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Natural Beauties Vol. 5

Studio: Vixen » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 11/11/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 36 minutes

Date of Production:  2017

Genre: All Sex; 18+ Teens

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: Shot in HD

Director: Greg Lansky

Cast: Featuring Elsa Jean with Naomi Woods, Kendall Kayden, Khloe Capri, Manuel Ferrera, Jean Val Jean

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Slideshow; Cumshot Recap; Feature Trailer; Website Information


The young, natural and beautiful Elsa Jean stars in Greg Lansky’s 5th installment in the Natural Beauties series. She has a sizzler of a scene in the kitchen with her family’s private chef, Jean Val Jean. Elsa is a bit of a troublemaker and after getting a 2-day suspension from school, she decides to make lemonade out of the lemons she’s been given. As her chef chops vegetables on the counter, she sits in front of him, inviting him over to her naked pussy. He’s soon making lunch with her hot pussy on the countertop. Elsa’s scene is one of the hottest of the flick, culminating in her cum-coated face and throat. I highly recommend Natural Beauties 5. Elsa is joined by starlets Naomi Woods, Kendall Kayden, and Khloe Capri. These young beauties get their tight pussies stretched by Jean Val Jean and Manuel Ferrera. The vignettes are produced in the highest quality and the scripts are new material. Each scene has great elements and heat, making the whole flick a pleasure to watch.

Scene 1:  Naomi Woods and Manuel Ferrera

Naomi is an aspiring actress and she moved to L.A. with high hopes. Things are looking up for her and she is getting a lot of acting jobs. She even got signed by one of the biggest agents in L.A., Manuel. But lately, it seems like Manuel isn’t focused on Naomi’s career as much. Other actresses are getting all his attention and Naomi decides to talk to him about it. She wants bigger roles. She tells Manuel how she feels about it, but he explains to her that landing the big roles takes time. She needs to be patient. Naomi isn’t satisfied with that answer and tells him that she’s willing to do whatever it takes to demonstrate her worth. She puts her hand on this thigh to show him just how much she means it. Naomi and Manuel kiss and soon she’s rubbing his hard cock through his pants. He kisses her neck while she works her hand down the front of his pants and onto his cock, jerking it back and forth. In a few minutes, Naomi is on her knees, sucking Manuel’s big hard cock. Lansky pays attention to lots of close-ups in this flick. You’ll be put right in the action throughout each scene.

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Naomi closes her eyes and stuffs his cock down her throat. Manuel wants to see her pretty eyes while she sucks him off, so she looks up at him. He takes control by fucking her throat, making her gag. Naomi just might get the attention of her agent that she deserves. Back in his bedroom, she strokes and sucks his cock some more. Naomi lies on her stomach, opens her mouth wide and gags as Manuel bangs her throat with his dick. After several minutes of face fucking, Naomi is ready to go to the next level with her agent. That’s when she sits on his big cock cowgirl style and moans as he stretches her pussy with it. He spanks her ass while he fucks her. “Don’t make me cum,” Manuel whispers to her as her tight pussy glides up and down on his cock. He goes into overdrive banging her pussy hard and fast and asking her which way she likes to be fucked. “I love the way you fuck,” Naomi screams out. “I’m gonna cum,” she yells. Manuel pumps her pussy harder, making her cum on his cock. Naomi turns her creamy pussy around into reverse cowgirl position and enjoys more pumping from Manuel. “I love your cock,” she moans. She climbs off, sucks his cock then lies on her side for spoon banging. “It’s yours,” Naomi tells him of her pussy. He stuffs her cunt full of cock, driving her crazy. A final round of missionary lands Naomi in a cum bath in and around her mouth. She promises to swallow all his jizz. “So, does this mean you’ll give me better roles?” Naomi asks him. Manuel promises to as long as she comes over on a regular basis.

