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Hogtied Volume 23

Studio: Kink.com » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 12/20/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genres: 18+ Teens, BDSM, Fetish, Rope Bondage

Director: John Paul "The Pope"


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Cast: Dahlia Sky, Dani Daniels, Gina Valentina, John Paul "The Pope"
Length: 2 hours 46 minutes

Date of Release: 2017

Extras: Photo Gallery, Peter Acworth Bio

Condoms: N/A

Audio/Video Quality: Excellent on both counts barring the glitch in Gina Valentina's scene which will be discussed below.

Overview: John Paul "The Pope" is back with another curated collection of kink.com web scenes that feature three fan favorites; Dahlia Sky, Gina Valentina, and Dani Daniels. Our starlets get tied up, flogged, caned, tickled, and otherwise punished right up to their breaking points. As usual with this studio, it's not aimed at the masses but at a select group of individuals that want to see "real BDSM" not a Hollywood stylized version of some spankings. This is real bondage between real people, not just characters from a scripted page. Yes, JP is playing a role here but as you'll see during the lengthy pre and post-scene interviews the studio rules in effect will force him out of character if anyone on set thinks there is a problem of any kind. I really like the way this studio addresses these issues and possibilities on-screen before and after each scene. If you want to check out some good rope bondage in a real dungeon look no further, here it is.

Scene 1: Dahlia Sky & The Pope

During the interview, our duo discusses the fact that they've never really explored breath play fully together and make it their mission to check into that during today's session. That's pretty weird, actually. Dahlia is a frequent visitor to the Kink studios with over 3 dozen credits attributed to them, so it's amazing that they are just now getting around to something like that. However, before they get to that - JP has her strapped to a table bent over backward, hands tied to her legs like an inverted donut. That's when the flog starts its stinging attack. After wetting his fingers, he sloshes them around in Dahlia's love gash to lube her up for his infamous dick on a stick which immediately gets joined by the Hitachi. She requests to cum, which has to be repeated since JP can't really hear her over the buzzing as she mumbles through her ball gag. She has that orgasm and then another and is left alone.

Dahlia Sky

Her next predicament might be familiar to many ladies (and some guys) that grew up on playgrounds with horizontal bars. You know the position, hanging upside down with your knees gripping the bar. Same thing, only she's tied up and immobilized like that. It's a perfect position to allow for some clothespins to be clamped to her crotch and then taped in place. With her clit exposed, it's time for the riding crop as a warmup followed by the trusty stick dick. Her voice quivers as she begs to cum and JP makes that happen with the Hitachi and walks away.

Dahlia Sky

The camera explore's Dahlia's body in closeup, the ropes that bind her to a table looking awfully scratchy. JP comes in and adjusts her bindings a bit and then stands out of her view, a device in each hand for the "which hand" game. Her answers determine whether she gets smacked with a paddle or zapped with a shock. The stick dick comes back into play, her body quivering as she cums. The Pope decides to reward her with another orgasm that he'll achieve with the Hitachi as he reams her rectum with his stick.

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Sky is tied spread-eagled to the wooden floor and JP promises to finally get around to taking her breath away. He starts with a hand around her throat and then holds it over her mouth and nose, only releasing as she starts to struggle against his grip. The stick dick is used to probe her tonsils and his hand clamps over her mouth as she goes to breathe in. She starts to gag as he shoves the dick back in, alternating between her pussy and her throat. Some more breath play goes down and her body spasms as he releases her tension with his trusty vibrator.

Scene 2: Gina Valentina & The Pope

Gina has come a long way since last year when she was nominated for Best New Starlet, this year she's vying for Female Performer of the Year! Here, she's doing her fifth scene for Kink and her first with JP. Not bad for a beautiful young girl that's just nineteen!

Gina Valentina

Gina's bound in a standing breast tie, her arms immobilized behind her back. The Pope comes in and gives her an atomic wedgie; slobber dripping from her ball gag as he removes her shorts and panties. He gives her the "45 greeting" (grabs her by the pussy) and then manages to remove her tube top right through the ropes, exposing her pert little tits. Nipples at attention, she whimpers as he spanks her ass and spins her to reveal her cute ass and then...
<BAM. DVD GLITCH!> I can't tell you what happens because I don't know. Some trial and error got me to where she's hanging upside down suspended by her waist and thighs, the Hitachi bringing her to a screaming orgasm.

