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Art of Anal Sex 6, The

Studio: Tushy.com » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 12/22/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time: 2 hours 32 minutes

Date of Production:  2017

Genre: All Sex; Anal; 18+ Teens

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: Shot in 4K HD

Director: Greg Lansky

Cast: Mia Malkova, Keisha Grey, Anya Olsen, Kristina Rose, Mick Blue, Markus Dupree, Chris Diamond

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Slideshow; Cumshot Recap; Feature Trailer; Website Information


Mia Malkova makes her debut for Tushy.com in director Greg Lansky’s The Art of Anal Sex Volume 6. Fans will remember Mia as AVN’s 2014 Best New Starlet. She’s been in the biz for five years and has done well over 300 scenes. This 5’7”, the 118-pound starlet is the DVD cover girl in this flick and she steams up the opening scene with veteran cocksman Mick Blue. Mia’s ass is a turn on and she loves getting ass-fucked in doggy position by Mick’s long prick. Keisha Grey, Anya Olsen, and Kristina Rose also star in the movie, getting their ass holes stretched by Chris Diamond and Markus Dupree. I highly recommend this movie. Watching it in 4K HD is a true pleasure. The vignettes are interesting, and all the girls enjoy their scenes. Kristina has great chemistry with Markus in the closing scene of the flick as these two engage in a raging round of anal romance right before her sister’s wedding.

Scene 1:  Mia Malkova and Mick Blue

Mia has become an overnight IG star. She woke up one morning and had 30,000 new followers. She loves the attention, but she knows she needs new sponsors to become a professional IT model. When a famous company contacts Mia about a deal, she is beside herself. The VP of marketing, Mick, insists on meeting her before he can finalize a deal with her. Mia is dressed in her bathing suit at the pool when Mick arrives. The second Mia sees Mick, she knows she’s going to land this sponsorship and she decides to start celebrating early. Mick tells her that most of the girls he works with aren’t as beautiful as she is. He offers her the sponsorship and she grabs a glass of wine to celebrate. That’s not all she grabs. She’s ready to celebrate and before long, she’s holding Mick’s cock in her hand. She gets naked and so does he. Mick guides his cock down Mia’s throat, face fucking her in celebration. She grips his dick with both hands and jerks it in and out of her mouth then tells Mick they should take this inside.

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“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” she says while kissing him. The passion between these two increases as they kiss their way to the bed. Mia strokes Mick’s cock just the way he likes it then once he lies on his back, she sucks it, keeping her eyes on his. “That feel good?” she asks. Mia shows she’s more than an IG star but a cock-sucking star, too, wrapping her lips around his shaft. Mick stands up and fucks her throat again. “I love it when you fuck my face and use my mouth,” Mia tells him. He orders her to open her mouth, so he can fuck it harder and faster. Now, Mia is gagging on Mick’s long, hard pole. She loves having her mouth used. She has gotten Mick’s dick wet and she sits on it cowgirl style, bouncing her big, round ass up and down on it. “That feels good,” Mia moans. Mick starts slamming her tight pussy and it’s got Mia breathing hard. “Keep fucking me,” she screams. It’s time to fuck Mia’s ass hole and she can’t wait. Mick pulls out of her pussy and stretches her ass hole cowgirl style. His fast drilling has Mia’s eyes rolling in her head and keeps her moaning in pleasure. Mia gets to taste her own ass hole when Mick pulls out and she sucks his cock in ass to mouth fashion. There’s more cowgirl up the pussy then ass again before Mia’s ass hole is spread even wider in reverse cowgirl position. Mick fucks her ass hole slowly at first then picks up the pace, drilling her hard and deep. When Mick pulls out, Mia performs ass to mouth then she assumes doggy position for another round of ass-gaping sex. Mick spreads her ass hole wide open with his cock, leaving a gaping round hole each time he pulls out. “I love it deep,” Mia mumbles as Mick’s dick slides in and out of her ass. We get lots of great close-ups of Mia’s gaping hole in this part of the scene. Mick pumps her in the back door until she cums. Mia gets on her back, missionary style, spreads her legs wide open and watches Mick pump her ass hole. She likes the sound her hole makes when his cock drills in and out of it. More great close-ups position Mia’s ass hole center screen as Mick fills it up with his cock. “Your dick feels amazing inside my ass,” Mia tells him. Her ass hole is creaming all over Mick’s cock and the juices are draining down her ass cheeks as Mick’s drilling goes balls deep. He pulls out and shoots a big load all over Mia’s tongue. She grabs hold of his cock and sucks it with a mouthful of cum. “I hope we got a deal,” she asks with Mick’s dick in her hand.

