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Half His Age - A Teenage Tragedy

Studio: Pure Taboo » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 10/19/17

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Genres: Feature, Couples, Drama, Story

Directors: Bree Mills, Craven Moorehead
Writer/Producer: Bree Mills

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Cast: Jill Kassidy, Kristen Scott, Cherie DeVille, Charles Dera, Small Hands, Xander Corvus

Length: 3 hours 11 minutes

Date of Release: September 19, 2017

Extras: Individual Scene Slideshows, Trailer, BTS 45:32 minutes

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Very good on both counts. Presented in anamorphic widescreen. Chapter stops could be way better.

Overview: Pure Taboo is a new studio from writer/director/producer Bree Mills who many regular readers/viewers will know from studios like Girlsway and Pretty Dirty. The concept of this studio is similar to that of Pretty Dirty with a focus on darker, taboo, subject matter. To that end, the scenes are shot and edited with a very noir feel.

<SOME SPOILERS BELOW> Usually, I avoid getting into plot details for feature films but if you read the official scene descriptions at puretaboo.com then you'll get a really good idea of the entire plot so I don't feel that I'm letting you in on any secrets here. Note that this review will not follow my familiar pattern of reviewing, where I focus on the sex acts. Since this movie is quite different than a standard gonzo production, I will be approaching it differently and focusing on the acting and production.
Here, in Half His Age, the tale is broken down into three acts. Anyone familiar with film or stage productions will feel right at home with this format. The story revolves around Jill Kassidy (Lola) who has been banging her married gym teacher, Charles Dera (Mr. Davies); one of her schoolmates, Kristen Scott (Heather), stumbles across the action between the two and films it. Kristen shows the video to her stepbrother, Small Hands, who comes up with a plan to blackmail Jill. Of course, in the world of film, you know that things are probably going to go awry with a simple blackmail plan and twists and turns will ensue. That's definitely the case here, as the blackmailing quickly turns to assault, kidnapping, and ultimately murder.

Along the way, Charles Dera has plenty of sex with all three female performers. Sometimes it is of his own volition, other times he does it just to satiate his partner, and still, other times he does it because it becomes part of a plan he's working out in his head. He plays a cheating husband that is coming to grips with the fact that his tryst with a student is probably not a great idea. Before he can figure out how to deal with that situation, he gets roped into a really bad scenario by that student and things spiral quickly out of control.

Our female lead, Lola, is played very well by Jill Kassidy. She's a rich, eighteen-year old that's just about ready to graduate and is falling in love with her gym teacher. Or maybe she just thinks she's in love because she's not really playing with a "full deck".

Small Hands has a minimal part at the beginning in which he devises a plan to blackmail the little rich girl with the aid of his stepsister. When things go south, he comes back into the picture during the third act, joined by his buddy Xander Corvus. Together, they help our starlets out of a bad situation by having sex with them, because this is a porn film after all.

Cherie DeVille plays Dera's wife. When he leaves abruptly after receiving a late-night, post-coital phone call, she suspects he's having an affair. When she tracks him down the next day, things aren't quite what she expected.

Sex Scene 1: Jill Kassidy, Charles Dera, Kristen Scott

Kristen Scott & Jill Kassidy

Jill and Charles get busy in a school locker room. Against his better judgment, Charles allows the hot schoolgirl to go down on him. He returns the favor, hiking her skirt up as she leans against the wall.

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 When he's sure she's wet, he lifts her leg up and slides his cock into her. As they move from the wall to a bench for some reverse cowgirl, Kristen Scott walks by and decides to check out the action. Since she's there, she figures she might as well film it while playing with herself. Jill's bouncing and grinding is definitely good viewing, so I understand Kristen's actions. As the camera focuses on Kristen's crotch rubbing, Jill and Charles are seen off to the side in an out of focus fashion. The camera alternates between closeups of them and Kristen outside the room. Charles gives her a good banging after propping her up on a sink and then has her kneel to swallow his jizz.
The couple shows good chemistry and play their parts well. Consistent eye contact makes the scene a bit more passionate than many random public romps often shown.

Sex Scene 2: Kristen Scott & Small Hands

Kristen Scott

Kristen shows off her oral abilities as she gives Small Hands an extended, sloppy blowjob. With him good and ready, she lies back on the couch so he can pump into her. During their action, Small Hands makes her apologize for coming home late. He seems to have some tension he needs to work out, his thrusts are hard and determined. Kristen wants to cum and asks his permission. While he's ramming her relentlessly, she works her clit with her fingers. She can only do that for the first couple of positions, as she has to grip the couch for dear life as she gets drilled in doggie, her hair, mouth, and throat being used as Small Hands' handholds as he uses her as his fuck doll while working out their plan for later that night. She can go back to rubbing her clit when he pulls her into a furious missionary fucking which leads him to an eruption that sprays all over her.

These two characters obviously have a very non-traditional stepsibling relationship, even for porn. Small Hands reiterates their relationship many times during the scene, which from an analytical standpoint seems a bit odd but actually works for the scene for some reason.

Sex Scene 3: Cherie DeVille, Charles Dera, Jill Kassidy

Cherie DeVille & Jill Kassidy

Cherie wants to do some schoolgirl/teacher roleplay and coerces her husband into putting his book aside for a bit and having his way with her. She starts things off with some dirty talk and an enthusiastic dick sucking. During that action, Charles fantasizes that she is his student, picturing Jill in his head. Cherie uses her world-famous tits to fuck his stick for a bit and then goes back to her oral work. All the time, Charles' mind is flashing between the two starlets. Cherie, still in schoolgirl character and the plaid skirt to match, squats over him to give him a good ride. As she climbs off and presents herself in doggie, Charles envisions both ladies at the same time and fingers them both. Soon, it's an "all guns blazing" threesome. Charles is getting sucked and fucked six ways from Sunday. The ladies' bodies intertwine as he hammers away. Sometimes the ladies are side by side, other times they are stacked atop each other. Everyone is soaked in sweat by the time Charles finally unloads on Cherie's derriere.

