth as well, which also appears to be the cue for Mandingo to arrive. She lets down his trousers to reveal the mythical, highly regarded shaft, much to her amazement. Through determination, Jojo scarfs down about a forth of Mandingo, meaning just the head and about an inch past, sometimes making it halfway when she's forceful another; cannot blame a girl for trying her absolute best.

Jojo makes up for it with dual handwork that comes into play frequently throughout the scene. She bends over in a deep doggy to massage her wet pussy, with Mandingo behind her to slide in gently but without hesitance. He only gives her a little at once, allowing her to adjust and allow the rhythm and intensity of the scene to build - a wise move from the experienced performer. The two walk from outside into the bedroom to get some privacy, Mandingo indulging in Jojo's alluring figure before she gets on the bed to suck him off again. Barely a minute later, her eyes flutter in ecstasy while her legs pull back.

Her legs quiver as she lowers herself onto Mandingo's lap, galloping until realizing she wants it back in her mouth. A few minutes later, she reenters him, his lap now sloppy with spit. The two pound away with energy and conviction until Mandingo dumps a thick load in her mouth. "Was I a good girl?," she asks, showing that aforementioned innocuous side. "Fuck yeah," responds Mandingo, showing his brashness as well. Jojo never fails to please and her success at the titular challenge is just another merit badge in her filmography. 4/5 stars.

Scene 4: Valentina Nappi and Mandingo

Out of all the sensational outfits seen on this disc, Valentina Nappi's striped, black and white see-through combo is something to die for. It emphasizes every jiggle and curve in her round ass, highlighting her knockout dimensions and proving to viewers that porn doesn't always need to feature nakedness to be arousing.

Valentina, thankfully, keeps the outfit on during the scene, forgiving a few rips by Mandingo for access. We formally begin with a methodical blowjob/titfuck that has Valentina trying a barrage of stances to see what sticks. POV shows those eyes of hers that could mesmerize a blind man into submission. As stated, she allows Mandingo to tear open the backdoor of her dress before motioning to bend over and let him make his move.

Valentina seems to have clear intent to exhaust the zealous performer before he even has a chance to pull out for the first time. Doggystyle captivates them for an extended period of time before they make the shift to reverse cowgirl, where Mandingo makes his anal debut of the disc. He slides up Valentina's ass and her expressions scream to us the immensity and the pleasure of the situation. She howls almost all the way through, continuing when they eventually move to anal spooning - this time, it might be Valentina getting a bit winded.

He goes back into her clit as she crouches on it in missionary, in perfect position to lower her head and view the penetration upside down. She keeps it interesting, even late as she scissors herself across Mandingo's lap, her crotch perched atop his, spread towards him, while he's in her pussy. This stylish position precedes a messy cumshot on her chin that falls to her breasts. We get to watch her play with her well-deserved load before things conclude; Mandingo has been satisfied and Valentina has completed her challenge with a smile. 3.5/5 stars.

Final Thoughts

I haven't sat through a full Mandingo DVD, only sporadic clips and scenes I've seen over the past several years. I'm not sure how someone who feels they've seen it all with the 12-inch performer would respond to yet another Jules Jordan showcase (or any subsequent showcase, for that matter). I can say that the ladies make The Mandingo Challenge 2 worth the price and endurance, particularly Anya Olsen and Jojo Kiss. Both ladies have a youthful vigor and a vibrant light that shows they were both born to be performers, while Ariana Marie opens the disc with great surprise and Valentina Nappi makes the bold decision to meet Mandingo anally.

Like some Jules Jordan discs, the repetition of the positions sometimes gets old, no matter how engaging the performer, and that happens a few too many times in The Mandingo Challenge 2. It would be ideal for each scene to feature something special, be it a creampie, double penetration, or something besides an anal closure that makes Valentina Nappi's scene the one to market and appreciate. Maybe even heighten the idea that the task at hand is a "challenge" and have more banter between the performs and the cameraman. Perhaps it's a foolish thought, for I'd like to believe there are already board-meetings for porn companies discussing how to increase the longevity and interest in the next Mandingo franchise.

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