Gina Valentina

Bound to a box on her back, one leg suspended, our starlet struggles, her labored breathing visible. JP digs his nails into the sole of her foot and then delivers sharp, stinging pain with a leather strap. Gina screams as he employs alternate torture tools to the area and then thumps her with a nightstick. A cane is employed for some nipple torture, Valentina's screams sliding through her gritted teeth. The cane is placed between her teeth and more foot torture ensues. You may want to turn your volume down here if you have nearby neighbors because her screams are loud and constant. They get even louder when JP presses the Hitachi to her clit. She squirms to no avail, her ties won't allow much movement. JP muffles her screams with his hand when he isn't using it to grip her tits tightly. Gina's body convulses as she cums, JP taking the opportunity to slosh his fingers around deep inside of her. Her juices coat his fingers and he lets her taste them. More screaming orgasms are delivered via the Hitachi and JP walks away.

Scene 3: Dani Daniels & The Pope

Frequent Kink.com performer, Dani Daniels, is back in the dungeon. She's such a frequent visitor that she slacked off on her "No List" so JP has to go over her limits verbally as they banter in the opening scene.

Dani Daniels fans, of which there are many, will immediately recognize her short lil' black dress that she's wearing in her first predicament that has her standing on one foot so that JP can fuck with her other foot. Fans of that dress may have an issue with this scene as The Pope takes it upon himself to whip out his EMT shears and cut the straps to expose her breasts. She's totally at ease, strung up and giggling as he increases her bindings. They chat as casually as she can through her gag as his shears come back out and he finishes off the dress. Her cute little panties get sacrificed also as he asks how much it would cost to shave off her pubic hair. Her giggles turn to squeals and body shaking as he probes the sole fo her foot. She smiles with her whole face as she gets fingered while the Hitachi is held to her clit. JP abandons her because she's booked at Kink for three days so he feels like he can leave her wanting more.

Dani Daniels

Bound to a bench on her belly is her next position, her ass flinching with each strike of a riding crop. The camera moves in for a closeup of her wet pussy and then pulls wide to showcase JP's riding crop strikes. They discuss her fear of canes and JP walks off to grab something. Fear falls onto her face but JP comes back with his little leather paddle much to her relief. Her ass tightens as he feigns some foot strikes, her toes curling with each actual strike. A tear slides down her cheek, and JP immediately checks in with her - knowing fully well that is normal for Dani and she's not about to stop the action now. That's just the cue to grab the stick dick. She cums almost on command as he fingers her while vibing her so he keeps going, allowing her to cum again.

Dani Daniels

A bar hangs from the rafters, a makeshift "sex swing" concocted out of rope suspend out starlet who gets to make a choice, the little paddle to the foot or the flog to her front. She chooses the former and her foot gets paddled and tickled. She's having too much fun, so the tickling continues underneath her arms and on the other foot, our starlet shrieking. JP decides it would be an interesting experiment to see what it's like if he were to tickle her while she was having an orgasm and so the Hitachi gets broken out.

Face down, ass up on the bench comes next. Dani's wrists are bound between her feet which are tied spread apart. Flogging and spanking redden her ass cheeks, the rope marks from her suspension still visible. JP asks how many times she can cum before she can't take it anymore and when she answers he proposes a bet that involves almost twice that many. After a shrieking orgasm, she has to ask if she just peed herself because she can't see but it felt like she did. He assures her she didn't and struts off set.

Final Thoughts: Dani and Dahlia are back under JP's control yet again. Both ladies are frequent visitors to the Kink dungeons and their familiarity with The Pope comes across really well on screen. JP is thrilled that he not only gets to play with Dani today but also for two days afterward. Gina is here to play with JP for the first time and she's very excited about that. Miss Valentina hasn't even been in the industry an entire year and is already nominated for Female Performer of the Year because she's a cute little thing that is always pushing her own boundaries. Today, JP will push them for her.

Thankfully, Kink.com has started sending us screeners on a regular basis, so I can get a well-rounded view of their catalog. This series is similar to their Sadistic Rope series that I reviewed a while back. That one also featured Dani. Dahlia was in one of the Device Bondage editions I reviewed. Like I said, they are frequent fliers in these dungeons. Gina seemed to be a nice fit in this series, although my analysis of her scene was not thorough due to the glitch I encountered. The disc arrived with some gunk on it that I had to clean off with alcohol not once but thrice just to get it to play past Dahlia's scene. That probably won't be a problem with retail versions, I'm sure it happened by accident when someone opened the disc to mark it as a studio screener.

All in all, these are 3 starlets that should be on everyone's radar and here, in the Hogtied dungeon, they get to experience some emotional and psychological releases that their day-to-day porn scenes never really allow. As always with this studio, I'll point out that this isn't porn for the masses but for those that want something a bit more emotional than two (or 10) people banging naughty bits. I stand by my previous statements that declare this studio to be the pinnacle of BDSM filmmaking and again have to Highly Recommend this for those that want to see pretty ladies pushed to their limits. Yes, the disc is pricey and has no great extras - so you may want to check this out via streaming on their website or your streaming platform of choice.

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