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Half His Age - A Teenage Tragedy

Studio: Pure Taboo » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 10/23/17

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Genre: Psychological Thriller


Cast: Jill Kassidy, Kristen Scott, Cherie DeVille, Charles Dera, Small Hands, Xander Corvus

Directors: Bree Mills and Craven Morehead

Writer: Bree Mills

Lengths: Prt. One: 54 min.; Prt. Two: 1 hr 4 min.; Prt. Three: 1 hr. 18 min.

Condoms: None


Overview: Charles Dera plays a married high school soccer coach who is having an affair with one of his students, Jill Kassidy. When her classmate Kristen Scott video records them having sex on school property she conspires a blackmail scheme with her step brother Small Hands. Unfortunately things don't go as planned for her in Bree Mills' wonderfully pulpy Half His Age, one of the new series of films on Bree's cutting edge fledgling adult website PureTaboo.com, which in it's short time online has set the standard of what is possible in adult cinema.


Part One: The Affair


Each part of this series has two sex scenes. The first starts with coach Charles Dera receiving a note from Jill Kassidy whom he's having an affair with. The note tells her “daddy” to meet her in the men's room for some pussy and head. When he meets her there it doesn't take long before she has his shorts down and his cock in her mouth. She sucks and gags on his hard dick before he starts fucking her standing from behind. While he's enjoying her pussy bad girl Kristen Scott walks by and hears them. She sneaks up and peers at them through the doorway as Jill hops on Charles' cock and starts riding him.


As she bounces her pussy on his dick Kristen takes out her phone and starts video recording them. When Charles sets Jill down and starts eating her pussy Kristen starts masturbating, rubbing her pussy as he licks Jill's clit. Charles and Jill then starts fucking missionary and Kristen cums right before Charles shoots his load into Jill's open mouth, Jill swallowing every last drop of his jizz.


Kristen is being watched over by her step brother Small Hands who's on parole. Back at home Kristen shows him the video she shot and he comes up with a plan to blackmail them. But first he wants to do what they normally do together, have rough sex. And she starts by taking his cock in her mouth. He grabs her by the hair and bobs her head up and down on his dick, gagging and choking on her with his cock, and plays with her pussy as he fucks her face. She stares up at him as she sucks his cock before they start spooning. He rubs her clit as he fucks her from behind making her cum on his cock, and then she T-bones her before spooning her some more.


They then fuck doggy style and Small Hands furiously fucks Kristen from behind, pistoning his cock in and out of her young tight pussy. She rubs her clit and cums on his cock. They then go into a missionary, Kristen rubbing her pussy as Small Hands fucks her making her cum over and over until Small Hands shoots a stream of cum all over Kriten.


Part Two: The Threat


Kristen texts Jill to meet her that night at Jill's house. Not knowing what it's about Jill accepts. When Kristen arrives she shows Jill the video and tells her to tell her dad to pay up or the video is going all over social media. In a panic Jill hits Kristen in the head with a vase knocking her out. We then cut to Charles Dera's house where his wife, the ALWAYS wonderful Cherie DeVille, decides to have a little role play sex with Charles. She dresses up in a school girl uniform and pretends to be one of his students. She starts sucking his cock and talking like an innocent virginal schoolgirl, getting completely into her role. The scenario gets to be too much for Charles when eventually, in his twisted mind, Cherie turns into become Jill. In a brilliant display of editing from Woody All-in, Cherie and Jill switch back and forth sucking on Charles' cock.


Cherie then climbs up and rides his cock, white panties pulls to the side. But he doesn't see Cherie. He sees Jill bouncing up and down on his cock. When Cherie bends over to be fucked from behind, he sees both her and Jill, asses in the air waiting for his cock. Charles fingerbangs them both with his thumbs at the same time before fucking Cherie first. She backs her ass up on his cock and then he switches over to Jill. In his feverish imagination he's fucking both of them, Cherie looking up at him and talking dirty as he plows his cock into Jill's pussy. Cherie then gets into a missionary and Jill gets on top of her, letting Charles fuck her from behind some more before we see he's actually fucking Cherie missionary. This sequence ends with Charles cumming on Jill's ass before we cut away and actually see his cum on Cherie's. Brilliant editing from Woody All-in during this sequence.


After the fuck session with Cherie/Jill he gets a call from Jill. She tells him about Kristen's blackmail scheme and how she knocked her out with a vase. He tells her to meet him at his cabin and lies to Cherie, who becomes suspicious. Once at the cabin he finds the unconscious Kristen in the trunk of Jill's car. They take her inside and Charles tells the hysterical Jill to calm down and rest in the other room. When Kristen comes to she pretends to be delirious, telling him she thinks they are lovers, even calling him “daddy” like Jill. She starts making out with him, pulling down his pants and sucking his hard cock. She gags on him and he face fucks her a little before she climbs up and rides him, her young tight pussy gliding up and down on his cock until she has a convulsive orgasm. She then lays down and her eats her pussy to another orgasm until he starts fucking her missionary.


This quickly turns into a spooning session, and Kristen's cries of pleasure can be heard by Jill who we see weeping in next room.


