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Studio: Girlsway » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 12/4/17

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Genre: Lesbian, Supernatural


Cast: Abigail Mac, Shyla Jennings, Jelena Jensen, Serena Blair, Melissa Moore, Carter Cruise, Georgia Jones, Angela White

Writer/Director: Stills By Alan

Length: 3 hrs. 36 min.

Release Date: Oct. 4, 2017

Extras: A slideshow and two trailers


Overview: From the creators of such classics as Little Red, A.I. Artificial Intelligence, and Faces Of Alice comes the most ambitious project for Girlsway yet, the extraordinary Vampires. In the very talented Stills By Alan's best story yet Abigail Mac and her blind step sister Shyla Jennings have to fight off a coven of lesbian vampires lead by the amazing Jelena Jensen, who don't feed off of blood, but instead from people's energy generated from orgasms. It's such a terrific cast, with top notch production values, an incredibly talented crew, and some of the hottest girl-on-girl scenes making this one of my favorite films of the year. Really, this is that good people.


Episode One: “Welcome To the Family”


Abigail Mac plays Lucy. Her and her blind step sister Anna, played by Shyla Jennings, have moved into their late father's ranch house. While Shyla is familiarizing herself with the house, finding and remembering his cologne and cross necklace, Abigail gets a response to a dating app on her phone. It's the wonderful Melissa Moore. She plays Willow, a hot chick who's dying to hook up with Abigail. Little does Abigail know that Melissa's a vampire, and she goes to meet her at her house. The very talented Melissa Moore immediately starts seducing Abigail, but Melissa is the more compassionate in the coven, and when Abigail tells her about Shyla it reminds Melissa of the blind sister she had when she was human. She urges Abigail to leave but Melissa's “sisters” Carter Cruise and Georgia Jones show up for the feast. Abigail starts to leave but Mother Superior Jelena Jensen comes in and uses her mind control to make Abigail stay. Melissa begs Jelena to let her go, even threatening her. Jelena takes Melissa and leaves Abigail alone with Carter and Georgia to feast on her energy. Once out of the room Melissa confronts Jelena, saying she will switch with Abigail if Jelena spares her life. Jelena agrees, but only if Melissa will let her feed off of her energy. Jelena first makes Melissa masturbate and then they start tribbing. It's while she's bumping Jelena's pussy that the vampire in Melissa comes out. With red glowing eyes she turns into a fucking animal slamming her pussy against Jelena's. When she starts to cum Jelena sucks her energy (a blue vapor emitting from Melissa's mouth).


Meanwhile downstairs Carter and Georgia are both going down on Abigail. They each eat her pussy making her cum and feed from her energy. As Abigail lays in a daze on the couch Jelena brings Melissa in to finish her off. The still animalistic Melissa starts eating her pussy and then starts tribbing her. Before Abigail can cum though Melissa stops, saying it could kill her. Mother Superior Jelena then takes over and all five girls form a chain, fisting and eating each other's pussies while Jelena rides Abigail's face. After Jelena cums she starts tribbing Abigail while the other three fuck each other, Melissa sitting on Carter's face while Georgia eats Carter's pussy. Before Abigail cums, Melissa begs Jelena to keep her promise and make Abigail a vampire. Jelena keeps her promise, and reminds Melissa she will need to feed to survive underground. As her two sisters mock her, Melissa knows where to get her energy. She starts making out with Carter, rubbing her pussy until she cums and sucks her energy out.


She then starts eating Goergia's pussy while tribbing Carter and feeds off of her energy when she cums. She then gives some of her energy to freshly turned Abigail and tells her to take her sister and leave town. This incredible first scene is a fantastic start to this great film. The acting and the dialog is just so superb that you hang on every word. Magnificent performances.


Episode Two: “Sisters”


The next morning Abigail awakens from a nightmare and heads for the bathroom. Once the morning sunlight hits her it burns her skin. Her screams awaken Shyla who runs to check on her sister. Abigail assures her she's ok. The hungry Abigail tries to drink and energy drink, but it only makes her sicker and she passes out. Shyla takes her to her bedroom, and once she wakes up the vampiric Abigail starts seducing her (it seems the two step sisters have fooled around before).


