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Daddy's Girls

Studio: Pure Taboo » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 11/16/17

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genres: 18+ Teens, Threesomes, Family Roleplay, Vignettes

Directors: Bree Mills, Craven Moorehead


Chapters Menu

Cast: Alison Rey, Karlee Grey, Kimber Woods, Erica Lauren (Non-Sex), Tommy Pistol, Ryan McLane

Length: 1 hour 33 minutes

Date of Release: November 8, 2017

Extras: Trailer for "Half His Age"

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Very good on both counts. 16*9 presentation of a hi-def capture. This was viewed as a pre-release disc that the studio sent but should be the same as the retail version.

Overview: This is the 2nd disc from new studio Pure Taboo. The studio may be new but it's the same crew that is behind Pretty Dirty, with the creative talents of Craven Moorehead and Bree Mills leading the charge. Here, they have put together two short stories from their website that feature some fauxcest. The studio is priding itself on the stories and the fact that there is actual acting involved rather than a two-second setup and then hardcore sex. Let's take a look at what they came up with.

Scene 1:  Alison Rey, Karlee Grey, Ryan McLane "Daddy's Girls"

Alison has a "perfect" church-going family that shares delicious family meals. At one of those meals, her stepdad Ryan announces that he has decided to foster an eighteen-year-old girl that he met through the church. Alison is taken aback but her Mom (face never shown) seems okay with the idea.

Okay...I know what you're thinking...why would an eighteen-year-old girl need a foster family? Yeah...me too. But let's move on for the sake of the plot. However shaky that plot might be.

Alison Rey

Alison is really against the idea once she learns she'll be sharing a room with the new girl. The next thing she knows, some hussy (Karlee) shows up at the door. She immediately starts to suspect there's more to this girl than her dad let on and tries to catch them doing something immoral. When that plan takes too long, she decides to wear some of her new sister's clothes to see if it turns her dad on. Sure enough, after plenty of chastisement from her, he gives in and lets his stepdaughter jerk him off.

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Alison Rey & Karlee Grey

One thing leads to another and Karlee walks in and freaks out when she sees Alison's lips wrapped around her father's cock. A catfight ensues right in Ryan's lap, with girls clawing and yanking hair to see who can throat him deeper. Before you know it, the ladies are bouncing on his boner while bickering with each other and calling each other names (Which Ryan doesn't like since they are a good, charitable, churchgoing family that should understand sharing). The girls jockey for position, the arguing never ceasing, as Ryan continues to enjoy his daughters' snatches and mouths.

Alison Rey & Karlee Grey

There's not a lot of sense in describing the action that happens. What I will say is that the totally inappropriate actions of Alison are a turn on, as is the trampy outfit she "borrowed" from her new sister. The sibling rivalry and constant bickering that goes on while the girls compete for their dad's love log actually works in the scene. It's a fresh take on the fauxcest that is so prevalent in today's porn and I think viewers will like it.

Scene 2: Kimber Woods, Tommy Pistol, Erica Lauren  "Stretching For Daddy"

Kimber has begun a sexual relationship with her stepdad. One day, he shows up with a gift. It's a big, shiny butt plug. Mom's busy making lunch so he heads off to do Dad stuff while leaving her to see if it fits.

Kimber Woods

In a fun to watch sequence, Kimber lubes it up and tries to get it in her ass. With a one-finger warmup that becomes two, she thinks she's ready. Oops. Not quite. More warmup and a try from a different angle finally allow it to slide in. She pulls it out and reinserts a few times, proud of her accomplishment. That's when Mom knocks on the door announcing lunch is ready.

Kimber Woods

She heads down to lunch with the family, that her Mom has prepared. It's a nice, square meal that nobody really eats much of because they are too busy having a wholesome family conversation as Tommy fingers Kimber under the table while talking about apple pie and making his wife remember how delicious that one in the past was. Once Erica's mouth is watering, she jumps up to go fetch a pie from the bakery. She played right into Tommy's plan and he and Kimber head to the living room for some deep penetrating anal sex.

Kimber Woods

Tommy stays dressed while he nails his stepdaughter, who enjoys him thrusting into her ass as she's bent over the arm of the couch. Kimber makes little dolphin-like squeaks as she cums while Tommy rams into her. She has no problem taking him ass to mouth, her dolphin squeaks continuing as he rams her head down on his shaft. She does some rodeo riding, with his finger in her ass, and loves it when she gets her ass eaten while Tommy shoves his hand into her slit. She is busy getting nailed in spoon when Mom comes home and starts clearing the lunch dishes from the table. She muffles her screams of ecstasy as Daddy's ass reaming continues. Finally dropping for his load to cover her face, she smiles as Tommy tells her to get dressed while he zips up his fly and Mom walks in with pie.

Final Thoughts: First off, I'm an Alison Rey fan. She works really well in this role. Her determination to get her "dad" to admit he's fucking her new "sister" and the fact that she keeps pestering him about it while jerking him off is good dirty fun. It's even more fun when Karlee shows up and they argue like siblings the whole time they try to one-up each other while servicing Ryan. Ryan also works well in this role (unbelievable as the situation is), constantly reiterating his good, churchgoing nature as he fucks both of his daughters. Karlee works really well in her role as the slutty, new sister. The arguing they do is not LOL funny but there are moments during their spat that ALMOST make one or more of them break character and a smile has to be wiped from their faces.

The second story is just as fun to watch. Kimber's facial expressions as she tries to insert a buttplug for the "first" time are great. The lunchtime banter with Erica is also amusing as Tommy plays "his wife" into running out to get some pie so he can get some booty from her daughter.

It's story-based porn that you'll actually want to pay attention to the story. There aren't any chapter stops that will allow you to conveniently jump right to the sex (at least in my version - maybe the retail version will). The sex is good and as expected with this studio, the acting is also above average but not award-winning. I think it has a good amount of replay value which is why I'm going to Recommend it rather than telling you to stream it on demand but weigh that against the cost of the disc which only has two scenes and no extras. If you're a member of the Pure Taboo site then you're all set to go with this one!

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