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Stuck in the Middle

Studio: Girlsway » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 10/28/17

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genre: Lesbian Vignettes


Cast: Jenna Sativa, Angela Sommers, Ziggy Starr, Jewels Jade, Angie Smalls, Ariella Ferrera, Charlotte Cross, Eva Notty, Lilly Ford

Director: Stills By Alan

Length: 2 hrs. 47 sec.

Release Date: July 31, 2017

Extras: BTS of scene two, two trailers and a slideshow

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Overview: This is another collection of scenes from Gamma Media's Mommy's Girl. It's a good collection with great performances, however the storylines seem to be wearing a little thin. But it's still a good release overall.


Scene One: “Stuck In The Middle Pt. One” starring Jenna Sativa, Angela Sommers and Ziggy Starr


Schoolmates and lovers Jenna Sativa and Ziggy Starr are studying at Jenna's house when her step mother Angela Sommers tells Jenna she needs help in the other room. Unbeknownst to Ziggy, Jenna and Angela are having an affair together, and Angela is horny for her. As a result Jenna has to run back and forth between the two rooms to get it on with both of them. Eventually Ziggy has had enough of it and walks in on Jenna and Angela as their naked in Angela's bed making out. Both Ziggy and Angela are upset that Jenna is cheating on them and Angela wants to see what they do together. Jenna and Ziggy start kissing and soon Jenna is sucking on her tits. Angela then breaks them up starts kissing and sucking on Ziggy. Pretty soon Jenna is joining in and going down on Ziggy's pussy as Angela masturbates watching them. Jenna licks and sucks on Ziggy's pussy as Angela rubs her own. Jenna then starts fingering Ziggy making her cum and has Angela lick Ziggy's juices off of her fingers. Ziggy then eats Jenna's pussy as she lays back in Angela's arms and Angela tells her to cum for mommy.


After Ziggy finger bangs her to orgasm, Jenna then sits on Angela's face and lets her tongue her pussy as Ziggy eats out Angela. Ziggy fists herself as both Jenna cums on Angela's face and Angela cums in Ziggy's mouth simultaneously. Ziggy then crawls around and starts licking Jenna's asshole as Angela keeps sucking on Jenna's pussy, giving Jenna multiple orgasms. Jenna then goes back to eating Ziggy, slurping and fingering her pussy as Angela fists Jenna. Ziggy then sits on Jenna's face while Angela goes down on her pussy. Jenna bucks her hips as she cums on in Angela's mouth and Ziggy cums on Jenna's face.


They shift around again and Jenna licks, fingers and pats Ziggy's pussy making her squirt. Jenna and Angela lick up Ziggy's juices before Ziggy rides Jenna's face and Angela tribs her. All three of them cum together and Ziggy and Angela argue over whose pussy is better. This is a good scene but like I said the formula seems to be wearing thin for Mommy's Girl. The performances are good enough to keep you interested though.


Scene Two: “Carry Me Mom” starring Jewels Jade and Angie Smalls


This scene stars cute waifish lolita Angie Smalls as the new step daughter to one of the most incredible bodies in the industry, the gorgeous Jewels Jade. Angie is infatuated with Jewels and fakes twisting her ankle so her strong muscular step mother can carry her to her room. She sits Angie down on her bed and Angie is so appreciative she tells Jewels she'll do ANYTHING to repay her. She accepts the proposal and starts by having Angie remove her shirt. Jewels runs her hands over Angie's tiny titties, brushing her nipples when she takes off her dress revealing her beautiful huge boobs. Angie starts sucking on them and then lays down for Jewels to suck on hers. Angie takes off her panties and sucks on Jewels nipples some more before Jewels starts rubbing her tits against Angie's. Jewels then starts rubbing Angie's young little pussy, teasing it with her fingers before bending her up into a piledriver position and eating her out.


She licks and munches on Angie's pussy until she cums and then sits on Angie's face. Angie eats out Jewels as she rubs Angie's pussy behind her, making them both cum at the same time. After the orgasm they start tribbing, Jewels bumping and grinding her muscular pussy against Angie's sweet young pussy until they both orgasm on each other. Jewels then climbs off and rubs Angie's pussy for one last orgasm.


It's the contrasting body types between the amazonian Jewels Jade and the tiny lolitaish Angie Smalls that makes this scene so enticing. Otherwise just another ok scene.


Scene Three: “The Breast Feeder” starring Ariella Ferrera and Charlotte Cross


I'm going on record right now saying this is probably the weirdest and most bizarre performance I've seen yet from Ariella Ferrera. It's also the most hilarious one from her as well. She plays the new step mom to Charlotte Cross. Charlotte wants to get to know her step mom better so she suggests some bonding time, like maybe some shopping or eating lunch together. Ariella's definition of bonding time is very different. She tells Charlotte she's never been a mommy before and wants to experience breast feeding. She tries to talk her into sucking on her tits, taking down her top and showing her gorgeous huge boobs with her large brown nipples. Charlotte completely freaks out until Ariella bribes her by saying she'll help talk daddy into buying her a new car. Charlotte starts sucking her nipple, Ariella talking about how wonderful for milk to come out and feed her (like I said, weird). When Ariella starts telling Charlotte to start talking like a baby, Charlotte can't help crack up a little. And all the while Ariella keeps a straight face. She rubs her pussy a little as Charlotte keeps sucking her boob when Ariella talks her into taking off her top. She starts rubbing her nipples against Charlotte's and then tells her it would be great to rub her nipple against her pussy. “Mommy's aren't supposed to do this”, the freaked out Charlotte says. Ariella fetishes of Charlotte's tits some more, sucking on them and rubbing her nips against hers. And while she tries to resist it sheepishly resist, all of this is actually turning Charlotte on.


