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Studio: Jules Jordan Video » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 12/19/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genres: Anal, Big Boobs, Big Butt, Big Cock, Gonzo

Director: Manuel Ferrara


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Cast:  Abella Danger, Keisha Grey, AJ Applegate, Cassidy Banks, Manuel Ferrara

Length: 2 hours 30 minutes

Date of Release: September 5, 2017

Extras: Menu-Selectable Trailers, Photo Gallery, Cumshots, Websites

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Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Excellent 4k video presented in widescreen. If it's available in a 4k stream you may want to opt for that as the tease sequences are really colorful and fun.

Overview: Manuel Ferrara presents four scenes in the ever popular tease-then sex gonzo format. Each scene includes him along with some of the top starlets today. You'll want to check this out for sure. Whether your an ass man or a boob guy, you'll find something to like here.

Scene 1: Keisha Grey & Manuel Ferrara

Keisha Grey

The tease sequence is part fashion shoot, part cello recital, part nude underwater footage, and it's edited together beautifully. In fact, it's so well done AVN nominated it for Best Tease Sequence this year. It does a fantastic job of showcasing Keisha's assets layered atop an EDM soundtrack which also got some love in the AVN nominations. It also seems to have worked pretty well for Manuel who takes a corseted Keisha into his arms and rolls her into bed softly but firmly. They whisper to each other as he makes love to her jugs with his mouth while rubbing her crotch, his hand tucked into her mesh pantyhose. Those hose get sacrificed as he explores her ass with his tongue as she twerks on his face. Manuel gets some love smacks onto her ass cheeks as she shows off her ass bounce.

Keisha Grey

She's sporting a decent bush as Manuel mouths her honey hole, her hips thrusting into his face. He gets that favor returned while getting undressed. Miss Grey climbs into cowgirl and Manuel starts pistoning into her. In a minute or so, she starts her own piston pumping action and they flop into a spoon position where they kiss passionately as Ferrara slides in and out of her. Their whispers continue as he hammers harder. When the time comes to change positions, she pauses to toss Manuel's salad a bit and then gets into a reverse rodeo squat. It takes the camera operator a few tries to find an angle that keeps her head in frame but he's successful by the time the couple finds their groove and Keisha starts cumming. She's looking a bit tired as Manuel goes back down on her so Manuel eases up on his next ramrodding but only for a moment before shoving into overdrive and then throttling back down. She drops to the floor so that he can put his manhood between her DD's and then he tosses her back to the bed for a hardcore doggie drilling. He then lies back and allows her to ride his rod slowly, then pulls her against him so he can pummel into her; Keisha panting and screaming. Then it's back to the floor for the money shot to the mouth.

Both of these performers are nominated for Performer of the Year with multiple organizations, as usual. There's a reason for that: they work well with not only each other but with others in general. Their chemistry is believable and it looks like they are having fun.

Scene 2: Abella Danger & Manuel Ferrara

Abella Danger

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An upbeat piano track is joined by some bright strings as Miss Danger shows off her yoga skills and then gets on the mini-trampoline for some slow-mo shots reminiscent of "The Man Show" from back in the day. Then, it's onto a colorful showcase of her danger-ass on a purple exercise ball set against the backdrop of the famous pink glass wall. Observant viewers will note that she jumps rope backward before moving onto some strength training that is highlighted by water spritzes. Female Performer of the Year Nominee, Abella, is resting on a yoga mat when Manuel shows up and buries his face in her booty. She flips over so he can enjoy a quick snack from her garden patch, which he does while twisting her nipple and gripping her bosom. There's hunger in her eyes as Manuel lies back and she starts to lick his lolli. At first, it's a hand-assisted humjob but Ferrara's pretty impressed when gets serious and takes his shaft deep into her throat.

Abella Danger

Abella mounts Manuel and does some squat thrusts on him as they kiss. The floor rattles a bit as he bangs back into her and she pauses for some more mouth loving, seemingly determined to go balls deep on him. Her attention slips for a brief moment as her blowie turns into a two-handed jerk, her eyes falling from his, and he lifts her gaze back to his with a finger while snapping "come on" and then standing to throat thrust her. Okay, warmup time is over, onto the weight bench so he can practice his power lunges. Abella's face is a mixture of astonishment and ecstasy as Ferrara fucks her relentlessly, her eyes losing focus as she tries to look back at him. Back on the mat, things slow down and then progress to Abella lying atop of him, his pole firmly planted in her rear. The derriere drilling continues in doggie, both performers now shining with sweat, Abella's ass hole quivering as he pulls out to take a peek at it. Another round of anal rodeo leads him to the final countdown and he shoots into her mouth and tosses her back down for a final furious fucking that has her eyes rolled into her skull. She slowly cleans his shaft off with her lips as the scene fades.

This was a solid scene, again both performers showing off their A-games.