Scene 2: Keisha Grey and Chris Diamond


Keisha’s boyfriend is from a very rich family and she knows that one day, he’s going to be rich too. He has an amazing house, but he can’t touch a cent of his trust fund until he graduates. Keisha is determined to marry him and live a luxurious life. It’s something to look forward to, but her boyfriend is boring. She’s biding her time, just waiting for her marriage. Because her boyfriend’s house is so big, he rents out some of the bedrooms. Most of the tenants are not interesting, but there’s one guy that is. It’s Chris. One afternoon while Keisha’s boyfriend is in class, she goes for a swim in the pool. Chris watches her through the window then decides to join her as well. He helps her step out of the pool and into his arms. The attraction between these two is unavoidable. He helps her out of her bathing suit and he drops his robe. Keisha has a bushy pussy, making her even sexier. Chris turns her around and eats her pussy from behind in standing doggy position, then the two of them face each other for more heavy petting. She jerks his dick with both hands while he squeezes her nipples and kisses her. Soon Keisha is on her knees sucking Chris’ big cock and her life is becoming more exciting by the second. Back in the bedroom, Keisha really gets turned on as Chris fingers her hairy pussy.

He tells her he wants to fuck her mouth and she’s happy to oblige. She takes her throat banging lying on her stomach. Chris thrusts his meat further and further down her throat until she starts gagging. He pulls out and beats her tongue with his cock then feeds her face some more. Keisha slobbers all over Chris’ cock. “Let me see your tongue,” he tells her as she chokes on his cock. Keisha rides Chris’ dick cowgirl style, guiding it deep into her pussy and telling him she’s not used to a cock as big as his. He grips her ass cheeks and bounces her up and down on his prick. She moans in pleasure as she experiences more of his pole. Chris stretches her pussy out in rounds of fast drilling action. “I’m fucking cumming,” Keisha screams. She creams all over his cock then climbs off, spits on it and sucks the taste of her pussy off it. Keisha transitions to anal by hosting Chris’ cock in her ass hole cowgirl style. “Put that fucking cock inside my ass,” she orders Chris. He stuffs her rectum, pounding it with thrust after thrust. Keisha holds her ass cheeks open as her hole gets stretched. With her ass hole opened-up, Keisha gets in doggy position and tells Chris to fuck her tight little ass. He drills her ass hole and fingers her pussy at the same time, driving Keisha crazy. Chris cock disappears deep into Keisha’s hole. Chris’ nonstop pumping of Keisha’s ass hole makes it gape as he works his dick deeper and deeper inside her. “Shove it back in there,” Keisha commands when Chris’ cock slips out. The juices from her creamy ass hole drain down her hairy pussy. From doggy, Keisha gets fucked missionary style up the ass. Keisha loves watching Chris’ cock go up and down in her hole. Her ass juices run even more as Chris fills her bum all the way up. He fucks her right up until he’s ready to pop, pulling out quickly and blasting her face and mouth with his load. She swallows his load and sucks his dick then tells him to keep on renting the room, so he can keep her company when her boyfriend is at school.

Scene 3: Anya Olsen and Chris Diamond

Anya knows that you can never underestimate the power of an old flame. She’s in a loving relationship with a great boyfriend, but when Anya finds out that her old flame, Chris, is in town, she is beside herself. She met Chris that one year when she studied abroad, and it was the wildest time she ever had in her life. Chris is planning a visit and Anya knows exactly what to do to make sure she has one last joy ride with him. She puts on her sexiest outfit and greets Chris at the door. There’s a fire again between these two old flames and not even Anya’s boyfriend can put it out. Chris takes her right there at the front door, helping her out of her clothes and eating her pussy up against the wall. “Don’t stop,” Anya screams. It’s been a long time coming for these two and for Anya, it’s been worth the wait. She wants to suck his cock so bad, she hurries him back to the bedroom. “My pussy is so wet,” she tells him as he fingers her cunt and as she jerks his dick. It’s time for Anya to satisfy her oral needs by putting Chris’ big cock in her mouth. “I miss the taste of your cock,” she says as she wraps her lips around it. She jerks it back and forth, asking him how good it feels.

