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Swallowed.com Volume 11

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Steve P » Review Date: 12/11/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Content: 4/5 stars

Running Time: 4 hours, 56 minutes

Cast: Maya Bijou, Rebel Lynn, Carolina Sweets, Romi Rain, Chanel Preston, Anya Olsen, Kenzie Reeves, Lilly Ford, Giselle Palmer, Violet Starr, Jennifer Jacobs, Jade Luv, Riley Nixon, Jillian Janson, Jill Kassidy, and Mike Adriano

Directed by: Mike Adriano

Genres: Blowjobs, Cum Swapping, Gonzo, POV, Rimjobs, Threesomes

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: Shot in HD, audio is largely good when it comes to closeups during sex, but can be difficult to hear when Adriano is speaking (typical of gonzo films with overhead or no microphones).

Bonus Scenes: N/A

Extras: Cast list, cast filmographies

Overview: A five-hour compilation of blowjobs sounds like a PornHub montage-enthusiast who got really carried away on his latest project. However, a five-hour compilation of blowjobs complete with multiple performers, candy-colored sets, an emphasis on enthusiastic personalities, as well as ball-licking and rimjobbing is a recipe for success that Evil Angel's "Swallowed.com" series has effectively mastered. Riding high on its successful formula that has spawned a dozen discs to go along with an elite studio known for its elegantly filthy nature, Swallowed.com Volume 11 isn't a subversion of convention but a statement on why it works so well.

Scene 1, Disc 1: Maya Bijou, Rebel Lynn, Carolina Sweets, and Mike Adriano

As soon as the disc begins, we are introduced to a trifecta of beauties in revealing outfits: Maya Bijou, Rebel Lynn, and Carolina Sweets, all of whom around the age of 21. They pull up their blouses for us, and each other, to see and spread their cute asses and crotches before foreplay begins. Foreplay is very effective: Rebel has her asshole tongued, Maya enjoys similar, exhilarating treatment, and Carolina gets eaten out by Mike Adriano, our director and man of the disc, as do all the ladies sooner or later.

Rebel is the first to greet Mike with a blowjob, going right to deepthroating his lengthy shaft and setting the tone for a sloppy scene. Maya struggles to emulate Rebel's talents but Carolina aids by lathering the base of Mike's shaft with her own spit, making for a scene of sexual teamwork. They put their skills together in simultaneous fashion, with Maya moving to rim Mike, Carolina tending to his balls, and Rebel continuing to work her deepthroating magic on his dick. They create a fluent dynamic and this setup allows for a sensory overload of sensual pleasure to flood your field of vision.

Carolina delivers a wild little rimjob when it's her turn, lapping up his ass with her tongue while Maya again goes deep but settles for half the shaft and finds much-desired pleasure from doing so. The eye contact and sound-track of slurps and gagging intensifies the aura of this scene, and with three tireless ladies fighting for command of the scene, we sometimes feel as lucky as Mike does.

Rebel shows her flexible side by bending over a rimjobing Maya and a ball-licking Carolina to Mike off, much to his happiness. Rebel's spit drizzles down his cock as she thrusts his penis down her throat before her gal-pals take over. The three are soon naughtily eyeing the camera after their fierce bouts of individual cocksucking render the camera-lens bathed in spit. Mike concludes things by dropping a load into Carolina's mouth with the girls subsequently proceeding to trade between one another in order to get them at least a few drops of the cum they worked so hard to get. 4/5 stars.

Best cocksucker: Rebel Lynn.

Scene 2, Disc 1: Chanel Preston, Romi Rain, and Mike Adriano

"Today we're gonna fill our slutty little mouths with fat, hard cock," Chanel Preston says while jiggling the beads of Romi Rain's pretty necklace in anticipation for what's to come. "Make music with our mouths," Romi sensually adds. Right off the bat, we're given a real treat; both Chanel and Romi are two knockout ladies with incredible personalities they utilize in every scene they do and their exclusive threesome for Swallowed.com is no exception.

