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Tori Black is Back

Studio: Lesbian X » Review by Steve P » Review Date: 12/1/17

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Content: 3/5 stars

Running Time: 3 hours, 25 minutes

Cast: Tori Black, Aidra Fox, Lana Rhoades, Adriana Chechik, Anikka Albrite, Abigail Mac, Ana Foxxx, and Jenna Sativa

Directed by: Mason

Genres: All Girl, Lesbian, Star Showcase

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: Shot in HD, presumably

Bonus Scenes: N/A

Extras: Behind the scenes and a photo slideshow

Overview: After a six year hiatus from an industry she dominated for several years, Tori Black returns, working with LesbianX — the all-girl branch of the rising company HardX — to bring fans her long-awaited return showcase. Tori Black is Back is a three-hour lesbian compilation featuring some of the hottest names in porn at the moment, with exclusive, intimate interviews with Black herself that provide perspective on her break and approach to the adult industry she is ready to embrace again.

Scene 1: Tori Black and Aidra Fox

"Nothing will stop me from seeking the truth inside me," Tori Black, in a comfortable black, sleeveless top tells the camera. Nothing will get in the way of her being her own authentic self, and with six years off from the adult industry, Tori returns with a level head and a deeper understanding of herself — a laudable tale of self-discovery in an industry where some may assume the performers have themselves and their sexualities figured out from the beginning.

After a brief intro, the feature begins with a leather-donning Tori Black hopping into a vehicle and peeling off onto the streets of Los Angeles. She enters a garage to greet Aidra Fox, warming up to her by immediately grinding on her. Things heat up from the start: Tori bites Aidra's breasts, Aidra brushes her pussy onto Tori's leg, and the two practically kiss themselves into ecstasy as they both tease their leather-clad clits.

When the clothes come off, the intensity comes out, and Aidra brings it when fingering and eating Tori out. Tori responds by loudly wailing, demanding eye-contact from her muse as the two shimmy over themselves in a wonderful contortion of body acrobatics. Tori moves to finger Aidra's ass while she initiates a rimjob on the titular star. "Gimme that tongue," Tori tells her as Aidra gyrates her ass into her mouth. Tori then falls backwards and pulls Aidra on her face, and flaring energies explode in a flurry of raucous intimacy.

One thing that becomes abundantly clear when watching lesbian porn, especially after watching a great deal of straight porn, is there is more consistent passion on display. There are scarcely any moments where both parties aren't fondling nor discovering different kinks and quirks about their partners that make them unique, something Tori highlights later on in the film.

The home-stretch sees Tori pulling her legs back for Aidra to let loose and grind herself on Tori's crotch before moving to munch on the overworked box of her new best friend. Tori then forces Aidra to the room's wall, pressing her up against the bricks and allowing animalistic instincts to takeover as well as true schedule prowess. Aidra returns the favor to Tori's sudden command by eating her pussy and fingering her butt. The two return to the couch to cum one last time before lovingly embracing one another. 3/5 stars.

Scene 2: Tori Black and Lana Rhoades

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Tori Black opens by stating how she wasn't expecting to rise so quickly in porn and nor was she really equipped to handle it all when the time came. With time, she's come to really understand her attraction to women and love-making with women, paying close attention to the chemistry and energy that every woman brings in a different manner. Her statement on coming back to porn is a relatable and honest one; it's like coming back to an old friend.

This monologue comes at an apt moment in time since the next two scenes involve Lana Rhoades and Adriana Chechik. Lana is up first and her and Tori boast matching black bra/panties. Tori is all over Lana, falling prey to the sexual energy she practically oozes at first sight. The two take time licking each others breasts and softly caressing one another, discovering the tender spots and where their prowess meets in a meaningful way. The two truly begin with a 69, Tori's tongue finding its way up Lana's pussy and serving as one of the acting forces of penetration. The fun part comes when Tori hides Lana's face with her jiggling booty and assplay rears its head to become another mainstay occurrence throughout the scene. It's a far less intense scene as a whole, but it provides a favorable contrast.

Tori eventually comes to straddle Lana, taking control as she submits to wild grinding and deep tongue-penetration. The girls try to hide their moans early on, but let loose when they realize they are at the sexual mercy of one another. Tori pulls out a long, clear dildo at the right time to anally penetrate her girlfriend's tight ass. Lana later shows she can make good use of a dildo on Tori too, fervently pummeling her vagina with rigorous insertion. A final, breakneck scissoring session occurs before a exhausted cuddle between the two women is in order. 3/5 stars.

Scene 3: Tori Black and Adriana Chechik

Tori Black begins the second-half of her LesbianX showcase by confessing that she loves the hips and bodies on women. She confirms there's a different structure and feel to the female form than that isn't present in male-counterparts and she goes on to show what she means when she's faced with Adriana Chechik, possibly the most high-energy performer working today.

