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I Am Katrina A Sex Documentary

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 11/14/17

XCritic's Advice: XCritic Pick

Genres: Star Showcase, Documentary

Directors: Evil Chris (Gentile), Aiden Starr, Francesca Le, Jonni Darkko, John Stagliano, Mark Wood


Chapters Menu

Chapters Menu

Cast: Katrina Jade, Francesca Le, Kissa Sins, Venus Lux, Mark Wood, Markus Dupree, John Strong, John Stagliano (Non-Sex), Nigel Dictator (Non-Sex)

Length Disc 1: 2 hours 3 minutes Length Disc 2: 1 hour 54 minutes

Date of Release: October 30, 2017

Extras All On Disc 2: Cumshot Recap, 3 Menu-Selectable Trailers, Cast List, Performer Filmographies, Website Info

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Superb on both fronts. A variety of cameras get employed by a legion of legendary directors to be polished down to a 16*9 format which is great visually. The audio is well captured and there are subtle soundtracks going on at times that lend themselves to a cohesive feeling in the scenes themselves.

Overview: Katrina Jade gets four sex scenes shot by four amazing directorial teams all while having the processes documented by yet another director! Part porn, part documentary. Never a dull moment. Below, I will give you a look at the sex scenes themselves but keep in mind that half the fun of this production comes before and after the scenes themselves. If you like BTS segments then you will absolutely go bonkers over this double-disc set, as it is basically 4 hours of BTS while the action happens. When you watch it, you'll see what I mean. Look for plenty of award nods for this title. Don't miss!

Scene 1: Katrina Jade, John Strong, Markus Dupree

Katrina Jade

Dupree and Strong get to double team Katrina after their interview and Katrina's tease for Darkko. Markus takes first flight into her ass cavity and then crawls over her so John can have a turn. She rubs her pussy with her black-nailed fingers as the guys trade time in her booty, having her suck them clean in between. Katrina is glad to be their little butt-slut and Markus is pretty enthusiastic about getting his knob slobbed after exiting her rear.

Katrina Jade

Katrina's body looks as tight as a drum while the guys flit between her holes with their cocks, Markus' screams of "Whoa Fuck" making it totally believable that he is just ecstatic that his job is to fuck and be sucked by super hot porn stars. Lying on her back, ass propped in the air while one guy plunges into it, she jerks the other while his balls lay on her forehead. The camera swaps between closeups of her jeweled pussy, her gaping ass, and her face as the guys just plow her holes. There's a harsh edit as she holds both cocks to her face, stroking them, which lands on her sitting in Markus' lap, his dick in her ass when he isn't trading hole time with John. Even when she's held in a full Nelson, pussy to the sky, the guys avoid ever DP'ing her. There's another harsh edit that brings her to doggy, sucking John while Markus swaps between her other holes. She finally kneels for the dual-fisting jerk that brings them to fruition on her face, Markus screaming long and loudly as he unloads.

Scene 2: Francesca Le, Katrina Jade, Mark Wood

Katrina Jade Francesca Le

The LeWood husband and wife team get their shot at Miss Jade next. It's an interesting setup in the fact that the BTS of the trio interacting beforehand flows right into a somewhat scripted scene that has Katrina applying to be a contract girl for Evil Angel while Francesca looks over porn resumes. Since she only has a single anal scene to her name, Le is going to have to see her do some modeling and take some things up her ass. Francesca gets up close and personal to check out her butt hole as the trio banter. Soon enough, Francesca's finger is in Katrina's ass, followed by a long glass toy. To check her multitasking skills, they have her suck Mark's member as she gets reamed. Francesca joins the slob and spitfest as they work Mark's wood.

Katrina Jade Francesca Le

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Before you know it, Francesca's lying underneath Jade, fingering and tonguing her as Katrina sucks off Le's hubby. After some ass slaps, she has Katrina mount her husband for some pussy action before they move onto the LeWood anal specialty. Mark watches Katrina's tongue as it explores his wife's snatch and then throat fucks his wife for a bit before Francesca goes finger spelunking in Jade's anal chasm. Soon enough, Mark is also probing Katrina's anus as the trio fervently plays with each other, moans and dialog melding together as the romp gets even more intense. A play-by-play is out of the question here as Mark's cock goes from hole to hole on both ladies and Francesca slides around into every seemingly impossible access point imaginable while Katrina screams with delight. This is not anal porn from one of those other famous directors...this is crazy wild action from the LeWood team with rising superstar Katrina Jade set loose to explore her boundaries. It ends with the ladies all wild-eyed and open-mouthed as Mark has them drop for the pop and share his load amongst themselves orally.

Scene 3: Katrina Jade, Venus Lux

Katrina Jade

Venus is sporting some shiny knee-high boots, Katrina clad in what appears to be supple, black leather. Once their tops are out of the way, their tits appear to be similar in shape and size, Katrina's being pierced. Katrina gets her body explored with Venus' tongue, her strappy get up slowing her unclothing. Once that getup is out of the way, Venus enjoys some tongue-to-slit time on Katrina who has her legs held high and wide. Venus' cock stiffens and gets slid into Jade's love tunnel. Their eye contact is solid and they banter with mumbled voices. Venus' long hair hangs down as her cock thrusts methodically into Katrina's kitty. Their bodies start to shine as Katrina takes time to suck some of her juices before presenting herself in doggie.

