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Naughty Natasha

Studio: Elegant Angel » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 12/10/17

XCritic's Advice: XCritic Pick

When you think of beautiful women in this industry, I think so much comes to mind when defining exactly who and what that is. Elegant Angel has prided itself for years as being the studio that will bring you something that has a dark twist of naughtiness, mixed with the grace and glamour of something wholesome and pleasing to the eye and imagination. Pat Myne and Natasha Nice combine to bring the fans something that I think few can. A look into performers deep treasure chest of where she can go and what she can do as an adult entertainer. The showcase is nothing new to the adult industry, it has been around for a long time. What is new in the modern world of adult film and fantasy is the way that companies will turn a showcase into just how far a performers limitation can go and just how much she can push her sexual desires to bring the fans something kinky, yet something still beautiful and elegant. I found Natasha Nice the perfect pick for such a showcase. This French-Cubana is everything that I just talked about wrapped up into one. I think fans already see her as one of the most down to earth, beautiful women next door that simply gives the porn world that underlying essence of what erotica is with her natural assets, genuine passion for sex with a flair for the downright delicious things that make up what adult film is in the new millennium. On paper this film has the perfect cast to bring you things Natasha has never done for a vast audience such as her first DP gang bang. The amount of talent around her sparks so much in the viewers mind, especially the veteran porn fan because they will see, they built a true force of fantasy around her every erotic adventure in this film both new and revisited. My job here is to see exactly what Elegant Angel can do that separates this film from others in the 2017 year. If the film matches the box cover than fans are in for something the likes of which they have never seen.

Box Cover Naughty Natasha

Film Duration: 2 Hours, 12 Minutes

Director: Pat Myne

Cameras: Sid Knox

Don Juan's Phyla: Showcase, Interracial, Gang Bang, Double Penetration, Lesbian, Anal, Sensual and Aggressive Sex


Scene 1: Natasha Nice, Prince Yahshua, Rico Strong

Scene Features: Interracial, Themed Story/Background, Anal, Double Penetration, Amazing positions, Boy/Boy/Girl Threesome, Oil & Lube, Message

Natasha Nice The Reveal:

A beautiful narrative matched with epic visuals of sex, lust, passion, kink and naughtiness opens up this film to the general public. The opening intro brings you to your knees in a flash with brilliant visuals and scenes of fantasy that truly are elegant. Natasha really has the whole nine yards of beauty apart of her intro into this film. Pat Myne teases you with these shots of her gorgeous bluish-green eyes as she narrates the thoughts of her inner most desires when having sex with upcoming co-stars. She dazzles the senses all right. The back drop of a massage session with two strapping male masseuses really has the viewer wondering what is coming next. The theme of innocence and purity is wonderfully showcased as the subliminal start to something fans will not see being pounded into their brain but more so a hidden lust you can't put your finger on but know you simply must keep watching due to curiosity and intrigue. The set-up is brilliant, artistic and done right. Natasha is as gorgeous as can be with stunning make-up and attire to match the films bold setting of naughtiness and transformation into something even bolder than you ever thought possible. The trifecta that comes together to make this scene one of the nastiest openers in the best of ways was pure brilliance by Pat Myne. As you Natasha begin to get fondled and caressed she starts to give into the lust. When you see the massive manhood begin to creep out and Natasha begin to drool with more than excitement, all I can say is buckle up ladies and gents this ride is going to be wet and wild.

