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Adventures With The Baumgartners

Studio: Adam & Eve » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 11/5/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

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Genre: Couples Drama Feature


Cast: Annika Albright, Edyn Blair, Sara Luvv, AJ Applegate, Katy Kiss, Mick Blue, Derrick Pierce, Ricky Johnson, Xander Corvus

Director/Screenwriter: Kay Brandt

Cinematographer: Mike Quasar

Release Date: May 19, 2017

Length: 5 hrs. 2 min.

Condoms: None

Extras: 16 min. BTS feature, a bonus scene, 4 trailers, a VR download, A&E Club Offer, Web and Phone Sex Info


Overview: We are in the midst of award season and I thought I would take the time to mention just one of the many fine films released this year for your consideration. Adventures With The Baumgartners is Kay Brandt's follow up to her award winning film from 2016, Babysitting The Baumgartners. Based on the best selling novels from Selena Kitt, Kay brings us up to date with Doc and Carrie Baumgartner and their babysitter Ronnie, along with Ronnie's friend Gretchen, as well as a plethora of new characters as they continue their swinging lives of free love and debauchery. At five hours and 10 sex scenes long it's a lot to take in. So I'm going to forgo my usual in depth descriptions of the sex and give a brief synopsis of each beautifully shot scene.


Scene One: Anikka Albright and Edyn Blair


The scene starts with Edyn and her daughter Katy Kiss arguing about her new boyfriend. Anikka is there overhearing but not butting in when A.J. Applegate comes in. She's now living with Sara Luvv and tells them they need a third roommate to cover rent. Katy says she'll move in to help. She runs off with her boyfriend, and A.J. can't help but notice how handsy Anikka and Edyn are with each other. Later we see them in the bathroom. Anikka tells Edyn if she wants to get with her and Doc she has to be shaved. Anikka lathers up Edyn's pussy (and I mean REALLY lathers it up) and shaves up her fiery red bush. After she gets her all nice and smooth she starts munching on Edyn's pussy. After making her cum they go to the bedroom where Anikka goes down on Edyn some more. She licks and sucks on her pussy to another orgasm, then Edyn eats Anikka. It doesn't take long at all for the very sexy Anikka Albright to cum in Edyn Blair's mouth before Edyn climbs up and rides Anikka face to another very intense orgasm. With Edyn's cum still on her mouth Anikka rides on Edyn's face, bucking and grinding her pussy her tongue until she cums. The then start tribbing with Anikka bumping her pussy against Edyn's until they grind on each other to a beautiful dual orgasm. As they lay with each other, embracing after their beautiful sapphic encounter, they recount how they met and the threesome they had with Edyn's husband (Derrick Pierce). It's a sweet moment captured together with two very beautiful and talented women.


Scene Two: Sara Luvv and A.J. Applegate


The scene opens with Sara and A.J. in bed. They're woken up by a phone call from Sara's personal trainer and side trick Xander Corvus. Sara and A.J. start talking about Doc and Carrie and how much fun Sara had with them last summer and how A.J. wants some of that too. The whole time though Sara is kissing all over A.J. and eventually they're making out. A.J. climbs up onto Sara showing us her incredibly sexy ass to the camera. A.J. sucks on Sara's feet for a little bit before she goes down on her pussy. She expertly makes Sara cum before Sara climbs up and rides A.J.'s face while rubbing her pussy. They then go into a 69, Sara licking A.J.'s pussy before she takes her in a missionary, A.J. holding her legs in the air. Sara fingers her pussy and sucks on her clit until she she has an explosive orgasm in Sara's mouth. After licking her cum off of Sara's fingers A.J. then gets on all fours for Sara to eat her ass out. Sara then crawls around under A.J. and A.J. starts riding her face. Sara fingerbangs A.J. while licking her clit until she cums on her fingers. The scene ends with them talking about getting a roommate before they get into the shower together and wash each other.


Scene Three: Katy Kiss, Ricky Johnson, Sara Luvv and A.J. Applegate


Now that Katy Kiss has moved in she sits with Sara and A.J. to go over the house rules. They start talking about Katy's boyfriend Tyler, played by Ricky Johnson. Katy asks of Ricky and come over for movies and pizza, but when he comes over Sara and A.J. find he's not that interested in the movie. Just in making out with Katy. They're getting into it hot and heavy when Ricky and Katy decide to take to the bedroom. The mischievous Katy leaves the door open for Sara and A.J. to hear and Katy and Ricky get naked. She starts sucking on his cock giving him terrific head when Sara and A.J. peek in. As they watch Katy licking, sucking and stroking Ricky's BBC, it gets them turned on and they eat each other out in the hallway making each other cum multiple times. Meanwhile back in the bedroom Ricky is railing Katy missionary, Katy rubbing her clit as Ricky drives his cock in and out of her pussy. She then gets on all fours and sticks her cute tight little ass in the air. She backs it up against Ricky, fucking him as Ricky splits her pussy wide open with his cock. She then climbs on top of him and rides his cock reverse cowgirl. This incredibly sexy shot shows Katy rubbing her dripping wet pussy as it glides up and down on Ricky's rock hard cock. She rubs her clit to orgasm as Ricky slams his cock up inside her and then she climbs off and sucks her cum off of his cock. She rides him cowgirl and bounces her thin frame up and down on him, his cock disappearing up inside her tight little pussy with every bounce. It's just amazing to see little Katy as she takes Ricky's huge cock inside her. They then go into a spooning position which morphs into reverse cowgirl then back into missionary all within a matter of minutes before Ricky shoots his load onto Katy's red bush. This is a terrific and incredibly hot IR scene as thin sexy Katy Kiss takes on the huge black member of Ricky Johnson.


