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All-Time Best Angels Vol. 4

Studio: Elegant Angel » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 10/22/17

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Feature Running Time:  4 hours 21 minutes

Date of Production:  2017


Genre: Compilation

Condoms: No

Audio/Video:  Resolution 720x480p

Director: Unknown

Cast: Featuring Tory Lane with Bree Olsen, Gracie Glam, Austin Taylor, Alexis Texas, Eva Angelina, Flower Tucci, Rachel Star, Katie St. Ives, Sunny Lane, Manuel Ferrera, Mick Blue, Brandon Iron, Michael Stefano

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Website Information


Elegant Angel’s close to four-and-a-half-hour DVD All-Time Best Angels Volume 4 has lots of high points. The best scene of the flick is the hot car wash threesome between Eva Angelina and Alexis Texas. These girls work up a sweat, covering themselves in suds as they grind and bounce all over the hood of the bright yellow car they’re washing. Stefano joins them, adds his cock to the bubbly bang, stuffing the girls in standing doggy as they lean over the hood of the car. The girls cumswap with his load then Alexis and Stefano both finger bang Eva at the same time until she explodes in an incredible orgasm. There are lots of big asses to gawk over in this flick, and the other scenes are enjoyable. I recommend you watch this one on demand. It’s a compilation of some of Elegant Angel’s best angels, going back years. Avid porn fans will enjoy nostalgic scenes from cuties like Bree Olsen and others who haven’t performed in the biz in a few years.

Scene 1:  Gracie Glam and Manuel Ferrera

Gracie opens the video with an outdoor tease in her bikini. She squeezes her ass cheeks then pours water all over them. She’s got a big, beautiful ass and she grinds it back and forth for the camera. Gracie pulls her top down, giving us a glimpse of her tits. She spreads her ass cheeks open, so we can see her pink pussy and ass hole then she sits on a stool outside as oil and water drain down her ass cheeks. She rubs them into her skin. Next, we see Gracie straddling Manuel no the couch and grinding back and forth on top of him. She lies on her side, and he tongues her pussy and ass hole, spanking her big ass cheeks hard. “Oh yeah, right there,” Gracie says when he spreads her legs open and aims his tongue for her pussy. Manuel eats her cunt. She turns over onto her stomach, and he tongue fucks her pussy from behind in a downward doggy. He fucks her ass cleavage in a downward doggy then fucks her pussy in the same position. “Your cock is so hard,” she screams as Manuel pumps her pussy from behind. He sticks his thumb in her ass hole while fucking her and keeps spanking her ass.

Gracie turns around and sucks his cock and balls then licks his ass hole before riding his cock cowgirl style. Manuel lays her on her back and drills her pussy hard and deep and we get a close up look at her hole as his cock pumps in and out of it. He pulls out and eats her wet pussy then spoon fuck her. Gracie gets on her hands and knees for a round of doggy fucking then sits on Manuel again and rides his hard cock in reverse cowgirl position. She climbs off and sits on Manuel’s face, so he can eat her pussy then she takes a hard backend banging in standing doggy before riding him cowgirl style again. A hot standing cowgirl sees Gracie’s pussy getting pumped hard before a final doggy bang leads to Manuel’s popshot all over her ass cheeks. He turns her over and finger fucks her pussy until she squirts.

Scene 2: Bree Olsen and Brandon Iron

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This scene is an older one with Bree and Brandon. Bree’s last porn scene was in 2013. She was in the biz from 2006 to 2013. When the scene opens, she’s doing an indoor solo tease that lands her getting her body covered in oil. Shortly after that, she’s kissing Brandon, who immediately focuses on her ass. He spanks her beautiful ass cheeks while she squeezes his hard cock in his pants. She does a little dance for him, shaking her cheeks. Brandon kisses them then tongues her pussy and ass hole while she bends over standing doggy style. She gets on her hands and knees on the couch and Brandon fingers her ass hole then brings out the oil again, covering her cheeks. It’s all about Bree’s ass hole in this scene as Brandon works three fingers deep inside her then puts those fingers in Bree’s mouth. She sits on his face, so he can tongue her ass hole then she sits on his cock in reverse cowgirl position, taking it up the ass.

She rides his cock, taking it all the way in her ass. “I’m such an anal whore,” she tells Brandon. “Make me take it in the ass,” she says. She rides his dick cowgirl style up the ass, working it deep in her ass then she gets on all fours for doggy up the bum. Brandon drills her ass hole balls deep. Spoon fucking up the ass turns into missionary up the ass with Bree screaming, “Oh yeah, make me take it!” Brandon slams her ass hole doggystyle then pulls out and covers her ass cheeks with cum.