Natasha Nice, Prince Yahshua and Rico Strong 

The Sex:

Natasha Nice and Prince Yahshua

Natasha's natural body is phenomenal. The camera work is spot on and when you see such movements of a right to left pan when you see Rico pull out his throbbing manhood from Natasha's dripping wet kitty it is just pure adult brilliance. We are getting ahead of ourselves again her though XXX fans. This film may drive you more than wild, that should be the disclaimer that comes with this DVD. When you see Natasha begin to stroke the Prince’s shaft with her tongue then purr with excitement as Rico begins to gently rub his finger against her hard clit you see her excitement take vocal form and few can purr like this kitty. Natasha is really into the sex, you can tell she loves what she does for a living and as the tempo increases so will your core temperature, that is guaranteed. The Prince is the perfect addition to this scene. Having him there to be the masculine force of nature adds some aggression to this scene, really making it something for everyone. The positions are delicious as can be, when the action moves to “Naughty” Natasha lying on her backside the anal voyage is splendid, especially when you see a woman enjoying it so much when she licks the Prince’s balls then does the same to Rico as she is being railed by the most massive cocks in the business. I am not a fan of oil scenes. Fans who know my writing know this but as I always say, if a scene is done to perfection, one cannot dispute what is created and that is exactly what this scene is, perfection. This scene is nasty, kinky, elegant and rough all at the same time. It is exactly what you want from an opening chapter in a showcase. The camera views that show her gorgeous butterfly spread wide open for the audiences viewing pleasure is nothing short of amazing. The lighting is simply spot on. As the heart and soul of this scene comes into play in the climax of the scene the one thing I must say, is that it takes a true woman of fantasy to make all your wicked creams come to life with just her gaze. As she looks into Rico’s eyes after she pulls his throbbing cock out of her gorgeous asshole you will simply melt like butter with just her eye contact. Once again, I am getting ahead of myself. This scene has some of the best DP and anal action in terms of sensuality and coordination. Yes, there is a flow to this kink fest. The motion to which both men fill every hole is what entertainment should be in the adult world. This scene has it all, I will say once again. The innocence in her eyes when she deepthroats Rico’s manhood and the want in her eyes as the Prince switches to her backside. It is a delicious end to one hell of an opening. This is an appetizer that fills you up like a main course. You will be hungry to see what comes next. The way that Pat Myne blows your mind with the end positions is nothing short than some of the sexiest cinema you will see in 2017. The Prince, what can you say, he is vicariously doing what every red blooded male wishes himself to be doing. His drive is hard, his style is cool and suave, but he is also enjoying himself and feeling the exact same way and showing the exact same emotions, we would if any of us were lucky enough to taste something so scrumptious as the amazing Naughty Natasha. After all porn fans, isn’t that what adult films are intended to be? The ultimate of fantasies and that is exactly what this is.

Natasha Nice, Rico Strog and Prince Yahshua

Scene 2: AJ Applegate, Manuel Ferrara and Natasha Nice

Scene Features: Girl/Girl/Boy Threesome, Big Booties, Face Sitting, Epic Positions, Dirty Talk, Double Penetration,

The Reveal:

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AJ Applegate, Natasha Nice and Manuel Ferrara

Once again, fantasy is alive and kicking in the warm up to this steamy session. Also, again we are taken to a place I am not too fond of in a scene and that is the bathtub. Pat puts a appealing spin on this scene. He has Natasha talking of her dream pairing because yes fans, porn stars do fantasize about other porn stars as well. You are indeed not the only ones who do. The camera work is flawless as you go from tight shots of Natasha’s hard, soapy nipples to her amazing derriere going in and out of the soapy water as she talks about getting fucked in so many ways. As you go from camera to camera you get to see everything your heart is desiring in terms of Natasha getting all wet and slippery for your viewing pleasure. Her make-up is gorgeous in this scene and when you see those beautiful bluish eyes go flutter your heart will as well. I guarantee. When you see this amazingly cast threesome walk out from the sunny Los Angeles backdrop and right smack dab into your living room the kissing will make more than eye balls begin to bulge. This is standard Manual Ferrara and simply why every beauty in the business loves working with him. Once again, you get the feeling as a fan that you are there, that you have these amazing babes to your right and left and what follows is so sinfully delicious it may take you a few sittings to get through just one serving. The girls wardrobe is sexy beyond believe and when you see Natasha beautiful nature boobs come free from her swimsuit you had better be ready to have those sweat glands of yours ready for one hell of a workout.

