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Young, Married and Available

Studio: New Sensations » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 10/19/17

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genres: 18+ Teens, Wives, Hotwife, All Sex

Director: Paul Woodcrest


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Cast: Haley Reed, Sophia Leone, Quinn Wilde, Sofi Ryan, James Deen, Karlo Karerra, Mick Blue, Xander Corvus

Length: 2 hours 6 minutes

Date of Release: July 25, 2017

Extras: 3 Non-Selectable Trailers, Photo Gallery, Pick Your Pleasure, Fantasy Lingerie Commercial, Company Info, BTS 31:48 minutes

Bonus Scene 1: Pepper XO & Toni Ribas "A Hotwife Is A Happy Wife" 32:59 minutes

Pepper XO

Bonus Scene 2: Hollie Mack & Bruce Venture "My Hotwife's First Big Cock" 28:55 minutes

Hollie Mack

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Excellent on both fronts. No issues at all.

Overview: Paul Woodcrest helms these four scenes for this new series from New Sensations. The setups are quick and easy and then hot, young starlets get banged by upper-echelon male talent. It's really that simple and is worth a look if you enjoy high-production value in your porn.

Scene 1: Sofi Ryan, Mick Blue

Sofi Ryan

Mick is finishing up a webcam installation when Sofi rings his doorbell. He assures her that everything's all set up for her husband's viewing and then has her put on a pretty bra and panty set. He points out the camera and has her blow hubby a kiss as he removes the bra she just put on. Lying her back on the couch, Mick explores her body with his mouth. The whites of her eyes shine in the sunlit room. Blue tongues at her slit, slowly, softly, whimpers and prayers escaping her lips. As he moves face to face with her, his engorged rod slides into her slowly and then the tempo increases; the couch banging loudly. Our buxom brunette rubs her clit rapidly as she peers back toward the webcam. Sofi wraps her tattooed fingers around Mick's shaft as he holds her hair and she throats his thickness.

Sofi Ryan

Climbing into a reverse cowgirl, she bounces loudly and proudly, her big boobs bobbing. She rides like a professional bronc buster. It's a pretty impressive display for someone as new to the industry as miss Ryan. Grabbing her and holding her close, Mick shows her his machine gunning cock technique. She cleans him off with her throat, drool streaming from her pretty mouth. Then, she hop-turns to face the camera so Blue can bang her from behind, her shouts of enjoyment directed right at it. It's boisterous banging the Austrian delivers to her and she thrusts back to meet him, her long locks waving as she does. They wave even more as she climbs into cowgirl to jam herself up and down, her wedding ring shining in the sun as she grips her ass. As they roll onto their sides, Mick's boning never stops. The two of them switch to a final missionary position that leads to him popping on her chin and tits. She turns and waves excitedly to the camera.

Sofi is new to the industry as of 2017. She has a few dozen titles to her name, most of which are web scenes but the studios she has worked for are pretty diverse so you should expect to see much more of this hot little number.

Scene 2:  Haley Reed, James Deen

Haley Reed

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Haley and James stand in a shadow room, sunlight on their faces as he explains that her husband has promised him that he can use her as his personal whore all weekend and tells her to strip and meet him in the other room as a semi-creepy soundtrack rises in the background. As she walks out of the room to meet him, he jumps out of the shadowy hallway and slams her long, naked body against the wall. The thought of him using her and abusing her for 48 hours seems to turn her on and she drops in search of his cock. She begs for it in her mouth as she fingers herself and tests her gag reflex with her hand before he allows her to impale herself on his shaft. Slobber strings drip down her body as he smacks his dick against her face and she spreads her lips with her fingers for a good throat fucking, her eyes wide open.

Haley Reed

They move to the living room where he starts driving into her as she calls him daddy and he pulls her hair while wrapping his hand around her throat. SHe spreads her hole wide with both hands as he pummels into her, pressing his hand into her face. She yells some degrading things about her pussy as she stares into his face. Deen does his best to play rough with her but her smiling eyes seem to be issuing a challenge for him to try harder as she sticks two fingers into her ass. Her nipples point to the ceiling as she climbs on for a ride, her long legs providing plenty of spring to her slammings. Deen is working up quite a good head sweat but Haley remains calm and cool even as she works herself up to a massive squirting. IT doesn't even phase her when he holds her face to the couch with his toes in her mouth as he piledrives into her. SHe even manages to get herself off again as he rams four fingers into her ass while drilling her. She manages to have a number of squirting orgasms and those are really the only times that her face shows the slightest hint of her not being 100% in control of herself and the entire situation. Deen finally brings himself to a pop, splashing all over the blonde beauty's face.

