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Interracial Milfs Vol. 2

Studio: Dark X » Review by Steve P » Review Date: 11/18/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Content: 4/5 stars

Running Time: 2 hours, 17 minutes

Cast: Cherie DeVille, Britney Amber, Mona Wales, Brandi Love, Jovan Jordan, Rob Piper, Jax Slayher, and Isiah Maxwell

Directed by: James Avalon

Genres: All Sex, Big Cock, Interracial, MILF, Mature

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: Shot in HD, presumably

Bonus Scenes: N/A

Extras: Cumshot recap and a photo slideshow

Overview: While Blacked — and now Blacked Raw — has consistently been dominating and raising the bar for interracial pornography and DogFart has remained committed to churning out a wide variety of ongoing web-series of racially charged sex-scenes, DarkX, the interracial branch of HardX, has quietly made sweeping improvements to their content.

Ignoring the explosion of interracial MILF titles that have exploded onto stores shelves and into adult DVD warehouses over the last few years, Interracial Milfs Vol. 2 still stands on its own in a saturated market. On top of recruiting performers who didn't do interracial scenes, such as Brandi Love, and the hottest new starlets in the form of Lana Rhoades and Lena Paul, DarkX has almost entirely rebranded their content with the assistance of directors James Avalon and Mason. In Interracial Milfs Vol. 2, the first compilation disc I've watched from them since Interracial Teens Vol. 2 (which I called conventional yet enjoyable), their style has taken a remarkable step forward in being more cinematic. It's a bit of an amalgamation of the elegant ambiance of Blacked and the rougher intercourse commonly found in DogFart, yet doesn't look too much like one or the other to the point where porn fans should cry ripoff. The disc, which is just over two hours, is a uniformly well-made showcase of mature and buxom women with experience en masse complimented by their affinity for handsome, black men and energetic sex.

Scene 1 "The Perfect Sale Part 1:" Cherie DeVille and Jovan Jordan

Cherie DeVille (who I really grew to love in Lethal Hardcore's recent release Mom Don't Drive Dick Drunk) is struggling to close in the real estate market after a rough slump, and her husband, Rob Piper, isn't making matters easy on her. Cherie needs to close on a hot property as soon as possible or she'll lose yet another prime listing. She's grown close with Jovan Jordan, an interested buyer, but when he comes to her saying that it might not be the right time for him and his wife Britney Amber to buy, Cherie makes a move on him despite being a married woman herself.

She pounces and grinds her bottom all over his lap, leading to Jovan to help her strip down to a bra and panties. Foreplay is almost as sexy as the intercourse, as Cherie flails her pussy on him, licks his nipple, and sucks his dick with evident desperation but no loss of passion. James Avalon's camera is also exciting, employing new angles and perspectives on a regular basis. His frequent positioning of the camera on Cherie's bouncing ass while she gives jovan a vigorous blowjob is a wise and mesmerizing little shot.

The first point of entry for our man is quirky, as Cherie finagles herself sideways on Jovan upon initial penetration then comes into her own reverse cowgirl. Her sexual energy is markedly high throughout the entire scene and there's an orgasmic and frantic adrenaline that loans to her performance. Cherie also pulls off a tricky footjob when she turns around to ride Jovan, cupping the soles of her feet around his penis to stroke while she makes love to him.

Positions cycle, and soon enough Jovan overtakes the action to become more of a dominant role, forcing his dick into Cherie's mouth during a blowjob and favoring rapid, deeper strokes when she pulls apart her legs on her back. Blowjobs subsequently get sloppier, and sexier, in turn, and Cherie's prowess is ceaseless as she overworks Jovan into a soaking sweat and deep exhaustion.

The later moments include a missionary that echoes the beginning of the sex, and a hot moment where Cherie widens her legs and bobs her butt and crotch atop Jovan's lap for one final arousing romp and a bold move to potentially seal the deal. Jovan makes her beg for his load and her reward is her face bathed in cum and a newly sold house - she cleans herself up by showing how finger-licking good semen is, especially after a fresh fuck. "The Perfect Sale" is a Blacked-style scene that uses similar tropes to create something thoroughly engaging and very entertaining. 4/5 stars.

