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My DP 3

Studio: Tushy.com » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 12/26/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 30 minutes

Date of Production:  2017

Genre: All Sex; Anal; Double Penetration; Threesomes

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: Shot in HD

Director: Greg Lansky

Cast: Featuring Marley Brinx with Alexis Monroe, Adria Rae, Kimberly Brix, Mick Blue, Christian Clay, Markus Dupree, Jean Val Jean, Jessy Jones

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Slideshow; Cumshot Recap; Feature Trailer; Website Information


Acclaimed director Greg Lansky presents My DP Volume 3, the third installment in this hot series. The flick features Marley Brinx in her first double penetration scene and it’s a sizzler. Marley opens the flick in a heated scene with Markus Dupree and Jean Val Jean. These three are professional models who hook up one day after a photo shoot. Marley’s every sexual fantasy comes true, including being penetrated by two cocks at once. She enjoys her first DP experience, cumming and creaming all over her coworkers’ cocks. Marley is joined by starlets Alexis Monroe, Adria Rae and Kimberly Brix who each have sexually powerful performances that are a true pleasure to watch. I highly recommend this movie. As has become the Lansky hallmark, My DP 3 pays attention to every detail from production, setting, lighting, and on-camera chemistry to create four unforgettable scenes of double penetration action.

Scene 1:  Marley Brinx, Markus Dupree, and Jean Val Jean

Canadian-born starlet Marley Brinx opens My DP 3 in a scorching scene that features her first double penetration performance. She’s in good hands with Markus and Jean who keep both her holes stretched and satisfied. It all starts with Marley reminiscing about her modeling career. She got into modeling about a year ago and every day has been different and exciting. One day she’s walking a runway, the next day, she’s in a high-end photoshoot. Marley has started hooking up with the models she works with. Everybody is hot in the business and it’s hard not to be attracted to each other. One day, after a shoot, Marley invites Markus and Jean over to hang out. With drinks in hand, this trio is soon getting closer than any shoot has ever put them. Marley is sitting on the couch between the guys who are fingering her pussy and sucking her tits as she grinds her body in circles on the couch. The fringe benefits of Marley’s modeling career are beginning to take off and she couldn’t be more excited. The passion is palpable as Marley tells the guys she wants to suck the cocks. They stand up to offer their rods, stripping out of their clothes while she jerks and sucks her two new best friends. “I love sucking two cocks,” she says as she looks up at the guys with both dicks in her hands. Marley proves she has the oral skills to handle two dicks at once. She does a little ball licking, too. What lies ahead for her is round after round of double penetration action that makes this model’s sexual fantasies come true. The guys fuck her throat, causing her to gag and drool as she kneels on the floor gorging and spitting on their cocks.

“I want you guys to fuck me and I want to feel both your cocks inside me at the same time,” are the words Marley shares with her partners. She’s ready for a double bang, but before she gets it, the guys fuck her throat again, holding her head in place while they thrust in and out of her mouth. Jean warms her pussy up by sitting her on his cock cowgirl style. She bounces up and down, getting turned on by having the attention of two guys. Jean squeezes her ass cheeks while he pumps her pussy. Marley sucks Markus’ dick at the same time. Her pussy is creaming all over Jean’s hard prick as it stretches her tight pussy. Marley cums from Jean’s fucking then she’s ready to get her ass hole stretched. The guys drill her ass hole missionary style. Marley spreads her ass cheeks wide and watches as they make her ass hole gape. She loves it when the guys take turns on her holes. With both her holes stretched, it’s time for Marley to experience two cocks inside of her holes at once. “I can’t believe I’m doing this,” Marley moans as she sits on Markus’ cock cowgirl style and gets her ass hole pumped by Jean’s cock. Marley’s cowgirl DP is hot to watch as she experiences a new sensation for the first time. The 4K HD action makes Marley’s DP a pleasure to watch. She’s cumming again, creaming all over both cocks from both her holes. “Fuck me hard in my ass hole and pussy,” she screams out as she cums again from the rhythmic ramming of her holes. The guys pull out and feed her their dicks before stuffing both holes again in a standing reverse cowgirl. She wraps her arms around both guys’ shoulders as their dicks do the work of spreading her open. Marley’s DP performance is stellar, and she caps it off with a cum-glazed facial. The guys pull out and blast her face with jizz. She sucks their cocks, swallows loads of cum, and tells her boy toys that they’ve got to do this again.