AJ Applegate, Natasha Nice and Manuel Ferrara The Sex:

As if it needed to be said, these ladies know exactly what they are doing in the sack. AJ delivers some of the most alluring head as Natasha stuffs her amazing natural breasts right into Manuel’s mouth and her hungrily accepts with his long tongue. I don’t know how else to explain this but watching Manuel is like watching the ultimate male companion to go with these two bombshells. His tongue action matches theirs and he wants to lick some pussy just as bad as the girls do and let me tell you something ladies and gents, these are two babes who absolutely love women, so that says a lot about the French marksman Mr. Manuel Ferrara. Once again, the true zest of this fantasy is the natural beauty in this scene. Manuel and his masculine body hair which all of us males fucking have! The booty, the boobies all natural of two of the best performers in the business. This is truly what a real fantasy should be. Pat gives you such wonderful angles to feast on. One of my favorites was watching Natasha lick the base of Manel’s cock as AJ sits on his face. Manuel may in fact be the top male pussy licker in this business. Delivering something that I see not many studios do as good as Elegant Angel did here was when we see Natasha licking Manuel’s asshole and then see him getting his massive manhood devoured by AJ in reverse is beyond extortionary. Another big plus in this scene is how you see the veteran performers move with flawless skill as Manual hammers each hole with authority and his patented tit slapping manor. This three are horny as hell and they are going to get their rocks off come hell or high water. The energy is amazing. It is just something delightful to see angles of AJ’s hard nipples and one of a kind booty make it into the shot as Natasha rides full cow girl with her breasts bouncing all over the place for your eye balls to follow as they go up and down. In an amazing porn Easter egg for all you porn aficionados, Natasha actually speaks French to Manuel to express her heart felt passion in the heat of sex. One of the coolest moments in porn folks is watching how much Manuel enjoys his job. He has the girls bump their bodacious booties right into his face as he licks and sucks their kitties. It is one of the hottest things this critic has ever seen in a porn film. As the scene heads towards climax, you see Natasha take that aggressive edge that has made Manuel the known French fanatic in terms of aggressive sex.

AJ Applegate, Natasha Nice and Manuel Ferrara

As she chokes AJ and playfully whispers into her ears all the nasty things Manuel is telling her as he rails her hard, the aspect of seeing Natasha tag-team AJ this way is fucking hotter than hot. The positions are just as grand as Natasha goes from having her asshole licked to perching her gorgeous body on top of AJ’s in this delicious sex sandwich that every fan would want a bite of. The command of Manuel, the submission of each lady, it is just wonderful cinema. The orgasms are flowing in this amazing chapter of the film. Some of the hottest are when AJ is getting pounded from behind and her body stiffens up as Natasha licks her erect nipple. Then to see Manuel take each gal down and have lap and slither all over the others tongue as he almost cums all over their faces is just stunning in the best of ways. This once again is the type of porn that has any man or woman begging for butter milk. When Manuel explodes to end this scene it simply adds the delicious cherry on top of one hell of a threesome. Everything is mapped perfect in this scene. The tit sucking comes in right when you wish it to appear. Manuel is able to read the viewers mind and get each woman into a kinky position that some of us did not even know existed. My favorite course is up next, but I must say, that seeing this type of wonderful start to a film is rarely seen in this manner. Most films take you too quickly to the kink and I really think that this film and its pace are simply the huge co-star to the amazing Natasha. James Deen commanding the action is beyond kick ass. That is what the definition of zeal is! The little things in this film turn into something delicious, like seeing Natasha’s bikini bottoms wrapped around her knees as she gets fucked and sucks. It is orgasmic to say the least.