Anya has been horny for Chris’ cock ever since she left Europe and now she makes up for lost time. After lubing his cock up with her mouth, she sits on it cowgirl style. She starts riding his big cock slowly then picks up the pace. “I want to feel every inch of that big cock,” Anya moans. Chris bangs her pussy hard, making Anya scream louder and louder. After reaching her peak cowgirl style, she takes cock up the ass in reverse cowgirl position, fingering her clit while bouncing up and down on his pole. The close-up shots of Anya’s ass hole leave no doubt that she’s taking every inch of Chris’ dick deep inside her anus. A little ass to mouth is quickly followed by more anal drilling in reverse cowgirl and then again doggy style. Anya closes her eyes as Chris stretches her ass hole open. He squats over her and aims for her ass hole, stuffing it with cock. She begs for more of his dick in missionary position. Chris spreads her rectum while she holds her ass cheeks open. “I missed you so much,” she tells him while he bangs her hole. More anal close-ups show us just how much Anya enjoys a big hard cock in her ass. She begs him to cum and he pulls out and pops in her mouth. She wishes her boyfriend could fuck her every day like this.

Scene 4: Kristina Rose and Markus Dupree

Kristina never planned for any of this to happen, but it did. She swears that no one will ever know about it. It was the day of her sister’s wedding and her parents had cleared the house out, so the bridal party can get ready. Kristina gets there before anyone else and gets dressed. She figured that someone would have arrived by now, but she is still all alone, at least that’s what she thinks. Her sister’s husband to be, Markus, was there the whole time and she hears him getting dressed in the other room. She offers to help him get dressed. When she helps him with his tie, their eyes meet, and Kristina realizes she has a deep attraction for him. Markus kisses her then turns her around to eat her pussy from behind. Kristina doesn’t give him much time as she quickly drops to her knees and sucks his cock. Instead of helping him get dressed, she’s taking off his clothes to get at his dick. Markus throat fucks her, making her gag again and again. Kristina is as horny as they come for her sister’s husband and loves the way he’s fucking her face.

After banging her tonsils with his dick, Markus takes her on a cowgirl ride that keeps Kristina satisfied. “I need all that dick in my fucking pussy,” she tells Markus. Kristina wants him to stretch out her ass hole, so she can cum all over his dick. Markus aims for her ass hole, fucking it cowgirl style. She takes the reigns, fucking him by bouncing up and down on his pole. A round of ass to mouth is quickly followed up by more ass stretching, this time in reverse cowgirl position. Kristina cums from the ass drilling. Markus keeps pumping her ass hole, sending Kristina into nirvana. After sucking his cock, she gets on all fours to be fucked doggy style. Kristina moans in pleasure, telling him how good his cock feels in her ass. She fingers her clit at the same time and is soon cumming again. He stretches her ass even more in missionary position and Kristina tells him to “dick that shit down.” The hot round of missionary banging leads to a popshot on Kristina’s face. With Markus’ load all over her face, she grips his cock and sucks it, swallowing the spunk in her mouth. She tells him when he gets married, he won’t stop thinking about her.

Final Thoughts:

The Art of Anal Sex Volume 6 is a flick I highly recommend you watch. Shot in 4K HD, this movie is full of percolating moments that bubble over into ass-pounding sex that will turn you on. DVD cover girl, Mia Malkova, makes her debut for Tushy.com in this flick. She opens the movie in a scene with ass banger, Mick Blue, who offers her a new marketing contract then drills her ass hole to celebrate. Directed by Greg Lansky, this movie also features Keisha Grey, Anya Olsen, and Kristina Rose in memorable scenes with anal divers Chris Diamond and Markus Dupree. There are great close-ups in each scene that put each starlet’s ass hole on full display as it gets stretched and pumped by her partner's hard cock.

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