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Corrupted By An Angel

Studio: Penthouse » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 12/22/17

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genres: Alt Girls, Anal, Feature

Writer/Director: Joanna Angel
DP: Mike Quasar


Cast:  Riley Nixon, Joanna Angel, Gina Valentina, Jenna Sativa, Ryan Keely, Tommy Gunn, Small Hands, Will Havoc

Length: 1 hour 59 minutes

Date of Release: December 4, 2017

Extras: Photo Gallery, Music Video
Bonus Scene: Olive Glass & Codey Steele "The Art of Seduction" 19:15 minutes

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Very High on both fronts. Audio and video are captured really well and presented very well also. Lighting is on point.

Overview: It's a tale of a lifelong overachiever (Nixon) who has made it into a prestigious college despite all odds against her. Once there, she meets a rebellious band vocalist (Angel) who teaches her there's a bit more to life than hitting the books and getting term papers in on time. Riley's Mother (Keely) has given up everything for her daughter's education and isn't fond of Riley's new gal pal...until she is. Along the journey, Riley will discover things about herself and about life in general.

Scene 1: Joanna Angel, Will Havoc

Joanna Angel

After a quickie with Small Hands, Joanna calls for the next contestant and Will steps up. Since she's in a band called 'The Fuckfaces' it's fitting that she's eager to get her throat fucked and Will's happy to oblige. She lies back on the biggest, most comfy looking fainting couch-like thing you've ever seen, legs spread wide, and Will starts giving her The D. It's a fairly dark room but it seems like the usual crew is on the set, lighting the performers well enough that their flesh tones are natural and their inkwork stands out nicely.

Joanna Angel

Havoc's balls slap into Joanna's flesh as she gets hammered in doggie, Joanna having a panting orgasm. Joanna's "dirty talk" sounds as if it is just part of her everyday routine, not at all staged, as she tells Will to put his cock in her mouth. After a bit of a blowie, she slides her ass hole onto his shaft in reverse cowgirl; her tongue flicking and twirling around as she prepares to orgasm again. She's like an aviation ground crew, directing Will's plane to the destination she wants. Another BJ ensues as she rotates into cowgirl and then she kneels for Will's package delivery to her tongue and chin.

Scene 2: Riley Nixon, Tommy Gunn

Riley Nixon

Riley needs an extension on her project and when Tommy sees her pantiless crotch, he's willing to strike a deal. The two head to the bedroom, her thigh-high stockings matching the white comforter as she spreads her legs wide and Gunn goes down for a snack. She smiles wide, giggling, at his amazing technique which is new to her. As he unzips, she drops his drawers with her feet, taking his hardness between them and then placing it in her mouth. She adjusts her stockings as he finishes undressing and then goes back to sucking him, her nether region positioned so he can play with it.

Riley Nixon

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Soon, he's sliding into her in doggie, her large boobs swaying to his rhythm as she lifts a leg for a better camera view of the action. She bounces on his boner, panting as his gaze locks on hers. Flipping onto her back, Tommy lies next to her and rams his rod into her hairy snatch, holding her leg in the air. She cums as he rubs her clit and then jumps up to suck her juices off of him, taking his manhood deep into her mouth. She squats over him in reverse cowgirl, his upward thrusts meeting her bounces. Her love juices can be seen shining on her inner thighs; Tommy pulling out to add his own; Riley taking some time to wipe the juices and lick her fingers.

Scene 3: Gina Valentina, Jenna Sativa

Gina & Jenna

Jenna and Gina, both of whom are nominated for upper tier awards this year, have finagled their way into Riley's bedroom where they are left alone and one thing leads to another...the ladies shedding their attire and kissing on each other. Jenna's the first to put her face between her friend's thighs, lapping furiously at Valentina's Latin love hole, her eyes trained on Gina's face. Jenna's ass pumps with every lick of her tongue as she smacks the Brazilian's buttocks.

Gina & Jenna

Gina takes her turn at some cunnilingus, her licking is slow and methodical as she fingers her new fuck buddy. Jenna's head pivots and rotates as she grips the comforter, her eyes rolling into her skull as her legs tighten up. The pair shares the taste of Jenna's wet panties as they kiss while positioning to grind groins. It seems Jenna's eager for some more tonguing and straddles Gina's face, grinding her patch back and forth along Gina's outstretched tongue. Sliding downward, the two grip at each other as they kiss passionately before bailing to Jenna's house to study.