Chanel and her tits get plenty of attention to start out with only to be one-upped by Romi and her apple-bottom along with the color, artful tattoo canvas on her back. Both take time disrobing so we can absorb their lovely features, everything from their eyes to their asses come to life in a matter of moments. Mike's initial rimjobing action of the two ladies is kept causal and fun thanks to banter the ladies exchange with one another as they hunch their backs and giggle while Mike's tongue explores their assholes.

Romi uses her ass as a weapon on Mike while Chanel messily devours his dick, with spit flying everywhere and Mike trying not to finish too quickly. They switch roles with Romi showing that her blowjob means a raucous deepthroat. Romi continues to use Mike's cock in every which way, even going as far as to smear it and its spit-laden contents all over her face as Chanel relaxes with a makeout session while admiring her friend's "slutty mouth" at work. Chanel finally moves to slip her long tongue deep inside Mike's ass while Romi continues to gag on his shaft. The two girls  make a mess of their respective areas, and Romi loans some of her spit to Chanel late so Mike's ass can get even messier.

Just before the two trade places, Chanel watches an animated Romi perform a rimjob while choking on a thick shaft herself. They work their ways up and down respectively to meet at the shaft and share it amongst themselves. They are a lethal combination when Romi comfortably swallows half and Chanel gently licks the base of Mike's cock with the tip of her tongue and kisses it with her lips. Romi finally moves to bury the dick in her big breasts, rubbing and riding it all over herself while Chanel sucks the load out of Mike's dick and shares it with her friend and confidant for a scene that had me working up a sweat just sitting still. 4.5/5 stars.

Best cocksucker: Romi Rain.

Scene 3, Disc 1: Anya Olsen and Mike Adriano

After two ribald blowjob scenes featuring five gals, an Anya Olsen solo scene seems like a good breather; yet this is far from a stopgap inclusion on an already packed disc. Anya dons clear high-heels, long black socks, multi-colored shorts, and a yellow tank-top that says "Woes," all reflecting the loud personality that comes with Evil Angel/Swallowed's scenes. She is her own girl with her own style nonetheless.

A methodical striptease allows us to ogle every inch of Anya's body right down to her plump butt, leggy figure, and wide, welcoming smile. She pulls her legs back for her ass and pussy to be spread wide while taking center-stage. Mike finally makes himself visible to eat Anya's pussy while she watches, quivering in pleasures. He makes the move to worship her ass when she hikes it in the air while bent over, and spends a lot of time with his face buried as Anya just rests her head with a devilish smile on her face.

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When faced with Mike's cock, Anya's head begins gliding on it immediately as her mouth wells up with enough spit/drool for two girls. Without the presence of another person, a glass bowl helps collect all of Anya's spit that falls off her chin in the process of doing some commendable dick-sucking. She makes use of all the excess liquid by using it to coat her already soppy mouth, which looks like tangled webs at times, and uses the spit on the plate to further moisten his penis. Tricky gonzo camerawork prevails as the camera captures a view of the action from underneath Mike's cock to see Anya's technique differently, with emphasis on her chin and bottom-lip while revealing the extent of its sloppiness. She blows bubbles as the spit falls onto the plate and the lens itself, making for a magnificent mess.

The home-stretch kicks off with a more cleaned, put-together Anya tossing Mike's salad before putting her hair in a neat ponytail and moving to suck more dick. There is more of the determined energy on display here that defined the early moments but fell through the cracks a tad due to the experimental (but successful) camera angles. It's fun to watch Anya make love to the balls right before drain a load right out of Mike in a head-bobbing finale. She swallows it almost instantly after getting it, as she should; she worked for it and made herself another terrific showcase of her talents. 3.5/5 stars.

Scene 4, Disc 1: Kenzie Reeves, Lilly Ford, and Mike Adriano

Kenzie Reeves and Lilly Ford are primed to give some "soppy toppy," as Kenzie puts it, and "suck the soul out of a dick," as Lilly so eloquently puts it. The two are a dual-threat of high energy youthfulness with skimpy bikinis and cute ponytails serving as their primary, if temporary, cover-ups. They exchange hilarious banter, with Kenzie echoing the kind of modern, quippy demeanor Skyla Novea showed off in Titty Attack 9, saying things like "eat the booty like groceries" and other such playful phrases.