Katrina Jade Venus Lux

Those with a fondness for hot boots will like some of the angles they get displayed in as Venus' balls slap into Katrina. Jade shows off her rodeo skills, her tight ass undulating on Venus' hard cock. Venus appears to drift off to a different existence plane as Katrina rides in reverse. Soon, Katrina also drifts to that plane as her face becomes relaxed while their bodies pump in unison. Jades jeweled nether region gleams in the sun in a modified spoon and they roll through the positions again. Slowly, determinedly, Katrina works her box on Venus' rod and then decides to vary her rhythms. Venus slides out to jerk to completion and then slides back in for a quick, last dip which results in a creampie. With Katrina straddling Venus still, the pair pause to relish the moment. Venus involuntarily jerks as Katrina cleans her cock off orally while staring into lens center.

Scene 4: Katrina Jade, Kissa Sins

Katrina and Kissa are lying on the beach and flirting with John Stagliano who is out shooting video. They are really accommodating to him as he approaches and tries to convince them to come back to his house with a pool so they can get sand off of their bodies. Accommodating is too tame of a word since Kissa takes control and sits on Katrina so they can show off their sandy feet in closeup. The ladies are all smiles and giggles as they rub their asses together. Once at his house, the ladies show that they are even less inhibited behind closed doors. In keeping with the theme of the shoot, the ladies play all young and naive while they paw at each other and John plays a surprised old guy who is busy gawking but trying to capture it all on film.

Katrina Jade Kissa Sins

With both ladies' pierced nipples exposed, John takes time to touch them and pull on them for his own amusement as the ladies flit their tongues together while giggling. Once they bend over John almost strokes out while explaining his reputation as Buttman. In true Buttman fashion, the ladies play with each other in what can be explained to a younger generation as what "Girls Gone Wild" has always aspired to be but never quite achieved. While trying to maintain the "amazed old guy" persona, Stagliano falls right back into his legendary groove of capturing every nuance of their bodies in exquisite detail. After an extended amount of standing up playtime, the ladies get down to business with Katrina folded in half while Kissa lubes up her crotch with copious amounts of spit. John's directions from behind the lens are delivered in a semi-innocent, question and answer format which works really well. Holes get explored deeply with tongues and fingers, the ladies smiles never waning. There is some of the most playful chokings and spitting you may ever see on film, it's really hard to describe and their constant laugh-filled moans make it even more enjoyable. Their play is almost like they are both sharing a personality with James Deen while performing rough acts on each other but it comes across with an absolutely dissimilar vibe than rough sex between a man and a woman. Katrina's face ends up covered in slobber as Kissa orally assaults her snatch like a rabid animal. John has given up his persona by this time; much too busy trying to keep up with the crazy ladies who seem to be having the time of their lives rolling around the wooden floor or pouncing each other on nearby furniture. Stagliano seems to remember he's the director here by the time both ladies have their faces covered in slobber and pressed together, giving them some ideas of what they can do.

Katrina Jade Kissa Sins

Just when he thinks he has a handle on things, the ladies careen out the patio door and into the pool. There, the action turns to twerking and toe sucking, their laughter never ceasing as they try to choke each other out with their feet. The sun is casting long shadows and creating lens flares which work really well to highlight the absolute pandemonium that is going down on the deck and in the water as the ladies play on. Kissa doesn't miss a beat when they get too rambunctious and splash John's camera, immediately grabbing something to wipe it with. As the ladies draw their play to a close and discuss what just happened John has to get up and walk away, admitting that he had lost control of the scene long ago and just stayed on to capture the spectacular action.

Final Thoughts: Wow. Let's start there. This is a star-studded star showcase. We see a lot of showcases here at XCritic and I can tell you that this one is in a class of its own. Unlike the team collaborative review we did of Angela Volume 3 that we all raved about, I took this one on alone. That's probably a good thing because unlike that one, this one doesn't have a single creative mind behind but tons of them. Evil Angel came up with a concept that mixes documentary footage with hardcore sex and then let five directorial teams loose with rising superstar Katrina Jade. The result is magnificent.

The overall movie is helmed by Evil Chris who is in charge of the documentary footage and I can tell you that footage is some of the best Behind-The-Scenes footage you will come across in the world of adult cinema today. You get a great look at what is actually involved in making a film of this magnitude as he documents Katrina's adventures with four other directorial teams. One of those teams consists of Mark Wood and Francesca Le and they also are her costars in the scene! It's a great take on the threesome genre and viewers will find it refreshing. Aiden Starr takes on another scene that features Katrina finally getting to go at a long lust of hers: Transgender superstar Venus Lux. Jonni Darko's scene starts things off with the power-DP team of Markus Dupree and John Strong taking turns in Katrina's holes and leaving nothing to the imagination. The legendary director and founder of Evil Angel closes things out by going back to his roots as Buttman and capturing exquisite footage of the most intense, toyless, girl-girl romp you may ever see while trying to stay in character during the craziness that is going on in front of his lens.

I wasn't sure what I was getting into with this disc. It might have failed miserably considering all the talent involved behind the cameras and their differing styles. I'm here to tell you that is not the case. It works beautifully. Katrina and her costars just absolutely shine here! The stories and interviews that precede and follow the sex are just as replayable as the sex scenes themselves. I wish there were ways to get to them from the menu! That's about the only fault I can find with this four-hour production. "I Am Katrina" is an absolutely fantastic start to what I am sure will become an ongoing series for Evil Angel. She's not only beautiful in her scenes but an absolutely fantastic person to watch and listen to behind the scenes. Her costars here all exude massive chemistry with her and there is never a moment where you'll be looking at the counter on your DVD player. Kudos to everyone involved. XCritic Pick.

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