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My Wife's Hot Sister

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 10/19/17

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 58 minutes

Date of Production:  2017


Genre: Affairs and Love Triangles; Feature; Wives; Family Roleplay

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: Shot in HD

Director: Vic Lagina

Cast: Eva Lovia, Chanel Preston, Keisha Grey, Aubrey Sinclair, Regan Foxx, Michael Vegas, Xander Corvus

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Slideshow; Website Information


My Wife’s Hot Sister weaves an interesting and humorous tale of three sisters caught up in deceptive husband swapping that all unravels when their mother bangs their husbands as a way of straightening things out. Eva Lovia, Chanel Preston, and Keisha Grey star as the three sisters and are convincing in their roles. Keisha and Chanel have always stolen and fucked Eva’s boyfriends all through high school and now that she’s married to Michael Vegas, the sisters are up to their old antics. The girls both fuck Michael right under their sister’s nose. The situation is so entangled that Michael believes he may have married the wrong sister. Chanel’s husband Xander Corvus gets in on the action too, fucking Eva in a hot bubble bath bang as a means of revenge against his wife, Chanel. Eva calls on her mother Regan Foxx to straighten the family mess up, but when the girls walk into the living room to find out how things are going, they discover their mom covered in cum from Michael and Xander’s cocks. I recommend this flick which is directed by Vic Lagina. A lot of time and attention to detail has been put into the script and the production of the flick. The sex is good, the scenes are shot well and you’ll enjoy watching these hot sisters heat up the screen fucking outdoors, on kitchen islands and in bathtubs.

Scene 1:  Chanel Preston and Michael Vegas

The twisted tale of three sisters begins in this opening scene with Chanel Preston. As it all unfolds, Chanel finds herself sucking and fucking her sister’s husband in the kitchen then taking his load in her mouth and on her face just as her sister walks in. When the scene opens, we see a desperate Chanel running to her car with her luggage. She has had enough of her husband, Xander. As far as she’s concerned, this marriage is over. She gets into her car and looks at her marriage photo just as Xander comes running out of the house in his underwear after her. He begs her to stay, but Chanel says she tired of this marriage because they’re married to the wrong people. Xander asks her if this is about her sister. She screams, tries to bite his hand and says no. She drives off leaving Xander standing in the driveway. She stops a few blocks down the street and cries then she calls her sister Eva to tell her the sad news. “I left Xander,” she says. Her sister is barely paying attention. Chanel tells her happy anniversary and that’s when Eva realizes she forgot. She asks her sis, Chanel, to go over to her house and cook a fabulous meal for her and Michael and make it look like Eva did it all. Chanel can’t believe it, but she goes over and cooks and cleans for her sister. She enjoys it so much, she does it in her underwear. Michael comes home later that day to see Chanel standing in the kitchen but he assumes it’s his wife Eva. He touches her then realizes it’s Chanel, but Chanel doesn’t lose this moment. She tells Michael he married her sister instead of her and she kisses him and rubs his cock.

Michael could learn to like this. He kisses her and fingers his sister-in-law’s pussy. Michael kisses his way down to her tits, licking and sucking them and making Chanel groan. She enjoys seeing this new side of her brother-in-law. Michael focuses on fingering Chanel’s pussy, making her cum in the kitchen. She unzips his pants and whips out her prize, her brother-in-law’s hard cock. She jerks it back and forth then drops to her knees to suck it, leaning him back against the kitchen island.