After this scene there's a brief little five minute interlude where Xander Corvus introduces himself to the rest of the gang, They all eat Chinese and read each other's fortunes. Nice little cool down break from all of the hot action going on so far, and disc one isn't even over yet.


Scene Four: Sara Luvv, A.J. Applegate and Katy Kiss


After the fellas leave the girls sit on the couch for some girl talk. Katy reveals her parents are open, like her and Ricky, and party with The Baumgartners. This goes into Katy and Ricky and another girl, and eventually all four of them having some fun. The three of them start making out and eventually Sara's hand is down A.J.'s pants, stroking her pussy. The shirts come off and A.J. starts sucking on Katy's tiny titties. This starts an extremely hot sapphic threeway with A.J. rubbing Sara's pussy and Katy eating out A.J. Sara and A.J. both go to town on Katy's pussy, Sara fingerbanging her while A.J. licks her clit. After making her cum Katy starts rubbing Sara and A.J. simultaneously before they both start licking her beautiful pink pussy. Sara then cums on Katy's face as A.J. eats Katy's ass out, and then Katy makes A.J. cum by licking her clit and fingerbanging her. Katy then licks and fingers Sara's pussy as A.J. eats out Katy, and then Katy rubs A.J.'s pussy to one more orgasm as Sara watches. An amazingly hot threeway lesbian scene so full of energy and electricity by three amazingly hot and of so sexy performers.


End of disc one.


Scene Five: Anikka Albright, Edyn Blair and Mick Blue


Disc two starts with Anikka telling Edyn about a house Edyn has been looking to get. Once Mick gets home things heat up quickly as the three of them make out for a little bit before heading for the bedroom. They take turns very sexually and sensuously undressing each other. Anikka and Edyn make out on naked on the bed as Mick sits and watches them, stroking his cock to the spectacle. Mike climbs into bed with them and the ladies take turns with his dick. Anikka kisses him as Edyn gives him some very sensuous head when Edyn climbs up and lowers her pussy down on his cock. She rides him cowgirl, Mick fucking her from underneath with his balls slapping her asshole making her cum on his cock. She sucks her juices off and then starts eating out Anikka as Mick fucks her doggy. After cumming again on his cock she sucks him off again before Mick fucks her missionary as Anikka cums on her face. All of this lead up to Mick jacking his cock and cumming on Edyn's face.


Scene Six: Sara Luvv, A.J. Applegate, Katy Kiss and Ricky Johnson


Back at the other house, Ricky watches in bewilderment as Sara, A.J. and Katy start making out together. They take him to the bedroom and start to get undressed. They then lay him on the bed and Sara and A.J. take turns sucking his cock as Katy sits on his face. Katy and A.J. then switch up, A.J. riding his face while Katy goes down on him. As A.J. continues to grind her perfect ass on his face Sara climbs up and lowers her pussy down on his cock. Ricky fucks her from underneath as Katy makes her cum by rubbing her clit. After having a couple of orgasms on his dick Sara climbs off for A.J. to ride him. She engulfs his cock with her pussy, grinding it all the up to the hilt and Ricky fucks her the same way, making her cum with Katy rubbing her clit. Sara then gets on all fours and Ricky fucks her doggy as she eats out A.J. A.J. and Katy then rub each others pussies as they watch Ricky bend Sara back as he pumps his dick in and out of her. After Sara cums on his cock, it's Katy's turn to be fucked doggy. She sticks her cute little ass and dripping wet pussy in the air for him and he nearly splits her in half with his huge cock. He plows his cock in and out of her tight hole, only occasionally pulling it out for Sara to suck on. They then form a chain with A.J. eating Sara, Katy eating A.J. and Ricky fucking Katy missionary. The ladies then take turns riding his BBC, A.J. first, then Katy, then Sara before he finally shoots his cum into all of their waiting mouths, covering A.J. and Sara with his jizz.


There's another brief interlude here as Sara tells A.J. that influenced by the relationship between Katy and Ricky, she sees Xander as being her one true love and has plans to move in with her. She congratulates her, although she's really hiding her true feelings of betrayal and heartbreak. Later that night A.J. confides in Anikka about her feelings. Anikka comforts her, fantasizing about making out with her and Sara together.


