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Ardent Desires

Studio: Pulse Distribution » Review by Impale-her » Review Date: 11/10/17

XCritic's Advice: Skip It


Genre: Feature

Directors:  None Listed

Cast: Chiki Dulce, Apolonia Lapiedra, Ena Sweet, Silvia Nubi, Carolina Abril


Length: 1 hr 21 minutes

Date of Production: September 12, 2017

Extras: Photo Gallery

Condoms: No

Audio/Video Quality: Very basic, the audio and video, no major issues, as it is only 81 minutes long

Body of Review:  There is actual no possible to summarize the film, its 5-randon scenes of sex, in a foreign language with each of them covering a different place or theme, and themes not used long then again its only 81-minutes in duration. In addition, the order of the scenes on the back the DVD cover is not the order they actually occur, so here is the order below.

scene 1

Scene One:  “Ardent Desire” Chiki Dulce is enjoying a book while naked in bed, and her lover enters the room in silence and he begins to massage her ass, squeezing and pumping it thoroughly well, rolling her over too munch on his favorite meal, it goes well as she oohs and ahhs, during the pleasure. A quick switch and Chiki lies across the bed and sucks on her lover’s cock, (his name not spoken) then fucking starts quickly. He fucks her standing up and then lays her down with her on a single bed, her hand in mid air and rest on another bed and fucked some more. Aside for the stand positions, it appears as a rush scene and is in a foreign language with subtitles – oh great.   

scene 1

scene 1


Scene Two:   “Blindfold” Apolonia Lapiedra gets blindfolded by her lover and has to feel around for him while the soft jazz soundtrack plays in the background.

scene 2

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He kisses Apolonia in a living setting and removes her tee, and begins a soft kiss on the right nipple and kneels before her to kiss her belly and then leads over to a table and picks her up and places her gently on the table naked. He then begins to lick her bald pussy, occasionally pausing to kiss her inner thighs and then fingering her clit, all as she sighs deeply. Once more subtitles in the porn flick, white lettering on a light beyond and very tiny – ignore it. He then helps her onto her knees with her ass up and face down to work on her pussy for a moment from the rear; suddenly he removes the blindfold why? She then leans from to suck him, she caresses his balls and swirls her tongue around the head of his cock, teasing the underside of his cock too. Occasionally in the segment the body positioning of the angles, wide shot to extreme wide shot to not have anyone around. Soon enough they’re on a couch and he fucks her on her back and then switch to her riding his cock, she does nicely grinding herself on him, before switching to the reverse cowgirl position. Next they’re fucking on their left side then right side, to finish with her bent over and sound fucking with a cumshot on her ass.

scene 2

Scene Three:   “Bubble Bath” Ena Sweet is sitting in a tub and her lover (the phrase used for all the men, as they are all unnamed, just a guy with a cock willing to fuck beautiful women), comes in to splash water on her briefly (note there’s no bubbles in the bath). Soon enough he gets a towel and dries her off slowly and carefully, before he strips. Ena thanks him by kneeling to suck his cock very briefly with one or two sucks. Then he has her sit on a counter and he knees to eat her (nothing shown of his tongue action) then literally a jump cut (found in mainstream horror movies) appears and he’s on a bed fucking her in missionary, then jump cut to on their side facing the camera and one more instant switch to her riding him. Now granted a tad longer of her riding him, and then she lays between his legs and sucks his cock, thereby tasting swallowing her own juices too, followed by them switching positions so he then fucks her pussy.

scene 3

They fuck again with her sitting sidesaddle to and bouncing up and down on his cock (a different position) but a lame finish to the fuck session. Once they’re finished we witness the bubbles, as he hands her a container to blow bubbles in the air, seriously no one thought of that when reading the title for the scene.

scene 3

Scene Four:  “Checkmate” A couple plays strip chess, an interesting variation on the strip-game theme, and finally in English, Silvia Nubi loses her shoes, blouse, and pants exposing more of her tattoo covered body while her lover loses his jacket, shirt and pants as they play he plays with her foot. Of course it leads to dismissing the game and her lover doing a little toe-sucking on both feet. Meanwhile the camera takes a moment to examine Silvia’s tats as she undoes her bra, encouraging them to embrace for some kisses, and removal of her panties. Her lover kneels and works his bearded face over her pussy, a nice close-up of his tonguing skills, and yet a brief uninteresting shot of his hand in his pants obviously working himself over to excitement. He stands and she lovers his briefs and began to slowly suck him, once again an odd view of his facial pleasure of the sucking, sorry but who cares about him, want to see Silvia motor her mouth on his cock, which doesn’t last long.

scene 4

She then bends over and he fucks while grabbing hold of her tits but this lasts briefly (no surprise) and she mounts him and he takes her again with the intent of a quickie. And it’s over…

Scene Five:  “Stairway” and guarantee it’s not to heaven…Carolina Abril on a modernization floating stairs trying to tie her sneakers and her lover comes down to help starts kissing her and then takes her dress assisting her to bend over and slowly removing her panties and begins eating her pussy from behind in an aggressive manner. He sits down so she can suck his tool while kneeling on a step, she strokes and sucks taking it all in or as much as she can, again very wide distant shots and few close-ups of her tonguing the head of his cock.

scene 5

They switch positions again so he can fuck on the stairs as she’s bent over, and her sighs filled the empty room, he does a little ass grabbing while pushing in his meaty tool. They both walk over to the center of the room and kneel together with and overhead camera shot and she mounts him for gitty up and ride rodeo, and assumes the same position as found on the DVD cover.

scene 5


Slowly control the depth of his penetrating cock and gyrating on it, bouncing lovingly on his cock, her pussy lips wrap around his cock. And they end by resting on the floor, with no speaking in the scene perhaps a plus.

scene 5


Summary: Simply skip this DVD, the action not worth your time, interest or money, and the framing very atrocious, it contains the strangest angles not in a good way and there’s occasion an offset bang or cough. Best to check the Xcritic site to find something they recommend, because this is not it.

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