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Juicy Asses 2

Studio: Elegant Angel » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 10/21/17

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Feature Running Time:  4 hours

Date of Production:  2017

Genre: Anal; Big Butt; Compilation

Condoms: No

Audio/Video:  Stereo. 720x480 resolution

Director: Unknown

Cast: Featuring Kristina Rose with Asa Akira, Charley Chase, Amia Miley, Brooke Lee Adams, Katie St. Ives, Lexi Belle, Gracie Glam, Isis, Taylor, Manuel Ferrera, Mr. Pete, Mick Blue, Nat Turner, James Deen, Ice Cold, David Perry

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Website Information


Elegant Angel has released their second installment of big asses in the flick Juicy Asses 2. This is a compilation of nine scenes over four hours featuring girls with big, beautiful asses getting their cheeks oiled up before they get banged. Kristina Rose is the featured starlet and she opens the movie in a scene featuring her first interracial. She takes big black cock from Ice Cold deep inside her pussy and ass hole and it’s a pleasure to watch. One of the hottest scenes of the flick is Asa Akira’s fuck session with Manuel Ferrera. Overall, I recommend you watch this one on demand. There are a few hot spots throughout the flick that you’ll appreciate, especially the Asa Akira scene. You won’t find any extras on the DVD and the scenes are a few years old.

Scene 1:  Kristina Rose and Ice Cold

Featured DVD starlet, Kristina Rose, opens the flick showing off her nice ass. She walks across the room then does a solo tease up against a glass wall. Her ass is front and center on the screen. She bobs up and down with her ass cheeks filling up the screen. She gets all excited when Ice Cold arrives. He’s taking a shower and she can’t wait until he comes out. She tells us that today is our lucky day and it’s her lucky day too because this is the first time she’ll be doing on-camera interracial. She can’t wait. She gives us another solo tease outdoors this time in a bikini. She shakes her ass from side to side then pulls her bikini top and bottom down, giving us a full view of her great ass. Her big round ass cheeks get covered in oil while she twerks on her hands and knees. Ice Cold pours water on her oily ass cheeks then he kisses her. Her first interracial has begun and she is hungry for it. Back inside the living room, Kristina straddles him on the couch, kissing him. She pulls his pants down and takes out his big, long, hard cock. She jerks it then titty fucks it before sucking it.

Kristina sits on his face and moans in pleasure as he eats her tiny, wet pussy. She spreads her ass cheeks open so he can eat her snatch then she straddles his cock and rides it cowgirl style. She bounces up and down on his meat as he spanks her ass. She’s on her back next and Ice Cold drills her pussy missionary style. The camera zooms in close on Kristina’s pussy as Ice Cold’s cock pumps in and out of it, making her scream out in pleasure. She sucks the taste of her pussy off his cock before taking it up the ass cowgirl style. Things take a twist into spoon fucking up the ass then more ass banging missionary style. Kristina rides his black cock in reverse cowgirl position, still hosting his cock deep in her anal cavity. A round of missionary fucking on the floor leads to a popshot on Kristina’s big, round ass cheeks. Ice Cold covers them in cum.

Scene 2: Brooke Lee Adams and Mr. Pete

Brooke is outdoors at the infinity pool overlooking the valley. She takes off her bikini bottoms and kneels next to the pool to show us her pretty ass. Brooke describes herself and talks about how much she enjoys porn. She explains that in high school she had no tits and she was a geeky nerd. She has been working on her ass for a while and she’s excited about how big it’s gotten. She shows off her boobs and is really proud of them. Brooke rubs oil into her ass cheeks, making them glisten. She got into the business by working as a production assistant at an adult company. She started to get comfortable with the industry and has had fun ever since. The scene then cuts to Brooke and Mr. Pete getting to know each other in the living room. They kiss passionately, and he spanks her big, round ass cheeks hard, turning them red. She bends over in standing doggy position in front of the camera and Mr. Pete spreads her ass cheeks open, revealing her pink pussy.

When Brooke lies on the couch, Mr. Pete finger fucks her pussy, making her squirt. She sits up and puts his cock in her mouth and sucks it. She works it in and out of her mouth first then he throat-fucks her, making her drool. Brooke sits her nice, big ass on Mr. Pete, straddling him cowgirl style and getting her tight, little pussy fucked until she cums. They fuck in standing doggy and then in a round of spoon banging. He stretches her pussy in missionary position then pulls out and cums all over her tits. Brooke rubs his jizz all over her chest.