Scene 3: Natasha Nice and Alexis Texas

Scene Features: Amazing Breast Play, Glamour Girl/Girl, Lingerie, Amazing Chemistry, Amazing Breast Play, Wet Clit Diddling, 69 Action, Wet Pussy Liking

Alexis Texas & Natasha Nice The Reveal:

The “drone shot” as they call them these days in Hollywood showcases these beautiful mansions in what looks like the hills of Malibu. Regardless of the location the scene is gorgeous and when you add Alexis Texas and Natasha Nice to that view, you simply cannot and will not look away. I am guessing that Pat let Natasha cast this film because once again, she has one of her favorite fantasies right before her very eyes to play with as she sees sit in a beautiful, big booties blond. What is better than that I ask? The glamour of this scene is beyond amazing. The attire of the women, the lingerie, the pantyhose, the lipstick, it is done with the upmost care. This scene simply grabs your imagination from second one and never lets go. Natasha’s sexy voice narrating the scene makes things that much more heated. As you see the scene move to the bedroom, Alexis and her lightning quick tongue will inform you that there is going to be some amazing entertainment ahead.


The Sex:

Alexis Texas & Natasha Nice

The titty sucking action in any girl/girl scene is what either kills or creates the fantasy. The sound of each woman’s lips smacking and tasting the others is a fantasy come true for so many fans but when Alexis removes Natasha’s bra, this one really gets things going. Watch as Natasha’s nipples get harder and harder with each flick of the tongue. You may loose more than your marbles before the pussy licking even begins! The tongue action moves right down to Natasha’s hard clit and when you see Natasha purr and purr again when fingers, rubbing than licking move in order, it is simply what lesbian cinema should be. Her movement as her kitty gets nice and slippery is something sensational to watch. These two bad ass babes know what fans want to see. The chemistry really come into play when you see each girl shove their fingers in the other’s mouth. As you see Natasha move with this antsy, eager touch of Alexis’s flesh the women kissing add a cherry on top of one of the baddest ass lesbian openings I have seen in terms of sex in a long time.

Alexis Texas & Natasha Nice

It is short but not too short it is what every fan envisioned sex to be between these two. The real appeal is in now sexy the ladies look. The lashes mixed in with those baby blues, oh goodness, your heart will stop when you see Natasha look into Alexis’s eyes as she sucks her entire breast into her mouth and then laps her tongue round and round her areola. The true definition of what this scene is and how fucking sexy beyond belief it is can be summed up when Alexis takes her panties off and spreads her legs with precision and Natasha spreads her lips apart and dives in. The dirty talk revs you up and the pussy licking takes you on the quarte mile going three hundred miles an hour, with the winner of the race being you the fan. Every scene I believe has one image that will be burned into your memory forever in a great film like this. For me, it is watching Natasha lick Alexis’s asshole as her nose is buried just as deep in her wet slit and gazing deep into her eyes as she cums over and over. It is the stuff dreams are made of folks. Heading to scene end, Alexis put on a show that few can. The sloppy, wet pussy licking, and sucking is once again, exactly what a lesbian encounter should consist of. Passion, lust and everything in between. Both women have two of the most gorgeous kitties in the industry and I will be damned if Paty Myne just didn’t put them on a pedestal for all of us t gawk and stare at aimlessly. The end face sitting and fingering I won’t spoil for you but let’s just say it is the aggression that so many girl/girl scenes sadly lack these days and oh my goodness, is this scene just the cream of the crop with all the cream to lay claim to fame.


Scene 4: Natasha Nice, James Deen, Tommy Gunn, John Strong, Mr. Pete, Marcus Dupree

Scene Features: Gang Bang, Solo Masturbation, Amazing Dick Sucking, Rough Sex, Amazing Dirty Talk, The Trifecta, (Every Hole Filled)


The Reveal:

Natasha Nice Gang Bang

This film has some of the best fucking dialogue, hands down. The dirty talk the description of the fantasies that Natasha has inside her naughty litte mind, they are mind blowing, especially when you get to look into beautiful eyes as she gets hornier and hornier reliving the gang bang in her mind. The way she describes her “slutty” fantasies is something that no phone sex operator could veer duplicate I fucking guarantee you that! As you watch her get all hot and bothered and Pat Myne takes you right smack dab in front of her gorgeous kitty, as she plays with her hard, big clit you actually can see the pussy juice drip down her slit. Holy shit, I am getting hot just thinking about it, …. And this is just the scene set-up!


