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Schoolgirls Like It Hard #2

Studio: New Sensations » Review by Impale-her » Review Date: 11/7/17

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Genre: Feature

Directors:  Paul Woodcrest

Cast: Kristen Scott, Chad White, Riley Star, Mick Blue, Georgia James, Lucas Frost, Kiley Jay, Logan Pierce

Length: 2 hrs 22 minutes

Date of Production: September 5, 2017


Extras: Behind the Scenes Footage, photo galleries, trailers and the 2-bonus scene

Condoms: No

Audio/Video Quality: Everything again high marks for a New Sensations production, no crew shadows and fine audio.However for the video, a slight glitch occurs in the later half of scene 4, just as Kiley mounts Logan for a reverse cowgirl.


Body of Review:  A collection of four scenes with no direct link between them, just three women role-playing and fantasies outfits, the classic schoolgirl theme. These students to want to cram hard, and repeat their lessons, often, learning to follow instructions, prep for oral exams and reports. Life is hard, and these women want it harder, deeper, and intense sessions with their tutors.

Scene One:  Kristen Scott, Chad White

The scene starts without a title card, so best to paid attention during the opening credits, Kristen confesses to Chad that she’s still seeing Adam, and sounds like a nice guy who treats her right, but she seeks to be a slut, so much that she likes Chad fucking her hard. However, her nasty side wants to be fucked and used in her parent’s bedroom, hence it starts, of course this after a shadow montage through a frost glass door showing heavy petting. Chad swoops up his arms and carries her out the door, they walk in the bedroom, and she continues the aggressive kissing and abusive titty grabbing with a quick suck on the nipples. He bends her over for the world’s worst foreplay of ass-smacking, two or three quick pitifully light slaps as he roughly grabs her ass. Then they move over to another door and more aggressive kissing, calling her a naughty girl, he answering yes and then stating good girl. Just pick one reference good or naughty. Next the goofiest position for ass munching/licking by Chad picks her legs up and kisses her rump as she holds on to the dual door knobs balancing herself and her face smash against the door.


Real Romantic – no, this is already not a couple’s film. From here, click the mute button, as Chad shoves her onto her knees for a rough time of his dick getting sprung and Kristen asking for his cock, no begging, he then bounds her hands in front of her and face fucks her and placing her hands behind her head for throat fucking. However a bright point she lays back and Kristen nestles between his thigs to teasingly lick his cockhead slowing, a teasing with her eyes focused on him.


She works over the licking of his shaft and then sucking on his balls as his good girl, she tries to take him all, bit a tad too much girth for in her position. A change in position of Chad kneeling and her on all fours for more sucking before he kneels over her while she’s on her back for a titty fucking and then more suck fest he flings her over and light ass slap. This leads the next ridiculous position briefly tops 30 seconds of (look at his picture) 69 position of him kneeling to pussy lick and her sucking his cock inverted.


No arousal at this combination, just laughter at this weirdness. Once on in doggy style he begs for his cock and they fuck… finally. The scene hits all the points sucking, hard fucking, and lousy execution, it boils down to how hard and fast Chad can fuck for his pleasure only.

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Scene Two:  Riley Star, Mick Blue


At least this second scene starts a tad better; Riley wears the uniform to the max level, though the skirt is way too short, especially when Mick answers the door asking if the neighbors notice her, replying no. I had to laugh, I know the concept of the scene and movie, but neighbors needed to be blind not to see her. Anyway, Mick invites her in to model the outfit for him as they have a relationship f student and teacher and then he bends her over his desk and begins to spank her playfully, not harming or marking her, in fact not redding her bottom. They kiss more, and he dips his hand into her panties and later pinches her nipples before forcefully thrusting his month on her nipples very briefly and working over her pussy through her panties to her sigh deeply aching for a lot more in her wetness. Riley bends over again, and Mick kissing and licking her ass removing her white lacy panties. Though could do without the spitting into her pussy she’s already wet before finger probing and fucking her pussy. Mick slides his cock into her hot pussy and begins fucking her as she coos and sighs echoing enjoyment for slapping her ass. Riley does a very nice blowjob, taking him deeper and deeper inch by inch, they get unnecessarily face fuck then begin fucking on chair with her on top facing him and later her bent into a contortionist position. Mick returns to pussy munching with Riley’s legs spread wide on the chair, before he returns to piling drilling deep bouncing thrust into her pussy. All of it seems thorough uninteresting and a bore, until Riley shoes her wonderful cock sucking skills, shows repeating her oral lesson will always payoff well.



