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Blacked Out 8

Studio: Devil's Films » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 12/9/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 9 minutes

Date of Production:  2017

Genre: Interracial; Gangbang; Big Cocks; All Sex;

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: Shot in HD

Director: Unknown

Cast: Brittney Amber, Kacie Castle, Slim Poke, Dirk Huger, Donny Sins, Isiah Maxwell, Jon Jon, Nat Turner, Tee Reel

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Photos; Popshots; Interviews with each starlet; Trailers for Blacked Out 7, Blacked Out 6, Blacked Out 5, Blacked Out 4; Devil’s VOD


Devil’s film has always had a strong collection of interracial gangbang flicks going back for years. The studio’s Blacked Out series is among the studio’s newest interracial offerings and it’s one to watch. Blacked Out 8 is the latest installment in the series, and it’s a movie I highly recommend. Brittney Amber and Kacie Castle star as the two starlets who crave not just one or two, but four big black cocks. These girls satisfy their cravings in two scenes of hard-pounding sex with lots of deep penetrating DPs, anal, and pussy stretching that all make for a hot gangbang flick.  The guys are eager to please and the girls are insatiable, making for great chemistry and hot sex. Both scenes have lots of heat, but Brittney’s scene is the hottest of the flick. Her four-man bang lasts just over an hour and the energy never stops from the time she puts the first big black cock in her mouth to the time all four dicks are shooting their loads down her throat. Blacked Out 8 is a sure bet and a satisfying flick to watch.

Scene 1:  Kacie Castle with Dirk Huge, Donny Sins, Isiah Maxwell, and Jon Jon

The 5’4”, 112-pound Kacie Castle opens Blacked Out 8. The 30-year-old has been in the biz since 2015 and has racked up just shy of 40 flicks. When the scene opens, she is dressed in nothing but her bra and panties, giving us a solo tease. Her bra opens up and soon she’s fingering her pussy. Next, we see Kacie on the couch when Dirk Huge walks up with a glass or orange juice. He is here to pamper her. He gives her the glass then starts massaging her shoulders. Kacie is enjoying her masseur just as Isiah joins in, caressing her body. The guys squeeze her tits and rub her thighs, making Kacie hot. Donny Sins and Jon Jon aren’t far behind. The join the fun, making this a 4-on-one scene with Kacie at the center of it all. Donny pulls her panties aside and fingers her pussy and clit, making Kacie moan. Dirk fills her mouth with his tongue, while Donny makes her cum from his finger bang. Kacie is at the center of an interracial pleasure storm that is swirling around her. The guys use their dicks to beat her face, encouraging her to suck them. She lets her big cock desire take control of her, griping each dick and jerking it in and out of her mouth. “We’re going to fuck the shit out of you today,” the guys tell her. Kacie gorges herself on big black cock, sucking each one until they make her gag. Dirk fucks her throat then pulls out and beats her breasts with his dick. She’s told to open her mouth wide as cock after cock thrusts in and out of it. Kacie is drooling now, jerking two cocks at once while she deep throats another.

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Isiah is first up on pussy stretching duty. He puts her in doggy position on the couch and stuffs his cock in her pussy from behind. “That’s fucking tight,” he tells her while spanking her ass cheeks. He lifts one of her legs over his shoulder then slams her tight pussy. Kacie screams out in submission to Isiah’s cock. She’s lies on her back and gets her throat fucked by Dirk and her pussy pumped by Jon Jon. She’s almost airtight and loving it. Isiah thrusts his cock down her throat and wraps his hands around her throat, choking her at the same time. The missionary fucking continues on the couch with Donny deep in her cunt. She screams louder and louder and cums from his deep drilling. Kacie goes for a cowgirl ride on Isiah’s cock. “Give me that fucking pussy,” Isiah tells her as he spanks her ass cheeks, turning them red. She quickly flips into reverse cowgirl action on top of Jon Jon’s prick. Donny and Isiah flank her sides, feeding her cock that keeps her mouth stuffed. Jon Jon’s banging soon makes her cum right before she switches to Dirk’s dick, hosting it deep inside her pussy cowgirl style. She goes on rounds and rounds of cowgirl and reverse cowgirl fucking, using each pole to satisfy her sexual desires.