Scene 2: Alexis Monroe, Mick Blue, and Christian Clay

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Getting a sugar daddy was the best decision Alexis ever made. She is living the life. Her latest sugar daddy, Mick, has spoiled her and takes good care of her. Christian, Mick’s old college friend is visiting from out of town and Alexis joins the guys on the couch to get to know Christian a little better. We soon learn that Alexis has ulterior motives. She has been craving two cocks for a long time and the opportunity is presenting itself for Alexis to fulfill her fantasy. Her sugar daddy, Mick, is open to whatever Alexis wants and once the threesome gets to know each other even better, Mick encourages her to suck their cocks. Alexis is excited and drops to her knees to stuff her mouth with dick. She jerks each dick and sucks it, moaning as she fills her throat with their hard peckers. Now, Alexis truly has everything she wants, the money, a sugar daddy who adores her, and two big, hard cocks in her hands and down her throat. There’s still more to come for this blonde bombshell’s two-cock fantasy. Alexis slurps on her cocks, making a sloppy mess of each one, drooling all over them. Christian tells her to open her mouth, so he can thrust his cock down her throat. She invites the guys to the bedroom, so they can skull fuck her even harder. She stuffs their cocks as far as they can go down the back of her throat. “I love sucking your fat cock,” she tells Christian. Her sugar daddy is up next, banging her tonsils. The guys play a game of swap-a-roo with their cocks, face fucking her one after the other.

Mick gets Alexis’ pussy ready for the two-cock onslaught by fucking her in cowgirl position. The balls-slapping action has her screaming in sexual abandon. Christian fills her mouth with his cock while Mick continues to stretch her pussy. “I want you to put your fucking cock in my ass,” Alexis commands Christian. He responds immediately, spreading her ass hole open with his cock in reverse cowgirl position. Alexis closes her eyes in pleasure while Christian butt fucks her. He spreads her ass cheeks open and drills her ass hole. Mick fingers her clit, making her cum then he penetrates her pussy, giving Alexis the two pricks she has longed for. Both her holes are filled in reverse cowgirl position and Alexis can barely contain her sensation. “I love feeling your fucking cock go in and out of my pussy like that,” she moans to Mick. Her pussy is creaming now, covering Mick’s dick in juice. It’s Mick’s turn to fuck her ass hole and he slams it reverse cowgirl style while Christian bangs her pussy. Alexis does a hot cowgirl DP next that has both her holes stuffed to capacity. There are several great shots of Alexis getting the DP of her life as the guys' dicks drill deeper and deeper into both her holes. She’s in cowgirl position and Mick is penetrating her ass while Christian is fucking her pussy. She stands up for a leg up over Mick’s shoulder while he fucks her pussy and Christian comes up from behind and rams her rectum. She gets in doggy position an enjoys the way Mick’s cock feels in her ass hole. She begs the guys for their cum and gets a double load of spunk in her mouth and on her face.

Scene 3: Kimberly Brix, Jessy Jones, and Markus Dupree

Kimberly is having the time of her life in California, hanging out with her girlfriend, Lauren. She loves it out there. One day on a trip to the beach, Kimberly and Lauren meet two hot guys, Jessy and Markus. They hit it off with the guys and join them for drinks at the guys’ place later that day. The chemistry is building between these two couples until Lauren gets cold feet. She doesn’t want to cheat on her boyfriend and she decides to go back to the hotel, leaving Kimberly alone with the guys. Markus walks Lauren out while Jessy makes out with Kimberly. She is really into Jessy and is all over him, following him to the bedroom to get a better look at the view. Suddenly, as Kimberly is making out with Jessy, Markus shows up, caressing her. She finds herself in the middle of two men that are out to make all her sexual fantasies come true. Kimberly lets herself go with the moment. They guys strip her down to her underwear and massage her body. “I’ve never done anything like this,” she tells her newfound partners. The kissing gets more passionate. There’s no turning back for Kimberly as she feels the guys’ big hard cocks. She moves to her knees and starts sucking them, commenting that she’s never done anything like this before. She puts Jessy’s big cock in her mouth and works her lips down his shaft, jerking it at the same time. She quickly turns around to give Markus’ cock some love, slurping and gurgling as his cock moves further down her throat. Now, she’s moving from cock to cock, quickly sucking each one, so she can get back to the other.

Markus leads her into bed, putting her in doggy position and pulling her panties off. He eats her pussy and ass hole from behind, licking and drilling her holes with his tongue. She moans while keeping Jessy’s cock in her mouth. She lies on her back missionary style and Jessy plugs her pussy with his prick, pumping it hard and deep, filling her hole up. Markus feeds her face with his cock and watches her get fucked. Kimberly is glad she hung around, she’s now in the middle of a two-cock sandwich and it’s got her turned on. Markus takes control next, slamming her pussy missionary style as Kimberly watches his cock go in and out of her pussy. She gets fucked doggy style next. Jessy stretches her pussy first, readying it for Kimberly’s two-cock onslaught that’s ahead. Markus keeps her mouth busy with his cock when Jessy pulls out of her pussy and penetrates her ass hole in doggy position. The anal focus continues with Markus plowing Kimberly’s ass hole in spoon position. He stuffs her anus balls deep, opening up her ass hole. Kimberly begins her biggest sexual fantasy with a double penetration in reverse cowgirl position. The guys fill both her holes with hard cock, drilling them in perfect rhythm, making Kimberly cream all over their cocks. Markus is in her ass hole and Jessy is in her pussy. She fingers her clit at the same time, heightening her pleasure. “I want you to fuck my ass now,” Kimberly tells Jessy. She sucks his cock first them gets in cowgirl position on top of Markus’ dick. After Markus makes a few strokes in her pussy, Jessy penetrates her sphincter, continuing her double penetration sensation. Jessy moves into a squat position, giving us a close-up shot of the way he’s fucking Kimberly’s ass hole while Jessy’s cock stretches her pussy. “I want your cum all over my face,” Kimberly begs. She kneels and waits as the guys blow their loads all over her face and in her mouth. “So much cum,” she says after receiving both loads.

