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Young and Corrupt 3

Studio: Brazzers » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 11/23/17

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Feature Running Time:  3 hours 27 minutes

Date of Production:  2017

Genre: 18+ Teens; All Sex; Big Cocks

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: Shot in HD

Director: Unknown

Cast: Starring Elsa Jean, Gina Valentina and Gia Paige with Ariana Marie, Piper Perri, Marsha May, Teanna Trump, Alice Lighthouse, Candee Licious, Karlo Karrera, Danny D, Ramon Nomar, Bill Bailey, Jessy Jones

Bonus Scenes: Candee Licious and Chris Diamond in The Dick Fairy

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Photo Gallery; Cumshot Recap; Bonus Scene; Trailers for Good Fuck to You 2, Happy Endings 2, Overworked Titties 2, Slutty Wife Happy Life 2; Website Information


The scene on the DVD cover of Young and Corrupt 3 is the hottest one of the flick and it stars Elsa Jean, Gia Paige, Gina Valentina, and Danny D. In that hot group sex scene, the Gia and Gina are teaching Elsa how to use a big dildo to suck cock, but after Elsa gives up, the girls get Danny’s cock to get her excited again. The three starlets take turns sucking his monstrous meat and each gets her pussy banged and stretched by it. The scene gets even hotter as Danny stacks the girls on top of each other and fucks them, then he puts them side by side in doggy position and pumps each pussy, going down the line and back again. I recommend this movie. In addition to this hot scene, the other four scenes each have their own great moments that are bound to turn you on. The flick runs close to three and a half hours, but the scenes are all good. Piper Perri plays the perfect little fuck doll in the closing scene that has a Jillin' Box theme. These scenes are a collection of some of Brazzers’ webisodes from a couple years ago, but they’re still hot enough to get a fire going.   

Scene 1:  Marsha May and Karlo Karerra

It’s a sleepy morning for Marsha May as she wakes up next to her boyfriend. He turns off the alarm and makes ready for work, but Marsha wants him to stay. She’s feeling horny. Her boyfriend has to go. The last time he stayed with her, he was late for work and was almost fired. Marsha is determined to convince him. She pulls off her shirt, but it still doesn’t work. She reminds him of how horny she gets in the mornings. She wants to give him a blowjob before work, but he can’t stay. After he leaves, Marsha decides to pleasure herself. She fingers her pussy and rubs her tits and licks her fingers. It’s a sad day for Marsha, but she gets herself off. Marsha is bored and makes her way to the kitchen where she finds a wallet on the counter. She rummages through it, only to come across lots of cash. As she’s counting it, Karlo walks in wondering who she is and what she’s doing in his house. She’s his son’s girlfriend and she’s surprised that Karlo came home. She tries to walk away with the money, but Karlo sees it and stops her in her tracks. He doesn’t buy her story that the cash is hers. Instead, he decides to punish her for stealing. He throws the cash on the ground and tells her to get down there and pick it up. Once she’s on her hands and knees, he drops his pants. When Marsha looks up, there’s a big, hard cock in her face. “Don’t just look at it, suck it,” Karlo orders. He punishes her throat with his cock, face-fucking her until she gags. He beats her tongue and her face with his cock then slaps her, telling her to “fucking beg” for his dick.

Marsha is getting the dick she wanted all morning and she’s getting it rough. Karlo sits her on the kitchen counter and finger bangs her until she squirts. He spanks her clit then finger-fucks her again, making her splash on the countertop. She sucks his cock then gets in doggy position so Karlo can eat her pussy from behind. “I want to get punished,” she tells him. He punishes her pussy some more with his fingers, making her squirt again right before he stuffs her cunt with his cock. He drills her pussy in standing doggy position. Marsha puts one leg up on the counter while he pussy gets stretched. Karlo sits on the counter so Marsha can suck his cock before he sits her on top of it cowgirl style. She bounces up and down on his pole. He holds her arms in place, keeping her pinned on top of him. She climbs off and deep throats his dick then rides it in reverse cowgirl position, working to earn the money she tried to steal from him. He chokes her while pumping her pussy. “You fuck so much better than your son,” Marsha moans. He drills her wet cunt then pulls out and pops in her mouth. Marsha lies upside down on the countertop, catching his cum in her throat. “You can keep the fucking money; just don’t tell my son,” Karlo tells her before ordering her to leave.

