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Interracial Icon Vol. 6

Studio: Blacked.com » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 11/25/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  3 hours

Date of Production:  2017

Genre: All Sex; Interracial; Gangbang; Cumshots; Creampie; Big Cocks; Big Boobs; Group Sex

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: Shot in HD

Director: Greg Lansky

Cast: Featuring DVD cover girl Kendra Sunderland with Megan Rain, Ariana Marie, Anya Olsen, Cadence Lux, Tali Dova, Isiah Maxwell, Jason Brown, John Johnson, Nat Turner, Ricky Johnson, Prince Yahshua, Rico Strong, Jovan Jordan, Moe Johnson

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Photo Gallery; Cumshot Recap; Feature Trailer; Website Information


Director Greg Lansky does something a little bit different in his sixth installment in the trailblazing series Interracial Icon. Interracial Icon Volume 6 is all about group sex, and for each starlet, there are multiple big black cocks to get a hold of. This flick does IR in an interesting way, featuring some of the best IR talent in the biz. The movie stars Kendra Sunderland in a big black cock gangbang that opens the flick. She shows she can handle five cocks at once as Isiah Maxwell, Jason Brown, John Johnson, Nat Turner and Ricky Johnson stretch her pussy and fuck her throat until each cock pops. Megan Rain and Ariana Marie follow suit in a group sex scene with Prince Yahshua and Rico strong that’s a pleasure to watch. Anya Olsen and Cadence Lux ride cock side by side cowgirl style, hosting John and Jason deep inside their pussies. Tali ends the flick with a wet performance as she squirts and cums from the endless drilling from Jovan Jordan and Moe Johnson. I highly recommend this movie. Not only is it a solid collection of some of Lansky’s best group sex scenes, he brings together some of the industry’s mega IR talent all in one flick, making for a remarkable movie.

Scene 1:  Kendra Sunderland with Isiah Maxwell, Jason Brown, John Johnson, Nat Turner and Ricky Johnson

DVD cover girl Kendra Sunderland opens Interracial Icon Volume 6 and what an opening it is. It starts with Kendra getting ready for a day of fun at the pool. She’s dressed in a sexy white bathing suit. She admits that she should be sadder about her breakup with her boyfriend, but she’s not. They were too young to settle down and there is too much fun out there to have. Summers in L.A. are magical for Kendra, and she’s ready to have fun. She met Jason at a club a few nights ago, and he’s the one who invited her to hang out at his pool. She said yes right away and couldn’t wait to get there. When she gets to his pool, she’s surprised to see four of his other guy friends there. Jason starts kissing Kendra, turning her on. She is hot for cock and starts giving Jason a blowjob right there. The other guys watch but soon get in on the action, caressing her body while she sucks Jason’s cock. Kendra enjoys the attention and she realizes that being banged by five black guys is something she just has to do. She’s never been with so many guys before and she wants to be dominated. Kendra wants to be taken by Jason and his friends. The summer has gotten a hold of Kendra and she never wants it to end.

The guys surround her at the pool, each kissing her and squeezing her tits. The guys drop their clothes and Kendra starts jerking their cocks. She’s right where she wants to be. Back in Jason’s bedroom, Kendra can’t believe she’s about to fuck five black guys. They form a circle around her again, surrounding her with hard cocks as they each suck her tits. “Are you and your friends going to take turns on my pussy,” she asks Jason. The answer is yes, and the guys are ready. Nat eats her pussy by sitting her on his shoulders. She lies back into Ricky’s arms while moaning in pleasure from Nat’s tongue. “Give me your cocks,” she says. Kendra sits and starts sucking cock after cock, jerking them back and forth and in and out of her mouth. She is determined to suck and gag on every single cock. “I’ve never had so many cocks before,” Kendra gags.

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Kendra gets her BBC from Jason at first. He eats her pussy missionary style then places one of her legs over his shoulder and fucks her pussy. Nat chokes her around the throat while Jason bangs her. “Take turns on my pussy,” she tells the guys. Nat drills her tight cunt next and Kendra is cumming. Ricky gets deep inside Kendra next, stuffing her pussy missionary style. She stays busy with two cocks in her hands and mouth while she gets fucked. Isiah and John are up next, taking their turn in the gangbang. She cums again, begging John not to stop. The round robin is back to the beginning now as Jason slams her hole once more. Doggy is next, and Ricky is first in line to drill Kendra’s hole. He bangs her hard and deep and all the other guys follow suit. “You guys fuck me so good,” she exclaims. She sits on Ricky’s dick in reverse cowgirl position and starts a round of banging as the guys pound her pussy. She cums on Isiah’s hard cock as his balls slap up against her clit. “Please cum all over my face,” she begs her suitors. Kendra gets on her knees and opens her mouth wide in anticipation of loads of cum. Nat pops first, giving her the spunk she’s been asking for. Isiah follows with a load that pours down her throat. She swallows it then opens wide again for Jason’s jizz. John squirts on her face then Ricky cum glazes her with his load. The guys surround her with their big black cocks as cum drains down Kendra’s face. She fingers her cunt and smiles, asking the guys if they can come over again to use her.

