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Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 12/14/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genres: Action, Feature, Foreign, French

Directors: Herve Bodilis, Ludovic Dekan


Cast:  Megan Rain, Alexa Tomas, Mina Sauvage, Ania Kinski, Apolonia Lapiedra, Rose Valerie, Cassie Del Isla, Philippe Soine, Emilio Ardana, Alberto Blanco, Tony Carrera, Ricky Mancini, Dorian del Isla, Adrian Dimas

Length: 1 hour 51 minutes

Date of Release: November 8, 2017

Extras: Non-Selectable Trailers, Making Of 28:28 minutes

Condoms: Yes

Audio/Video Quality: Absolutely off-the-charts amazing. Visuals are spectacular, soundtrack (with music by Marc Dorcel) layered in superbly.

Overview: I don't want to give too much away, so here is the official description from the website:

Definitely the most spectacular European adult movie!

Vasquez rules without contest over the merciless world of drug dealers. With the help of his wife Megan, he does everything to make his business grow. Violence, perversity, lust, everything gives him the feeling of being invincible! The problem is that his overconfidence might turn against him. Mina, his partner's young and sensual wife has been living under Vasquez's protection since the police arrested her husband. Convinced that Vasquez betrayed him, Mina swore that she would do anything to get him out of prison and back at the head of the organization. Led by her desire of vengeance, Mina will submit herself to all the depravations that will enable her to reach her goal. Whether it's filling Megan's sexual frustration to win her confidence, or even offering her body to a lustful policeman to prove her desire to collaborate, nothing will break her determination. Between a robbery where vice and pleasure come together, Go-fast’s chases and an orgy into the heat of the Parisian night ... Mina will assume her role as an infiltrated cop in the most enjoyable way…With its ultra-realistic action scenes, breathtaking scenery and its movie direction that sublimates the performances of splendid performers of international fame, “Undercover” will carry you into a torrid story that projects the adult movies into a new dimension...

As usual with features, I won't discuss the plot.

Scene 1: Alexa Tomas, Apolonia Lapiedra, Megan Rain, Emilio Ardana

This scene features two starlets who are both up for Foreign Female Performer of the Year at both AVN and XBIZ, Alexa Tomas and Apolonia Lapiedra. They get teamed up with Emilio Ardana, who is an AVN nominee for this year's Foreign Male Performer of the Year. That gives you a clue as to how hot this scene is going to be as our lingerie-clad ladies start servicing each other as Emilio watches. He doesn't watch long before joining in, though.

Alexa, Apolonia, Megan

The camerawork is impeccable, shot from multiple angles in close, mid, and wide shots to capture every detail of the action and the beautiful location. While the ladies are sharing Emilio's lollipop, Megan struts in wearing a catsuit and scolds her man for not waiting for her. With the scolding over, she jumps right into the threesome, unzipping her suit to reveal her lithe body and touch herself briefly before fully committing to the three-on-one session. Megan gets her love hole licked by both Spanish starlets while Apolonia takes pole position. Alexa rides in reverse, the other ladies pawing and kissing her.

The screen is filled with beautiful shots of masturbation, fucking, sucking, and fingering right up until Alexa is about to orgasm at which point Megan kicks the ladies out so she can get some deep dicking from her man. He gladly goes along with that, fucking her nice and hard until he splashes a massive amount of manjuice on her tummy.

Scene 2: Mina Sauvage, Dorian del Isla (Non-Sex)

Mina Sauvage

-- sponsored by --

Mina's video chatting with her man and puts on a bit of a show for him, stripping naked on her bed and masturbating. Fans of women solo scenes will love this. So will fans of Mina. If you aren't a Mina fan yet, or have never seen her, this scene may have you jumping on her bandwagon!

Scene 3: Rose Valerie, Cassie Del Isla, Ricky Mancini, Adrian Dimas

Our foursome is in a nightclub celebrating their accomplishment, with Rose being reprimanded for almost screwing the whole thing up. Rose takes it upon herself to apologize to Ricky with a blowjob, with Cassie joining briefly until Adrian comes back from wherever he went, and then she goes down on him. That is when Ricky bends Rose over a table, her left leg outstretched on it, so he can give her a good shagging from behind.

Rose Valerie & Cassie Del Isla

Cassie joins Rose on the table, Adrian sensually rubbing her clit while standing behind her. Rose fingers her own clit rapidly while Ricky moves his cock to her back door. Adrian's good and ready to fuck his French starlet and lies on the table, Cassie pumping her ass rhythmically on his rod. That seems to interest Ricky, who moves over to the other couple's side of the table and plants his pecker in Cassie's ass. Rose might be sidelined but she gets face to face with Cassie and they lock gazes and share the enjoyment of Cassie's DP.

Rose Valerie & Cassie Del Isla

An abrupt edit has Rose lying face down on the table as Ricky jerks off into her mouth and another edit brings us to Casie lying face up while Adrian drains himself into hers.