Scene 4: Joanna Angel, Ryan Keely

Joanna & Ryan

Ryan is "having words" with Joanna over Riley's future and the tension is palpable. Joanna knows how to fix that and the two embrace, their tongues exploring each other's mouths. Ryan has some built up frustration and peels off Joanna's top, licking down her back before burying her face in Angel's crotch. Joanna grips at her own throat, I'm not sure if that was to stifle a scream or provide herself with a bit of breath control. Her hands move from there to Ryan's hair as she wraps a booted leg around Keely's back; Keely too busy licking and fingering Joanna to even notice or care. Ryan stands, her tits wrapping around Joanna's face, before lying back to enjoy Joanna's tongue on her sensitive twat.

Joanna & Ryan

Ryan is writhing and repositioning as Joanna hums into her honey hole. She sits up to kiss Miss Angel as Joanna buries some fingers in Keely's slit. She's soon convulsing in an orgasm and grabbing Joanna's hand in protest. The protest is only so she can spin into a 69 and lap at her lover's hole while getting her own fingered, slapped, and licked on. Joanna brings her to yet another body convulsing orgasm and Keely plants her landing strip back on Joanna's face before allowing Joanna to do the same.

Scene 5: Joanna Angel, Riley Nixon, Small Hands

Joanna & Riley

Joanna and Riley get naked after telling Small Hands to come up to the bedroom because Joanna broke something. When he sees them naked, he saunters over and before you know it, the girls are shoving his dick down their throats. Riley mounts SH's face as she kisses on Joanna who is busy jerking his cock. Since the two are busy kissing, Small Hands leaps up to shove his dick into Riley from behind. Joanna positions herself to get her pussy licked while Riley gets dicked. The ladies are moaning and whimpering, Riley lapping rapidly as she gets drilled.
When Small HAnds lies on his back, Riley jumps onto his cock in reverse, Joanna smacking at Riley's pussy before rubbing her own. It's a moanfest all around as Joanna coaxes an orgasm out of her gal pal.

Joanna & Riley

Joanna wants to show her friend something new so she lies on her back, legs spread so that Small Hands can enter her rear door. Riley looks on in amazement as Joanna's back field gets plowed. Small Hands wants to try out Riley's rear and Joanna helps guide it in as Riley lies on her side. Nixon giggles as Joanna watches the cock slide in and out of her friend's ass. Riley rubs her clit furiously, managing to cum as Joanna looks on and then takes Small Hands' cock into her throat. Joanna moves to Riley's side, cradling her head, as Small Hands charges his blaster inside of Riley's holster and shoots it all over her patch for Joanna to lick up.

Final Thoughts: I picked this up randomly out of the stash and noticed that Joanna Angel was the director, not something I expected to see on a Penthouse title although I know she has been guest directing for other studios lately. The flick definitely has a "Burning Angel" feel to it, although a tad more refined and seemingly less ad hoc than many of BA's mini-features.

Mike Quasar's camera work, as always, captures the action in great detail...never any bobbles or shakiness seen. His style has evolved to lie somewhere in the middle of the gonzo style shoots others do that get right up in the performers' personal space and those that prefer to do multi-camera shoots and multiple takes. It works really well with Joanna's visions from what I've seen (and we see a lot of it here at XCritic).

Riley Nixon is the lead here but Joanna gets just as much screen time as she does, their roles worlds apart but never overshadowing one another. Ryan Keely seems to be making a comeback after a hiatus of a year or so and works well in this role. Tommy Gunn once again plays the role of a father figure, here he is a professor that's trying to instill a work ethic into his student but we all know how that works out in porn... Small Hands plays Joanna's bandmate who is happy to share her sexual talents with whomever she might choose. Gina Valentina and Jenna Sativa bring good lesbian action to the screen but the whole scene seemed as if it were stuck in just to get a second lesbian scene into the flick.

Overall, I liked it. It's not the most fun Joanna Angel title I've seen this year but the 2 hours of screen time it takes up seem to fly by. The sex isn't outstanding or as crazy as some of her titles I've seen and I'm sure that has something to do with this not being a BA title and that's okay. I think it's a good title for couples to enjoy and I'm sure that's the target audience. The Bonus scene seemed random. It doesn't feel or look anything like this title and therefore I didn't find any reason to really describe it. That shouldn't be your deciding factor though. There's no reason not to check this one out. Recommended.

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