The action picks up as she’s riding Isiah’s cock cowgirl style. Dirk shows up and spreads her ass hole with his cock, initiating a deep-drilling DP. “She can take it,” one of the guys says as two big black cocks drive deeper and deeper in her holes. The cowgirl DP continues with the guys swapping places. Donny slams her ass hole hard, making her double penetration hot to watch. He pulls out slowly and tells her to keep her ass hole opening. She sets up for a reverse cowgirl DP with Isiah’s dick in her ass hole and Jon Jon’s dick in her pussy. Donny takes over banging her pussy, keeping her reverse cowgirl DP in full swing. Kacie ups the ante with a standing cowgirl DP that shows Isiah’s and Jon Jon’s dicks disappearing deep in her pussy and ass hole. Donny and Isiah plug her holes next. “That’s so fucking good,” she moans. “Fill up those holes,” she tells the guys as Dirk and Donny DP her. The focus is on her ass hole next and the guys bang it out, going crazy packing her ass hole. It’s back to DP land for Kacie and she gets both her holes annihilated. Isiah anchors the double stuffing, keeping her pussy stretched cowgirl style while the guys take turns introducing their hard cocks to her tight, wet ass hole. There are back to back close-ups of Kacie’s pussy and ass hole romance. She back to taking cock in reverse cowgirl position and she’s still enjoying every stroke. She switches to cowgirl and then to doggy for more dick drilling. Kacie has been fucking for close to an hour and she is cock hungry and dick drunk. Donny makes her squirt when he fucks her doggy style over the armrest of the couch. She splashes everywhere then lies her head on a pillow once Isiah takes over the ass pounding duty. He slams her ass hole doggy style, making her scream “oh fuck!” It’s time for Kacie to be cum glazed and she gets down on her knees as the guys surround her, jerking their cocks. Dirk blows his load all over her face followed by a splash of cum from Isiah who makes her beg for it. Donny deposits his load in her mouth and Jon Jon rounds out her spunk blast, shooting his load all over her face.

Scene 2: Brittney Amber with Slim Poke, Isiah Maxwell, Nat Turner, and Tee Reel

Blonde starlet Brittney Amber walks into focus, stepping down a flight of stairs. Before she gets to the bottom, she stops and gives us a show, dancing and smiling. Her bra slips off and soon we see her perfect boobs. She pulls her panties aside, revealing her bushy pussy. Brittney leans against the staircase and fingers her pussy. Soon, she on the floor with her legs open wide, giving us a full-on show of her pussy and tits. She licks her wet fingers then moves to the couch where she lies on her side. Her interracial dreams come true when Slim, Isiah, Nat, and Tee assemble on the staircase. They watch her for a few minutes then Britney gets up to greet her big black cocks. The guys are standing in a row along the staircase and Brittney goes down the line, licking and kissing their big black cocks bulging in their underwear. Brittney makes her way back to the couch and lies on her back, playing with her pussy as the guys watch her and jerk off. Brittney makes herself cum, starting the first in a string of orgasms to come. Her admirers join her on the couch, lining up and presenting her their cocks for sucking.  Brittney kneels and works her wet mouth down the line, sucking each hard prick. She starts on one end and sucks her way to the other and back, gagging and choking on each hard cock. She takes a dick beating as the guys use their rods to spank her ass and tits.

