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Sadistic Rope Volume 11

Studio: Kink.com » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 10/13/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genres: Fetish, Rope Bondage, BDSM

Director: John Paul "The Pope"


Chapters Menu

Cast:  Dani Daniels, Juliette March, Gabriella Paltrova, John Paul "The Pope"

Length: 2 hours 42 minutes

Date of Release: 2017

Extras: Photo Gallery, Peter Acworth (founder of Kink.com) Bio

Condoms: N/A although they are present on the Hitachi that is used.

Audio/Video Quality: Excellent video quality that is presented in anamorphic widescreen. Some of the interview portions will require volume adjustments because they are literally filmed in a concrete and steel room.

Overview: Kink.com presents Sadistic Rope 11. This is a series that is based off their popular web scenes. Here, it gathers almost 3 hours of footage together on one disc. Dani Daniels gets the opening scene and is followed by Juliette March and Gabriella Paltrova. John Paul "The Pope" is the man in control of everything that happens to our pretty starlets during their dungeon time. Yes, this is real dungeon porn. Yes, everything you witness is agreed to up front, is consensual, and is totally real. These are professionals working under very tight safety standards and protocols. As the name implies, this is all about ladies getting tied up by a sadist and him having his way with her. There is no intercourse or blowjobs. This series is all about pretty girls getting tied up and forced to orgasm. Along the way, it is demonstrated time and again that this type of play is 1/2 physical and 1/2 mental. It won't be a repeat-play favorite amongst many viewers but it will get plenty of replay in certain households.

Each scene starts the same way, Our duos sit in a dungeon and go over the basis of the scene and all the safety precautions. They go over hard limits and JP explains that the whole idea is to take each girl right to the edge of those limits and then back away. Each scene also concludes with a post-scene interview where they discuss what just went down and the best/worst parts of it for the ladies.

Scene 1: Dani Daniels & John Paul

After the interview, we find our multi-award winning starlet strung up by her wrists, standing in the middle of a concrete and steel dungeon. JP comes in and starts rubbing her pantiless crotch and massaging her breasts as he had promised in the interview. Since her little dress is in the way, he rips it open; the parts that are deemed un-rippable get cut away with EMT shears. Dani's made to kick off her heels, leaving her precariously poised on her toes. JP takes advantage of that and uses his hands and a flog to start reddening her skin, with particular attention paid to her ass and breasts. There's rough nipple play, very determined flog strikes that echo off the walls, and it's all interspersed with some playful tickle torture. She seems to be having too much fun, so gets ball-gagged and the intensity of the rubbing, pinching, tickling, flogging, et al. gets upped. Tears start to stream from her eyes and JP backs off and makes sure she wants to continue. She assures him she does and he goes back at it, with some mood-changing dialog about her favorite color.

Dani Daniels

Dani's wrists get some relief when she gets tied up in a squatting position, arms strung up over a short, metal frame. The position looks fairly uncomfortable but that isn't really the point here as JP explains as he wraps our starlet's head in plastic wrap, forcing her to explore her inner self as she tries not to panic as she can't see or breathe until he pokes a hole in the plastic. She doesn't seem quite at one with the universe just yet but that doesn't stop our dungeon master. He pokes her with implements and tickles her while conversing with her in a calm, cool manner.  As her breathing calms, JP switches up his technique, relying on fear tactics backed up with controlling her breathing with his hand. Dani's soon screaming loudly as her tormentor paces around her, occasionally pressing a Hitachi into her flesh, and then completely walking away to leave her to dwell in her own psyche.

Dani Daniels

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Miss Daniels' makeup job has gone to hell by the time she's strung up artfully, suspended from the ceiling in a whole body harness, legs in an uncomfortable looking position. The position allows JP's black-gloved hands to ram in and out of her tight, warm hole. Dani's incapable of doing anything but scream as he fingers her roughly, followed by more implement pokings onto her flesh. Again, tears stream down her face and again JP checks in and talks to her calmly while putting elastic bands around her feet and snapping them briskly. Tears alternate with giggles; screams of fear alternate with panting anticipation of the next snap. Her eyes and nose drip profusely as she gets fingered while a Hitachi is held to her clit, her breathing shallow in order to channel her emotions.