Scene 2: Elsa Jean, Gia Paige, Gina Valentina and Danny D

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Elsa, Gia, and Gina are best friends. When the scene opens, we see Elsa trying her best to learn how to suck cock. She’s using a dildo and Gina is kneeling next to her, encouraging her. Elsa just isn’t cut out for this and she stops trying. The dildo is just too big for her. She gives up on it. Just then, Gia rushes in and introduces Danny D to the girls. Gina wastes no time unzipping his pants and taking out his huge cock. It’s even bigger than the dildo Elsa was just choking on. The girls can’t believe how big Danny’s dick is. He sits on the edge of the bed and Elsa shows what she’s learned about cock sucking. She grips his dick with both hands and jerks it in and out of her mouth. Gina and Gia egg her on, telling her to shove his cock deeper down her throat. Elsa is doing even better on Danny’s dick than she was using the dildo. The girls get excited at how much Elsa has learned. “See, I told you she can do it,” Gina says. “She’s a fucking natural little slut.” With that, Gina gets on her knees to show Elsa what she can do. She takes control of Danny’s big cock and gets sloppy with it, spitting all over it and slurping it back up. Gia rubs his balls while Gina eats his meat. “Show me how deep down you can go,” Gia tells Gina. We get a hot shot of the girls from Danny’s POV. All three of them are on their hands and knees, surrounding his dick. Gina is in the middle and Elsa and Gia are on both sides. It’s Gia’s turn next. She chokes on his cock, too as Gina tells Danny’s to fuck Gia’s face.

Danny’s dong is back in Elsa’s mouth and she shows the girls that she can deep throat a big dick, too. The girls strip Elsa out of her clothes while Danny watches and jerks off. They’re getting her ready for a pussy stretching. She sits on Danny’s dick in reverse cowgirl position and bounces up and down on it. Soon, his cock has worked its way deep inside Elsa and she’s moaning uncontrollably. She slams her body up and down on his big pole. “Fuck that dick,” the girls tell her. Gina licks Danny’s balls while Elsa rides his cock. Gia eats Gina’s pussy from behind, getting Gina off. We’ve got girl-girl action between Gia and Gina while Elsa hosts Danny’s cock inside her pussy. Gina’s wet pussy gets a flogging from Danny’s cock. She rides it cowgirl style while Gia spanks her ass cheeks. Elsa is sitting on Danny’s face, getting her pussy tongue whacked. Gia pulls Danny’s cock out of Gina’s pussy and sucks it, tasting the flavor of Gina’s cunt. Gina is on the road to orgasm as she grinds her pussy up and down on Danny’s pole. Gia finally gets cock deep in her pussy doggy style. Gina serves up her pussy to Gia while Elsa sits on Gina’s face. “Oh, fuck my tight little pussy,” Gia screams as Danny pounds her hole. Elsa sucks Danny’s creamy cock then puts it back in Gia’s pussy doggy style. Gia gets her hole filled some more in missionary position. The girls lie side by side on the bed and open their mouths. Danny fucks their throats one after the other. The hottest part of the scene is next when the girls stack their pussy one on top of the other for Danny. Gina is on the bottom lying on her back and Gia is on top of her in doggy position. Elsa is lying on top of Gia in missionary position. Danny starts with Elsa’s pussy, drilling it in and out then he moves down the line to Gia’s pussy next, fucking her doggy style. Gia gets her fill of Danny’s cock missionary style then he goes back to the top of the stack and starts over. The girls all get in doggy position the floor next to each other and Danny goes down the line again, from pussy to pussy to pussy, banging each one. He goes back and forth down the line, giving each girl’s pussy the cock stretching it needs. He fucks Elsa’s pussy then pulls out and pops on all three girl’s faces. These three friends have been cum glazed together. They kiss each other, licking the cum off their cheeks then Gia hurries Danny out the door so the girls can focus on each other.

