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Studio: Spizoo » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 12/18/17

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genres: BDSM, Fetish

Director: Mark White


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Cast:  Cherie DeVille, Chanel Preston, Charlotte Sartre, Eden Sinclair, Donnie Rock, Mark White

Length: 2 hours 21 minutes

Date of Release: December 13, 2017

Extras: 3 Menu-Selectable Trailers, Gallery, Cumshots

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Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Decent. HD POV footage, with black edits during position swaps. The dialog is intelligible.

Overview: Four beauties each get a scene where they start out in a cage and are leashed up and let out to service their handlers.

Scene 1: Charlotte Sartre, Donnie Rock, Mark White

Charlotte Sartre

Pretty little Charlotte has been locked in her cage for two and wants to see the sunlight. That means she's going to have to be a good little slut and serve her handlers well. After having their dicks sucked thru her cage bars, Donnie heads off to grab her leash while Mark opens the cage. As they gag her, I notice that Miss Sartre seems to be sporting a small branded cross just below her neck now. Once out in the open, the guys have her crawl around the floor and Donnie ungags her so she can swallow his rod. Mark joins his buddy on the couch so she can jerk his chicken as she slobs Donnie's dong. Once he's good and hard, he moves to her behind for a good old-fashioned spitroasting. She's bucking and moaning and Mark pulls out to get a wide shot (I guess) and soon she's bobbing for boners on her knees.

Charlotte Sartre

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Donnie bends her over the couch for his turn in her honey hole. He rams her with some gusto, Mark making sure to get his own cock sucked while Donnie bangs away. He then has her sit on the corner of the couch so he can get his pecker wet with her love juices. Charlotte's face and words indicate she's enjoying the drilling as he folds her in half which is Mark's cue to pull out and leash her back up. The guys take her for a crawl up the stairs, pausing to spank her ass midway. Once they arrive at the bedroom, she's unleashed and climbs into cowgirl for another spitroast. Charlotte's clean-shaven coochie is featured prominently in this position as she slowly pumps up and down. Sometimes the drilling goes down on the floor, others she's on the bed. Still others, she's getting taken while bent over the bed. Finally, the guys unload on her face and they all break character as they exchange giggles while talking about putting her back in her cage covered in cum.

Scene 2: Eden Sinclair, Donnie Rock, Mark White

Eden Sinclair

Just like the last scene, Eden's been locked in a cage for too long. She's hungry so she gets a nice cock treat through the bars and then gets let out to lap at a bowl of milk. The milk lapping becomes what looks like an uncomfortable spitroast on the tile floor. She's looking cute in her pink mesh and patent leather corset as she gets her butt paddled as they head upstairs. She's also eager to service her handlers, perhaps that's why she's an AVN nominee for Best New Starlet this year. Or maybe it's because she can suck the chrome off a trailer hitch while getting banged on a stairway.

Eden Sinclair

About the time this scene is feeling all too similar to the last, the trio moves into a double vaginal penetration for a moment or two before allowing Eden to show off her rodeo skills. During her reverse ride, she takes a mouthful of manhood, her freckles up close and personal with the POV camera. She seems to enjoy herself the most when allowed to dedicate her time and attention to a nice, sloppy BJ but also has the knack for bouncing on a boner while getting throat fucked in a different rhythm. She gets a face full of jizz and then stares down Donnie who's busy working his load up between her legs. She begs for his cum and he completes the plastering of her face.

Scene 3: Chanel Preston, Donnie Rock, Mark White

Chanel Preston

Industry darling, Chanel Preston, is up next and actually the reason I checked into this title. Sadly, the song remains the same, only the names are changed. Weel, two of them remain the same, Chanel's the only difference to this scene. Of course, her face looks fabulous as cocks are rammed into it, as does her body which is clad in black mesh.

Chanel Preston

As usual with Chanel, her makeup and hair stay impeccable as she pumps herself on any hard rod in sight, her eyes big and sparkly as she begs for a load. The first load is delivered mostly to her forehead, the second one fills her mouth. She sounds believable as she pleads against going back to the cage but her cries go unheard and she gets penned back up.

Scene 4: Cherie DeVille, Brad Knight, Mark White

Cherie DeVille

Last year's MILF Performer of the Year, Cherie DeVille, is up last in the now all too familiar scenario. This time, Donnie Rock's role as the second handler is done by Brad Knight. Cherie shows off her acting skills by portraying her fear of him well. Once they are away from the cage, she gets sips of water poured into her parched mouth if she sucks cock decently. If you've seen any amount of porn in the last few years you know Cherie is a talented oralist.

Cherie DeVille

She's wearing a pretty lace bodysuit which gets sacrificed as she crawls upstairs. Her pleading and whimpering continue throughout the scene, slobber dripping from her chin as the guys swap sides of the spitroasting. Her head is pinned to the bed with a foot as she begs to cum and Brad brings her to orgasm and then Mark takes a turn in her love tunnel. She stretches her torn bodysuit even farther, gripping it between her teeth to hold it out of the way while the guys drill into her. She's gripping the covers and her mind is drifting to another plane so Brad Checks in with her to make sure she's still present and then goes back to hammering her hole. She gives her all during their session, assuring the guys that she can do better and then going even harder. After getting piledriven by Brad, she kneels in front of the men to receive their packages on her face. Brad takes a while to bring himself to fruition but delivers a number of massive streams that cover her face and hair.

Final Thoughts: First off, I'm not a fan of POV productions and this is POV quite a bit of the time. One of the reasons I'm not a fan of the style is it often leads to excessive shakycam syndrome. That's not really a problem here but the other usual problem is prevalent: it gets very repetitive. Toss in the same location four times in a row with the exact same setup each time and I start watching the clock rather than the action. Scene by scene is a fine way to watch this but watching the whole disc felt like shampooing my hair according to the directions on the bottle; lather, rinse, repeat. Each lady brings their own style and flair to their respective scene, so pick a favorite and Watch On Demand.

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