Dani Daniels

Psychologically, Dani has degenerated to a point where she's unable to speak, only nod and wince, as we find her bound to a bed, legs spread. JP uses that leg spread to torture her tight, little pussy with his gloved hand, a wand vibrator, a flog, and a dick on a stick. Sensing her nearing her breaking point, JP backs off and forces her to say "Please" before he gives her one more pussy slap and walks away to end her torture.

Scene 2: Juliette March & John Paul

Juliette stands bound. Arms behind her head, rope wrapping around them and threaded through her mouth. Her crotch also sports a rope harness. JP smack her a time or two with his flog and then stops to adjust the tension on her suspension rope before whipping her rapidly. Her boobs are small enough that JP can wrap a hand each one from behind and hoist her into the air. A succession of rapid strikes with the flog is followed by a wetness check and a "thank you" from our starlet as a Hitachi is held between her legs. She thanks him profusely, lifting her legs off the ground as she begs to cum again. Once she's done that, he walks away.

Juliette March

Next up, we find Juliette strapped to a wooden chest in what can only be described as a splayed doggie position her head held upward by her throat (don't try this at home folks), one leg strapped to the hoisting rope. JP removes her shoes and breaks out a short whip. A couple of strikes to the sole of her foot has her screaming and she calls for a timeout. JP backs off so she can gather her composure and waits for her okay, slipping in one slap to her foot when she asks God for help. Once she's back on track, JP's whip continues to assail her flesh. The whipping is broken up when JP digs his nails into the sole of her foot and smack it vigorously. She knows immediately that the quick prayer that she lets slip out means a volley of strikes are coming, and it does. She's starting to fall forward, her arms bending, and JP stops to reposition herself and relieve her neck rope tension. That's a good time to jam some fingers into her throat and then jam them into her love tunnel furiously until she cums. That results in him having to help her back up before she strangles herself, taking the chance once again to cram his fingers into her throat before walking away.

Juliette March

Miss March, an atheist, is strung up and complaining that it sucks. JP checks the ropes to make sure there's nothing health-threatening happening, makes a couple of adjustments and then she hears herself call to Jesus. Uh oh. They apparently had established a "no fisting" rule but she's already broken the "God and Jesus" rule and her pussy is sloppy wet, so JP gets four fingers deep into her while holding a Hitachi against her clit as she sways from the ceiling. His fingers are joined by his thumb planted in her ass, technically avoiding "fisting" her while still employing his entire hand in her punishment. The result is an extended series of screaming, body jerking orgasms that have her thanking him continuously before he walks away.

Juliette March

Next, we find Juliette, strapped to the floor, her legs spread. JP's expert windmill flogging has her wincing mostly in fear as most times it doesn't strike her. However, he occasionally has it touch her flesh, causing an entirely different wince from our bound beauty. Her toes stretched in anticipation, her nipples erect, she lies helpless as the flog strikes her flesh more often. She is forced to pick "right or left" as JP nimbly directs his flog tip to her nipples. Sensing she needs a break from that, our Dungeon Master breaks out a bucket of clothespins and clamps them to her body, a string connecting them together, as he coaches her through some breathing techniques. Once all the pins are in place, a Hitachi gets held between her legs and the atheist's prayers start again. The pins jiggle in unison as screams emanate from her mouth during an intense orgasm. Those screams pale in comparison to those that follow when she has to choose whether to rip all the pins off slowly or quickly. Once off, her body sports pinch marks all over but her torture continues, JP's hand on her throat and the Hitachi between her legs. A flurry of "Thank You's" results in her left lying on the floor in contemplation and isolation.