"It's been so long since I had a tongue in my ass," Lilly claims when Mike makes his tongue a path between her cheeks. Lilly puts her pierced tongue to work in Kenzie's tight ass to spread the love, so to speak, and Kenzie makes things intriguing by pulling a later upside down Lilly's ass up to her tongue and using it as kinky oral penetration. They both greet Mike's stiff cock by tonguing it at the same time for maximum pleasure. His balls fill Kenzie's mouth but not quite like his shaft as she chokes and slobbers all over his lap while Lilly scrambles to service his ballsack. There's immense sexual energy between these two and all we've gotten thus far is a blowjob and some genial foreplay.

Mike's cock does its part to fill Lilly's trap as well as the two take turns sexily slobbing on cock and trading spit. Lilly goes underneath Mike's balls while Kenzie deepthroats, showing encouraging prowess for someone fairly new to the adult industry. Lilly is the one who initiates rimjob action, lapping Mike's butthole with rapid licks to tease and please. Her style turns aggressive, however, when she gets the shaft and Kenzie gets the asshole, as Lilly can't help but force his penis down her throat in an effort to make things as messy as they can be. Kenzie watches in sheer awe, as her eyes look up at her friend as much or more than they do the camera.

The finale sees tradeoffs between Mike's dick and balls and a filthy rimjob between the two girls, both striking and briskly paced. With Kenzie licking his balls and Lilly angrily sucking, Mike blows a load in her mouth to be shared and swapped between the two tired yet giddy girls who have just been granted "good dick" and an unforgettable threesome. 4/5 stars.

Best cocksucker: Lilly Ford.

Scene 5, Disc 1: Violet Starr, Giselle Palmer, and Mike Adriano

Even with the abundance of loud colors on the set, Violet Starr and Giselle Palmer manage to stand out with their natural beauties. The women tease us with their low-cut tees and high-riding underwear concealed by cheeky booty-shorts while awaiting the mess they will almost certainly make.

The two strip, flaunt their asses and their groomed bushes, and proceed to have fun with one another. Giselle jiggles Violet's butt in anticipation as the two seem to forget they came here to suck dick as they're already having enough fun with one another to last the evening. Mike likes what he sees enough to take his time eating their orifices out, tongue-punching their butts in a manner that becomes an act of worship. When he moves from Violet to Giselle, he finds she is not far behind to help her further satisfy her friend. Sharing and assisting is a big part of this scene.

Violet warns her blowjob technique is rough before lowering her head almost all the way down onto Mike's shaft as Giselle makes out with him. Her technique, among other choice words, involves copious amounts of spit and the suppression of her gag reflect on numerous occasions, yet it all makes for a sequence that's dedicated and appropriately messy. When Giselle is only momentarily into her blowjob, Mike warns he is about to cum, but the wave of impulse passes despite the energy of the two ladies marching forward and remaining well-maintained.

Both Violet and Giselle form an equitable dynamic, with Violet commanding Mike's penis when fellating it and Giselle keeping tabs on his balls with her lips and tongue. Violet keeps moderate speed with Mike's cock, taking it halfway down her throat and straining to do more and make a sexual statement for herself. When she eventually goes lower to savor Mike's balls, Giselle bobs her head rapidly for intense oral stimulation and successfully gets most of Mike's thick member down her throat.

Giselle winds up being the one to suck the cum out of his dick, as it appears, but just when you think the scene ends, we continue with Giselle taking on Mike's ass. Don't think we were ever letting the screen fade to black with a blowjob. Violet performs moments of tricky deepthroating given the obvious constraints but that doesn't stop her nor Giselle from being the best they can be in the moment. To end things, Violet hides her tongue inside Mike's butt with wide eyes as Giselle sucks away, growing faster by the second. Giselle soon press her mouth and head down on his lap hard enough to get another load for the two ladies to share between them. A fiery display of passions helps conclude the first disc — a three and a half hour affair that leaves one exhausted if they're brave enough to marathon it. 4/5 stars.