Scene 4: Adria Rae, Mick Blue, and Jean Val Jean

The final scene of My DP 3 features Adria Rae. She works at a resort and has found ways to keep herself entertained, especially when things are quiet. Her newest conquest is Jean, a hotshot French businessman who is a beast in bed, fucking her like no one else can. Jean is hanging out at the pool of the resort, telling a colleague, Mick, that he fucked Adria. The guys watch her as she walks over to them to take their order. She asks what they’re going to have. “We’re going to order off menu,” Jean tells her. Adria assures them that she can arrange that. Jean tells her to meet them in his bedroom in a few minutes. Back in his bedroom, Adria sits on the couch between both guys and agrees to make both happy today. She kisses Mick while the guys spread her legs open and finger her pussy. She massages their cocks in their pants and stands up to get a better grip on their hard pricks. As she’s standing, kissing Mick, Jean kneels to eat her pussy from behind in standing doggy position. Soon, Adria has both hard pricks in her hands, jerking them back and forth. “I’m so horny,” Adria explains. She kneels to start a long round of cock sucking. She puts Mick’s dick in her mouth first, jamming it down her throat as Mick holds her head in place, so he can thrust his meat in and out of her mouth. She turns to Jean’s hard cock and does the same thing, gorging on her two-cock meal. Adria goes hands-free on Mick’s cock, opening her mouth wide as Mick skull fucks her. “Tell him how you like to be tag teamed by two cocks,” Jean orders her. Micks pulls her hair back and guides her mouth back and forth over Jean’s cock. All this throat banging has Adria drooling and spitting up as she gags on cock. “I’ve always wanted two cocks inside of me,” she smiles and tells the guys. Adria wants her pussy stretched out now.

Jean stretches her pussy out in doggy position while she sucks Mick’s dick. Jean slams her little tight pussy from behind as Adria chokes on Mick’s cock. “This is a really good way to do business,” Mick tells Jean. “That’s the way I like it,” Jean responds. The doggy banging gets harder and faster, making Adria moan in pleasure. She deep throat’s Mick’s prick then looks back at Jean, who is ramming her pussy. Mick is up next, drilling Adria’s cunt doggy style and making her pussy even wetter than it already is. She keeps her mouth busy sucking Jean’s pole. Rounds of missionary anal action ensue, beginning with Jean beating Adria’s pussy with his hard cock then penetrating her tight ass hole, making it gape. “Oh, fuck yes,” Adria screams. She’s having an assgasm from Jean’s anal pumping. “I want you to take turns on my little ass,” she tells the guys. Mick stretches her ass hole with his long cock, opening her up wider. We get great shots of Adria’s gaping ass hole. She rides Jean’s hard cock up her ass in reverse cowgirl position, holding her legs back, keeping them wide open. She bites her lips and squeezes her eyes shut, enjoying every stroke of Jean’s meat. “It feels so fucking good,” she mumbles. Adria invites Mick to fuck her pussy at the same time Jean is fucking her ass hole. That begins her double penetrating session, beginning in reverse cowgirl position. The guys pump and fill both her holes, sending Adria to new levels of pleasure. “Fucking fill me up with both your fucking cocks,” she says. Adria wants to be treated like a little slut for these businessmen, and they give her what she wants. She climbs off and sucks both dicks, tasting both her pussy and ass juices before getting into cowgirl position for more DP action. She’s riding Jean’s cock in her pussy and getting her ass hole pummeled by Mick’s dick. Mick makes her ass hole gape when he pulls out. She stands up and puts a leg up over Mick, so he can plug her pussy. Jean walks up from behind and plugs her ass hole, giving her a standing DP. The guys pull out and blast their loads all over Adria’s face. She greedily sucks their cocks and swallows their cum, looking up at each one of them with a cum-covered smile on her face.

Final Thoughts:

The starlets in Greg Lansky’s My DP 3 want nothing more than to get fucked by two cocks at the same time, sending them into a sexual tailspin of pleasure that ends in a cum-soaked facial. Featured starlet Marley Brinx and her costars Alexia Monroe, Adria Rae and Kimberly Brix get the experience of a lifetime as their pussies and ass holes get stretched at the same time in perfect rhythm by industry studs Markus Dupree, Jean Val Jean, Christian Clay, Jessy Jones and Mick Blue. This is a flick I highly recommend and it’s one of those movies you’ll want to watch again and again. Marley performs her first double penetration on film in this movie and what a scene it is to watch. She experiences her DP with Markus and Jean who double stuff her until she cums. Attention to production details, great casting, on-scene chemistry, and sensational cinematography combine to make one hot movie about double penetration action.                                                                                                                                                                       

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