Scene Seven: Sara Luvv and Xander Corvus


We jump right into this very intense scene as Xander throws Sara onto a bed and goes down on her pussy. He fingers and rubs her clit while sucking her nipples, getting her nice and wet, before she takes his cock in her mouth. After sucking and gagging on his cock she spins around for him to fuck her from behind. He slaps her ass and fucks her with his cock until she cums. After sucking her juices off he starts fucking her missionary, slamming his cock in and out of her pussy while she rubs her clit to another orgasm. He then spoons her from behind before she sucks him some more, and then climbs up and rides him. He fingers her ass as he fucks fer pussy from underneath before going back into a doggy. She looks back him and gazes into his eyes as he makes her cum on his cock again. He then t-bones her, which transitions into missionary before shooting streams of cum on Sara's belly and pussy. A good, very high energy scene, with a lot of electricity between Xander and Sara.


Scene Eight: A.J. Applegate solo scene


As Sara and Xander lay in each others arms, still moaning and panting, the rejected A.J. listens in on their lovemaking. She wants to turn away, but her desire for Sara is too much. She hikes her skirt up and masturbates in the hall, rubbing her pussy until she orgasms. A very short but effective scene that's also essential to the story in relation between A.J.'s Gretchen and Sara's Ronnie.


Scene Nine: Edyn Blair and Derrick Pierce


The scene opens with Edyn in her underwear. After taking a few selfies she gets a phone call from Katy who telling her she and Ricky will be at the Baumgartners with them for the dinner party tonight. A few minutes later her husband Derrick comes in and loves the seeing Edyn in her underwear. She does a little strip tease for him before she starts sucking on his cock. After getting it nice and hard she spreads her legs for him to rub and finger her hairy pussy. After moistening her up he sticks his cock in her and fucks her missionary. After making her cum he eats and muches at her snatch to another orgasm before she gets on all fours and he fucks her doggy style. He slams her pussy from behind making her cum again before she climbs up and rides him cowgirl, grinding her pussy down on his cock and twerking on it. She then climbs up and sits on his face while he jacks off. After cumming again they start spooning. After fucking her from behind she sucks his cock some more before going back into a missionary. With one leg thrown over his should he t-bones her making her cum again before she rolls over and he fucks her from behind, pinning her ass down on the bed. They then go into a missionary again before he shoots off on her pussy, making her red bush all sticky with his white cum. They then take a shower together where she tells him about their daughter's new boyfriend. Derrick is concerned about moving too fast with someone she hardly knows. But he's willing to give him a chance.


Scene Ten: Anikka Albright, Edyn Blair, Mick Blue and Derrick Pierce


At the dinner party Ricky is a hit and Anikka shaves Edyn. When Ricky and Katy leave the party really starts with everyone making out on the couch. The take off to the bedroom and start undressing. Anikka and Edyn start sucking on Mick's cock while Derrick eats Edyn out from behind. Derrick then starts fucking her doggy style while she kisses Anikka and Mick sits in a chair jerking off. Mick then climbs up and Edyn sucks his cock while Anikka sits in the chair rubbing her pussy. Anikka and Edyn then both suck in Mick's cock before Edyn lays on her back for Mick to spoon her with Derrick's cock in her mouth. Mick pounds her pussy making her cum and Anikka sits on Mick's face. Then, with her pussy right in the camera, Anikka and Edyn both take turns sucking Derrick's cock as Mick keeps fucking Edyn. Mick then fucks Edyn doggy style while she sucks Derrick's cock as Anikka pretty much just sits back and watches while Derrick feels her tits. Edyn then climbs up and rides Derrick's cock as Anikka gives Mick head. Derrick fucks Edyn to a screaming orgasm, and as she sucks her juices off of his cock Mick cums on Anikka's face right before Derrick cums on Edyn's. And that people, brings us to the end of one of the best features of the the year.


Bonus Scene: From “Love On The Line” starring Cherie DeVille, Reena Sky and Danny Mountain



Final Thoughts: I loved the movie, however it kind of faces me with a conundrum. On the one hand, as a stand alone feature it's fantastic. The performances are absolutely award worthy (if Edyn Blair doesn't get any recognition I'm going to protest). As usual Mike Quasar proves himself to be one of the last remaining artists when it comes to camerawork. And my gosh, the sex scenes are just blistering hot, with expert pacing from the multitalented Kay Brandt. But, on the other hand, this is a sequel to what I consider the best film of 2016. Babysitting the Baumgartners was a beautiful, simple story of sexual awakening and innocence lost. The story of Ronnie entering into the free love swinging world of the Baumgartners is a tale that will live in erotic history. This film, storywise, unfortunately falls short. It's great catching up with the three main characters (well Ronnie anyway), but all of the other characters seem superficial. If you've seen Babysitting, Adventures might be a little bit of a let down. But if you're being introduced to the lives of Doc, Carrie and Ronnie for the first time, believe me you will absolutely love this movie, and I certainly hope it gets consideration now that we are in the midst of award season. Highly Recommended

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