Adriana crawls in the room on all-fours following a seductive solo from Tori Black. She assets herself as a welcomed burst of energy, jumping right into licking Tori's breasts while allowing herself to take a backseat at times to Tori. She proves capable of receiving the intense pleasure she gives when Tori climbs on her face and rigorously rides her. Adriana tongues her underwear while draping it over her face, providing for one of the disc's hottest moments.

There's a slowburn sensuality throughout the scene, as well as a great sound that comes through when the vaginas of both girls rub together. Things change course when Tori flips upside down into the pile-driver position for Adriana to finger her asshole. "Like that fucking asshole?," Tori questions her friend. "I do, it's nice and fucking tight," Adriana vulgarly quips before making her friend cum with just one finger-penetration, providing the best summation of her I've yet to hear.

Adriana shifts to pin Tori down right after to doggy her while both are already soaking wet. Things turn into a seductive wrestling match of passion for both ladies. Tori takes pride in abusing Adriana's ass and face, as well as her own, when she smothers her by twerking her clit all over her face and body. Adriana fights back to seize Tori, once again, upside down into the pile-driver position once more, forcing her legs out to make it cum in a slightly different way. Tori gets the last real bout of sexual feistiness out when she bends Adriana over herself and gently glides her arm underneath her, stretching from Adriana's belly-button all the way up her backside. It's a beautifully sensual moment that is followed by squirting and a messy, sweaty conclusion. 3/5 stars.

Scene 4: Tori Black, Anikka Albrite, Abigail Mac, Ana Foxxx, and Jenna Sativa

To start things off, Tori Black talks about how she used off-camera sex with her boyfriend to "transition out" of porn following a scene. This was back when she was relatively new to porn. Now, she emerges with new sexual cravings, many of which involve women and intercourse with women. She puts it as being "intimidated by her vagina," in terms of the places it might take her in the coming months.

She ends things by saying she was spoiled by the following gangbang and we can see why. Tori, Anikka Albrite, Abigail Mac, Ana Foxxx, and Jenna Sativa come together to deliver a lightning-fast, hour-long lesbian orgy that is better to watch than it is to talk about. It begins with the ladies entering one at a time and working out using a variety of different equipment. Each lady draws eyes from the other ladies, but none quite like Anikka Albrite and her large, round booty in a workout suit. She waltzes in to weigh herself, in a cutely funny moment, while Tori looks on an mouths "wow" to Abigail.

Tori, Anikka, Abigail, and Ana move to kiss and make-out with Jenna coming in moments later. A fun appreciation of bodies culminates into a fever of pussy-licking and gyrating. Sexy ass worship of Tori by Anikka and Abigail becomes the center of attention after the kissing momentarily ceases. Abigail shifts to lie on her back and have Ana's pussy smother her face before Anikka uses her ass to make a similar move on Tori while other girls take to each other.

The quintet of ladies form a centipede of cunnilingus and rimjobs with Abigail on a workout bench, looking over the chain of lovely ladies beneath her. Everyone gets a turn at the position Abigail so cheerfully embraces, even if attention is sometimes directed towards Tori, as it should. Later on, the girls form a line in the pile-driver position to have their pussies licked and toyed. Tori does Jenna the kindness while Ana takes care of Abigail. Anikka disappears for a moment but reappears with a pink dildo for herself and Tori.

Ana scissors Tori while she licks Abigail's crotch, and there's enough of Anikka's ass to go around for Tori and Ana as attention moves to the buxom blonde in the room. Tori is pleased to give pleasure by using a rabbit-like dildo on Abigail to get her to cum, which prompts Tori and Ana to breakout their own set of strap-ons. Abigail drills Ana's soaking-wet ass and pussy with the strap-on and Anikka bops in and out to make sure all the women are enjoying themselves accordingly.

The scene concludes with a surprising first for Tori: a girl-girl DP from both Anikka and Ana. The act is breathtaking to Tori, who screams as Jenna and Abigail play with her nipples and her body as the girls swarm her to witness an unforgettable moment in Tori's triumphant return. Anikka works some Houdini magic while donning the strap-on and the end presents a loving dichotomy of affectionate kissing while the girls are coated in their own bodily fluids, giggling and making out in exhaustion after a once-in-a-lifetime event. 3/5 stars.

Final Thoughts

I am not a big fan of lesbian pornography, and I confess that I likely wouldn't have watched Tori Black is Back had I known it was a lesbian showcase. Speaking as a heterosexual male, there needs to be at least one penis in the porn I watch. I often find lesbian form very repetitive, yet at the same time, reliant on, what Black affirms, the chemistry and energy other girls bring to the table.

There is a lot of those two things in Tori Black is Back, if you can get past that almost every scene goes on about ten minutes too long and, in a sense, you're looking at the same thing with every scene, save for some memorable moments involving Adriana Chechik and Anikka Albrite. These criticisms admittedly feel a bit petty, I will say. Tori Black is back, she's ready to rock again, as well as command your screen, and she's clearly more sexually confident than she's ever been. This is a triumphant return in the regard that she'll likely bounce-back with more charisma and power, now fully confident in her ability and knowledgeable with what she wants out of sex, especially from women.

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