Scene 2: Kendall Kayden and Manuel Ferrera

Kendall’s dad bought her a condo and she is so excited about it. She figured she would party and have people over all the time. Things aren’t working out that way. The party scene sucks and Kendall has had one bad date after the other. As far as Kendall is concerned, the only good thing about living in this new condo is being next door to the European DJ, Manuel. One day, she runs into him in the hallway. One thing leads to another and Kendall finds herself on Manuel’s couch enjoying champagne. Kendall is going to be late for class, but she doesn’t care. She is ready to do anything and everything he wants. Manuel kisses Kendall and makes her more comfortable on the couch. Soon, he’s unbuttoning her blouse and sucking her tits. He licks his way down to her pussy, spreads her legs open and eats her pussy. Kendall is on the verge of cumming as he tongues her cunt. Her body shakes as she cums from Manuel’s tongue lashing. “You’re so good at licking my pussy,” she says. Kendall’s mouth gapes open when Manuel pulls down his pants and shows her his big cock. She jerks his dick then puts her mouth on it, licking and spitting all over it. He plays with her pussy again and spanks her ass while Kendall swallows his hard pole.

Once in the bedroom, Manuel fingers her pussy while she stands near the bed then Kendall teases his cock with her mouth, sucking it slowly and talking dirty. He stands up and fucks her throat before she sits on his dick cowgirl style. Kendal wants to feel every inch of his cock inside her pussy and Manuel gives it to her. He helps guide her body up and down and her pussy envelops his prick. Kendall is soon cumming, screaming, “oh, yeah, right there.”  She tells him the hard fucking his giving her is exactly what she wants. Her pussy is even wetter and creamy as he spanks her ass cheeks. She transitions to spoon fucking, taking a hard pounding from her neighbor then she sits on his pole in reverse cowgirl position. “Yes, stretch my tight little pussy out,” Kendall screams. After sucking his dick and tasting her own pussy of it, Kendal gets on all fours, doggy style, and takes more pussy pounding from Manuel. “I love the way you fuck me, and I love feeling that big cock inside me,” she moans in ecstasy. The doggy bang leads to the climax when Manuel pulls out and shoots his load in her mouth. She sucks his cock and says she’s going to swallow every drop of his spunk.

Scene 3: Elsa Jean and Jean Val Jean

Elsa’s motto is when the principal gives you a two-day suspension, make it into a good time. She always gets what she wants, and she does what she wants. Her school problems have made her parents angry and they’ve put her on lockdown. No shopping no nothing. She’s stuck at home, but she’s not alone. She goes to the kitchen where the family’s private chef, Jean, is busy preparing lunch. Elsa is dressed in a shirt schoolgirl uniform. She asks him if she’s distracting him. Jean admits that she is. Elsa has been trying to fuck Jean for some time now, but it’s been hard to get him. She’s determined to get him right where she wants him this time. She sits on the kitchen counter and opens her legs in front of Jean. She’s wearing no panties and she has his full attention. She invites him over to eat her pussy and it’s an offer Jean can’t refuse. He smacks on her cunt like a savage, licking and tonguing her pussy. Elsa holds his head up against her cunt and when he tongue-fucks her, she cums uncontrollably. “Oh, I want to suck your cock,” she tells him after her orgasm.

