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Couples Vacation

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 12/16/17

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Couples, Comedy, Swinger, Orgy

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Cast: Mia Malkova, Britney Amber, Natalia Starr, Nina North, Olive Glass, Ryan McLane, Danny Mountain, Tommy Gunn, Chad White, Yara Sky (non-sex)

Director: Holly Randall

Release Date: Sept. 26, 2017

Length: 2 hrs. 49 min.

Condoms: None

Extras: Photo Gallery


Overview: Four bickering couples spend the weekend at a mountain retreat in Holly Randall's funny and well made comedic vehicle Couples Vacation. They try to save their marriages with the help of a hippy guru played nicely by the incredibly sexy Britney Amber. As part of their therapies the women are instructed to carry yoni eggs in their pussies to abstain from sex during their stay. Needless to say the ladies lose their eggs as infidelity overruns the house and it turns into a cheater's and swinger's paradise. With some scorchingly hot sex scenes and some fine comedic acting, it's a good story driven tale where the four couples each have their own subplots. So I'll forgo them and just describe each very well made sex scene.


Scene One: Mia Malkova and Tommy Gunn


Mia Malkova turns in a great performance as the nympho wife to Danny Mountain. After Danny turns down her proposition to make love she goes to the bathroom the masturbate. She's caught by Tommy Gunn and sneaks back out through the window to her room. The next day Mia has trouble keeping her egg inside her pussy and Tommy volunteers to help. She gets turned on as he caresses it around her pussy lips and eventually they put it aside as Tommy eats Mia's pussy out from behind. She then sits on the bathroom counter and Tommy goes down on her, driving her crazy with his darting tongue on her pussy lips and clit.


He gives her a sweet orgasm before she sucks his hard cock. She blows him just for a little bit before standing up and Tommy fucks her from behind ballerina style. With one leg holding her up on the sink he pummels her pussy making her cum again. She then sits on the sink and Tommy fucks her missionary. Tommy licks her feet and then lays down on the floor for Mia to ride his cock cowgirl style. She bounces her beautifully shaped ass on his cock, fucking and grinding on him for multiple orgasms and then Tommy spoons her from behind. Mia rubs her clit for a few more orgasms before Tommy fucks her missionary until he shoots a load on her face and into her mouth. The very sexy Mia Malkova gives a terrific performance here.


Scene Two: Natalia Starr and Ryan McLane


Conniving husband Tommy Gunn leaves his sweet airhead of a wife Natalia Starr on a balcony. When Ryan McLane finds her they conduct a little small talk, which lead to making out. He takes off her panties and fingers her pussy, removing her egg. With her long slender legs in the air he proceeds to eat her pussy. He sucks and licks her and then finger bangs her until she cums on his hand. He then drops his pants and she gives him sweet head, slurping and gagging on his hard cock until her ass is in the air for him and Ryan is fucking her from behind.


They each fuck each other, slamming their bodies against each other and wonderfully timed unison. He then lifts Natalia's leg up and fucks her ballerina style, giving us a great view of Ryan's cock as it pistons in and out of her pussy. She then lays down and they fuck missionary. The beautiful Natalia Starr tells Ryan how much better he is at fucking her than her husband as Ryan works his cock in and out of Natalia's gorgeous wet pussy. He gives her several sweet orgasms and then she climbs up and rides him reverse cowgirl.


Natalia's tall slender frame grinds and bounces her pussy on Ryan's cock before she turns around and rides him cowgirl. She cums a couple of more times as she rides his cock before she climbs off and he cums on her tongue. She swallows his cum and sucks his cock, emptying his balls of every drop. Another very well made scene with some great angle shots from Holly Randall.


Scene Three: Britney Amber, Nina North and Chad White


After she finds a yoni egg in her coffee Britney Amber accuses closet bi-sexual Nina North of removing it so the incredibly sexy Britney Amber could inspect her pussy. Nina, who's had the hots for Britney since the beginning, spreads her legs for her. She pokes and prods her pussy and finds it's not hers. After removing her egg Britney starts eating Nina's pussy, sucking her lips and licking her clit, getting her pussy nice and juicy. Britney then strips down revealing her amazing tits and beautiful blond pussy which Nina proceeds to devour much to the multi-orgasmic Britney's delight. While Nina goes down on Britney, her husband Chad White breaks in on them. At first he's disgusted at the thought of his wife being a lesbian, but Britney explains that this experience could be very therapeutic for their marriage. Nina continues to work Britney's pussy in front of him and he can't help to admit how hot it is. He climbs up onto the bed and the two ladies start sucking his already rock hard cock. They both give him amazingly sensual head when Nina climbs up and sits on Chad's face.


He eats her pussy while Britney continues to use her beautiful mouth on his cock. Britney then climbs up and starts licking Nina's pussy while Chad licks Nina's asshole. The sensation of both of their tongues makes Nina cum. Britney then sucks him a little bit more before lowering her pussy down on his cock and riding him reverse cowgirl. Britney is just so great as she slides her pussy up and down on Chad's dick while Nina licks and rubs her asshole. At this point there's a brief moment when Ryan McLane and Natalia Starr walk in on them, but they immediately leave to let them finish. After Britney has an amazing orgasm on Chad's cock Nina sucks her juices off and Chad continues to fuck Britney doggy style until she cums again. I'm telling you, Britney simply lives for the orgasms in this great scene. After she cums on Chad's cock again it's Nina's turn. Chad starts fucking her doggy while she eats Britney's pussy. Nina cums several times as Chad pounds aways at her pussy while she makes Britney cum over and over with her mouth. After Britney and Nina suck all of Nina's pussy juice off of Brad's cock he starts fucking Nina missionary while Britney rides Nina's face to Chicago, grinding and cumming over and over in Nina's mouth. I absolutely love the photography of this scene as Holly Randall gets us right up into the Nina's pussy as Chad fucks her.