The talkative Ariella then climbs up and starts to trib Charlotte, Charlotte asking, “What are you doing to my pussy?” Charlotte gets more and more into it as Ariella bumps and grinds her pussy against Charlotte's, making her cum. They play with each other's tits some more, Ariella rubbing Charlotte's pussy as she sucks on her nipples. Ariella then talks Charlotte into sitting on her face, in which she grinds and bucks her pussy to a sweet orgasm in Ariella's mouth. Charlotte then rubs her nipple against Ariella's pussy bringing her to orgasm, then Ariella cradles Charlotte in her arms, making her suck on her tits while she rubs Charlotte's pussy until she cums again.


Charlotte is now all into the mommy/daughter thing, talking in baby talk as she asks Ariella to rub her pussy. She's now voluntarily rubbing her pussy against Ariella's nipple and she ends up tribbing Ariella until they both cum. This is a very weird, bizarre scene, but man is it funny, with some of the most hilariously dialog ever improvised by the extraordinary Ariella Ferrera. She's always been a favorite, and this scene shows a whole new comedic angle to her. And I love it.


Scene Four: “The Pillow Humper” starring Eva Notty and Lilly Ford


The amazingly beautiful Eva Notty is awakened by strange noises coming from her step daughter Lilly Ford's room. Lilly is dry humping a pillow trying to make her self cum. Eva opens her door and watches Lilly's sweet young ass as it wiggles and rubs against the pillow. Eva interrupts her and the embarrassed Lilly explains to her about how everyone at school is talking about their first orgasms, and Lilly hasn't had one yet. Eva offers to help her and starts by teaching her how to kiss. They make out for a little bit and Eva starts to take down Lilly's top. Lilly exclaims about how small her titties are compared to Eva's big knockers. Eva comforts her, telling her not to be ashamed and to be proud about what she has. When Eva takes her top down, Lilly is simply amazed at the size of Eva's tits, and won't stop marveling at them. Lilly sucks on and motorboats them for a while and after worshiping them Eva climbs up and starts tribbing Lilly, still in their panties. They both grind on each other, Lilly starting to climax but still can't get there. Eva suggests they take their panties off, and start bumping their naked pussies together. Lilly goes crazy on Eva's pussy, grinding and convulsing to a massive orgasm. The very excited Lilly is overwhelmed about finally having a real orgasm, and simply cannot stop describing the sensation to Eva.


Eva tells her there are more ways to achieve it and climbs off to lick her pussy. She laps and flicks her tongue all over Lilly's pussy and clit, fingerbanging her rubbing her nipple on her pussy until she cums again. After she has another intense orgasm she kisses Eva, tasting her pussy on Eva's mouth. Lilly then sucks on Eva's tits some more before they go into a 69 and both of them eat each other out. Eva eats and rubs Lilly's pussy until she cums, and then tells Eva she wants to do the same for her. Eva climbs up and sits on Lilly's face, and the beautiful Eva Notty bucks and rides on Lilly's tongue until she cums.


This is another very good scene with terrific performances from the always wonderful Eva Notty, and Lilly Ford playing the curious virginal innocent to a tee.


Scene Five: “Stuck In The Middle Prt. Two” starring Angela Sommers and Jenna Sativa


It's been a couple of weeks since Angela, Jenna and Ziggy had their little trist. After hearing some moaning coming from her step mom's room, Jenna walks in and finds Angela and Ziggy in bed together. Jenna freaks out, asking what the hell's going on and throws Ziggy out. She tells Angela that's she's betrayed her trust and storms back to her room, Angela behind her begging for her forgiveness. Jenna asks Angela if she loves Ziggy more than her now. She tells her of course not and that they're family. She gives her some gentle butterfly kisses, telling her what they have is much deeper. They start making out, Jenna's fury fading as she nuzzles Angela's already naked boobs. They take off Jenna's top and Angela sucks on her pert titties before pulling off her shorts and panties and going down on her pussy.


She eats and flicks her tongue over Jenna's clit making her cum. Angela then climbs up and sits on Jenna's face, Jenna going to town on Angela's pussy until she cums in Jenna's mouth. They make out some more before they start tribbing, Jenna grinding her pussy against Angela's. Jenna reaches down and fists Angela until she cums before she climbs up on top of her for a 69. Jenna bucks and rubs her pussy against Angela's mouth and tongue until she has a toe curling, eye rolling orgasm. They finally go into a missionary, Jenna going down on Angela's pussy while rubbing her own before Angela's intense orgasm.


Final Thoughts: Well, it had to happen eventually. Mommy's Girl's winning streak is over. This isn't a bad dvd, not by a long shot. It's just average. Not really up to the standard we've come to expect from Girlsway's and Mommy's Girl. There are some definite highlights. I simply loved the Ariella Ferrera scene with a performance that cannot be missed. And I really liked Lilly Ford as the innocent virgin trying to achieve her first orgasm at the aid of her step mother, the beautiful and very talented Eva Notty. The rest is just ok, with some decent enough performances from the rest of the cast, and story lines that are just running on steam. I can't speak for the other great scenes on Mommy's Girl's website, but as a whole this collection is just average. Watch On Demand.

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