The Sex:

Fucking James Deen is cool as fuck. Watch him follow Natasha’s every movement as he gets ready to devour her. You simply can’t teach that ladies and gents, it is called game and in the porn world that means you are headed right to the land of kink when James in involved. The studs selected for any true porn connoisseur will peak your interest in a flash. As you check out the three studs watch Tommy and James warm up Natasha, you see they are chomping at the bit to just destroy that pussy in the best of ways. That is what the reveal is all about, that hot steamy build up that will fog up any damn window, even in summer! Mr. Pete is one of the most carnivorous performers I have seen step into the lime light in a while. He is smiling watching every guy get his turn and when he grabs Natasha, my oh my you will really think it is the fourth of July with these fucking fireworks. John Strong is not fucking around, he never does. He is whipping his cock out as Natasha is still getting every guys member nice and hard for the long stretch.

Natasha Nice

The playfulness on this set is just amazing. They are all engaged, and they are tossing around balloons and smacking Natasha’s ass at every opportunity. That is pure chemistry ladies and gentlemen and professionals doing what they do best! They each go at her with a different kink and my oh my is it glorious! The face fucking is amazing. Especially when you see Natasha arise from each monster cock being shoved down her throat with a smile. Man, oh man that is exactly what a porn fan wants to see in his gang bang action. As every massive cock gathers around for some of the wickedest tongue action in the business the fellas start to man handle and fondle Natasha in a sexy yet rough manor that is what rough sex always is. We all have it and my goodness this almost as good as make up sex watching these passionate souls ravage Natasha. This is sweaty, sloppy orgy action that will satisfy any nay-sayer. This is truly one of the best gang bangs of the year and dare I say, quite possibly the best of the bunch. The way the action never stops and the way that the cameraman keeps you involved and not missing anything is the type of cinema that is beyond film but real fantasy that will hypnotize you and make you forget that you are indeed watching a film. The thing about a gang bang is that there is so mch action, one could write and entire article on just the lone scene. Ladies and gentlemen, you have to see to believe what goes on in this grand finale. I can not express to you enough that you must see this scene. When the end credits role, you will not believe that you just sat through two hours of some of the most amazing sex every captured on film! Believe that porn peeps!

Natasha Nice Gang Bang 

Don Juan’s Bottom Line:

Don Juan DeMarko 

This is one of the best damn films of 2017. I am sad it took me so long to screen this film. It is the hidden gem of the 2017 year. This film has it all and yes, this is what an XCritc Pick truly is because you have masturbation, gang bang, DP and some of wickedest interracial you will ever see. This is porn 101, big cocks, gorgeous woman and enthusiasm and chemistry coming from every damn direction that there is. There are many things in this film that warrant your cold hard cash. One of them is the star power and how well they mesh into such an amazing sex fest of chemistry and sweat. Natasha has long been overdue for such a showcase. She is one of the nastiest performers in the business but that is not all. She has that ability to take on multiple faces, multiple angles and multiple partners all with something different in each view. You simply do not know they are making a film. You feel as if you are the lucky man or woman who has just stumbled into a sex filled orgy and you are the main guest who gets to sit and watch all the deliciousness go on all around you. From top to bottom this is what XXX cinema is and always will be. When you add in features like Natasha sharing her deepest passions from the shoot in the behind the scenes footage, you see that this woman loves what she does and that she is always looking to see what her fans want and at the same time, fulfilling her every fantasy. Natasha shares her love for the business that is just as deep as the fans is. This has award written all over it and I am just waiting to see if the powers that be will reward this film for being what keeps the fans coming back for more and more. Get this fucking film people. It needs to be apart of every porn fans library!

Natasha Nice Gang Bang 




"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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