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Teen Hitchhikers 3

Studio: Reality Junkies » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 10/24/17

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genres: 18+ Teens, All Sex

Directors: Bobby Manila (Credited on Box Cover), Barrett Blade & Robby D. (Beginning & End Credits)


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Cast: Cadey Mercury, Summer Day, Lily Adams, Riylee Renee, John Strong, Karlo Karrera (Credited Carlo Carrera), Ryan Ryder, Tommy Gunn

Length: 1 hour 39 minutes

Date of Release: September 6, 2017

Extras: Non-Selectable Trailers, Slideshow, Cumshots

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Good on both counts. My laptop DVD player balked at it but the external one played it without a fuss. HIgh-quality shots and dialog is clear.

Overview: Just like the title suggests, teens are out hitchhiking and get picked up by guys. Of course, payment for a ride is done via ass rather than gas or grass.

Scene 1: Lily Adams, Karlo Karrera "What's That Smell?"

Lily Adams

The cute young girl from Mississippi, Lily, is walking south in what appears to be a fairly picturesque alleyway and thumbs a ride from Karlo who is heading North because...umm... just because. As she approaches his window to make sure he's not some creep her voice starts out in an Australian accent and almost immediately changes to a Southern drawl. It lends itself well to the cute, immodest, joking, go-getter character she's portraying. The character that's been walking for days on her way to San Francisco to start a band and is in need of a shower. Luckily, Karlo has a shower she can use and they head to his place so she can wash her stink off. She gets nice and clean in a bubble bath and then invites Karlo in to help her be dirty again, taking his big dick into her throat as she kneels in the bubbly water. Lily's tight body is all soaped up, nipples erect, and she needs "daddy" to give it to her. She stands in the tub as he starts drilling at her dirty-mouthed request.

Lily Adams

Even though she looks great getting banged in this fabulous light, there are two picture hangers visible above the tub in certain camera shots that make me wonder "what happened to the picture that was there?". One of those shots also includes a great shot of the boom mic in a mirror but I won't mention that...oops. Karlo decides that he'd rather have better access to her and they move to the vanity so he can probe her with his tongue and fingers. After she gets a good, consistent nailing while propped on the vanity, she drops to the floor to receive the icing on the cake.

While this scene has some minor technical flaws, it reaches a nice plateau of making the viewer believe that "yes, sometimes random girls on the street really are just filthy-talking sluts waiting for you to come along and bang them in your bathroom".

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Scene 2: Summer Day, John Strong "Ride Me Like A Champ"

Summer Day

Her boyfriend kicks Summer out of his vehicle, tossing her suitcase along with her. As she completes the picking up and rebagging of all of her clothing (with her breasts exposed to the sun), John pulls up to aid the damsel in distress. She wants to teach him a lesson so they head to John's place and has a quick snack before dialing up her boyfriend so he can listen to her suck some dick. Her eyes are big and attentive as Strong strips down and then helps her out of her own clothes so she can climb onto his pole.

Summer Day

In cowgirl, the pair share pump and slam duties before our blonde starlet sucks her juices off John's rod and then sits on him in reverse. Her eyes seem to be paying attention to something off screen or perhaps she's just lost in the moment as Strongs pummels into her. On her way to spooning, she stops to lick him from butt to balls and then he gives her his manhood again. Her boobs bounce as she gets dicked in doggie and then her leg lifted in an optimized-for-camera doggie. Her eyes are still bright as she kneels to taste John's  juice.

I admit, I'm a Summer fan but I thought this scene could have been way better. The initial setup was good, as was the sex, but there was no audio cuckolding done throughout the scene. If you are going to suggest an audio cuckold, then there should be commentary from the performers directed at the phone lying nearby describing how great it is and what's going on.

Scene 3: Rylee Renee, Tommy Gunn "Thank You For The Ride"

Rylee Renee

Rylee caught her boyfriend cheating on her with her best friend during a camping trip and packed up her stuff and bailed to go hitchhiking in porn valley. Tommy just bought a new car for his daughter and happens by, inviting her to his place for the night with the promise of dropping her off at the airport tomorrow. As he heads to bed, Rylee pushes aside the small talk and tells him to just fuck her, taking his cock into her mouth.

Rylee Renee

After a good blowing, Tommy reciprocates with some tonguing and then the duo strip down for some nice, methodical cowgirl. She rides rodeo forward and reverse, her ass slapping against him. She pauses for some more dick sucking and then Tommy takes her in missionary. Their eye contact is good and they even pause for a few kisses as he pumps into her which finally results in him drizzling his load onto her patch.

Rylee's cute, and I'm a Tommy Gunn fan but this scene just didn't work for me. YMMV.

Scene 4: Cadey Mercury, Ryan Ryder "Let Me Cheer You Up"

Cadey Mercury

Cadey's sporting a stylish haircut and wearing a red and black cheer outfit. Even though she has her thumb out, she feels the need to play coy when Ryan pulls up and tries his hand at dropping some lame one-liners. Once in the car, she reports her boyfriend is an ass and Ryan feels the need to take her to his house for some consoling. She's very appreciative of the compliments he showers upon her and decides to sit on his lap to show her gratitude. Once there, he has easy access to her shaven slit and starts diddling her.

Cadey Mercury

His hands seem pretty fond of her tits as she drops to blow him and she gives his cock some time in between them before he bends her over and jams his johnson into her. She reaches out to her god vocally many times as his ramming gets more intense and then she drops her skirt for the pole squat. She announces loudly that she's cumming all over his dick as she does the bounce 'n' grind, her boobs bouncing as he bangs her from below. Ryan's face indicates he's pretty happy with his station in life, poised on a chair with a hot, young starlet jumping for joy on his jimmy. Mercury manages to have a number of orgasms and seems to really enjoy Ryan's rod as he lifts her into missionary across the arm of a chair. Ryan surprises her with a rapid fingering which she really enjoys and then he pummels back into her. Cadey is screaming, the chair is scooting across the floor, and Ryan's ready to unload. When he does, it goes over her face and into her hair. The second burst nails her squarely, causing her to wince.

I've seen Cadey a few times now and I'm really liking the new hairstyle. I don't recall me glowing about her at first but she's really becoming one to watch!

Cover vs. Content: Summer Day gets the majority of cover space and that's A-OK with me although the other starlets here are just as easy on the eyes. I do have to mention that the back of the box indicated Behind The Scenes footage is included and it is not. It also lists the director as Bobby Manila and then the film lists two other directors. That's just a heads up to buyers!

Final Thoughts: This is the second title I've seen from this Reality Junkies series and I have to say that it's a fun series. Yeah, sure, anyone could write these setups in their sleep but that's part of the appeal here. It's pretty much to-the-point porn with a very limited intro. The shooting is done well (not counting the boom mic snafu) and it's edited nicely. In fact, the scenes are much shorter than much of the stuff that reels across my eyes. Four scenes in just over an hour and a half are refreshing. Do you want to own the disc? Maybe not, as there aren't any great extras on it. However, watching each scene once online will probably cost you more than buying it outright. This is one of those times where I have to admit that subscription services really can pay off. If you have a subscription to a major service then you can watch these scenes all you want and I think ultimately that is how most people will enjoy this content. It's good, fun porn. Watch it. On Demand.

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