Best cocksucker: Giselle Palmer.

Scene 1, Disc 2: Jennifer Jacobs, Riley Nixon, Jade Luv, and Mike Adriano

Disc two of Swallowed.com Volume 11 begins by introducing an intriguing trio that all have unique physical attributes, and therefore, unique beauty to hold their own in a scene: they are the sultry Jennifer Jacobs, the adorable Riley Nixon, boasting a bedazzled choker that appropriately reads "GODDESS," and the exotic, Mongolia-native Jade Luv. They turn around in unison to show each of them have quite a bit of junk in the trunk, concealed modestly by high-riding jean-shorts. They are in awe of each others bodies, specifically their nipples, which get attention on their own terms, with Jade's earning unanimous praise.

We cut to all three girls with their colorful sock-clad feet pointing to the sky leaving their pussies and assholes exposed for Mike Adriano to indulge, to which they all giggle and moan when they're treated to his foreplay prowess. They then arch their backs at the right angle, rendering Mike absolutely intoxicated by their distinct figures. Jennifer is the one to begin the blowjob festivities, aided by Jade, who helps by slobbering on the base of Mike's shaft. Mike and Riley look on lustfully to admire the tireless work of the two ladies as they just get started.

Riley's blowjob features unbroken eye-contact with the camera, even as she wolfs Mike's shaft down her throat with such force she chokes to catch her breath. Meanwhile, Jade's blowjob technique gets progressively more intense after starting with slowly sensual. Riley is the first to initiate a rimjob while Jade's eyes widen while licking Mike's balls. Jennifer gulps down Mike's cock, getting almost all of it down her throat to show that she too can measure up.

Eyes and eye-contact have yet to be so prevalent and integral to one particular scene than they are here, with each woman's soul-penetrating gaze turning the camera on, sometimes all in unison, thereby strengthening the oral smorgasbord before us. Meanwhile, Riley then gets a turn at the balls, which she claimed to love in the opening minutes of the scene and proves such with attention to one at a time. Her methodical way of sucking them occurs when Jade deepthroats so hard she needs a breather to regroup. Nonetheless, she pounces back under tricky circumstances, choking but persisting as gobs of spit begin to build on Mike's cock. Her energy and commitment is nothing shy of sublime.

Riley bends over both to fellate Mike's dick at a new angle, scarfing down his member until he finishes in her mouth. She then trades it to Jennifer in a congealed mess of bubbly spit while Jennifer passes it to Jade with none of the girls losing a drop. A sloppy makeout concludes a winning start to the second disc of the compilation. 4/5 stars.

Best cocksucker: Jade Luv.

Scene 2, Disc 2: Jillian Janson, Jill Kassidy, and Mike Adriano

Jills equal thrills according to Jillian Janson, making her scene-debut with Jill Kassidy, and she couldn't be more correct. The best scene of the disc is to one to end this messy marathon as we are in the presence of two unbelievably radiant young women for an upwards of forty minutes to cap off this terrific disc. Jillian Janson (who had explosive energy I loved in Dredd 2) is straight out of the 1980s with neon pink fishnets and sleeves, coupled with a multi-colored torso-top and patterned booty shorts just in case you weren't aroused enough. Meanwhile, Jill's bleach-white garb of white lingerie and hip-hugging shorts isn't as loud but manages to compliment her aura and curvaceous figure nonetheless. It's all enough to put you in the mood while the two ladies are still clothed.