Scene 3: Asa Akira and Manuel Ferrera

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The beautiful Asa Akira can be found showing off her booty in this flick. She says that people don’t expect Asian girls to have a lot of ass, but she gets hired for a lot of ass stuff. She gets it from her mom, she says. Asa was born and raised in Brooklyn. After telling us a little about herself, she gets into her sexy solo tease outdoors by the infinity pool. She shakes her ass around and around and walks back and forth for the camera. Asa is a sexy bombshell and she grinds her body around and around in her black bikini. She’s a big turn on and her beautiful ass adds to her sex appeal. She gets in doggy position and shakes her ass as it gets covered in oil. Back indoors, she walks seductively toward Manuel who is sitting on the couch waiting for her. He massages her oily ass cheeks and kisses her. He spanks her ass hard, turning her on. When Asa gets into doggy position on the couch, Manuel eats her pussy from behind. She gets into standing doggy position and he fucks her ass cheeks with his hard cock. She turns around and sucks his prick. Manuel grips her hair and thrusts his meat further and further down Asa’s throat until she gags.

She sits on his big cock and cries out as she works her way down his shaft in cowgirl position. Manuel spanks her ass, encouraging her to bounce up and down on his dick faster and faster. He spoon fucks her, stuffing her pussy with every inch of his big hard cock until she cums. She cums multiple times. A final round of cowgirl fucking gets hot with Manuel pumping Asa’s pussy like a piston. He gets her to lie on her stomach and finger her ass hole while he blows his load all over her ass cheeks. She sucks his cock then gets finger fucked by Manuel. He fingers her pussy until she squirts all over herself.

Scene 4: Katie St. Ives and Manuel Ferrera

Katie is a California native and she remembers hanging out will all the wrong kids in high school. Katie said she was always overprotected and she never brought any of her friends home to meet her parents. She had sex for the first time the day before her 16th birthday. She remembers fucking at a party behind the bushes while people were partying right next to them. She pulls down her shorts, opens her legs and shows us her clit, saying that a lot of guys don’t know what they’re doing. She meets up with Manuel later in the living and he knows what he’s doing. They start kissing on the couch then he eats her pussy, spreading her legs open and holding her in place in missionary position. Katie has some bush down there and Manuel tongue lashes her clit, driving Katie crazy. He eats her pussy from behind in doggy position then unzips his pants and feeds her his big cock. She grips his tower and jerks it in and out of her mouth, sucking and licking on it.

Katie lies on her side and kisses Manuel as he penetrates her pussy with his cock, banging her hole and making her scream in ecstasy. Katie’s tight pussy gets stretched by Manuel’s dick in reverse cowgirl and cowgirl position. They fuck doggy style and in standing doggy until Manuel orders her to her knees. He squirts his spunk in her mouth and on her face.  He sits her on his lap and fingers her clit until she cums.

Scene 5: Charley Chase and Nat Turner

Charley turns around to give the camera a full view of her big ass and her 34DD boobs. She pulls her shorts down and shakes her ass cheeks from side to side then she kneels doggy style and spreads her ass cheeks open for the camera. From there, she does an outdoor solo show, dancing and twisting her body from side to side, showcasing her ass. There’s a hot scene of her at the top of a waterfall that spills down into a pool. She’s naked and dances in the streams of water splashing all over her body. She takes the action indoors and meets with Nat. It’s not long before she bending over and sucking his big, black cock. She takes her cock sucking to the couch, eating his meat before sitting on it cowgirl style and riding it hard. “It’s so fucking good,” she screams. The doggy style fucking keeps her screaming even louder. Nat puts her in cowgirl position and bangs her pussy then lies her on her back and drills her hole. A final round of doggy and cowgirl fucking end in a popshot on Charley’s ass cheeks after she begs him for his cum all over her big ass.

Scene 6: Amia Miley and Mick Blue

Arizona native Amia walks down the street explaining how she use to be such a good little girl in high school. She just turned 19 and explains that she saw a dick for the first time, got fingered for the first time and got fucked for the first time all in one night. She tries flagging down a ride, but nobody wants to stop. She walks behind an old building and shows her boobs for a guy walking by. Then she shows him her butt cheeks. Once she gets indoors, she sits on Mick’s lap, making out with him. Mick puts his face between her legs and eats her pussy then sucks her tits. Amia pulls his pants down and grabs hold of his cock. She licks his shaft then sucks his cock. Mick eats her pussy again before fucking it missionary style. Amia turns to her side for spoon fucking that makes her pussy wet. A doggystyle drilling causing Amia to grip the couch and close her eyes, telling Mick it feels so good. He fingers her pussy, making her cum then he fucks her cowgirl style. She flips around into reverse cowgirl position for more pussy stretching action. “Harder, harder,” Amia screams out as Mick fucks her from behind in doggy position. She begs for his cum and Mick delivers it in her mouth.