Scene 3: Austin Taylor and Mick Blue

Austin does squats in her tights and heels for the camera and it’s a sexy sight to see. She pulls the tights down and twerks her big, beautiful ass cheeks. She promises to work her ass for the camera today and show us great booty tricks. She does that work outdoors near the pool. Austin shakes her big ass back and forth on her hands and knees then stands up and gives us a hot solo tease, pulling her tights down slowly over her massive curves. Her cheeks are covered in oil, and she shakes back and forth, rubbing the oil all over her ass.

Back indoors she sits on Mick’s face, grinding back and forth as he eats her pussy. He fingers her pussy doggy style then Austin sucks his cock. She decides to straddle his cock, riding it cowgirl style. Watching her big, round ass bounce up and down is a turn on as Mick’s dick disappears deep inside her. Austin enjoys the sensation and screams out as Mick bangs her. He drills her on her side next then fucks her doggystyle. “You’re fucking the shit out of me,” she tells him as he drills her in a downward doggy. Mick eats her wet pussy then after a round of cowgirl, he cums all over her ass.

Scene 4: Tory Lane and Mick Blue

AVN Hall of Fame inductee Tory Lane gives us an oily, wet solo tease at the start of her scene. She lies on the floor, squeezing her tits and pulling her tight red bikini halfway off. Mick pulls it all the way off for her then he eats her pussy from behind in doggy position. He drives her crazy when he fingers her clit and pours oil between her ass cheeks. Mick gets right to business, drilling her pussy from behind in standing doggy position. Tory looks back at him, licking her lips as he fucks her oily pussy. Tory puts a Hitachi vibrator on her clit while Mick’s dick slides in and out of her cunt. She screams in bouts of ecstasy, cumming from all the action.

They fuck missionary style next, keeping Tory moaning then she bends over doggystyle, so Mick can finger bang her cunt. She sucks his dick then rides it cowgirl style before lying on her back for more finger banging. He fucks her some more while she holds the vibrator on her cunt. Mick chokes her and stuffs her pussy, making her feel more sensation. She cums again before getting spoon fucked up the ass. Tory wants more anal romance and she gets it doggystyle while using the vibrator on her clit. Cowgirl up the ass takes them to the popshot. Mick cums directly in her mouth, leaving a pool of cum on her tongue.

Scene 5:  Eva Angelina, Alexis Texas and Michael Stefano

This scene is the only threesome of the movie, and it begins with Eva and Alexis dressed in bikinis at the car wash. Instead of washing the car, they pour the suds all over their bodies. Alexis squeezes the soaked sponge all over Eva’s tits and Eva pours the sudsy water all over Alexis’ beautiful ass. The girls get on the hood of the car and continue their bubble bath dance. This is hot. Alexis twerks on her hands and knees as she cleans the tires. 

Stefano joins the girls, telling them he liked watching them a whole lot. He gives each of them a hundred-dollar bill then starts fingering and kissing them. Alexis is first. He takes out his hard cock and the girls share in cock sucking duty. Alexis turns around and leans over the hood of the car in standing doggy position as Stefano eats her pussy. He fucks Eva’s throat before sticking his dick in Alexis’ pussy and fucking her in standing doggy position. Eva pulls his cock out of Alexis’ pussy and sucks it. The standing doggy, pussy to mouth fucking continues with both girls enjoying the feeling. Eva gets fuck in standing doggy next as Stefano drills her pussy. Alexis lies on the hood and puts a leg up on Stefano’s shoulder as he drills her cunt. Eva swallows the taste of Alexis’ pussy off Stefano’s cock then she rides it in reverse cowgirl position. Alexis goes on a cowgirl ride next, pausing only to allow Eva to do pussy to mouth cock sucking. Stefano pulls out and shoots his big load in Eva’s mouth. The girls cumswap. Both Alexis and Stefano finger Eva’s cunt until she squirts and cums in an amazing orgasm.

Scene 6: Flower Tucci and Manuel Ferrera

Flower has a big, beautiful ass. She last did a scene in 2015 for the industry and was in the biz for roughly six years. She turns her ass around, so it can get covered in oil. Next, Flower bends over in standing doggy position and screams as Manuel buries his face in her ass cheeks and eats her pussy. She sits on his face and slams her pussy back and forth on his mouth. Manuel fingers her ass hole, stuffing three fingers deep in her hole. She plugs her ass hole with a butt plug while Manuel fucks her from behind doggystyle. Flower screams out in pleasure as he drills her tight little pussy. Manuel focuses on her ass hole next, pouring oil in it then pumping it with his cock doggystyle. Flower does a little ass to mouth then goes on a cowgirl ride up her ass. She sticks with anal and does more of it in reverse cowgirl followed by ass to mouth. She eats Manuel’s ass hole, too. She takes his big cock up her ass in spoon position then does cowgirl up the ass. Manuel fucks her oily ass hole doggy style, drilling her hole balls deep before pulling out and cumming on her face and in her mouth.

