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Mom Don't Drive Dick Drunk

Studio: Pulse Distribution » Review by Steve P » Review Date: 10/27/17

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Content: 3.5/5 stars

Running Time: 2 hours, 54 minutes

Cast: Cherie Deville, Mercedes Carrera, Danica Dillon, and Sheena Ryder

Directed by: Stoney Curtis and Jerry Kovak

Genres: All Sex, Big Butt, Gonzo, MILF

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: Shot in HD, presumably. Sidenote that doesn't belong anywhere else in the review: it would be nice if Lethal Hardcore would start putting timestamps in their movies. Strange how in 2017 you still can't check their DVDs to see how far you're into the disc.

Bonus Scenes: Lana Rhoades - My Stepdaddy Punished My Pussy

Extras: Photo gallery

Overview: Never let it be said that Lethal Hardcore doesn't know how to creatively package and brand their content. For over a decade now, they've been the leading forces behind unique, sometimes uproariously funny titles and "Mom Don't Drive Dick Drunk" compliments their catalog appropriately. Urban Dictionary defines "dick drunk" as the outcome for a woman upon having intercourse that results in repeated orgasms, rendering her a bit loopy and light-headed. For such a cute and alliterative term, you'd think it would find itself etched in the vocabulary of porn-stars and porn DVDs, but desperately few have owned the colloquialism. It had to start somewhere and perhaps it just birthed a brand new, MILF-driven franchise by Lethal that's a bit of "Your Mom Tossed My Salad" crossed with the appreciation they've long had of the female orgasm.

Scene 1: Cherie Deville and unnamed male performer

Cherie Deville is an alluring mature in a red dress and thin nylons complimented by a Garter belt, A married woman visiting a male friend for a hookup, she has no quibbles in regards to making her motives clear: "I'm here for you to pound my fucking brains out." Moving to suck his dick, she interrupts herself only to make him promise he'll stay hard and fuck her for at least an hour - she hasn't been treated to good sex in so long that she can't afford her time be wasted. Once he agrees, she goes deeper and faster with her blowjob, devouring his cock with prolific deepthroating.

Cherie plays the role of a horny housewife extremely well, going beyond looking the part but feeding into the role and all it demands. She gets herself dripping wet by rimming her friend as the scene makes clear in its earliest moments that Cherie's pleasure is the one that counts throughout the scene; he is just along for the ride. She fingers herself to cum with her tongue buried in his ass and the wildness continues to shine when she's fucked on her back, giggling in ecstasy as she rubs her clit.

"I need a boy-toy to replace my husband's sad little fucking cock," she exclaims through clenched teeth while getting pounded in doggy. The two have been having sex this whole time outside and Cherie prompts their rendezvous continue in-doors and in the bedroom. She gets her wish granted in the form of a hard-pounding doggystyle that flaunts her twerking and gyrating skills. It's a lengthy round of intense sex that is capped off by the messy-haired Cherie putting her tongue back to work in her boy-toy's ass.

We finally get a new position moments later with missionary, showcasing Cherie's ability to flail her ass as it hogs the screen. Reverse cowgirl follows much more quickly as she pulls her legs back, allowing us a full shot of penetration and great finger technique. Most of this scene is a rousing display of how engaging and energized Cherie can be, and it doesn't fail in being an adequate showcase in that sense.

After he busts in her mouth, the fun begins when Cherie realizes how dazed she is. She forgoes a shower in order to get home quicker but gets pulled over shortly after leaving for swerving in her lane. The officer informs her that she is being cited for D.U.I.D. (driving under the influence of dick), in addition to revealing that 1,400 accidents have occurred as a result of dick-drunk drivers; an hour window between sex and driving is required, information Cherie will likely keep for next time.

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The sole problem that runs with most Lethal Hardcore scenes are the positions and how predictable they become after a while, this scene being no exception to the rules. Long stretches are defined by rote showcases of the same sex that grows tired regardless of how committed the two performers are. The touch of humor at the end is nice, and Cherie's skills are at least put to strong use for a mostly solid opener. 3/5 stars.

Scene 2: Mercedes Carrera and unnamed male performer

Mercedes Carrera arrives to her boy-toy's house, desperate for dick since her husband doesn't fuck her anymore. She teases her round ass while informing her friend that she doesn't need the hassle usual relationships bring; she just needs to fuck and needs someone to service her at the drop of a hat. With her cleavage in his face, he happily obliges, with her continuing to reveal parts of her picturesque body that add up to a delicious whole once all is out in the open.

"I don't have time for no bullshit," she tells him in the middle of a blowjob, "I just want cock." She devours him with a graceful technique that's complimented by stable handwork and cute nails that show off her sensual style. She moves to lie on her back on the outdoor lawn-chair to be penetrated slowly yet firmly. A good angle ensues with the penetration up close with Mercedes' face peeking through to get a look at the action.

He leads her inside to fuck her doggystyle, causing her to squeal as the strokes intensify. Mercedes doesn't skimp on rimming either, picking up where she left off with the last installment of Your Mom Tossed My Salad, released a few months back. She retains her annalingus skills quite nicely, pulling back the cheeks of her friend to tongue deeper before returning to sex. Mercedes initiates a gentle spooning so she can lightly massage her pussy as she's penetrated before working her friend out in missionary as well. He treats her to deep thrusts on his lap, her ass bouncing on top of him as she throws it in a circle, making for more than a few mesmerizing moments.