Scene 2 "The Perfect Sale Part 2: Let Me Return the Favor:" Britney Amber and Rob Piper

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Immediately after Cherie is scene sucking her fingers after a wonderful rendezvous with Jovan, we cut to Rob Piper, Cherie's husband, talking to Britney Amber, Jovan's wife, about closing on the house and all its interworkings. Rob can hardly focus given the stress at home, and Britney notices this and suggests it's because the thrill of having sex with Cherie has long run its course for her friend and assisting agent. She does what she knows how to do best and peels back her blouse to allow Rob to suck on her tits.

Britney's blowjob technique is uncharacteristically methodical compared to her other scenes, and attentive to the testicles as well; she does her thing by scarfing down his long but nimble penis while using both hands. Once her pants are off, Rob goes down on her and his skills are aided by Britney pinching her labia and clitoris, causing her to wiggle in ecstasy. To begin the sex, she sinks down on his dick slowly but gives into rough penetration in mere moments. Reverse cowgirl reveals Britney rubbing herself while balancing her feet on Rob's thighs, showing she's not only a woman craving maximum pleasure, she's a woman willing to put herself in some risky positions to get it.

She grinds her booty on Rob, twerking it intermittently while the sex intensifies. She spices things up mid-sex with a blowjob that evolves into a more equitable 69. Moreover, one of Britney's best physical traits is her expressive eyes, which always seem to open-wide at one point or another during her many alluring scenes. They are shown with their full potential when Rob lifts her leg and spoons her as they precariously fuck off the side of the couch, again, showing a desire to live a tad dangerously. There's a similar goal with doggystyle, with Britney sexily shoved into the arm of the couch while Rob maintains control yet struggles to dominate given Britney's unbreakable passion.

Here's a scene that shows the physicality of porn stars. Notice how Rob must face outward towards the camera in order to reveal the penetration and spread the love to the audience. Take note of how Britney is quite frequently "face down, ass up" in any position that requires her to be bent over. This is tricky choreography pulled off quite extraordinarily at times. The scene persists on: more cunnilingus, more spooning, and soon enough, the two create a manageable, give-and-take groove with one another.

Rob pulls out after screwing Britney on her back, shifts upwards to her face, and dumps a load directly into her mouth - a hot finish for a hot scene. Rob is much more focused after that, despite the sexual gymnastics he had to play while treating Britney to an experience she probably needed just as much. 4/5 stars.

Scene 3 "A Sweet Reunion:" Mona Wales and Jax Slayher

Similar to many of Naughty America's Mrs. Creampie series, if there was ever a scene for couples to watch and arouse themselves with during a romantic and private date, DarkX's "A Sweet Reunion" would be a wise accompaniment. The scene's exposition involves Mona Wales, a middle-aged woman who went on to college while her crush Jax Slayher had his hoop dreams crushed after a devastating injury. He, however, found great success in business, and both got married, had a family, and exchanged some loving and encouraging sentiments at their ten year high school reunion.

Well, their 20th reunion just came around, and both are now divorced and their kids are grown. After a couple drinks and brief small-talk, the two decide to head back to Mona's for more wine and a chance at the fling they never got to have - only this time with more than just college-aged passion.

Mona and Jax make out over drinks, but this time, Jax decides to make the first big move, pushing his lifelong friend's legs apart to eat her out. She follows such a pleasurable experience with the opportunity of her life - to blow her crush of two-decades, and she absolutely seizes it with an immaculate deepthroat blowjob complimented by graceful handwork. Mona sips her wine as Jax requests to see her pussy again, and proceeds to arouse her with his dirty-talk as she gets herself warmed up for sex.

After a lot of teasing, Jax slips insider her with her legs in the air and passion overtakes the both of them. Mona unleashes orgasmic screams and the fiery passion that comes with spreading her cheeks to allow Jax inside of her pussy after years of craving the moment. The ambiance of the beautiful room adds to the caressing on-screen, and strong chemistry between Mona and Jax prompts a believable relationship to unfold. Everything from the set-design, Mona's seductive mannerisms, and quaint little movements during intercourse suggest this could be real, long-term emotion for all I know — and that believability is integral to this scene's success simply as a scene.

