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Disciplined Teens 8

Studio: Pulse Distribution » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 12/13/17

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genres: 18+ Teens, BDSM, Fetish

Directors: Unknown


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Cast: Megan Sage, Malina Mars, Lexy Bandera, Nikki Kay, Richie Black, Bruno Dickems

Length: 2 hours 15 minutes

Date of Release: October 9, 2017

Extras: Non-Selectable Trailers, Slideshow, Cumshots

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Decent. Shot in HD. Vocals are clear.

Overview: Four scenes that have a domination theme tying them together. Scene 3 features Megan Sage and is the only one that explores some FemDom, the others all have the girls being dominated. There's plenty of spitting, slapping, and choking for fans of that.

Scene 1: Nikki Kay & Bruno Dickems

Nikki Kay

Nikki shows up late for her appointment which has her interviewer a bit peeved so he lights up a smoke offscreen while reprimanding her for slouching as she sits on the couch and degrading her a bit while making her take a puff on his cigarette. She can't handle the smoke and goes into a coughing fit. He makes her show off her nice tits and explains the rough sex that she's expected to shoot. He has her turn around, pulling her shorts down, and gets her consent to smack her fine ass. The ass smacks happen with one hand while he buries some of his fingers from the other in her snatch. Soon, he's smacking her tits and pussy, his hand wrapped around her throat. She rubs his crotch as he pulls her hair. He walks offscreen to grab her some lipstick for "phase 2". Once she manages to smear it onto her lips without the aid of a mirror, his thick cock comes out to play. The lipstick doesn't last long, she has to reapply it before he can straddle her face and throat fuck her.

Nikki Kay

"Phase 3" involves him getting two full glasses of water while she gets naked. If she wants her scene to make it to the website, she has to hold the water while bending over the couch and getting fucked. He gives her a rough banging, yanking her face about. It seems she passed the test and gets a glass of water thrown on her as a reward. Kneeling on the floor, she gets face fucked again before he plunges back into her honey hole in doggie. It's an ass-slapping, fishhooking, hard romp but it seems to be working for her as she mounts him in cowgirl. Bruno seemingly slides a finger in her ass as she rides, Nikki begging to get smacked. She gets plenty of that as he pounds into her in missionary, yanking her around like a fuck doll. Soon, her heads on a cushion, positioned on the floor and he's piledriving into her with some minor acrobatics before unloading on her face.

Nikki's a pretty girl but her inexperience shows. The scene didn't really work for me overall but I look forward to her future work.

Scene 2: Lexy Bandera & Bruno Dickems

Lexy Bandera

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Lexy wakes Bruno up as she freaks out over the fact that she just discovered the house payment hasn't been made in three months. Later in the day he proposes they shoot some porn to make some money. As she gets naked to sit on a throne-like chair, he heads off to dig out some fetish gear. Her wrists get bound to a simple breast tie with black rope and she's ball gagged. With a little spit lube on her pussy, he works a huge dildo into her hole as she tries not to stare into the camera lens too much. She whimpers and grunts as he slides the fake schlong in and out of her. Setting that aside, he smacks her a bit and yanks her hair before grabbing the camera  for some closeups of her playing with herself. Untying her, he jams his hand into her mouth and leans back for a blowjob. She does a bit of dirty talking as she stares into his lens. Moving back to the big chair, they kiss while he plays with her pussy.

Lexy Bandera

She moves over to the couch and continues to finger herself while being filmed with shakycam. Lexy gets her face slapped as Bruno shoves his cock into her piehole. She enjoys his ass slaps, begging for more, as he mounts her in doggie. Her face reddens as she squeals that she's cumming. Putting her in a headlock, he pulls her toward him as he rams her harder. He shoves her face to the couch and plants his foot on her head to keep it there. Once freed, she climbs onto him and he plants two fingers in her ass as she rides, paddling her ass and head with her sandal. A face-slapping, throat gripping piledrive ensues as she compliments "her daddy". The face slaps get harder as they move back up onto the couch for some final thrusts that have her folded in half. Bruno unloads a healthy load all over her face as she smiles and waves goodbye to the camera.

