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Rocco's Black Brothers

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 12/18/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 16 minutes

Date of Production:  2017

Genre: All sex; Anal; Interracial; Big Cock; Gangbang

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: Shot in HD

Director: Rocco Siffredi

Cast: Starlets Henessy, Angel Piaff, Melody Bush, Corry Cherry, Irina Vega, Stasia Bond, Dylan Brown, Franco Roccaforte, Freddy Gong, Yves Morgan

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Cumshot Recap; Trailers for Rocco’s Intimate Castings 8, Slutty Girls Love Rocco 14, Rocco’s Abbondanza 6; Website Information; Filmographies


In explaining his latest flick showcasing interracial sex, the legendary director, and performer Rocco Siffredi says Rocco’s Black Brothers was a pleasure and a turn-on to make. It’s also a pleasure and a turn-on to watch, and I highly recommend it. He promises there will be a sequel even though he says it was difficult finding black brothers in Europe. Starlets Henessy, Angel Piaff, Melody Bush, Corry Cherry, Irina Vega, and Stasia Bond are banged and stuffed with some of Europe’s biggest, hardest black cocks in over two hours of sensational sex. This flick has lots of anal and DP action and a couple attention-grabbing gangbang scenes. The opening scene has fussy artist Henessy getting gangbanged by three big, black cocks after she hires them to create a mural. This 3-on-1 scene has some of the best anal of the flick. An all-out orgy ensues in scene two with Corry Cherry and Melody Bush choking on Franco Roccaforte, Freddy Gong, Yves Morgan, and Dylan Brown’s pricks then swallowing loads of spunk. The girls initiate some ass eating of their own, tonguing a couple of the guy’s holes. This is the hottest scene of the flick and a proving ground for Corry and Melody whose pussies are stuffed and stretched relentlessly. I hope Rocco brings the sequel online soon. This Euro-interracial flick fills a void that will satisfy the desires of many interracial porn fans and has a catchy theme song by Tommy Sy to boot.

Scene 1:  Henessy with Yves Morgan, Dylan Brown and Freddy Gong in The Artist

Russian starlet Henessy opens Rocco’s Black Brothers with a 3-on1 hole-stretching scene that’s a sizzler. She has hired three guys to create a hip-hop mural for her and upon inspection, she’s not completely happy. She likes a part of it, but not the rest of it. She asks Yves about the design and doesn’t get the answer she wants. She needs the guys to change the look of the mural and she needs it done today. The guys tell her there’s no way they can make those changes in one day. Henessy is beside herself. She collects herself and tries another tactic. She approaches Yves, since he’s the one who screwed things up, rubs his chest and kisses him, telling him that perhaps there’s another way to resolve this. She runs her hand down his body then drops to her knees and sucks his big, black cock. Yves invites his black brothers Dylan and Freddy to experience Henessy’s cock-sucking skills. Now, Henessy is surrounded by three big black cocks that she is choking on as she goes from cock to cock to cock. “She sucks like a pro,” Yves says. The once angry Henessy is in a black cock fantasy as the guys try to stuff her mouth with all three cocks at once. They beat her face with their dicks then she tells them to fuck her.

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Henessy gets in doggy position to suck on Yves dick while Freddy tongues her pussy and ass hole from behind. He finger-fucks her, making her moan while she gags on Yves’ dick. She’s stuffed from both ends now as Freddy slams her pussy from behind. The guys trade places and now Yves stretches her pussy with his cock while she eats Dylan’s dick. “Fuck the shit out of her,” Dylan orders Yves. He wants a piece of her pussy too, prompting the guys to switch again. This time, Dylan fucks Henessy’s ass hole balls deep in doggy position, spreading her ass hole as wide as it can go. She feasts on Yves and Freddy’s massive meat, gagging and choking as they thrust their cocks deeper and deeper down her throat. Freddy gives her a deep-penetrating ass hole bang that stuffs her fully. While he stretches her rectum, Dylan, and Yves double stuff her throat with both their cocks at the same time. With Henessy’s ass hole opened now, Yves takes his turn inside it, pumping it and making it cream all over his cock. The anal romance turns to reverse cowgirl as Henessy rides Dylan’s long pole. That reverse cowgirl anal fucking transitions into the beginning of Henessy’s double penetration. Dylan continues to drill her ass hole as Yves penetrates her pussy. Once Freddy thrust his cock down her throat, Henessy is airtight. She hosts more cock up her ass doggy style followed by missionary, gasping for breath as the guys keep her mouth busy on their dicks. She goes on a cowgirl ride in her pussy and ass hole until the guys begin to pop. Yves blows his load first, telling her to open her mouth as he shoots it full of spunk. Henessy waits eagerly for Dylan’s load. He splatters her face with cum then tells her to suck his cock. He spits in her open mouth, capping her cum-filled tongue off. Freddy asks her if she’s ready for more sperm. She nods affirmatively just as his jizz splashes in her mouth. He beats her face with his still-hard cock while she swallows her spunky gift.