Michael grips the back of her head and bangs her throat with his cock, making Chanel drool. She spends time sucking his balls until he convinces her to sit on the kitchen island and take her panties off. He eats her pussy while finger fucking it then he drills her hole in cowgirl position on the island. Chanel rides his hard cock, bouncing up and down and screaming out in ecstasy. She climbs off and sucks his creamy cock, tasting her pussy, then she rides his cock reverse cowgirl style. Chanel climbs down and gets in standing doggy position with a leg up over the countertop. Michael pumps her pussy from behind, filling her up. “Oh, fuck that’s deep” she screams. She takes more cock lying on her back this time then gets her throat stuffed with his dick. While she’s sitting on the kitchen floor enjoying a deep throat bang, her sister Eva, Michael’s wife, walks in. She curious about why Michael is sweating the way he is, but she pays it no mind and heads off to the bedroom. Chanel insists that Michael cum all over her face because she knows her sister would never allow him to do that. He pops in her mouth and on her face and hides Chanel in the pantry. When Eva walks back into the kitchen, he brings the fully-dressed Chanel out of the pantry and accuses Eva of forgetting all about their anniversary. He tells Chanel she should stay and join them for dinner because of all the hard work she put into the cooking the food. Later that night, they’re all surprised when Keisha Grey, Eva and Chanel’s sister, shows up at their doorstep after a big fight with her husband.

Scene 2: Keisha Grey and Michael Vegas


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This scene features outdoor fucking between Keisha and Michael while Keisha’s unsuspecting sisters stand nearby. The drama between sisters continues to heat up. In this scene, Michael has a long romantic day planned with his wife Eva, but she is too sleepy to do anything that day. Michael leaves the bedroom to get a cup of coffee in the kitchen. Lying on the couch in the living room is Chanel who is fast asleep. On the other couch is Keisha. When she sees Michael looking at her, she opens her legs and starts playing with her pussy. Michael enjoys the show until Eva surprises him from behind. Eva never sees Keisha’s antics but agrees that all of them should go on a picnic. The three sisters and Michael enjoy laying out in the sun, but Keisha is the only one who brought her bathing suit. She asks Michael to rub a little oil on her shoulder and although Chanel can’t believe Keisha would ask something like that, Eva says she doesn’t care. He oils her up and everyone lays back down for more sunning. After a few minutes when Eva and Chanel have fallen asleep, Keisha unzips Michael’s pants and rubs his cock. He tries to stop her at first, but there’s no stopping this horny sister. She kneels doggystyle and sucks his cock as Eva and Chanel lie sleeping right next to them. Chanel wakes up and asks Keisha what’s going on. She tells Keisha that Michael isn’t her husband. Keisha retorts that he’s not Chanel’s husband either. Eva wakes up and tells Chanel she needs to talk to her. Those two sisters walk away, leaving Keisha and Michael for the alone time they’ve desperately wanted.

Once alone, Michael fingers her pussy, making her wet and she takes out his cock and sucks it. Keisha is kneeling doggy style, sucking his cock and licking his balls until she sits on it cowgirl style. She rides her brother-in-law’s cock, enjoying how it’s stretching her pussy out then she sits on his face so he can tongue her pussy. Michael makes her body shake as she screams out in pleasure. Keisha rides his cock some more, but this time in reverse cowgirl position. A round of missionary fucking is broken up by more pussy eating followed by spoon fucking. Keisha’s eyes roll back in her head as she tells him to fuck her. He slams her pussy from behind doggystyle, keeping Keisha satisfied. Her mouth gapes open in pleasure as his cock drills her pussy. Keisha cums as he bangs and fingers her at the same time. More cowgirl and missionary fucking unfold as Eva and Chanel talk about Keisha. Chanel is convinced that Keisha always steals their men. Eva’s not so sure. Keisha and Michael see Chanel and Eva walking back toward them and they quickly put on their clothes and hide behind a tree, but Keisha is still horny and decides to suck his cock until he cums. He blows his load all over her face and in her mouth. Michael joins Eva and Chanel again and pretends as if nothing happened. When Chanel asks him where Keisha is, he says she went to the bathroom. The unsuspecting Eva says, “See, I told you we have nothing to worry about.”