Scene 7: Rachel Starr and Manuel Ferrera

Rachel Starr is very busy today at the car wash. Her boss doesn’t like that she’s got five customers on hold. He tells her she’s got to get out there and wash those cars. Rachel reluctantly starts washing vehicles and gives her boss the finger while doing it. She’s so tired, she takes a nap and starts daydreaming. In her dream, she is a sexy babe dressed in a bikini washing a Porsche. She shakes her ass back and forth as she wipes the car clean. She pulls her bikini top down, revealing her pierced nipples while leaning over the trunk of the car. Rachel takes the sudsy sponge and squeezes it all over her body, covering herself in bubbles. Manuel walks up behind her with a towel, wraps it around her body and kisses her. He takes her inside and kisses her pussy next. Rachel is like putty as he eats her cunt. She gets in doggy position and Manuel spreads her ass cheeks to tongue her pussy. He spanks her ass, making her moan louder.

After fingering her pussy, he fucks it in spoon position, keeping Rachel screaming. She gets on her hands and knees and sucks his big, hard cock then continues to suck him off in 69 position. She goes for a reverse cowgirl ride on his dick, screaming “give it to me!” Manuel pumps her pussy and spanks her ass some more. Her cowgirl cock ride is followed by standing doggy and more reverse cowgirl that stretches Rachel’s pussy to the limit. Manuel fingers her clit while fucking her. She screams, begging him for cum. Manuel stands over her and shoots his load in her mouth. She swallows and sucks his cock. When she wakes from her daydream, she kicks the bucket of suds on her boss and tells him she quits.

Scene 8: Katie St. Ives and Michael Stefano

This scene is all about cock sucking. Katie is dressed in very sexy lingerie and puts on a solo dance. Her black, lace see-through lingerie make her appealing. She takes out her boobs and rubs them back and forth then plays with her pussy next. She’s sitting on the floor with her legs open, rubbing and spanking her pink pussy. Next, we get Stefano’s POV as Katie walks up to him, grabs his hard cock, spits on it and sucks it. Katie smiles and giggles while sucking his dick then she hugs it with her boobs and titty fucks it. She sucks his balls too, covering them in spit. She squeezes his cock between her ass cleavage and fucks it, then goes back to sucking it. More titty fucking ensues as Katie works on his cock. She spits on it and sucks it some more until Stefano blows his load in her mouth.

Scene 9: Sunny Lane and Michael Stefano

Sunny gets right to business by turning around, spanking her ass and squeezing her ass cheeks for the camera. She says she used to be an ice skater and that help make her butt so big. She puts on a super dance show for the camera, using the rails to accentuate her dance moves. She pulls her red shorts down, revealing her big, juicy ass. Once on her hands and knees, she twerks her big cheeks then joins Stefano on the couch for lots of making out. They tongue and kiss each other, then Stefano eats her pussy and ass from behind. He spanks her big ass cheeks. Sunny reaches for his cock and sucks it. Before long, she’s screaming out, “oh, it’s so good” as Stefano starts banging her from behind doggystyle.

He spoon fucks her pussy, keeping her screaming in ecstasy. She sits on his face and grinds her pussy back and forth on his mouth then she gets on the stairs and shows off her pussy through the rails. Stefano follows her and climbs over the rail to fucking her pussy standing doggy style. After a round of standing cowgirl, Sunny rides his big, long cock cowgirl style. He spoon fucks her then pulls out and splatters her ass cheeks with a big load of spunk.

Final Thoughts:

I recommend you watch Elegant Angel’s All-Time Best Angels Volume 4 on demand. This flick is a compilation of some of the studio’s best angels over the years and has some hot spots. The threesome between Eva Angelina and Alexis Texas is smoldering with sexual heat as these girls put on a helluva tease while washing a bright yellow car. They cover themselves in suds and bubbles until Stefano comes along and stuffs their cunts with cock. Watching Rachel Starr in her sexy car wash scene that lands her on top of Manuel Ferrera’s big hard cock is another turn on. Avid porn fans will remember the girls in this flick who haven’t performed in the biz in a few years and enjoy the nostalgia.


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