Scene 3: Gabriella Paltrova & John Paul

Gabriella's standing on and strapped to cinder blocks, ankles tied to the floor, arms tied behind her to a waist rope which is strung to the rafters. JP's titty slaps echo off the walls, as do his pussy spankings. Likewise, for the flog that repeatedly makes contact with her ass. A quick rope adjustment hoists her to her tiptoes, her nipples erect, her screams muffled by her ball gag. Her tits flail about as the flogging assault begins on them. The flogging assault is nearly relentless across her body, only pausing when JP stops to play with her bald pussy. JP uses the drool from her ball gag to lube up his Hitachi, using the device to make her cum as he holds her throat. Another quick rope adjustment hoists her bound elbows skyward as he exits the room.

Gabriella Paltrova

Paltrova's bound to the bed, folded in half like a taco, arms over her legs. JP begins caning the soles of her feet and her words make him proffer a deal regarding her non-religious beliefs and the use of the word God in his presence. That deal limits him to tickling one foot and only being able to cane the other. She slips up quickly enough and her punishment is a burst of electricity to her clit. With one foot off-limits to pain, his hands and cane find other places to strike. She screams she can't handle the cane to her clit hood and is given the choice between cane or another burst...she chooses the cane.

Gabriella Paltrova

Gabi is tied to the bed again, her back flat, her legs tied twisting her torso to expose her ass. The flogging elicits whimpers, his nipple stretching causing shrieks and a loud "fuck you". That earns her another restrictive piece of rope but her protest is repeated, earning her yet another one and a brutal tit whip with the flog. JP is enjoying her feisty nature and rewards her with some metal nipple clamps that get attached to her toes. He explains that it's going to get interesting when she cums and her toes inevitably curl and then proceeds to stretch her ass with his fingers in order to get it ready for the dick on a stick. Camera shutters can be heard documenting her facial expressions as he brings in the Hitachi to aid in his quest to make her toes curl. Those toes curl when he replaces the stick with his fingers. She gives an ear-piercing scream as he removes her clamps.

Gabriella Paltrova

Tied, kneeling against the headboard, throat bound to its top (again don't try this at home), Gabi's eyes dart nervously as the first flog strike hits her tits. JP ponders how amazing it is that if he flogs her tits enough she sticks her pussy out so he can flog that instead. He decides that would be a good time to attach a crotch rope to her and string it to the foot of the bed, immobilizing her. There's nothing she can do but smile and utter "fuck you" as he pulls her nipples and slaps her face. Her continuing struggles result in electricity blasts to her nipples and a Hitachi to her clit with an ultimatum: cum or get blasted again. She can't cum within her allotted time, and another shock gets delivered, then another. That's when she utters the forbidden word...and her crotch rope gets untied so his shock stick has access.  

Final Thoughts: Kink.com is probably the best studio in the world for this kind of stuff. If not, they are at least the de facto standard by which all others are measured. This is a team of elite BDSM professionals, operating in rooms and sets designed and equipped to safely explore the boundaries of the starlets that grace the screen. In this case, we have three such starlets. In the middle scene, we have Juliette March who has spent most of her adult film career specializing in this exact type of environment. Before and after her, we have Dani Daniels and Gabriella Paltrova, respectively. They may be more familiar to more mainstream porn viewers, however, here in the dungeon, they get to really let their freak flags fly. They are not newbies to this type of action and it is readily apparent that they are ready, willing, and able to explore their own psychological and physical boundaries here. John Paul "The Pope" is the guy in control here, and he's very good at what he does.

This is serious BDSM folks. It may not appeal to everyone. There is physicality that some would consider torture and abuse but be assured, it is all consensual and very well done. This isn't pretty girls getting tied up in pretty ropes for a photoshoot. This is Sadistic Rope. For folks looking to explore and broaden their horizons into the psychological and physical boundaries of BDSM, I can't think of a better place to start than with kink.com. For those in the lifestyle, you already know all about this and you're just looking to see if this release is up to par with previous ones. Whichever camp you fall into, I can say this is a Highly Recommended release due to the great filming and the connection between the players (not to mention the hot chicks). It's a pricey disc, to be sure. So, if you choose to pay a monthly fee to them rather than plunk down for a single disc I totally understand that and I'm sure they do too. What you do not want to do is watch these scenes in some crappy, edited format on some tube site. The before and after interviews are not only fun to watch but highly informative and are really necessary to the understanding of the psychological aspects at play here.

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