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Speed (a.k.a. The Future King)

Studio: Other » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 11/12/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

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Genre: Medieval costume drama, double creampie

Cast: Jay Taylor, Xander Corvus, Anthony Rosano (non-sex), Gia Steel (non-sex)

Director: Lord Maxwell

Release Date: Oct. 31, 2017

Length: 43 min.

Condoms: None



We here at Xcritic take great pride in welcoming our newest contributor to our little family. You all know her as a driving force in the industry, doing amazing work both in front of and behind the cameras, delivering some of the truly hottest and most memorable scenes available. I'm talking about none other than our adorable Yippie Skip herself, the wonderful Jay Taylor. This multifaceted talent has carved out quite a niche in her five years in the industry. Working not only in the adult genre, she's also work behind the scenes of many a mainstream indie films. She's a prolific writer, blogger, interviewer, as well as one of the most versatile performers today. Truly and amazing woman and we so look forward in reading her insites and reviews for our little fansite. As one of her fans I've been given the privileged honor to review her latest scene for the adult fantasy site baremaidens.com.


Overview: This scene is part of a much longer ongoing fantasy series on Bare Maidens. This storyline follows the adventures and sexual exploits of a prince and future king Xander Corvus as he battles his father for rule. Jay plays as his love interest and together they burn up the screen with very intense and energetic sex. It's a beautifully shot scene, with a fantastic pairing of two of the most talented people in the business.


Speed” (a.k.a. “The Future King”)


We don't waste any time getting right into the action. Xander is feeling all over Jay's slender athletic body, saying how much he loves her tits, legs and cunt. Jay returns the compliment by dropping to her knees and sucking on Xander's cock. Slowly and sensuously Jay wraps her gorgeous lips around his head and uses both hands on him. As with everything Jay does it's the personification of sexy.


Xander then bends her over the table and fucks her from behind. He pumps his cock in and out of her until she cums, making the sexiest O-faces I've seen in a while. He then lifts her leg up and they fuck ballerina style. First she's standing on her left leg to give us a terrific penetration shot from the front, then she shifts to the right so we get to see her beautifully shaped ass as Xander keeps fucking her. After giving her multiple orgasms she sucks her juices off of his engorged member and then climbs up for a cowgirl position. Xander slams her pussy from underneath making her cum over and over before Jay takes over and rides him to tomorrow. She bounces up and down, simply engulfing his cock with her sweet pussy taking it all balls deep to the hilt.


She cleans all of her cum off of his cock with her mouth and tongue again, and then climbs back up and fucks him reverse cowgirl. BEAUTIFUL closeup shot of Jay's pussy taking Xander's cock all the way as she glides it up and down his entire shaft. He pounds her pussy from underneath making his swollen balls slap against her clit bringing more intense orgasms to Jay. At this point the scene cuts to a brief shot outside where we see gypsy maiden Gia Steel as she approaches Xander's place. It then cuts back to Xander pile driving Jay, Xander holding her legs open as he teabags Jay's pussy with his cock. Jay's pussy is just so beautiful as it glistens from her moisture brought about from Xander's cock as he pistons it in and out of her. She sucks her juices off again and then Xander titty fucks her, Xander wrapping her gorgeous breasts around his cock as he massages her cleavage with it. They then go into a missionary with Xander stabbing Jay's dripping wet pussy with his cock. She takes all of his cock into her sweet tight pussy, Xander pulling out to give it well deserved kisses before fucking her some more.


They keep gloriously fucking, enjoying each other to no ends, when suddenly there's a knock at the door. Angered by the interruption Xander gets dressed and sees it's his servant Anthony Rosano and a mysterious young woman. It's beautiful wide eyed young gypsy Gia Steel. She comes bearing a gift, sealing the alliance between the two families. It's a small bile of blue liquid. Xander pops the cork and takes a whiff, and things start to get freaky. He starts to hear voices and the room contorts. He sends her away goes to his maps, Jay laying naked the bed. She calls to him, but he is obsessed with the bottle and it's contents. She starts masturbating when Xander takes a taste of the liquid and turns over an hourglass, to see what effect it will have. We then cut to Jay as she rubs her pussy, showing us her award winning masturbation skills. The camera beautifully caresses her lean sexy body as she squeezes her tits and she pleasures herself to orgasm with her fingers.


She smiles and licks the fingers as she drifts off to sleep. Meanwhile Xander is waiting for the potion to kick in, just to see what effect it will have. The hourglass runs out and suddenly he is overcome with energy. He feeling newly found strength building inside of him. He then sees everything moving in slow motion, the flames from the candles, his wine from his goblet. It's just a rush of energy he's never felt before. He then looks over and sees Jay's beautiful frame laying naked before him. He rushes over and showers her with kisses. The delighted Jay opens up and the already rock hard Xander penetrates her. Jay is delightfully shocked. She's never seen him so horny and energetic like this and she's loving it. Xander stabs Jay with cock, Jay's leg wrapped around Xander's arm as he t-bones her.


The intense looks of pleasure on Jay's face is a clear indication of how much she's loving Xander's new found energy. He keeps fucking her this way until he cums inside her, his cock twitching as it pumps stream after stream of jizz in Jay's pussy. With just a little dribble of cum on the outside of pussy, Xander takes a short breather, but only long enough to build up enough energy for round two. He simply can't get enough of Jay's sweet pussy (and who could blame him). He t-bones her some more until his cock starts twitching again and her fills Jay's pussy up with his cum. After the second go round, Xander finally passes out and Jay sneaks out. The scene ends the next morning, the dew out on the lawn in the sunrise. Xander wakes up in a daze to Jay being gone and returns to the table and goes over his maps. He contemplates the potion when there's a knock on the door. It's Anthony Rosano returning with news of the King advancing, and the newly energized is ready for battle. End scene.


Final Thoughts: I think it's fantastic when you have two great talents working together. Xander Corvus has always been a favorite. His subtle, low key acting performances always give a great gentle air of intensity. And what else can I say about Jay Taylor? The woman is just too damn sexy, with her beautiful slender all natural body, her terrific girl next door slightly tom-boyish looks. If there's one word I can use to describe her it's “intensity”. This is a woman who simply loves the act of sex, and she always gives her audience 200%. We are so lucky to have her at writing for Xcritic. And as for the scene itself, it's so absolutely beautiful. Bare Maidens always delivers when it comes to lavish sets, beautiful scores, and majestic exterior shots. Director Lord Maxwell did a bang up job. So in conclusion, welcome Jay to our little family. We so look forward to working with you, and are so anxious read your insights into the industry you know so well first hand. I Highly Recommend everyone watch this scene. Now only available on the Bare Maidens site, it will be available as a two parter on Jay's website. Also follow her online at Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, tumblr, and Facebook.


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