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From Beyond

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Impale-her » Review Date: 11/9/17

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Genre: Feature


Directors:  Stormy Daniels


Cast: Chanel Preston, Ryan McLane, Ella Nova, Ryan Driller, Aaliyah Love, Jay Smooth

Length: 1 hrs 31 mins

Date of Production: September 20, 2017

Extras: There 3 bonus sex scenes, photo gallery, trailers, promo reel.


Condoms: yes

Audio/Video Quality: The audio works well and the color balance is fine (not perfect), however an issue with framing in the most simplest of shots the camera personnel seem to tilt the shot for an unknown reason, the couple is not shifting position so why are they? However, another downside is the constant herky-jerky camera movements again asking why, but also switching from close-ups to wide shots, and overabundance of overlying transitional shots in the first scene alone was over 20. Mainstream movies don’t even have that many in the entire movie. Why? Because it becomes tiresome, dull and shows a lack of interest to stay with the action, when the mainstream does it only to transition from a scene to another to convey a passage of time.

Body of Review:  With the passage of Halloween, involving a ghostly theme, a psychic and warning from beyond the grave, not quite a spooky movie, but rather a film from a subdivision of Wicked Pictures, entitled Wicked Passions designed for couples. This tale comes with the intention to arouse the desires and passion even in the spiritual scene.

Scene One:  Chanel Preston, Ryan McLane

scene 1

Sofia (Chanel) and Michael (Ryan) begin reminiscing about their 10 years of first meeting. The scene contains a few transitional over layering shots of romantic kissing, before entering into more heated passions. Ryan gives Chanel a lengthy and deeply pleasure tonguing of her pussy, working over her clit to heighten her interest and pleasure, her sighs more than equal her needs and desires. Then Sofia desires to pleasure Ryan, it starts with a distance wide shot and transitions with an over layering shot to a close up for brief moment and then back to a wide shot (WHY?) and then process Steadicam going to nutty basically giving the shot a wobbly feeling as if on a boat at sea.

scene 1

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This ruins the moment these two generate and convey to the couple watching. Sofia does and exquisite cocksucking pleasure fest for Ryan. Until Ryan does a weird run jump slide on the bed and then another overlay transition shot Sofia mounts him for a cowgirl a brief close up before a wide shot and back to the overlaying image shot, and then finish and dissolve into a switch of Ryan fucking Sofia on her back and then more wide angles and overlay images, just so fast and boring.. Talk about quick fucking action, is that one tries to translate from this, couples don’t enjoy each other pass 10 minutes? UGH.

scene 1

Scene Two:  Ella Nova, Ryan Driller

scene 2

Ella and Ryan enter into a realtor’s house for sale, and wander over to a couch (along with poor framing) after some small talk, Ryan begins munching and fingering Ella’s pussy, and she sighs and bites on her fingers, but fret not the overlaying of images and transition shows reign supreme, especially when she begins sucking on Ryan’s cock.

scene 2

There’s actually a scene of weird close-up to distant shot occurring repeatedly three times, in that sequence, and dissolves into Ella mounting him and then switching over to Ryan lying her onto her back and before piling driving his cock into her, the collapsing with a cumshot, ah dull and not encouraging.

scene 2

Now, is some plot drivel, Michael discovers hidden accounts of embezzlement and Sofia discovers her stepdaughter Ella behind breaking into her realtors properties to fuck, then a while hair ‘cop’ comes to the door to tell Sofia, Mike’s dead, she collapses to the floor and Ella runs to her aid).


Scene Three:  Aaliyah Love, Jay Smooth

scene 3

Jay and Aaliyah are in their bedroom and begin making out very brief kissing and breast massage, before Jay descends to your pussy, and works over her lips and clit, fret not the speed to scene again very quickly with various overlay image shots again (no escaping them). Aaliyah gives a fair performance of sucking cock, nothing to wow one with, no teasing tongue acting, just full on sucking, fast and without a care of the loving pleasure often found in the couples feature. Then a few more very quick moments, this scene is almost 11-minutes short (average for the scenes in the film), and that doesn’t include the kissing.

scene 3

More of the plot Michael leaning to warn “you’re in danger” Sofia awakens quickly. Ooh Scary… Feeling cold chills, knocked over picture frames, luncheon with Michael’s boss.

Scene Four:  Moka Mora, Marcus London

scene 4

On the scene set in an office, with Marcus and Moka enjoying some kissing and Marcus partakes in a bit oral pleasure on Moka, she coos in a high pitched voice as he nibbles on her pussy and clit. But is Moka who finally delivers the goods on a proper cocksucking, in the classic position on her knees in an office taking dick-tation, a brief rubbing of her pussy, self pleasure never bad, unless in a BDSM scene, however she gives a good amount of tongue action on the underside of Marcus’ cock and his cockhead. Downside during the blowjob, more of the overlay image shot.

scene 4


Soon enough, they do begin fucking and giving a lasting scene.

scene 4

A weird and silly psychic session – hilarious funny, worth the laughs.


Scene Five:  Chanel Preston, Ryan McLane

scene 5

Sofia is in a shower and a light self-pleasuring, with Michael returning to give Sofia pleasure kissing her back and shoulders, cradling her tits, her writhing against his hard cock. A nice fucking session as they stand in the shower, Sofia with her hands on the wall begging to be fucking as she slightly bends over, fairly good scene. Ryan buries his cock into her, driving a sounding pounding into her, and giving any couple remaining watching in this movie some thoughts for a show fuck. Ryan sits down on bench in the shower and Sofia pile drives onto his cock, while occasionally teasing her clit. After the intense fucking she is alone in the shower.

scene 5

Then a weird finishing of the movie.

the end

Summary: First when a film states its intended for couples, I as reviewer watch it alone first to make sure then invite my girlfriend to watch a scene or more, however scene one, with on the camera shifting and creative (ONE-TIME) over-lay hot not 10 or more just ruins the illusion. One thinks and watches Wicked Pictures normal high production value and good story, and of course, the fucking and sucking both superb however this is Wicked Passion, for cheapness. Watch it online one-time, then bury it in the porn graveyard.

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