Scene 2: Megan Rain and Ariana Marie with Prince Yahshua and Rico Strong

Ariana knows that she’s very different from her much more adventurous stepsister Megan. Even though they don’t live together anymore, the sisters are just as close. When Ariana broke up with her boyfriend and needed a place to stay, Megan was the first person she called. It was so cool living with Megan again, Ariana recounts. Megan’s energy is exactly what Ariana needs. She feels like she could really let loose now. One day when Ariana’s class got canceled, she came home early and walks in on Megan fucking two black guys, Prince and Rico. Megan and the guys don’t realize Ariana is watching them, so she stays just outside the door looking in. She has never seen Megan have sex before and she can’t stop watching. Ariana knocks over a vase by accident, drawing attention to herself. Megan tells her to join in the fun and although she’s reluctant at first, she’s convinced to come have fun. Megan helps her strip out of her clothes and takes her over to Prince’s prick. She tells Ariana to jerk and suck it just like a good stepsister should.

Prince and Rico lie side by side in the bed and Ariana and Megan kneel in front of each cock and sucks them. Ariana is gagging and drooling all over Prince’s dick while Megan tries deep throating Rico’s long pole. The girls are like two hungry cock whores, slurping and gurgling as they run their lips up and down the guys shafts and balls. Megan and Ariana trade cock and do more sucking until Megan decides it’s time to fuck. The guys are ready for the experience. They lie on their backs and Megan and Ariana straddle them cowgirl style. Megan is bouncing up and down on Prince’s dick and Ariana is riding Rico’s. This side-by-side cowgirl ride by the girls is hot to watch. Megan cums all over Prince’s cock and Ariana moans in ecstasy as Rico bangs her hole until she cums. The girls share in sucking Rico’s cock while Megan continues to get fucked by Prince. The action turns around into a side-by-side reverse cowgirl bang and the girls trade cocks. Megan is on top of Rico’s dick and Ariana is on Prince’s. “See, I told you black cocks are better,” Megan explains to Ariana just before cumming all over Rico’s meat. The girls climb off their pleasure poles and suck each one, swallowing the taste of their own pussies. After a throat bang, the girls get into doggy position and get their holes slammed from behind. Ariana tongues Megan’s ass hole while Prince fucks Megan’s pussy. The tables are turned when Rico fucks Ariana’s pussy as Megan licks Ariana’s ass. Megan plays a game of pussy to mouth with Rico’s dick. It’s time for the girls’ cum bath and they sit eagerly on the floor with their mouths open. Prince pops in Megan’s mouth and she cum swaps with Ariana. Rico adds his load to the party, sharing his spunk with both girls. They lick his cock then kiss each other, swallowing the cum they just got. “Sharing is caring,” Megan tells Ariana.

Scene 3: Anya Olsen and Cadence Lux with John Johnson and Jason Brown

Cadence’s best friend Anya is IG famous. She gets paid to take pics. Anya has a goal. She wants to get to a million followers and she’ll do whatever it takes to get there. She agrees to take pics with a famous rapper, John, and his rep Jason. She invites Cadence to join her and tells her to loosen up. Anya is planning to do whatever makes the guys happen. Once at John’s house, Anya joins him and Jason on the couch for a round of pic taking. They both get the pictures they want, and John tells her it’s time she did something for him. They kiss each other and then Anya turns her attention to Jason, kissing him as well. “I want to see your cock,” she tells him. The guys’ pull their pants down, revealing their big, black cocks. Anya gets on her hands and knees and sucks the guys off, moving from side to side to eat their meat. She tries deep throating each hard cock and can barely make her way halfway down their shaft. Cadence walks in a few minutes later turned on by what she sees and she’s ready to get a little crazy. She focuses on sucking Jason’s dick while Anya focuses on John’s. We get the guys’ POV as the girls bob their mouths up and down around each guy’s cock. Jason and John stand up and bang the girls’ throats as they kneel back to back. The drool hangs in long strands from each cock as Anya and Cadence gag on their newly found treasure. The back to back blowbang of Anya and Cadence is hot to watch. The girls even get into ass eating, with one girl rimming each guy’s ass hole while the other girl sucks his cock.