Britney and Nina then change places as Chad fucks Britney doggy style while Nina cums again and again in Britney's mouth. After cumming on Chad's cock Britney twerks and shakes her jiggly ass on it before she climbs up and Nina guides his cock into Britney's pussy as she rides him reverse cowgirl. Nina rubs Britney's clit as Brad pistons his cock in and out of Britney's pussy making her cum over and over again, Britney having multiple screaming orgasms while Nina licks her clit.


Nina tells Chad she wants his cum, and Brad fucks Britney doggy one more time to bring it out, Chad finally shooting his load on both of their beautiful faces. If you want to talk about energy people this scene has it in spades. So much electricity and wonderful chemistry going on between the three performers. It was beautifully photographed by Holly Randall who is a master at pacing her scenes. And man I can't speak highly enough about the incredibly sexy Britney Amber who is simply a powerhouse here. Terrific scene.


Scene Four: Olive Glass and Danny Mountain


It's the last day at the retreat and the beautiful brunette Olive Glass, with Mia Malkova and Danny Mountain, have hiked up a hill to do yoga. The yoga instructor (Yara Sky) has them blindfolded, so Mia can't see her husband sneaking away with Olive. Danny removes Olive's egg and they start making out, kissing and feeling each other as they both undress. Once they're naked Olive starts sucking on Danny's cock, giving him slobbery head as she slurps and gags on his cock.


Once he's rock hard she climbs up onto a rock and Danny eats her pussy. He gets her pussy nice and wet and spins her around so he can fuck her from behind. He makes her nice slender athletic body cum before laying down so she can bounce up and down on his cock. They each fuck each other, Olive riding him as Danny fucks her from underneath. After cumming on his cock she spins around and rides him regular cowgirl, both taking turns fucking each other again.


Danny slams his cock into Olive making her cum again before he lays her back onto the rock and fucks her missionary. She rubs her pussy to a few more orgasms before Danny shoots his load in Olive's mouth, Olive slurping up and swallowing every drop. This is a nice, well-shot, simple scene with a strikingly gorgeous Olive Glass.


Scene Five: Mia Malkova, Olive Glass, Ryan McLane and Danny Mountain


With all of the fucking and infidelity going on Britney Amber gathers married couples Mia and Danny with Olive and Ryan to help get their yonis straight. She tells each one to confess a sexual act that they love and to remove a piece of clothing with each confession. They each take a turn saying things like eating pussy, sucking cock, licking feet, etc. until they are all completely naked. When Olive confesses she's always wanted to be with another woman, Mia says she has too. Britney then leaves so they the married couples can bond with each other, Mia and Olive starting by making out with each other. Eventually they're rubbing each other's pussies while the guys feel their wives asses and stroking themselves. This leads to Olive eating Mia's pussy while she sucks on Danny's cock. Olive reaches back and starts jacking off Ryan while her tongue keeps exploring Mia's pussy. Olive then starts sucking on Ryan's cock, both ladies giving their husbands some really nice head.


The guys bend their wives over the counter and start fucking them both from behind, Olive and Mia facing each other and kissing as their hubbies bang their pussies. They then swap partners, Ryan fucking Mia missionary in a chair as Danny fucks Olive on the countertop. Olive then climbs down and Danny fucks her in a chair also as Mia has an incredibly explosive orgasm on Ryan's cock. After Danny pounds Olives pussy to an orgasm she stands up and leans over the chair for Danny to fuck her from behind, all the while Mia having multiple orgasms with Ryan. Danny then lays down on the counter and Olive rides his cock, bouncing her slender ass up and down on it. Mia then stands up and Ryan fucks her from behind as Olive continues to glide her wet pussy up and down Danny's hard cock. After Danny pounds Olive's pussy making her cum she climbs off and she and Mia suck her pussy juices off while Ryan licks Mia's pussy from behind.


With Mia's mouth still on Danny's cock Ryan fucks Mia from behind, pounding her amazing ass and making it jiggle with every stroke. The women then climb up and ride the fellas, Olive fucking Danny still stretched out on the counter while Mia rides Ryan in a chair. Danny then gets up and fucks Mia from behind as she eats out Olive's pussy and while Ryan teabags Olive. In an amazing display of dexterity Olive takes Ryan's cock down her throat while stretched out over the counter for Mia to eat her out. After Mia makes Olive cum with her mouth Danny lays back on the counter so Mia can ride him cowgirl as Ryan fucks Olive in missionary in a chair. Mia bounces her sweet ass on Danny's cock until she cums and then spins around and fucks him reverse cowgirl.


Meanwhile Ryan is fucking Olive from behind as she rubs her pussy to orgasm. After sucking her juices off, both Ryan and Danny fuck Olive and Mia ballerina style, each lady rubbing their pussies until they cum. Ryan then shoots his load on Olive's face, followed in suit as Danny cums in Mia's mouth, to which the ladies snowball each other. Once again, a very nicely shot four way scene with very good performances.


Final Thoughts: I've always been an admirer of Holly Randall's style. Her scenes are not complicated or muddled up with convoluted storylines. Instead they are straight forward realistic sex scenes featuring usually amazing performances from her actors. Couples Vacation is a nice entry. It's sweet, it's simple, it's funny and best of all it's sex scenes are great. The performances are terrific. Mia Malkova has always been a great actress, delivering truly realistic performances in both her speaking and action roles. And I was VERY impressed by the terrific performance of the absolutely gorgeous Britney Amber who plays her role as the spiritual hippy naturalist to a tee. This is a good, well written and very well made film for any couple to enjoy, and I definitely Recommend it.

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