This scene happens in the bedroom and is filmed with lighting that might actually exist in that room, so it's a bit dark. There are no massive studio lights filling in the gaps.
Sex Scene 4: Kristen Scott & Charles Dera

Kristen Scott

Kristen again shows off her oral skills as she starts things off with a wet slurp'n'jerk. After peeling off her clothes, she climbs onto Charles' lap for a ride, his hand muffling the sounds from her mouth. He exercises some authority, by holding her arms behind her back as she bounces away. He then takes control, lifting her up and spinning around to place her on the couch so that he can lunge into her after enjoying a quick snack in-between her legs. His banging gets more rapid and louder as they move to a modified spoon, his hand again muffling her mouth.

Sex Scene 4a: Kristen Scott, Jill Kassidy, Charles Dera

Kristen Scott & Jill Kassidy

Kristen peels off Jill's clothes after Jill has a brief freakout. The ladies then enjoy sharing Charles' hot dog snack because that's totally normal for three people involved in a blackmailing. Jill shows off her rodeo skills as Kristen sits by Charles, playing with Jill's boobs. Kristen gets a turn on Charles also, with the aid of her new galpal helping to slam her body up and down on Dera's dick. She experiences a vocal, body shuddering orgasm and the ladies line up for some back and forth drilling. Dera puts a leg up on the couch in order to get some downward force as he fucks his little tartlets. The kinship shared amongst the trio would be believable if not for the storyline that is in play. Like the previous threesome, the ladies have no problem stacking themselves onto each other in order to let "their daddy" have his way with them. It's a fairly inclusive three way banging, although there are times when one girl is left to diddle herself while the other gets the dicking. It's Jill's kitty that brings Charles to completion, the ladies sharing it as they kneel on the floor.

Sex Scene 5: Kristen Scott, Jill Kassidy, Small Hands, Xander Corvus, Charles Dera (non-sex)

Kristen Scott & Jill Kassidy

This scene brings us the Xander and Hands team, one which has always worked out from the many times I've seen them together. Here, they get to enjoy trading the ladies amongst themselves while Charles is forced to watch the action. Jill starts things off by taking on the dual sword swallowing challenge as Small Hands and Xander direct commentary at Charles. Kristen joins the penis-sucking party and both ladies get their throats fucked in a hardcore manner. Kassidy's the first to get spit-roasted and joins the guys in the cuckold taunting. She's also the first to get airlifted onto Xander's cock for a bouncing while Kristen gets the same from her guy-of-the-moment.

Kristen Scott & Jill Kassidy

Bathed in morning light, our lovely ladies work their tight bodies on their studly co-stars. Xander and Small Hands are like machines, pistoning into pussies in one position and then another. The guys switch slits randomly, albeit in a choreographed fashion. Sometimes, someone will address Charles to make sure he's watching the randiness going on in front of him. It's an interesting take that mixes a group sex scene with a cuckolding. Visually, it's an eyeful. There's closeups, mid-shots, cutaways, you name it. Technically, it's four people fucking within inches of one another but if you're paying attention to the plotline then it is way more than that. The sex is rapid-paced and non-stop. Somehow, the camera crew manages to capture it all in a fluid, coherent manner and all the performers manage to stay in character. As the sweat-inducing romp winds down, it becomes a din of voices as the ladies are getting worn out and the guys get ready to blast their batter all over them.

Final Thoughts: As a "porn reviewer", this title presents a conundrum. I'm pretty sure that's what Pure Taboo set out to accomplish. Not only for the review and hardcore viewing community but for the audience in general. They are pushing boundaries here. Really pushing them. Does murder normally enter your mind when you're watching porn? That's a question everyone will have to answer for themselves and then deal with the conclusion.

There's about 100 ways I could dice and slice this movie up to give you an idea of just what you may be getting into. From a cinematic standpoint, it's done really nicely with aerial footage, lighting that actually fits into the scenario, some really interesting camera movements, and so on. From an acting standpoint, everyone should be proud of themselves. The screenplay is, as I mentioned, boundary-pushing. That may be a huge barrier to many. There is a warning that precedes the movie and many casual viewers might be well-advised to heed it. If, on the other hand, you're looking for something more than pretty girls getting dicked by guys on a well-lit set, you may want to check this out. For those anal-retentive film buffs out there, you might notice a few continuity/reality errors, so be aware that this is the land of make believe and sometimes you just have to go with it.

The sex scenes are good and make sense in context, kind of...again, make-believe world. The last scene, in particular, is really well done. Now, here's the rub with the sex scenes: there's no chapter points associated with them. So, if you are looking to jump to a specific sex act, you're going to hate this disc. This started out as a storyline-based web series, not random sexual acts. In my opinion, the lack of better chapter controls on the disc is a huge downfall to this production. Once you've seen the story for the first time, you may want to just jump to your favorite sex scene during repeat viewings rather than try to fast forward to them. After all, this is a fuck film.

I applaud what the studio is trying to achieve here. They are hiring talent that can pull off these complex storylines and they look great fucking on film. It's different than the normal "Mom's away, let's bang the stepdaughter" setup that is so common nowadays. I'm just not sure that the average viewer is willing to devote the time to watch 50+ minute scenes to see hot girls get nailed by professional cocksmen. Maybe I'm wrong on that front, but maybe not. Overall, it's well-filmed storyline porn. The talent involved is all top-tier. There's no denying that but I feel that most viewers will watch this once. Watch On Demand.

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