This is the first time in the disc, however, I felt the positions became a bit tiresome. Missionary dominates for most of the first half and it takes a lot of endurance before we get some more special and memorable instances. Jax grabs a handful of Mona's ass while choking her, leading to Mona to encourage him to straddle her ass in doggystyle. Moreover, doggystyle prompts anal sex that leads to her body contorting when Jax surprises by lifting her in mid-air, and the smiley aura continues even as the penetration grows with more rigor.

Tone and chemistry are everything here, and when it's time for Jax to pull out of Mona while in the middle of doggystyle and cum all over her ass, you feel as if you've witnessed lovemaking amongst long-term friends. It's a rare feat; one that might've been better without the noticeable presence of routine positions. Make no mistake, however; this is a scene to see simply for the performances and ambiance alone. 3.5/5 stars.

Scene 4 "My Noisy Neighbor:" Brandi Love and Isiah Maxwell

I would've never thought Brandi Love would do interracial after becoming one of the most successful MILF porn stars having not done it up until last year with her debut on Blacked. Perhaps she caught the bug now that she's working with DarkX. Perhaps she's fully committed to satisfying the demand that's built up over the last couple years.

Either way, her "My Noisy Neighbor" scene in DarkX is can't miss-fare, as her married, mother-of-teens self confronts her wealthy neighbor Isiah Maxwell after his repeated offenses in the form of holding loud parties with scantily clad or all-out naked women running around prove to be too much. Isiah apologizes when confronted before a topless girl, who quickly scurries off, and invites Brandi in for a drink that turns all too romantic for a married woman of conservative sensibilities.

"You've been with a lot of young girls," she seductively tells Isiah. "You ever been with a real woman?" He knows exactly what she's talking about, and though this will prove to be a different experience, he undoes his drawers out of habit to indulge in a "real woman" blowjob. Brandi's technique is flawless, gulping down his big dick and using both hands to level it for her mouth. He soon cannot resist, tearing off his neighbor's clothes to reveal that fine, toned physique for which we know Brandi as well as a knockout pair of breasts.

Brandi moves to take a seat on his spit-lathered cock, igniting the fire that leads to terrific, passionate sex. Lovely intimacy crossed with intensifying penetration further comes through as Isiah continues to fall into her while she lies on her back. His muscled arms do well for holding her in mid-air and are perfect for embracing her flawless figure.

Doggystyle is intriguing, for Isiah maintains deep thrusts and even holds them for several minutes at a time, causing Brandi's eyes to flutter in both pain and pleasure. When Brandi lies on her back again, deeper thrusts continue, this time, with Isiah's distinctive eyes meeting hers to compliment the intercourse. Things get a bit tricky when he inserts his fingers into her clit while actively fucking her, causing for a flurry of emotions to come through in audible screams that show even the most experienced are liable to learn a new trick or two.

In the home-stretch, Brandi turns herself around to entrance him with her backside and the blind-feel of her breasts while riding reverse cowgirl. She shows her talents explicitly as she contorts her body while getting her pussy toyed, and allows Isiah's load to fall lazily off her tongue and onto her breasts, wearing the tangible end-result of her illicit affair. Brandi Love and Isiah Maxwell must work again: anal, oral, vaginal, or an entire remake of this scene, the two need to find one another and make a small series out of this concept. 4/5 stars.

Final Thoughts

Not a single scene in Interracial Milfs Vol. 2 even nears average territory. Everything, from the interlinked two-part openers to the concluding exercises in passionate lovemaking bode extremely well for not only DarkX's brand but the long-built and marvelously maintained images of all the men and women involved. Brandi Love shows why she remains such a hot name, Cherie DeVille continues what has been a very memorable year, Mona Wales and Jax Slayher show their chemistry knows no bounds when complimented by wine and ambiance, as well as an opportunity to have natural sex, and Britney Amber furthers her elegant brand.

Interracial Milfs Vol. 2 is a wonderful step forward for DarkX, and proof that even if something isn't broke, wisely tinkering with formula can lead to great things.

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