Scene 3: Eva Lovia and Xander Corvus

It’s time for Michael’s wife, Eva, to cheat this time around and she does it with Xander, Chanel’s husband. The day begins with Chanel and Michael washing dishes together. They decide to take their wedding rings off given all the turmoil that’s going on in their marriages. These two get very cozy just as Eva walks in. She comments on how close they are interacting then says she’s going to take a bath. Xander tried to call Chanel on her cell phone, but she blocks him, upsetting him so much that he makes his way over to Eva and Michael’s house. When Xander can’t reach Chanel on her phone, he calls Eva on hers. She doesn’t answer either. A few minutes later, Xander shows up at the house and is sneaking around outside. He looks through the bathroom window and sees Eva taking a bubble bath. He sneaks around to the front door, pries it open and walks in. He makes his way around to the bathroom where he saw Eva bathing and sneaks in. He explains to her that things are really complicated between him and Chanel, especially since he’s always been attracted to Eva. He tells her that he would never have acted on this until he found out that Chanel and Michael are doing it. Eva can’t believe Michael would cheat on her, but Xander convinces her. “Well, I guess these changes things, huh,” she tells him.


Eva leans in and kisses Xander, and things heat up between these two until there’s a knock at the bathroom door. It’s Chanel bringing Eva some ice cream. Eva hides Xander in the bubble bath as Chanel walks in, offering Eva ice cream. She doesn’t want any and asks Chanel for privacy. As soon as Chanel leaves, she pulls Xander up out of the bath and bends over in standing doggy position. He spanks her ass and eats her pussy from behind then he stands up so Eva can suck his cock. She swallows his cock covered in bubbles then licks his balls. They fuck in standing doggy position with Eva holding onto the side of the tub. Xander slams her pussy from behind, making her moan in pleasure. He squeezes her tits while drilling her pussy. The bubbles slide off their slippery bodies as they fuck each other in the bath. She sucks his cock some more and he eats her pussy again then she rides his cock reverse cowgirl style. The standing doggy action gets hot as Xander slams harder and deeper inside her, keeping his sister-in-law’s pussy wet. Cowgirl is followed by missionary over the edge of the tub until Xander pulls out and shoots his load all over her tits and stomach. After their incredible sex, Xander tells her that maybe they can do more of this at family dinners. Eva says no because this whole thing is such a mess. She tells him to sneak out the bathroom window so her sisters won’t see him. When he opens the window, she pushes him out and throws his clothes behind him.

Scene 4: Aubrey Sinclair and Keisha Grey

This is the only girl-girl scene of the flick and it’s a hot one between Aubrey and Keisha. It begins with Michael packing his clothes to leave Chanel. Keisha tells him to stop. He can’t just leave like this. “What about, Eva and what about me,” she asks him. He says he just needs some time away from all this. Michael’s sister, Aubrey, knocks on his room door, telling him to open the door. He hides Keisha in a big duffle bag and drags it out to the car as he tells Aubrey he’s leaving Eva. Aubrey tries to convince him to stay. “You can’t just leave Eva with no explanation,” she says. He struggles to put the duffle bag with Keisha in it in his trunk and finally gets it in there. She tells him to go write Eva a note so she’ll know what’s going on. When Michael goes inside the house, Aubrey drives off in his car to prevent Michael from leaving. A few miles down the road, Aubrey hears Keisha mumbling in the trunk. She pulls over, opens the trunk and is shocked to see Keisha lying there. Aubrey learns that Keisha fucked her brother and she calls her a little whore. Keisha asks her if she’s never wanted to experience something like that. The arguing between these two soon turns into attraction.