Scene 2: Melody Mae and Irina Vega with Corry Cherry, Franco Roccaforte, Freddy Gong, Yves Morgan and Dylan Brown in the Lost Girls

This scene is the hottest one of the flick with its gangbang and orgy elements in 4-on-3 action. The girls eat the guys’ asses in this scene, too. It starts with Franco, Freddy, Yves, and Dylan having a party-of-a-time. Melody, Irina, and Corry are lost. They’re looking for the girls’ party down the street. But the guys convince them that the party is right here. Franco takes Irina upstairs to the bathroom while Melody and Corry hang out with Freddy, Yves, and Dylan downstairs. Franco makes no secret of his attraction to Irina, telling her she’s very beautiful. Irina tells him that she has never had a black man before and she wants to try it. They kiss each other with a sense of discovery until Franco drops his pants, introducing his huge cock to her. She sucks on his chocolate pole, gripping and squeezing his shaft while working his cock in and out of her mouth. She tries deep throating his meat but only makes it halfway down his shaft before gagging on it. He pulls off her panties and puts her in standing doggy position with one leg up over the sink then fingers and eats her pussy and ass hole. She holds her ass cheek open while he pleasures her. “Fuck me, please,” she tells him. “Just stay like this,” he says as he penetrates her pussy from behind, pumping it with the black cock she’s always wanted to try.

He turns her around, directing her mouth back toward his cock. Irina sucks his balls and licks his dick. Franco tells her they must go back downstairs. Once there, he puts her in doggy position on her hands and knees and spreads her pussy and ass hole wide open, fingering and tonguing both. He doggy fucks her pussy some more, making her moan in ecstasy before she gets Franco to lie on his back, so she can tongue his ass hole while jerking his cock. After eating his ass, Irina rides his cock in reverse cowgirl position, getting her pussy stretched out. Irina and Franco are having a party of their own while the others hang out downstairs. She climbs off and does more cock sucking, savoring his black dick in her mouth then she rides it cowgirl style, bouncing and grinding on top of his cock. Melody and Yves are getting suspicious of Irina’s absence and they make their way upstairs only to find Irina fucking Franco. Soon Melody and Irina are in a cock sucking battle, using Franco and Yves’ dicks as their weapons. Franco serves his ass hole to Melody who tongue fucks it. The girls kneel back to back while sucking cock, but Melody loves sucking Franco’s ass too, and she does more of it. Franco works on Melody’s ass next, sucking and fingering it before he fucks her pussy doggy style. Irina is still feasting on Yves’ big dick. Right now, the action is 2-on-2 and Melody and Irina are in ecstasy. Corry doesn’t know what she’s missing.

Melody gets spoon-fucked up her pussy and ass while Irina rides Yves’ cock reverse cowgirl style. Melody is taking a hard banging now, jamming Franco’s cock up her ass in reverse cowgirl position. She turns over into cowgirl position and sits on Franco’s cock while Yves’ spreads her ass hole open with his dick, giving her a cowgirl DP. Franco pulls out and pops in Melody’s mouth, feeding her a big load just as Corry, Dylan, and Freddy show up. The 2-on-2 is now a 4-on-3 and Melody, Irina and Corry couldn’t be happier. Dylan, Yves, and Freddy focus on Irina and Corry. Irina has her hands and mouth full when the guys give her three cocks to suck at once. Corry joins the dick-sucking party, helping herself to all the black meat around her. Melody watches while she fingers her pussy, but Dylan brings her into the action. Corry takes a doggy style banging from Yves’ big black cock, making her moan in pleasure as she kneels and moans with each thrust of his cock. The move into cowgirl position just as Melody gets fucked doggy style by Dylan. Irina is in a two-cock fuck next, getting her pussy slammed on one end by Dylan and her throat slammed by Yves on the other. Irina gets fucked up the ass cowgirl style by Yves who pulls out and shoots his load down her throat. Freddy fucks Corry missionary style and can barely hold is cum as it comes pouring out when she opens her mouth.