Reverse cowgirl brings another solid pounding complimented by a POV shot. Mercedes jiggles her ass for the camera in a way that's immaculate and arousing, more than deserving the hot load all over her face that follows, sending her into a complete daze. Her ride home is marked by a budding fatigue that gets her pulled over as she tries to race home, confident her husband won't have the slightest clue. Few stars have been on a roll quite like Mercedes this year and yet again her larger-than-life, sensational charisma takes over and makes a great scene as a result. 3.5/5 stars.

Scene 3: Danica Dillon and unnamed male performer

When Danica Dillon and her male friend from a mobile app meet up, he suggest they should go out; Danica doesn't see a need to, for what she wants, she can get right at home. She's intrigued by the possibilities of a no-frills hookup because her husband doesn't even make an attempt to satisfy her years into their marriage. Unlike the previous two scenes, however, he takes control, beginning things by tonguing her ass after she strips. Cunnilingus does its part to hear things up as well, making her shiver with joy while the facial expressions forming on her face say more than even the loudest moans.

Danica moves to choke on her Czechoslovakian friend's cock, gagging loudly on the first taste but refusing to let up even as her eyes water. Sheer dedication shows she's a woman committed to infidelity as well as a challenge, lathering his dick with gobs of spit and eventually making way for a rimjob.

He resumes control by placing her on the couch on her back, rubbing his dick across her audibly moist pussy. She's aghast by how much bigger he is than her husband when he makes his entry, resulting in a moment that's fun to watch thanks once again to the look of shock and delight on her face. Danica interjects rowdy sex with another lethal rimjob/blowjob combination before resuming to squat on his lap for missionary. Danica's booty hogs the screen until the camera decides to pull back to show her hips working overtime and her ass red from all the spanking its endured.

Danica's fingers do their part to circle her butthole while she's fucked in doggy, going as far as to queef when the penetration turns rigorous once again. He jerks a thick, robust load on her face, successfully firing far enough to coat her dress in cum as well. Fearing for her safety, he refuses to let her leave until she comes down from the dick-drunk-daze she's clearly in, one so strong it hinders her ability to walk. Danica Dillon and her contagious enthusiasm step in at the right time and deliver a winning example of how visibly fun sex can be for a talented performer who knows what she likes. 3.5/5 stars.

Scene 4: Sheena Ryder and unnamed male performer

The gorgeous but business-minded Sheena Ryder makes things abundantly clear to her friend with benefits that this arrangement is more of the beginning of a special friendship, one-sided in the favor of sex. Once the semantics of the union between the two are cleared up, Sheena moves into the foreplay, jiggling her butt as she slips out of her thong, owning her sexy foreplay mannerisms. There's an immediate look of surprise that washes over her face once her friends inserts himself inside of her while she lie on her back. It's a surprise that motivates her to sit upright with her leg pulled back so she can view the penetration.

"Feel my pussy fight back?," she asks him in reference to its tightness in response to sex she hasn't been treated to in months. Such passion makes her blowjob technique more arousing in addition to her unexpected move to remove her wedding ring to make the fellatio less abrasive for her friend. It's a long, succulent blowjob that gives way for a brief but nasty rimjob. All this and the sex hasn't even officially commenced.

Soon enough, we get what we really came for when Sheena is spread wide in doggy, pulling her cheeks apart for deep intercourse. She does a crazy combination of rubbing her ass into his lap and twerking as he pumps. She bobs her head on his dick once again while she rides his face, essentially thanking and treating him for a wild ride thus far. The look on Sheena's face the whole time is pleasure that can't be faked.

He breaks her in by entering in a new direction - reverse cowgirl, which has her growl with delight while lubing her crotch with some spit. She curves her legs up by his head in order for him to "bottom out" inside of her while spooning, her resting on her side in the process and honing her flexibility.

Sheena eventually falls to her knees to get a full load on her face, basking in amazing sex that ends as well as any scene on the disc. "Oh my god," she interjects, disturbing her own blissful moment, "it's lasagna night!" She looks for her ring and clothes in a dick-drunk haze that suggests she shouldn't immediately drive. Nonetheless, she has somewhere to be and gets nabbed on the way home for violating California's latest law. 3.5/5 stars.

Final Thoughts

As stated, some parts of Mom Don't Drive Dick Drunk are burdened with usual shortcomings of Lethal Hardcore discs in the form of overlong positions and repetitive positions. Having said that, the subject matter at hand is original and the emphasis on the infidelity angle allows for four veteran performers to give it their all in creating a sensual vibe throughout their scenes. The standouts are Sheena Ryder and Cherie Deville, who find ways to transcend thinly written characters into believable and consistently arousing performances. Sheena, similar to Sarah Vandella, never phones in a scene she does and carries her simultaneously professional and frisky aura to Stoney Curtis and Jerry Kovak's production, while Cherie rarely lets a few minutes pass to let her dynamic energy fade away.

Meanwhile, Mercedes Carrera shows once again why she's been on my radar so heavily recently, throwing herself into another wildly engaging performance, and Danica Dillon commits to being her usually expressive self. I question the longevity of this concept, however, due to the humor being tacked on at the end which relies on a long post-cumshot sequence of varying length. But even if Mom Don't Drive Dick Drunk proves to be a one or two-off oddity, it's a fun one that brings out the best in its stars.

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