Keisha climbs out of the car and tongues Aubrey’s pussy as she bends in standing doggy position against the back bumper with one leg up. Keisha tongues her pussy and her ass hole, spreading Aubrey open. Aubrey turns around, sitting on the trunk as Keisha continues to eat her pussy. In a few minutes, Keisha lies on her back on the duffle bag as Aubrey spreads her legs open and tongues her clit. Aubrey fingers Keisha’s pussy, making her body shake. The girls get into 69 position with Aubrey on top as they both lick each other’s cunts then Keisha sits on Aubrey’s face and moans as Aubrey tongues her pussy and fingers her ass hole. The girls grind their bodies back and forth on each other, rubbing their clits together then they take turns eating each other’s pussy again missionary style and in standing doggy position. Keisha lies on top of Aubrey, rubbing her cunt across Aubrey’s clit, making Aubrey reach her peak. Once Aubrey comes, she stands up and throws Keisha’s clothes at her, telling her to get dressed and get lost. “Sometimes to save a marriage, you have to throw away the baggage,” she yells at Keisha.

Scene 5: Regan Foxx, Michael Vegas, and Xander Corvus

Eva calls her mom, Regan, to straighten this whole thing out. Eva is tired of her sisters fucking her man. This all started in high school where Chanel and Keisha were always fucking Eva’s man. This time, Eva is convinced that her mom will fix this whole thing by talking to Michael and Xander. Later that day, a sexy Regan meets Michael and Xander in the living room and explains the whole thing to them. Her girls have always been jealous and competitive and they love stealing each other’s man. She explains that this is never going to stop and that they’ve been using the guys this whole time. She tells Michael and Xander to drop their pants. They do, revealing their dangling cocks. Regan gets on her knees in the middle of the guys and starts sucking on her son-in-laws’ pricks. It’s not long before she has made a spitty mess of their dicks. They fuck her throat then when she stands up, the focus on her big tits, licking and sucking them. She tells the guys they need to be disciplined, spanking their asses before sitting them down and sucking more cock. She deep throats Michael while Xander spanks her ass and eats her pussy from behind doggystyle. Michael beats her face with his dick and Xander fucks her doggy style from behind.

This is one MILF who gets seriously involved in her family affairs.  Regan is getting stuffed from both ends with no end in sight. She bounces up and down on Michael’s cock in reverse cowgirl position next while deep throating Xander’s big dick. She takes on Xander’s meat cowgirl style then gets doggy fucked by Michael. He chokes her around the neck and stuffs her MILF hole. Xander slips back in her pussy doggy style then spreads her cunt missionary style and in spoon position. She sucks them off before going on a reverse cowgirl and cowgirl ride on top of Xander’s pole then on Michael’s. Michael finger fucks her ass hole while he fucks her pussy. This MILF shows she can take both her sons-in-law's cocks at the same time when the guys give her a double vag, stuffing her tight pussy. She gets on her knees and sucks their dicks until they both pop in her mouth. The three sisters wonder what’s taking their mom so long so they walk downstairs to discover their mom covered in cum standing between Xander and Michael. A yelling match ensues between the girls. Regan quickly calms them down, saying “What, you think you girls were going to have all the fun?”

Final Thoughts:

I recommend My Wife’s Hot Sister by director Vic Lagina. With hot starlets like Eva Lovia, Chanel Preston and Keisha Grey playing the three deceptive sisters who fuck each other’s husbands, you’re guaranteed to have some hot moments throughout this flick. These girls don’t disappoint in their trysts of infidelity in bubble baths, on kitchen countertops and even outdoors. When Eva learns that her sisters Chanel and Keisha have both fucked her husband she vows to straighten up these twisted family affairs. She starts by fucking her sister’s husband Xander Corvus in a hot bubble bath bang worth watching. This whole thing starts when Chanel fucks Eva’s husband Michael Vegas in the kitchen on Eva’s anniversary. Not to be left out, Keisha fucks Michael outdoors at a picnic with her two sisters standing nearby. Eva calls in the big guns, her mom Regan Foxx, to fix this family triangle. Instead, Regan fucks her sons-in-law, Michael, and Xander, and is left covered in cum when her daughters discover her. Director Lagina pays a lot of attention to detail in this movie with its intricate and humorous script. The scenes are shot and produced well and the sex is hot to watch throughout. It’s a tale of three sisters in a complicated family affair with hot sex at the center of it all.  

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