Scene 3: Stasia Bond with Yves Morgan and Dylan Brown in the Rude Boss

This next scene is an outdoor 2-on-1 fuck with Stasia enjoying Dylan and Yves’ dicks. She’s a hardass boss who stays on top of her guys, telling them they have got to take care of her stuff. The guys are turned off by her rude attitude and they decide to walk away. Stasia begs them to stay, apologizing for her attitude. She asks them what she can do to make it up to them. Yves is quick to tell her she can suck his cock. Stasia says she can do one better; she can fuck them. She drops to her knees as Dylan and Yves stand over her, offering her their hard cocks. She sucks on each one, telling the guys how much she loves to suck dick. Soon, Stasia is on the couch doggy style, sucking Dylan’s dick and getting fucked by Yves’. She tells Yves how much she loves big dicks, but Dylan tells her to shut up and suck his cock.

Stasia goes on a reverse cowgirl ride next, bouncing up and down on Dylan’s cock, first in her pussy and then deep in her ass. She keeps Yves’ cock in her mouth the whole time. The guys compare notes at how good Stasia is then they double stuff her in a cowgirl DP that stretches her holes. “Oh, yes, fuck me,” she screams in ecstasy. Dylan pulls out of her ass and stuffs his cock down her throat, watching her perform ass to mouth. He straight for the A again, filling her up in DP style. The anal doggy is hot to watch as Dylan plugs Stasia’s ass hole balls deep. “Fuck me harder,” she tells him. Yves takes over the ass pounding duty next then he fills her throat with spunk. Dylan pops too, plastering her face with jizz.

Scene 4: Angel Piaff and Yves Morgan in the Therapist

In the final scene of the flick, Angel and Yves stroll the grounds and Angel has something she needs to explain to him. She tells him his wife doesn’t feel comfortable with the way he gets aggressive with her and tries to push her in bed. Yves says he’s not aggressive, but Angel explains that he needs to talk more about these issues. He explains that he’s not aggressive at all and he tries to show her how passionate he can be. Angel tells him they should take the rest of the therapy session inside. Once there, Angel decides to show him how to open his mind up about it. She gets frisky with him, making him uncomfortable at first, but she soon convinces him to stay. She grinds her body against his then helps him pull down his pants. She sucks his cock slowly, telling him that she wants to go deeper with him, opening his mind to new things. She grips his fat cock with both hands, kissing and sucking it then she gets naked for him.

Yves’ therapist is going all the way to help him heal and now she’s lying on her back in missionary position with her eyes rolling back into her head as he drills her pussy with his black pole. She sucks him off then rides his cock cowgirl style. A hot round of anal fucking doggy style happens next and we get a close-up view of Angel’s ass hole getting drilled by Yves’ big, black cock. “Yes, fuck my ass,” she tells him before engaging in ass-to-mouth cock sucking. Yves pumps and stretches her ass hole in back to back session of cowgirl and reverse cowgirl fucking that keeps Angel pleased. She lies on her side for more cock up her ass in spoon position. He drills her ass hole harder and faster and it’s making Angel cum. She screams out, “don’t stop!” She wants his cum now and she soon gets a big load of it when he pulls out and fires off in her mouth, coating her tongue in jizz. “I like your therapy,” he tells her.

Final Thoughts:

Legendary porn director and performer and international stud Rocco Siffredi is still busy, churning out some of the industry’s best porn and banging some of the industry’s best girls. He’s at it again, starting a new interracial series called Rocco’s Black Brothers, and this is a flick a highly recommend. I hope he releases the sequel to this flick soon. Rocco’s Black Brothers is full of hot interracial sex, featuring some of Europe’s best babes. In making the flick, Rocco describes it as both a pleasure and a turn-on to make, watching each starlet take on big, black cock. Henessy, Angel Piaff, Melody Bush, Corry Cherry, Irina Vega, and Stasia Bond are the gorgeous Euro babes getting banged by some of the biggest and hardest black cocks in Europe. Anal is the name of the game in this over two-hour flick. Each girl’s ass hole is targeted and pumped full of cock before our starlets slurp on the sticky spunk delivered by their cocksmen. The girls get into the anal action too, licking, tonguing, and rimming some of the guys’ ass holes. In true Rocco fashion, this movie is full of double penetration action, orgies, and gangbangs, and even has a catchy theme song by Tommy Sy. All of these elements put this flick right up there with some of the best interracial porn on the market.

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