Predictably, Mike Adriano pulls through Jillian's fishnets to get to her asshole and begin tonguing it, setting the scene for what will be a messy scene just by the way it begins. The girls do their part to warm themselves up: 'you like that, don't you," Jillian asks, referring to her pink pussy the way she hornily pets it to get herself going. Moving on, Mike has a choice to make when Jillian has her back arched in doggystyle and Jill pretzels herself by pulling her legs back, exposing her holes. He opts to tongue Jillian's asshole first but doesn't neglect Jill, moving quickly to service the wide-eyed beauty. Jillian affectionately clings to Jill as she's licked, but a quick-cut then shows Jill hanging over the bed with her ass perched in the air for Jillian to bury her tongue in her butthole.

When it comes time for the blowjob to commence, Jillian lets her mouth fall on Mike's shaft after brief worship. Her forceful nature coupled with loud gurgling and spit-sloshing as she reaches the base proves to be too effective when Mike has to push her away so he doesn't cum too early. This allows the Jills a moment to gently kiss one another before Mike bravely lets Jillian return to her previous act only to prompt the same reaction yet again. She brought her Adriana Chechik/Amber Rayne to the game with this scene.

The downtime during Jillian's foray has given Jill the ability to build up copious amounts of spit to use during a sloppy blowjob which quickly transitions into an amazing deepthroat. Just when you thought Jillian would run away and make this scene all about her oral skills, Jill comes in to prove she's on here for a reason and that reason is to hone her own expertise. Throughout the scene, teamwork goes from a scorching hot double blowjob to ass-licking, of curse aided by what appears to be a liter of spit strung out all over Mike's lower half. Jillian buries her face between Mike's cheeks and muffles her moans as a result, while Jill forces her tongue deeper and deeper when duty calls.

As minutes pass, you begin to see that this scene embodies what a threesome should be: cooperative, rhythmic, concomitant, and messy, all while being mindful of another person's kinks and limits. We see this as Jill gets to deepthroating while Jillian extracts more spit from her throat via her hand to aid the process, continuing to help by stroking Mike while her gal-pal sucks him off. Moments like this show that porn can be just as much about chemistry and connection through attentive action and teamwork. Arousing subtleties surface when we see Jill moving her tongue from Mike's asshole to his ballsack and Jillian's tongue peek out of her mouth during a focused deepthroat session (there's also a moment when she uses all the excess spit to lube her crotch up while rimming Mike that is absolutely terrific, in the moment fun).

In the final minutes, Jillian gets one last deep-rimming in, whispering naughty banter to the other two as Jill sucks the load out of Mike while bent over Jillian. Continuing on with the teamwork that's been ever-so-present, she almost immediately spits the load down below into Jillian's mouth and the two slosh it around before concluding the disc's best scene and one of the best porn-scenes I've seen this year. 5/5 stars.

Best cocksucker: Good luck picking a winner; they're on the same level.

Final Thoughts

Having seen stray clips of Swallowed.com's content in the past, I've found they serve as a happy medium between Amateur Allure's ethereal, softcore treatment to blowjob-centric porn and DickDrainers's racially charged, merciless bouts of oral sex and anilingus.

Swallowed.com Volume 11 is my formal introduction to the series and it's no wonder how and why they've been able to sustain their model and now a dozen DVDs. They not only find A-list talent, but they find women that can perform alongside other women with awe-inspiring chemistry and a deep passion for messiness. Mike Adriano may not be the most charismatic person on camera, in part because he must cling to an intimate, gonzo-format for this particular series, but he finds the ladies that can flood a scene with their enthusiasm. In addition, don't ignore the elaborate decorated sets and how they contribute to the vibrant events that explode on-screen, although often even they take a backseat to the insane oral action on display here.

If you're looking for a must-see scene guide in regards to this specific disc, you should at least treat yourself to Chanel Preston/Romi Rain's terrific threesome as well as the Jillian Janson/Jill Kassidy closer, for these are among some of the best porn of the year.

Finally, I believe it's Lilly Ford in her respective scene with Kenzie Reeves that she long believed that men didn't like messy blowjobs due to the fact that people often react negatively to see people with messy or unsavory eating habits. As Swallowed.com, its performers, and Lilly and Kenzie have shown show, that couldn't be further from the truth.

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