She drops to her knees and unzips his pants, taking out her prize. It’s her chef’s prick. She grips it with both hands then licks it, teasing it. Elsa starts off by sucking his balls then eventually putting it in her mouth. “It’s so hard,” she tells him as she wraps her lips around it. “That’s what you want,” he asks. Elsa keeps her big beautiful eyes open and pinned on his as he fucks her mouth. He stuffs her throat so much that she’s gagging and spitting up. He beats her tongue with his hard cock then fucks her throat again. Elsa invites him to her bedroom to fuck her tight pussy, but before he can do that, she jerks and sucks his cock some more. She spends a lot of time showing his balls some love then tells him her pussy is nice and wet and ready for his cock. Jean feeds her hungry pussy with his dick, stretching it out cowgirl style. “That’s good,” he tells her as her wet pussy swallows his pole. Jean takes over, slamming her body onto his and bouncing up and down on his cock. She’s soon cumming on her private chef’s dick and tasting it. She gets comfortable riding his cock in reverse cowgirl position and we get great close-up shots of her pussy being stuffed. Elsa is cumming all over his cock again as he drills her cunt. “You have the best cock ever,” she says right before cumming. The best part of the scene is the downward doggy pounding that Elsa takes. She looks over her shoulder back at him in pleasure. “No one has ever fucked me this deep,” she tells him. Jean moves into doggy style, squatting over her pussy and drilling it hard and deep. He pulls out and eats her wet pussy then lies her on her back for a round of missionary. He pumps her until he’s ready to pop then pulls out and shoots his load on her face and in her mouth. “That’s the best cream you’ve ever made,” she says while swallowing his load.

Scene 4: Khloe Kapri and Jean Val Jean

Khloe and her half-sister have always been total opposites. So, she was surprised when her sister agreed to let her move in with her and her boyfriend, Jean. Khloe gets along with her sister, but she gets along even better with her Jean. Khloe flirts with him every chance she gets. One night, when Khloe overheard her sister and Jean fighting, she figures she’ll ask him about it in the morning. The next day, after her sister left, she sees Jean in the living room in his underwear. She says that must have been some fight with her sister. Jean says she didn’t even say goodbye when she left. Khloe probes more and asks him what the fight was about. It turns out that Jean wanted to rim his girlfriend, but she didn’t want any part of it. Khloe tells him she would love to have someone do that to her because she knows it feels so good.

Jean decides to make Khloe fantasy come true. She gets in doggy position on the couch, Jean pulls her panties down and tongues her ass hole. Khloe is in nirvana and never wants Jean to stop. She bets she can please Jean better than her sister and takes him to the bedroom. “I love watching your cock grow for me, she says as she jerks his hard meat.” He instructs her to lie on the bed on her stomach, so he can fuck her mouth. Jean bangs Khloe’s throat, making her eyes well up. When Jean lies on the bed, Khloe spends more time mouthing his cock and balls. “I want you to fuck me like there’s no tomorrow,” she tells him. “Make me feel every inch of it.” Khloe feels every inch of his dick cowgirl style, bouncing up and down on it. Her pussy creams all over his pipe. She orders him to pound her pussy then she climbs off and sucks it. After tasting her own pussy off his dick, she rides it reverse cowgirl style. Taking every inch of Jean deep inside her pussy. She sucks him some more then enjoys getting slammed from behind, doggy style. Jean pulls out and rims her again, tonguing her ass hole. “Yeah, lick my ass, you fucking perv,” Khloe tells him. She takes a hard pounding in downward doggy position, screaming “don’t fucking stop.” He fucks her just as hard missionary style then cums all over her face and in her mouth, beating her tongue with his cock. “I love how that cum tastes,” she mumbles before sucking his dick.

Final Thoughts:

Featured DVD cover girl, Elsa Jean, causes a stir in the kitchen in Natural Beauties 5, heating things up for her family’s private chef, Jean Val Jean. After getting suspended from school for two days, Elsa decides to make the most of her time off by seducing Jean once her parents leave the house. Jean goes from chopping vegetables on the counter to tonguing Elsa’s hot pussy on the counter before banging her tight hole. Elsa has turned her bad day into the best day ever and she plans to do it all again. This is a flick I highly recommend for its young, natural and beautiful babes and their steamy, sexual performances. In addition to Elsa, Naomi Woods, Kendall Kayden, and Khloe Capri get their pussies stretched by Jean Val Jean and Manuel Ferrera in hot vignettes that introduce new, attention-grabbing storylines. Each scene is shot in the highest quality and the girls maintain a high level of sexual chemistry throughout. This 5th installment in the Greg Lansky series doesn’t disappoint and is a pleasure to watch.

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