Part Three: The Aftermath


Jill busts in on Charles and Kristen and yells at him for cheating on her with Kristen. Charles tells her it's all part of a plan to save their asses from the delusional Kristen. Kristen pretends to get excited at the thought of Jill joining them and starts making out with her, undressing her in front of Charles. Kristen tells Jill to starts sucking Charles cock and they both take turns with it. Charles is in complete Heaven as these two young women simply go to town worshiping his cock. Jill then climbs up and rides Charles, cumming on his cock as Kristen rubs her clit. Fantastic camera work from Craven Morehead as Jill's pussy engulfs Charles' cock.


She climbs off and she and Kristen take turns cleaning her juices off of Charles' cock before Kristen climbs up and rides him cowgirl, her sweet little ass bouncing up and down on Charles' cock while kissing Jill at the same time. Jill massages his balls as Kristen slams her pussy up and down on his cock until she has another of her patented convulsive orgasms. Kristen hops off and Jills sucks her juices off before they both go into a doggy, their young tight asses and pussies in the air for Charles to fuck. He fingers their wet pussies a little before sticking his cock into Jill. He fucks her doggy style, humping her pussy on his haunches and making her cum before he moves over to Kristen. He fucks her the same way as Jill masturbates her own pussy to the camera (scorching hot).


She starts rubbing Kristen's clit making her cum, and then he lays her missionary on Jill's back and alternates fucking them. After making Kristen cum he keeps fucking Jill from behind until eventually he's cumming in both of their open mouths. This is a brilliantly shot sequence from one of the most talented directors in the industry today Craven Morehead.


The next morning Cherie Deville drives up to the cabin searching for Charles who hasn't come home yet. She sees Jill's car in the driveway and starts seeing red. She storms in and catches the three of them naked on the couch and starts screaming at them, especially Charles, berating him for having sex with these kids. This tickles the bad girl Kristen who ducks behind the couch laughing. When Cherie threatens to call the cops Jill grabs a shotgun and chases her into the next room. We hear a shotgun blast, and then we see a blood splattered Jill Cassidy emerging naked with the shotgun, telling her “daddy”, “I did it.”


Charles freaks out and locks Jill in the next room before picking up and carrying the body of the murdered Cherie into the living room, crying over her corpse. Needless to say Kristen has stopped laughing and steps up, telling Charles not to worry, for him to go home and she'll fix everything. She goes into the next room and consoles Jill as well. Kristen is feeling genuine remorse over what has happened and tries to make things right. She tells Jill to get cleaned up and she'll fix everything. She calls Small Hands and tells him the blackmail scheme has gone horribly wrong and he needs to come over. He brings his buddy Xander Corvus to help, and she makes up story about how Charles is such pervert, about how he raped her and Jill and forced them to have sex in front of his wife's corpse. Jill, now conspiring with Kristen after Charles cheated on her, comes up with a plan to get even with him. She calls Charles to come back to the cabin where Small Hands and Xander jump him. They bound and gag him, and write the word “pervert” on his shirt. They yell at and berate him about how sick he is raping these two “innocent”kids, and they punish him by forcing him to watch and witness an incredible orgy between the four of him.


They all laugh at him and berate him as they fuck each other while he sits helpless and crying witnessing his “princess” being double teamed by Xander and Small Hands cocks, all the while Jill mocking him. This orgasms galore in this incredible orgy that's just too action packed to describe here, at has to be seen to be believed. So I'll cut to the chase and say Small Hands and Xander both cum on Jill, and Jill scoops up their jizz and rubs it in Charles' face. The scene ends with Charles left alone still tied to the chair besides his wifes lifeless body, now wrapped in plastic bags. A fitting end to this amazing film.


Final Thoughts: Once upon a time there were people in the adult industry that still cared about what they were creating. True artists telling stories that both shocked and titillated the viewer. That time has all but disappeared. It became all about putting out as much product as you can regardless of quality. The artistry was gone, until a woman named Bree Mills came along. Within her Gamma Entertainment group she assembled a team of very talented individuals who truly care about the art of erotica. With her celebrated and award winning websites she and her team have brought back quality, storytelling of the highest caliber, and people started to take notice. I'm so happy to say all of it has culminated in her latest venture, the remarkable PureTaboo.com. In the Gamma Entertainment world each site has it's own personality. Mommy's Girl is the horny lesbian step mother, Girlsway is the sexually curious sister, Pretty Dirty is the horndog jock brother, and Pure Taboo is the new moody, dark, goth step sibling. Each scene on this wonderful site are just fuck scenes you can find anywhere else on the web. Their are actual short films, with gritty storylines, fantastic photography, and best of all AMAZING performances. They are films made by artists who care about the story. Half His Age is just of the taste of the bold storytelling that can be found there. I simply loved this terrific film, with it's incredible photography, shocking images and award worthy performances all around. The very talented Kristen Scott shines as the bad girl who follows her step brother, the terrific Small Hands, into this botched blackmail scheme. Jill Kassidy is great as the delusional school girl in love with the her high school soccer coach and dreams of a life together with him. And man, the always fantastic Cherie Deville whose beauty and sexiness is only matched by her talent. Then you have the technical aspect. The fantastic work by master editor Woody All-in. The incredible camera work by the very talented Craven Morehead. And the gritty pulpy storyline by Bree Mills that is so reminiscent of the works of Taratino, Scorcese or Mamet. This is such an amazing accomplishment, and I have to thank Bree Mills for being so bold and gutsy to bring us a wonderful, challenging film and maintaining a level of quality in erotica. You and your team's artistry have, in this humble reviewer's opinion, set the standard in what is possible in porn today. I loved this film so much, and I give it the coveted Xcritic Pick.

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