Scene 7: Isis Taylor and Manuel Ferrera

Isis may just have the biggest ass of the flick. She walks up the stairs to the outdoor pool with a glass of wine and the camera is zoomed in tight on her big ass. Once she gets to her outdoor destination, Isis does a solo dance for the camera, shaking and jiggling her giant butt. Once on her hands and knees, she twerks her ass as it gets covered in oil and water. When next we see her, she’s kissing Manuel on the couch. He immediately works his way down to her pussy and tongues it, making Isis moan. She turns the tide and reaches for his hard cock, putting it in her mouth and sucking it. Once she’s on her knees, Manuel skull fucks her, choking her with his prick. She straddles him cowgirl style for a cock ride that sets her moaning. He spanks her big ass cheeks while his cock stretches her pussy. “Fuck me,” Isis tells him when they get into standing doggy position against the wall. He slams her pussy from behind then turns her around, puts her leg up and drills her wet cunt.

After a round of spoon fucking, Isis rides his cock in reverse cowgirl position then bends over doggystyle for more pussy banging. She lies on her back while he crouches over her, pumping her pussy in squat thrusting style. He pulls out and shoots his load in her mouth and on her face then fingers her pussy until she cums.

Scene 8: Lexi Belle and James Deen

We get a great shot of Lexi’s ass from behind as she walks up the stairs. Lexi talks about her high school days, being in the band and going to band camp. She played the trombone. She calls it a very sexual instrument because you have to lube it up and get it warmed up to play. While she talks about her favorite instrument, she shows us more of her ass. She talks about the transformation she had when she turned 18. Her first cock sucking experience was in a porn flick where she had to suck two dicks at the same time. Before she got into porn, she had been with less than 10 guys in total.

Later in the scene, Lexi kisses James in the living room and enjoys the way he kisses her neck and chest. She strips out of her clothes while James eats her pussy from behind. She’s lying on her stomach on the coach, screaming out as he eats her pussy and spanks her ass. She turns over onto her back and takes more tongue lashing from James. He fingers her pussy until she shakes and cums then he puts his cock in her mouth. Lexi is no longer a newbie cocksucker, she knows how to eat James’ meat and is soon gagging on it. After lubing his cock up in her mouth, Lexi sits on it cowgirl style and rides it, bobbing up and down. She keeps her eyes closed as his cock causes sensations all over her body. He bangs her missionary style, pinning her to the couch as she mumbles in ecstasy. James slams his cock deep inside Lexi’s pussy in doggy position then spoon style. Lexi takes her fucking to the floor, riding James’ cock cowgirl style until he stands up and pops in her face. He makes her cum again by finger fucking her tight little pussy on the floor.

Scene 9: Gracie Glam and David Perry

Gracie is full of energy and is excited to be here today. She’s 19 and talks about her days in high school. She wasn’t a slutty girl, but she was notorious for partying, skipping school and fighting. She loved getting her boyfriends to do naughty things to her. When she was 14, she was curious about how a guy would feel about having something up his ass. She convinced her boyfriend to let her stick her finger in his ass hole while she gave him head. She takes off her panties and plays with her pussy while she tells us more of her naughty stories as a sex-crazed teen. She turns around and shows us her round ass before meeting David on the couch.

Gracie is kneeling doggystyle on the couch while David fingers her pussy and sucks her tits. He eats her pussy from behind and licks her ass hole, turning her on. She turns around to suck his cock and tries deep throating it before riding it cowgirl style. David spanks her ass cheeks again and again then fucks her doggystyle before eating her wet pussy. Gracie rides his cock in reverse cowgirl position then gets spoon fucked. David finger bangs her snatch until she squirts then he licks her wet pussy. She kneels with her mouth open as David jerks his cock and cums in her mouth. He finger bangs her again until she squirts and cums.

Final Thoughts:

I recommend you watch Elegant Angel’s Juicy Asses 2 on demand. This movie is a four-hour compilation of nine scenes that feature beautiful girls with big asses. Kristina Rose is the featured starlet and she fucks big black cock for the first time on film, hosting Ice Cold’s cock in her pussy and ass in the opening scene of the movie. All the scenes begin with each girl putting on a solo tease that leads to them getting their asses oiled up. Soon, these girls are bobbing their big ass cheeks up and down on a hard cock in bouts of ecstasy. The girls get finger banged until they squirt and cum all over themselves throughout the flick. You’ll find some hot spots in a few scenes, but overall I say watch this one on demand.

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