Scene 3: Teanna Trump and Ramon Nomar

Teanna stats her scene with a seductive tease on the bed. She’s naked, rolling around on the bed and shaking her ass. She blows kisses to the camera then gives us a peek inside her pussy when she opens it up for a close-up. She takes her tease to the bathroom where she does everything for standing doggy ass shaking to sitting on the countertop and playing with her pussy and tits. We soon realize that her real interest is in teasing her teacher, Ramon. She sneaks into his bedroom just as he’s about to take a shower and rummages through his drawers. Ramon steps back into the bedroom to get undressed and doesn’t see her hiding behind the bed. When he gets in the shower, she climbs into his bed and masturbates, dreaming about him. She holds his clothes and smells them, turning herself on. Soon, she’s fully naked and is grinding her pussy on his pillow. Ramon steps out of the shower into his bedroom and is surprised to see Teanna on his bed naked. He tells she has to leave because his wife is in the other room. “I want you to fuck me,” she tells him. She’s not leaving until he sticks his dick in her pussy. She rips the towel off him then puts his cock in her mouth, sucking it and making it hard. Teanna gets greedy with his cock, jerking and sucking it insatiably. Ramon grips her hair and fucks her throat, making her drool. “Open your fucking mouth,” he tells her as he works his cock back and forth down her throat. Teanna can barely breathe.

She foot-fucks his dick then opens her legs wide for a round of missionary-style fucking. Teanna fingers her clit while Ramon slams her hole. She’s cumming in no time as his cock drills her cunt. He pulls out and she sucks his cock before sitting on it in reverse cowgirl position. Ramon bangs her pussy hard, keeping Teanna moaning and cumming. She sucks the taste of her pussy off his cock then goes for another ride, this time cowgirl style. As he drills her hole, Teanna cums again. Spoon fucking is next, and it soon turns into doggy style.  “Come on. Fuck me,” Ramon tells her. After banging her tight pussy from behind, he pulls out and watches Teanna jerk his cock until he pops all over her face and in her mouth. “Now get your things and leave before my wife comes back,” Ramon explains.

Scene 4: Alice Lighthouse, Ariana Marie, and Bill Bailey

It’s a rainy night and Bill’s wife is packed and ready to leave for her trip to her parent’s house. She’s not happy that Bill is so busy that he can’t join her on the trip. She’s also not over the fact that Bill cheated on her in the past. Bill assures her that the cheating is behind him and she has nothing to worry about. He’s going to spend the weekend writing the next great American novel. She kisses him goodbye, explaining that she’s going to miss him. Once she leaves, Bill gets to work on his computer, but he’s hardly getting anything done. Eventually, he takes off his wedding ring, pulls up porn on his computer and starts jerking off. There’s a knock at the door, interrupting Bill’s me-time. He turns off the porn, puts his cock in his pants and walks to the door. He’s not expecting anyone, so he picks up a baseball bat and asks, “who’s there.” Nobody responds. Finally, Bill opens the door to find Alice and Ariana soaking wet from the rain, standing at his door. They just need to use the phone and call for help. Bill decides to go get the phone, but the girls ask if they can take their wet clothes off and put them in the dryer. They strip naked in front of him. He’s trying not to look at them and directs them upstairs to the shower. Bill hopes his wife won’t find out about this.