All that cock sucking has got the girls ready to fuck and they go for a ride on each hard pole in reverse cowgirl position. Anya gets her pussy stretched by John and Cadence by Jason. Cowgirl is next, and the girls bounce up and down on the guys’ cocks, spanking each other’s asses and kissing each other as they ride side by side. They climb off for some pussy-to-mouth cock sucking then its back to cowgirl fucking. They share John’s cock, sucking it and licking his balls. The girls kneel head to head in doggy position and get the banging of their lives as John and Jason drill their pussies from behind. “Yes, I love every fucking inch of it,” Cadence tells Jason as he stuffs her pussy. The doggy bang leads to popshots, beginning with John unloading his prick pistol in the girl’s mouths. “This would be a perfect Instagram shot,” Anya says as she kisses Cadence and swallows John’s load.

Scene 4: Tali Dova with Jovan Jordan and Moe Johnson

Tali finally experienced her fantasy recently. It was to have sex with a beautiful black man. Her boyfriend allowed her to do it, but Tali can’t stop dreaming about it. She masturbates to her memory all the time. Her desire for black cock is getting stronger and stronger and so are her fantasies. Tali wants to have sex with two black men. One day, when her boyfriend went out of town, Tali goes onto a swinger’s site and chats with a guy who agrees to meet her. He brings a friend over and soon Tali is in the middle of a black cock bonanza with Jovan and Moe. She knows her boyfriend is going to be shocked when she explains this whole story to him. The girls pull off her dress as they kiss her. “I’ve been masturbating, thinking about this moment for so long,” Tali tells them. “I’m so turned on right now.” She gets hornier and hornier as the guys caress her body. She squeezes their dicks through their pants, telling them how good they feel. Once the guys drop their pants, Tali drops to her knees to suck the big black cocks in her hand. She spits on them, jerks them back and forth and wraps her lips around them. “Just like that,” Jovan tells her as she tries to deep throat his mega meat.

Tali goes back and forth from cock to cock, lubing them up with her mouth. Jovan lies her on her back, missionary style and eats her bushy pussy. She jerks and sucks Moe’s monster meat while Jovan eats her cunt. “That feels really good,” Tali moans in pleasure. “I want you to put your cock in my pussy,” she tells Jovan. He fucks her missionary style, working his big dick deep in her pussy slowly at first. Once he has stretched her tight cunt out, he starts banging her harder and faster. He pulls out and beats her bush with his cock then moves to fucking her throat as Moe drill her pussy. After another round of good fucking, Tali gets in doggy position for Jovan. He pumps her pussy from behind as Tali tells Moe to pull her hair. She cums from the pussy banging, throat fucking and hair pulling that’s going on at the same time. The guys swap pussy-drilling duty and now Moe the Monster is deep inside Tali’s cunt, fucking it hard from behind. She sucks Jovan’s cock while she gets fucked doggy style. He pulls her hair again and slams her cunt, making her cum. She tells the guys she wants to ride their big, black cocks and that’s what she does. Bouncing up and down on those poles in reverse cowgirl position. She gets back into missionary position for more pussy stretching from Moe. Jovan is next, and he slams her hole until she cums and squirts uncontrollably at least twice. The guys give Tali a double popshot with Jovan cumming all over her bushy pussy while Moe is cumming in her mouth. She giggles at her double load and at the massive load from Jovan. Her two-man fantasy has been fulfilled. “That was definitely better than my boyfriend,” she says.

Final Thoughts:

Director Greg Lansky does two things in his flick Interracial Icon Volume 6, and I highly recommend you watch it. Not only does he bring together some of the industry leaders in IR performances, he also focuses this flick on nothing but group sex. Each scene features starlets with cravings for multiple big black cocks getting banged and creamed by those pleasure poles.  Kendra Sunderland is the DVD cover girl and featured starlet in the flick, and she gets her pussy stretched in the opening gangbang scene. She has a crush on Jason Brown and lets her desires get the best of her as she sucks his cock while his friends watch. Soon, all his friends want in on the action and Kendra finds herself in a five-man BBC gangbang. Megan Rain and Ariana’s side-by-side performances in the second scene are stellar as these stepsisters get fucked by Prince Yahshua and Rico Strong.  Anya Olsen and Cadence Lux are in a similar side-by-side experience with John Brown and Jason Johnson that’s hot to watch. Tali’s closing scene with cocksman Jovan Jordan and Moe Johnson is a sizzler as she squirts her way to a cum-glazed finish. This flick puts an interesting twist on IR by compiling group sex and big names all in one place, and it's a movie I highly recommend.

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