“Put that cock in me,” she begs. She gets her first black cock deep in her pussy missionary style. Tee opens her pussy up with. Nat spins her around and picks up where Tee left off, slamming her pink pussy missionary style. Brittney cums from all of Nat’s banging. Isiah stretches her pussy, even more, holding one of her legs open while he spreads her hole. His goal is to make her cum again, and it’s not long before he reaches his goal. “Oh, it’s so fucking deep,” Brittney screams. The missionary bang continues as Brittney reach new peaks of pleasure. “That’s what you wanted?” one of the guys asks her. “Yes, fuck me!” she responds. It’s time for doggy and Brittney is anxious to get it started. Nat bangs her from behind while she sucks Tee’s prick. Slim gets in there next, stuffing Brittney completely. She’s such a good girl, Isiah tells her while she sucks his dick. The doggy continues with Tee in her pussy and Isiah in her mouth. The guys continue to trade places inside Brittney and she closes her eyes in pleasure as her pussy gets stretched by cock after cock. She’s back to missionary position for a few rounds then she happily slides her pussy down on Nat’s cock cowgirl style. “Good girl,” he tells her as she bounces her pussy up and down on his pole. She’s riding Tee’s cock next in cowgirl position and after a few minutes, Isiah tells her to come sit right on top of his dick. She sits on him reverse cowgirl style, but before she does, he spanks her clit with his cock.

After creaming all over Isiah’s cock, Brittney climbs off and sucks it, tasting the flavor or her own pussy. While she’s bent over doggy style sucking him, Nat takes advantage of her wet hole, drilling it from behind and keeping her in pleasure. Isiah stands up and fucks her throat at the same time, giving Brittney a filling from both ends. “It’s time to get that anal baby,” Tee tells her. She’s in doggy position sucking Nat’s BBC and Tee introduces his cock to her tight ass hole. He starts off with slow thrusts then drills deeper and faster in her ass.  Isiah opens her ass hole up even more with his long dong, pumping her with every inch of his prick. We get a great shot of the drilling action when Isiah opens up and we see her tiny ass hole opening to host his dick. When Isiah pulls out, Brittney’s creamy ass hole spills its juices. With her ass warmed up, it’s time for Brittney’s DP. She sits on Nat’s cock cowgirl style and as she’s bouncing up and down on it, Tee steps up, inserting his cock deep in her ass. The guys pump her holes and when Tee pulls out, Brittney’s ass hole squirts again. Isiah gets in her ass next, keeping her DP going. Brittney rides Isiah’s pole in cowgirl position and gets another round of DP when Nat, Tee, and Slim all take turns fucking her ass. This double stuffing sends Brittney into a screaming fit. “Oh, there it is,” she yells when Slim stuffs his cock back in her ass. The cowgirl DP takes a turn into a reverse cowgirl DP with Isiah banging her ass and Nat stuffing her pussy. “Fuck me,” she screams. The guys give her what she wants in a hot two-hole bang that takes Brittney’s breath away. “This is how you’re supposed to take dick,” Isiah tells her. After Brittney’s incredible DP, the guys give her a final round of anal romance, this time in missionary position. Now, Brittney’s ready to be fed jizz. She kneels, and the guys surround her, popping one after the other in her mouth and on her face. She swallows. “Yes, dredge me with that cum,” she says. “Every last drop.”

Final Thoughts:

In Blacked out 8, the swinging big black dick crew is onsite with a mission to please two beautiful, horny starlets: Brittney Amber and Kacie Castle. The crew accomplishes their mission, leaving each girl with a stretched-out pussy, a squirting ass hole, and a mouth full of cum. This flick will leave you satisfied and that’s why I highly recommend it. Devil’s film has been in the interracial gangbanging game for decades and this Blacked Out series reminds us that the studio knows how to produce a hot flick featuring insatiable white girls and lots of big black cock. Both girls put on stellar performances, sucking and fucking for an hour straight in each scene. Brittney’s scene is a sizzler as she shows she needs four dicks to satisfy all her holes. Her DP stuffing leads to ass squirting that creams over the guys’ cocks. Kacie’s cock appetite is large, and she devours the four dicks she’s offered, getting pumped from both ends until she explodes in orgasm. Blacked Out 8 is a hot flick that hits all the right interracial and gangbanging buttons. It’s a pleasure to watch.

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