Scene 3: Cassidy Banks & Manuel Ferrara

Cassidy Banks

Cassidy is sporting two-toned locks and is bouncing to a keyboard track as bubbles and balloons waft by. She squeezes an orange into her mouth and lets it run down her bare breasts. Her jugs jiggle as she jumps on the mini-tramp, her lips colorful and matching the outfits she wears in her montage. When her tease closes, we find her lying naked on a bed, her pink nails exploring her nipples and nether region. A shirtless Ferrara slides in next to her, helping with her breast massage as he licks her neck, their tongues flicking together. He works his tongue down to her crotch, much to her delight and then he drops his drawers so she can reciprocate. Her eyes are big and bright as she bobs. She then gives him a titjob, her D-cups engulfing his thick rod. Spinning for a better camera angle, he slides her onto his shaft in cowgirl. Their bodies press together, her tits jiggling as he jams into her and then her ass gyrates rapidly until she spins into reverse where she switches to a high bounce method.

Cassidy Banks

She's an active rider, occasionally glancing at the camera but never lingering in her gaze. Cassidy casually checks to make sure her hair is away from her face occasionally. It's noticeable but not distracting. Her shaven slit is shown off nicely as she lies on her back and Manuels pumps her in a semi-spoon as she plays with her nipples. His balls slap against her juicy ass and then he decides to fuck her tits again; his tip reaching her outstretched tongue. She's moaning in ecstasy as his banging gets harder, her eyes meet his as he whispers in her ear. In doggie, she grips and bites the comforter as he hammers home, thumbing at her ass hole. Her eyes shine brightly as she spins around so he can jerk off on her pearly whites but she takes matters into her own hands (or mouth and tits in this case). That seems to change his mind about finishing and he lies her back in missionary, legs spread wide as she bangs her boobs together and licks them. That puts him over the edge and she drops for his pop, catching a good portion of it directly in the eye.

This scene was pretty good but not quite on par with the first two, in my opinion. There were a few times that the abundance of light in the room seemed to cause the camera autofocus to go off for a moment and then come back to focus.
Scene 4: AJ Applegate & Manuel Ferrara

AJ Applegate

If you are a fan of the Carl's Jr. commercial featuring Paris Hilton, you'll love this tease as AJ washes a car and lathers herself up to a modern rock striptease track. She gives equal attention to her small rack and her apple booty, gazing into the lens catching the viewers' eyes directly. Sometimes it's good to break the fourth wall. It's scenes like this that make you realize you never know just what your neighbors in Porn Valley might be up to at any moment of the day  (or night). After all that hard work, AJ needs some time to herself in bed, exploring her bald beaver, the camera DOF keeping her face in a soft focus while shooting every nuance of her crotch in exquisite detail. That's when our man of the hour shows up and starts kissing on the blonde beauty that has XBIZ and AVN split as to where to place her in voting. Both have her nominated for her work in Adventures With the Baumgartners but one has her as Best Actress while the other has her as Best Supporting Actress. Go figure. Either way, between the two she's nominated for eight awards this year alone. That's about par for the course, everyone at XCritic and pretty much everyone industry-wide loves this girl.

AJ Applegate

Once Manuel's in the scene, he wastes no time in licking on her love hole and then presenting his sword for some swallowing practice. He knows she's no stranger to this and has no problem giving her a good skull fucking, her eyes smiling up at him as she pulls her lips just out of his reach making him settle for a hand fuck before swallowing him again. She bounces her ass as she impales her mouth on his member, her eyes like a cat watching a nearby bird. Enough with the mouth teasing, she moves into cowgirl and his hands cover her jiggling ass as he jams into her. She starts a forward-reverse thrust motion that he's totally into and so he helps her maintain the motion by pressing her tummy back as she thrusts forward. It's one of those rare moments in porn that the performers seem to get lost in the moment, camera be damned. More of those moments happen as he sits up and they cling tightly to each other. He leaps up, pulls her to the edge of the bed and starts rocking her world, her face reddening as she cums, gasping for breath. If you're in this position you don't pass up the chance to move your boner into the blonde starlet's butt and Manuel does just that. She does a bit of dirty whispering but mostly stares up at him screaming "yes yes yes". With that encouragement, she gets pressed face down and ass up so he can really get going. She shows off her stretched hole and he pauses to lick it, causing her to moan with delight. After more drilling, she bounces on his face, Manuel asking for her to "sit harder"; AJ squeezing his head between her thighs. A round of deep dicking goes down in spoon and Manuel mounts her as she lies face down for one last go at her rear. Their bodies are starting to shine from sweat and she kneels bedside, nuzzling his nuts as he volcano blasts upward, showering down on her hair and face. Her eyes go back to cat mode, only this time they look like the kitty ate that bird she was eyeing.

Final Thoughts: Sometimes you just want some good gonzo porn featuring some great tease sequences and some A-list porn stars. Here you go, it's called Bounce. I'm not always impressed with Manuel's directing, often times it ends up POV with him banging chicks on the same couch in his living room. This time it's different: the camera is still handheld but at least there's someone behind it other than the performer in the scene!

There are some fantastic tease sequences on this disc, so it's nice that you can jump right to them (or skip them) via the chapters menu. For me, AJ's scene stole the cake here. Abella and Keisha also turned in great performances. Cassidy turned in a good scene, I just don't think she's quite on the same level as the other three are. Of course, Manuel is a Hall of Famer for a reason...he is always a solid performer that can coax the best out of his costars. Whatever he whispers in their ears always seems to bring them up to a notch even higher than they were and it always causes a smile. No problem recommending this. Highly Recommended even though there's nothing special in the special features. Replay will outweigh that concern, for sure.

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