This scene, like the last, didn't do much for me. In fact, it is plagued by a common problem in porn: the scene starts out with a setup then they have sex and there's no answer to the question posed in the setup!

Scene 3: Megan Sage & Richie Black

Megan Sage

Richie wakes up, tied to a chair with no pants. He calls out to Megan for help and the camera moves to a shot of her sauntering down the hall in a form-fitting dress, casually twirling a flog as her heels click on the wooden floor. She confronts him with the fact that she knows he's been going to a sex dungeon to be dominated and she's ready to take on that role. Untying him, she pulls his face into her ass with the ropes. After enjoying some ass eating, she makes him do a bit of foot worship before eating her pussy. Our beautiful starlet then takes him to the bedroom where she ties his arms to the sides of the bed and then starts a little bit of stroke and lick. The licking becomes a full-blown, sensual blowjob as she instructs him not to cum or he'll be in trouble.

Megan Sage

She climbs atop his hard cock and starts slamming her ass up and down on him. Megan peels off her dress and then unties her captive. She presents herself in doggie and makes him drill her hard while reminding him that he's not allowed to cum. She instructs him to fuck her harder and he does his best to comply, her eyes rolling at his less than adequate thrusts. They move onto reverse cowgirl which shows off Megan's pretty face very well when the camera isn't in closeup on their nether regions. He tries to smash her in missionary and she just lies there telling him how lame his action is. Her facial expressions are great as she condescends to him and then pushes him off of her so that she can finish him with a handjob while speaking to him like he's a child and threatening him.

I admit I'm a Megan fanboy. She is just great in this role, her dialog entirely natural and her facial expressions playing up the scene perfectly.

Scene 4: Malina Mars & ?

Malina Mars

Malina's tutor shows up and they hit the books at the dining table. Well, he hits the book as she scrolls around on her phone. Her tutor takes a bathroom break and she starts snooping through his backpack. She's holding onto collars and ropes when her returns and tries to rush off in embarrassment. She stops him by letting him know she's into being tied up and she'll let him do whatever he wants to her if he does her schoolwork for the rest of the year. She assures him she's serious and he grabs her by the throat and throws her to the ground. In a split second he goes from shy nerd into a hardass, dragging her by her hair into her bedroom. He whips out his cock for her to suck and throws his glasses across the room, where they shatter against the wall. He mouth fucks her for a bit and then ties her to the headboard, spits on her face, and plunges his cock into her.

Malina Mars

He jackhammers into her and then tosses her into doggie for some more rapid-fire rabbiting. Malina grips and bites the comforter on the bed so he grabs her hands and holds them behind her back. A dog barks in the background as she gives him a hand-assisted hummer and then climbs into cowgirl. It's hard not to notice his knee injury during this part, it looks like he fell onto a bed of nails! His cock is soaked with her juices as she pumps up and down and he tries to bind her hands while they go at it. More impromptu rope work ensues as he lies her on her side to pummel into her some more. He's going to town and is covered in sweat so he takes a break for a quick blowie before ramming back into her in a modified spoon. She exclaims that she's not sure how much more she can take and he crams his cock into her mouth and blasts a huge load which dribble out from between her lips.

Final Thoughts: For me, it was hit and miss. The scenes with Bruno did nothing for me but Megan's scene was a refreshing turn after those two. Newbie, Malina Mars, closed out the disc in a hardcore, frenetic fuck session that had a decent setup to it and it actually remembered to finish the setup question! There's nothing notable as far as extras so I'm going to say Watch On Demand. If you are looking for "punishment" or BDSM titles, there's plenty of great ones out there to own, this isn't one of them. The camera work isn't horrible but it isn't very good either. The editing is a bit choppy at some points and overall the flow of the disc just seemed too long. I found myself looking at the clock/counter way more than I should.

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