After getting naked Abigail starts riding Shyla's face. She grinds her pussy on Shyla's mouth until she cums and then she starts eating Shyla's pussy, licking her pussy like an animal before climbing up and tribbing her. Shyla is amazed at how aggressive Abigail is she grinds her pussy on hers. When Abigail makes Shyla cum she feeds off of her energy leaving Shyla as a convulsing lump. But then Abigail sees their father's cross on the bed. She starts burning before turning back into Abigail. She tells Shyla what had happened the night before and Shyla tells her they will both fight this together. They confess their love for each other and start making out again.


The more kind and gentler Abigail gives Shyla kisses down her naked body and starts licking her pussy again. She lovingly eats and licks on Shyla's pussy until Shyla cums again before Shyla goes down on Abigail making her cum also. They lay in each other's arms and confess their love for each other again before Abigail rubs Shyla's pussy to one more orgasm before the phone rings. On the other end is Serena Blair who tells Shyla she's the only one show can help them. End scene.


Episode Three: “Calling the Calvary”


In this episode we're introduced to Serena, a survivalist stockpiling for the armageddon. She knows everything about the vampires and tells Abigail she's the only one to make it out of the house alive, which makes her an essential tool in the war against them. She tells them things like fire and crystals and kill them, but that Abigail will need all of the energy she can to battle them. So she tells her to feed off of them. They start making out, Abigail rubbing her pussy as Serena and Shyla undress. Once they're all naked Shyla starts eating Abigail's pussy while Serena sits on her face.

3-1Abigail tongues Serena's pussy until she cums and then Serena switches with Shyla, going down on Abigail's pussy while Shyla rides Abigail's face. After Shyla has a convulsive orgasm on Abigail's mouth, Abigail eats out Serena's pussy missionary style while Shyla eats Abigail out from behind. Abigail licks and fingers Serena's pussy making her cum, and then switches up with Shyla who rubs and eats out Serena pussy to another orgasm. Abigail and Shyla both start tribbing giving each other explosive orgasms before Abigail sits on Shyla's face while Serena eats her pussy. Shyla gives Abigail a convulsive orgasm with her tongue and then Abigail starts eating Shyla's pussy simultaneously with Serena. They both make Shyla cum and then Shyla starts tribbing with Serena. Abigail starts eating Serena's pussy while Shyla licks her asshole, giving Serena an incredible orgasm.


Serena then eats Abigail's pussy while sitting on Shyla's face, fingerbanging Abigail until she cum, then climbs up onto Abigail's face for another orgasm. It's finally time to feed Abigail with all of this orgasmic energy. Serena starts tribbing Abigail and then feeds her her energy after she cums. It's always great to see the wonderful Serena Blair. She masters every role she's in, from nerdy scientist to whacked out survivalist. She's a great talent and she's equally great here.


Episode Four: “Show Down”


This episode feature the perfectly cast Angela White. The statuesque amazon beauty plays the marvelously menacing evil vampire Angelica, oldest daughter to the Mother Superior. Jelena orders her to kills Abigail and Shyla and gives her extra energy by masturbating and feeding Angela her energy when she cums. Meanwhile, Abigail and Shyla try to break into the house, but before they can Angela is at the door. Serena fires a dart into Angela's neck and Abigail goes inside to find Melissa and escape. But just then Angela wakes up and throws Abigail around like a rag doll. She pins Abigail against the wall and, being the older and stronger vampire, uses her mind powers to make Abigail want to stay and fuck her. This forces the animalistic vampire out of Abigail and they start wrestling around on the floor, Abigail motorboating Angela's magnificent tits and ravaging each other's bodies. Angela pins Abigail in a pile driver position and starts eating her pussy and asshole. She licks her ass and rubs her pussy but Abigail backs off before she can cum. Jelena then walks in and Angela forces her to eat Jelena's pussy. Jelena grinds her pussy on Abigail's face while Angela eats Abigail out from behind, making Jelena cum in Abigail's mouth.

4-1They flip Abigail over and Angela starts tribbing her. Angela looking amazing, with her large amazonian tits bouncing with every bump of her pussy against Abigail's. She fucks Abigail with such ferocity that they both leap off of the the floor with every pound Angela makes on her pussy.  They both cum with Abigail convulsing on the floor and Angela sits on Abigail's face while Jelena rubs Abigail's clit. While she grinds on Abigail's face, Jelena climbs up and tribs her, both senior vampires torture fucking Abigail until they cum simultaneously on her. Jelena then starts eating her pussy while Angela forces her to suck her tits until Abigail cums and Angela feeds off of her energy. They then start slapping her with their boobs, smothering her with them while they kiss. The weakened Abigail vows to kill them and they vow to drain her. Angela starts eating her pussy while Jelena slaps Abigail's boobs. Jelena tells Angela not to make her cum yet and Angela starts slapping Abigail's pussy, bringing her to the edge. 