Scene Three:  Georgia James, Lucas Frost


Ugh start, boyfriend Lucas gum smacking while trying to see if Georgia interested in fucking and sucking, soon enough their kissing in the kitchen and her blouse of her schoolgirl comes off and bra too and sucks on her nipples briefly. He before smacks her clothed pussy and then lies back on the kitchen table and attempts to work over her pussy, his feverish attacking her lips. Georgia kneels on the hard floor to service Lucas’ cock, and straightforward sucking fest, no foreplay or teasing on his tool, a little throat gagging, mostly hands-free; she tries to look up at him, but not too much. Lucas starts a sickening throat fuck and finally allows her to get her breath and suck on his balls before continuing in the throat fuck. Lucas fingers her pussy in front of mirror, though the camera work a little unsure of the proper placement, following by light spanking in front the mirror while he teasing her pussy some more. Sadly, they abandon the mirror play position (WHY), every time it comes into play it’s just a tease) and placing her into doggy style for a sound fucking. Then it returns to dumbest and quick frankly turnoff of a weird Lucas using is right leg to head lock Georgia while throat fucking her (SEE Picture). There’s hard fucking and then there’s WTF. Next scene please…

scene 3

Scene Four: Kiley Jay, Logan Pierce


Kiley shows off her perfect school outfit, and Logan begins to inspect it teasing about the pure white panties, all of proceeds the endless talk of parents away on vacation him need to get to work. Logan kisses her neck and gets you blouse and bra off quickly doing tit-slapping and Kiley admitting she’s a bad girl, and turning her around for harder spanking on her ass, grabbing, spreading apart her ass cheeks. A lift onto the counter and brief nipple suck, from Logan before he licks Kiley’s pussy aching for attention, perhaps brief pleasure to her clit overall this becomes a lasting treat for her. Kiley kneels down before Logan for an oral lesson, she works on licking the underside of his cock and teases the head carefully, little flicks of tongue before taking a side view to lick his shaft, and finally a full on suck fest complete with deep throating, a bit sloppy from the gagging.  Then into the bedroom for continuation of cock sucking and the hard fucking of Kiley spread open on her back and Logan working her over before have her on her side for another intense fucking as she sports the knee high socks and black shoes and the please skirt. Continuing on the checklist the movie onto doggy style, it feels unattached and going through the motions. Kiley cues the oh my gods for both her cowgirl and reverse cowgirl pogo pounding fucking, though a minor video glitch right before her reverse cowgirl.



Bonus 1: Adria Rae and Tommy Pistol from Schoolgirls Like It Hard


Adria stops by to see Tommy and his love gun; she desires to fuck nice and hard, more so treated like a slut and rough. Adria bends over quickly to suck his meaty tool and fondle his balls the way instructioned her last time and she does dripping saliva everywhere as she fucks his cock with her throat. A little light spanking occurs again, and once Adria gets on knees to suck some more of his cock, in addition to stroking, pumping and licking his balls with great joy before Tommy resumes control face fucking her, showing whose pleasure is important. Tommy bends her over the couch and snacks on her pussy finger banging it too, before mounting her doggie style but with his fingers too to stretch her hold open further. The repeat the sequence a few more times.



Bonus 2: Angel Small, Ryan Ryder from Dirty Little Schoolgirl Stories 6


Angel awakens in Ryan’s bed distraught over the spending in the night in his bed, and this leads on into endless drivel, about being from different parts of town, her mother being upset and his father not please – WTF! So she goes from getting dressed to undressing faster than getting your car fueled, and she wearing a black and red checkered pleated skirt. Once again Ryan plays with her pussy under her panties; they mutually play with each other.  Soon enough after the sucking, Angel rides Ryan’s cock, begging him to go deeper and the results delivers satisfying glee to her face as she continues riding with a wetness echoing in the room. After switching position to her on her knees and her head resting on the bed, she teases her clit and begs him to play with her ass he briefly does with increasing feverish pace of fucking.  A sloppy blowjob, from Angel with her slurping in disgust and an awkward looking up from her no way to see Ryan’s eyes before launching into a reverse cowgirl fucking, actually  not a bad scene the dirty talking makes it work better than it sounds, and that helps. As for the ‘schoolgirl’ aspect, nothing but a skirt no other reason for it, and provides nothing for reference of actual sense of play.


Summary: So what is the feature really about the title slightly misleading, how about Girls Like it Rough and Hard, the reason because the term ‘schoolgirl’ has no place in the title, nothing happens in school setting, the spanking a full blown tease, and outfit another costume. Riley delivers a last cock sucking lesson, but the true passion is cut short for more rougher throat fucking and still have no clue what Lucas’ leg lock does for the scene. Therefore best to view online.



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