A few minutes later, the girls are showering together and getting frisky, kissing each other and rubbing the bubbles and sponge all over their bodies. They decide to find a way to make Bill want them both. When Bill peeks at the girls in the shower, he is turned on by the seductive bubble bath they’re giving each other. He walks in to give them their clothes and they surround him, sucking his cock and balls. “My wife’s going to kill me,” Bill says. The girls love big dicks and they enjoy eating his meat. These two strangers are good at sharing cock. They lick up and down both sides of his shaft and convince him to lie on his back on the bathroom floor. That’s where the girls work their deep throating skills up and down his pole. Ariana goes for a reverse cowgirl ride on Bill’s prick. Alice helps her bounce up and down on his cock, asking her if she likes his big dick. When Ariana climbs off his dick, Alice sucks his wet cock then rides it. Bill reminds them that he’s a married man and they need to leave. The girls run off giggling then pick up where they left off, sharing in the cock sucking duty. Alice rides his dick in reverse cowgirl position while Ariana watches. The girls trade places with Ariana taking the reigns and riding Bill’s dick cowgirl style. Bill pulls his cock out of Ariana’s pussy and tells Alice to suck it. She licks it clean and watches him put it back inside Ariana’s cunt. The girls lie in 69 position with Ariana on the bottom. Bill fucks her missionary style then moves around back to fuck Alice doggy style. Bill fucks the girls in multiple rounds of doggy and spooning until he pulls out and pops in Ariana’s mouth. The two strangers cum swap as Bill watches. Later as all three of them are relaxing on the couch, Bill hears his wife walk in the door. He tells the girls they’ve got to get out. “Bill, where are you?” his wife asks.  

Scene 5: Piper Perri and Jessy Jones

Piper does an interesting Jillin' Box scene with Jessy. She’s the perfect doll stuck in a box in an attic just waiting to please Jessy. While in the box, she fingers her pussy, making it wet. “I need a cock to get me off,” Piper screams out. That’s when a curious Jessy walks into the old attic with a flashlight. He’s looking around at all the old stuff as Piper peeks through a hole on the side of the box. Jessy finds what he’s looking for. It’s his old toy shotguns that are sitting on top of the box. Piper calls out again that she needs a cock. “Is anybody there,” she screams. Jessy can’t believe the old Jillin' Box is still here after all this time. He puts his big hard cock through the hole in the box and Piper sucks it. Jessy doesn’t know what’s in the box, but he enjoys the sensation. Piper jerks and sucks his dick, saying “I’ve been waiting so long for this.” She spits on his dick then deep throats it. “Fuck this; I’m getting out of here,” Piper yells. She breaks out through the top of the box, surprising Jessy. “She’s real!” he says. Piper climbs out of the box and crawls over to Jessy. She sucks his hard cock some more, keeping him hard. “Put that big dick in me,” she tells him as she bends over the side of the box in standing doggy position. “I can’t wait any longer.” Jessy fucks her doggy style, squeezing her ass cheeks as he bangs her pussy.

Piper has been cooped up in that box for so many years, she’s beside herself now that she’s getting a big dick fucking. Jessy spanks her ass cheeks, turning them red as he drills her tight pussy. She puts one leg up over the top of the box and looks back at Jessy as he stretches her pussy. He pulls out and tells her to come taste her pussy. She drops to her knees to suck the taste of her pussy off his dick then she sits on his dick in reverse cowgirl position, bouncing her small body up and down on his pole. She rides him cowgirl style next then gets a hard banging in standing cowgirl. Jessy puts her in standing doggy and slams her pussy from behind, making his fuck toy scream. She sucks him off again before getting fucked standing doggy style over the box. Piper lies over the edge of the box and watches Jessy’s cock glide in and out of her cunt until he pulls out and cums all over her pussy and stomach. Jessy opens the box top and puts Piper back in the box. She begs him to let her stay outside the box, but Jessy says he can’t do that because his wife wouldn’t like it. Piper is left peeking through the hole in the box as Jessy walks away.

Final Thoughts:

Young and Corrupt 3 is a flick featuring big cocks and tiny, tight pussies, and it’s a movie I recommend. The opening scene features Marsha May in a rough sex showdown on a kitchen island with Karlo Karrera’s big cock. He uses his pole to stretch her pussy in punishment for stealing his cash. The hottest scene of the flick is Elsa Jean, Gia Paige and Gina Valentina’s group bang of big monster cocksman Danny D. These girls succumb to his mega meat and get stacked and fucked on top of each other and side by side in round after round of doggy. The bonus scene in the movie features Candee Licious and Chris Diamond in the Dick Fairy, a lighthearted turn-on of a scene you’re sure to enjoy. Brazzers has put together five hot scenes running close to three and a half hours. These are some of their older webisodes, but they’re all hot to watch with catchy storylines and good sex.

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