They flip her over getting her on all fours and Angela starts fisting her, fingerbanging her with her thumb until Abigail taunts her, telling her, “I thought you were gonna FUCK ME!” This prompts Angela to stick her whole hand in Abigail's pussy, truly fisting her while Jelena rubs her clit. Again Jelena tells Angela not to make Abigail cum yet, and they flip her over for Angela to trib her. She slams her pussy against Abigail's, pounding her until they both cum and Jelena saps her energy.


Angela has a screaming orgasm as she slams her pussy against Abigail's. Jelena tells Angela to drain her, and Angela climbs on top of Abigail and starts sucking all of her energy out. Little does she know Shyla is sneaking up behind her with a crystal. And before Angela can finish Abigail off Shyla puts the crystal around Angela's neck, paralyzing her. Abigail flips her over and feeds on all of the energy she sapped from her, killing Angela. While all of this was going on Serena was setting the house on fire outside and we start to see the flames as they engulf the house. Such an intense scene with so much scorching hot sex it smolders. And what more can I say about Angela White. She is just so perfect in this role that you couldn't have cast anyone better. Another amazing scene from an amazing film.


Episode Five: “There Can Only Be One”


Abigail and Shyla escape the flames and make it home where they start packing to leave town. It's here that they get a phone call from their mom Mindy Mink in a great short non-sex performance. They have to hang up though because Jelena is outside waiting for them. There's only one escape as they remember Serena telling them about how a vampire can transfer energy back over to a human, making them superhuman. Which is what they do before Abigail sneaks out and drives away and Shyla sneaks out the back. Jelena gives chase, hunting down Shyla and cornering her inside a barn. Jelena overpowers her and uses her mind control to make Shyla do her bidding. They start making out, Jelena pinching Shyla's nipples while Shyla's squeezes Jelena's big beautiful boobs. She gets Shyla naked and tells her to rub her pussy while Jelena takes her clothes off. Jelena sits behind Shyla while she pleasures herself before removing her hand and rubbing Shyla's pussy until she cums.


Jelena then starts eating her pussy, licking and sucking on it before rubbing her off and feeding off of her orgasm. Jelena flips Shyla over and sticks her cute little ass in the air. Jelena rubs her pussy and licks her asshole but makes her flip back over so she can feed off of her energy as Shyla cums on Jelena's hand. The very weak Shyla begs Jelena to spare Abigail, but Jelena refuses and tells her she is going to kill them both. However, since intaking Abigail's energy, Shyla has super smell and can smell a can of gasoline in the corner of the barn. She immediately starts eating Jelena's pussy and tribbing her. The vision of cute little Shyla Jennings rubbing her pussy against beautiful amazon Jelena Jenson's is amazing!


After Shyla makes Jelena cum she takes her crystal and puts it in Jelena's mouth rendering her helpless. Shyla then douses her with the gasoline and sets her on fire, thus ending her reign as head vampire and freeing all the others turning them mortal again. Including the beautiful Melissa Moore whom we see walking naked and free in the sunlight to live life once again.


Final Thoughts: You can tell A LOT of work and care went into the making of this story. The extremely talented people at Gamma Media and Girlsway has made one of their best creations yet. Starting with the incredible screenplay from Stills By Alan. It's a truly original story with characters that are so absorbing they keep you glued from start to finish. Then there's the incredible editing from the very talented Michael Hues and Jonathan B, especially during the exterior shots and dream sequences. The SFX are more heavy in this one than others I've seen from this group, and they all look amazing. And then I don't think you could have asked for a better cast. From the very talented and beautiful Melissa Moore who makes you truly feel for her compassionate vampire with a heart Willow, to the amazingly evil and torturous Angelica played brilliantly by the always wonderful Angela White in one of her best acting performances of the year. And then, my gosh, what else can be said about Jelena Jensen. The absolutely beautiful amazon gives such a menacing and subtle performance as the Mother Superior. It's definitely the stand out performance of the entire series. And then there's the sex, which for the most part is so blistering hot it might catch your dvd player on fire. From start to finish this is such an amazing ride, made with such great care from the people at Girlsway and Gamma Media, and it's in my top ten best of the year. Do not miss this incredible release which I'm gladly giving the coveted Xcritic Pick!


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