Haley is excellent here. Quite a while back I reviewed a James Deen scene that featured Kimmy Granger where she also sported that look: challenging Deen to bring even more. Other than that time, I can't recall a starlet doing that to James. It adds another level of fun to the scene because in the back of your mind you keep expecting Deen to be mid-face slapping, or ass smacking, or spitting, and just have to break character and laugh. That didn't happen here but if I remember correctly, it did in the other one.

Scene 3: Quinn Wilde, Xander Corvus

Quinn Wilde

Quinn's on the phone with her husband expressing her appreciation for him allowing her to spend the weekend getting dominated by Xander. Xander overhears the conversation and jumps her in the hallway, pressing her against the wall as he rubs between her legs. Turning around, she slides into a squat to work Corvus' cock with her mouth. Xander pulls her up and she stretches her leg across the hallway so he can slam into her slit. He takes her standing there, in a couple of positions and then yanks her into a room and onto a padded leather chair.

Quinn Wilde

There he drills her from behind, Quinn's hair shining in the sunlight as they move to a reverse cowgirl so that Xander can get his hands full of her globes before pulling her into a full-nelson fucking. She turns around so Xander can spank her ass as he bangs into her from below. Quinn's not entirely docile while on top but she isn't as active as the previous riders. Xander lies her upside down on the floor and probes her depths with his fingers and then his cock. He gives her face some soft slaps, streams spit into her mouth and then presses his foot onto her throat and forces her to say she wants him to cum on her face. She complies and then it happens - she breaks character and laughs. An edit brings us to her getting banged over the chair arm, Xander squeezing her face as he fucks her. She begs for his cum in her mouth and Xander pretty much delivers everywhere except there, so she's forced to scoop it off her face and body and put it there herself.

See, like I said before, sometimes it is the unexpected things in adult films that make them really entertaining. Casual viewers may not realize that these aren't people having amazing sex and someone standing there with a camera to capture it. These are performers portraying characters in a film; they just happen to have amazing sex during their screen time because it's in the script. Sometimes, reality intrudes on the scripted fantasy and sometimes an editor will leave it in the final cut rather than putting it into a Behind The Scenes segment. It can add a bit of extra fun to something that can often be super repetitive for more frequent porn viewers.

Scene 4: Sophia Leone, Karlo Karrera

Sophia Leone

Sophia, 2017 XBIZ nominee for Best New Starlet, is washing dishes when Karlo snekas up behind her and startles her. He teases her about having to do mundane housework and service her man when he wants it. He figures it's time she did something for herself and has her shower up as he watches. As she steps out of the steamy enclosure, he places a diamond anklet on her and they head off to the bedroom where he makes a snack of her. She quickly returns the favor as he diddles her. He follows that up by getting his dick balls deep into her snatch.

Sophia Leone

Her nipples are hard as she rides his rod, her ass rotating and jiggling as she does. Her soft-pink nails look good against her skin and pubic hair as she rubs herself. She twerks a bit as she maneuvers into doggie, Karlo pulling her back onto him with her arm. They explore some alternate positions, Karlo moving bedside and having her lie on her side, his hand almost as big as the ass cheek he's holding onto. Placing his other hand on top of the first, he can power her off and on of his thrusting cock. Another position allows him to bring himself to an extended, dripping finish all over her chest with a second spurt near the end, like a fireworks finale.

The two performers look good together, like an actual couple. I did notice that there seemed to be more edits in this scene than the others. I'm not sure why that is but it kind of drug the scene down a bit as the positions changed for seemingly no reason.

Final Thoughts: New Sensations specializes in this kind of formulaic porn. It's formulaic for a reason: because it offers a setup to those that prefer a reason for sex on screen, while also allowing for the "Pick Your Pleasure" feature. For those that just want to see oral, it's a click away. Others may prefer only teases or just doggystyle. It's all readily available. Part of the formula also lies in using male talent that is consistent with what they need for the shots. They couple those guys with girls that aren't entirely new to the industry but haven't yet hit every regular viewer's screen 1000 times.

Paul Woodcrest helms this one and, as always, does a great job with lighting and capture of the hardcore intimacy. There's four hot girls, as expected, and none of them seem as if they are just here for a paycheck. What it boils down to with these titles is really personal preference. Sometimes, I rate them higher than others because that particular cast resonated with me,  personally. It's rare (if ever) that I can find any technical flaws from this crew, so that almost never plays much of a factor. Here, there's two bonus scenes that add about an hour of great scenes to bring the disc up to 3 hours of viewing. OVerall, it's a good disc for casual viewers. In this case, I'm going with a solid Recommended. If you don't happen to already own the 2 bonus scenes and are fond of the cast members here, then you should up that rating. Haley and Sofi are definitely worth check out if you haven't seen them before.

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