Scene 4: Mina Sauvage, Megan Rain

This is a simple scene in which Megan and Mina are being driven to a location, seated in the back seat of a sedan. Megan's in the mood to be munched on and spreads her legs wide for her lady friend to begin licking. Mina enthusiastically fingers and licks at Megan's moneymaker as Megan contorts herself into one awkward but photographically awesome position after another. Considering the action is being filmed in a moving car, it's done really well. When Megan sits on Mina's face, her skirt covers the action so the camera concentrates on Megan's face and her nipples as she plays with them.

Mina Sauvage & Megan Rain

Scene 5: Megan Rain, Ricky Mancini

Ricky and Megan are celebrating. Like any good celebration should, it starts with the lovely Miss Rain dropping to her knees and demonstrating her oral skills. Again, the action is covered from multiple angles, the set decoration featuring prominently in the wide shot; her face captured exquisitely from above and to her right. As they move to the bed, Ricky's fingering and licking of her is captured in all of its amazing glory, with Megan's face just falling barely outside the camera's depth of field for a very cinematic look.

Megan Rain

When Ricky starts plunging his pole into her, the action is caught in closeup, with another shot zeroing in on her face, while yet another shot comes from far away down a hallway to show the couple in full profile. Ricky takes a breather, slowly sliding one finger into her fuck hole while exploring her ass with two others. Satisfied his staff will fit, he slides his cock into her ass, her legs held skyward. Her eyes shine brightly, her face glowing, while he pumps her pooper. Rain flips herself into doggie so he can enjoy the view of the ass he's drilling.

Megan decides to show off her anal rodeo skills, her body looking fabulous in the light. Her locks bounce and sway as she pumps herself to an orgasm. Once she's cum, it's only fair that he does too. She lies beside him and jerks him to completion all over himself.

Scene 6: Mina Sauvage, Philippe Soine

There's not a lot to say about this scene, really. Mina gives a quick blowjob while squatting next to a toilet. It's not something she wants to do but it's in her best interest to satisfy this guy and so she obliges. Phillippe pulls her breasts out of her shirt so he can cum on them.

Scene 7: Ania Kinski, Large Orgy

Ania Kinski

Ania's throwing an orgy at her mansion. It's a house filled with people wearing scanty but high-end attire and masks. The whole place is lit with colored lights that shine on the walls, making it very dramatic. The cameras move around the masked guests at will, catching mouths on cocks, mouths on coochies, fingers in fuck holes, the whole nine yards. Since Ania is the hostess, she gets a good amount of screen time as she rides and gets ridden. She's an energetic fuck bunny that takes a couple of loads to her face, swallowing the one that doesn't shoot into her hair.

Scene 8: Mina Sauvage, Dorian del Isla

Mina finally gets to enjoy her man in person, as opposed to over the phone. After lathering up in the shower, she joins him in the living room. They kiss long and passionately to show how much they've missed each other. He's missed her ass and breasts, so they get some special squeezes and kisses. He's also missed her lips so she drops down to her knees to give him a sensual, hand-aided blowjob. It starts off sensual but soon, she's bobbing his knob quite vigorously. He returns the favor by kneeling behind her to lick her ass, Mina's face pressed against and reflecting in the glass door. With everyone warmed up, Dorian gloves up his manhood and starts pumping into his lover. Mina squeaks and uses some kind of special breathing technique as she enjoys getting drilled from behind.

Mina Sauvage

The couple kisses often while standing and smashing together, showing a genuine chemistry as Dorian drills into her like a machine. A nearby ottoman gives him a chance to rest and lie back so she can bounce on his boner, her breasts jiggling as they catch the light streaming in from outside. The jiggling turns to flailing as he jackhammers her from below. Mina flips around to face her man, slamming her ass up and down on his rod for a while and then spins onto her side so he can take her in spoon. Her eyes glaze over and a smile creeps onto her face as she cums. Dorian takes that as his cue to cum all over her tits.  

Final Thoughts: An extraordinary visual feast! I think this film was released a few days too late to make the list of AVN and XBIZ nominees this year but look for it to get lots of attention next year! Megan Rain plays the lead here but Mina Sauvage gets plenty of screen time also. Both starlets play their respective roles well, Megan meshing well with all these performers on their home turf, across the pond. Dorcel put together an astonishingly highly skilled team for this feature, even more so than usual.

As always with this studio, the locations are gorgeous and prominently featured in the framing of everything, including the sex shots. Unlike American porn, high-end Euro porn seems to treat the location as another key performer and they are captured magnificently here. The cinematography is off the charts fabulous, including drone footage over land and sea! The storyline is dramatic but not overly so. That allows the crew to spread their wings and shoot some actual action footage that is on par with anything mainstream Hollywood is putting out. The storyline is good enough that you care about following it but it doesn't get in the way of your enjoyment of the many naughty scenes present.

There are a couple of performers here that are fairly new to the industry but you can expect them to become "go-to" performers pretty quickly as everyone shines here. If you watch the "making of" video you'll understand that this is really a film with a big budget for these modern times. Dorcel came out of the gates swinging with this film and it looks like a home run to me. I could ramble on for days about just how glorious this looks onscreen but I'll let you be the judge for yourself...go buy this thing! Highly, Highly Recommended!

If you want more screenshots than these, check out our gallery devoted to this flick!

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