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Fucked Up

Studio: Pretty Dirty » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 12/23/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

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Genre: Comedy Vignettes


Cast: Luna Star, Lana Adams, Lyra Law, Nina Elle, Chad White, Marcus Dupree, Alex D

Director: Craven Moorehead

Writer/Producer: Bree Mills

Release Date: Dec. 4, 2017

Length: 111 min.

Condoms: None

Extras: Five minute BTS of A Wife's Consolation, a slideshow and a trailer


Overview: Bree Mills and Craven Moorehead bring us yet another great collection of scenes from Pretty Dirty, this time focusing on stories that, for one reason or another, are all..well..fucked up! Infidelity, deception and just plain weirdness cultivate these hardcore tales, all presented with the usual degree of excellence, both in front of and behind the cameras, that you've come to expect from Bree and company.


Scene One: “Border Patrol” starring Luna Star and Chad White


Beautiful, busty, blond Cuban native Luna Star is an escaped convict from Mexico who crosses the border in the U.S. With her coyote. However she gets caught by border patrol officer Chad White who threatens to send her back to Mexico. Luna promises to do “anything” if he lets her go. So he takes her to the border patrol station and immediately she's sucking his cock.


With her lips stroking his shaft he promises her a green card if she makes him cum, so she goes to town giving him outstanding head. After gagging and deep throating his cock she climbs up and lowers her sweet pussy down on it. She grinds and bounces on him before she spins around and rides him cowgirl. He fucks her from underneath until she cums on his cock, which she cleans off with her mouth before climbing back up and riding him some more. She then gets on all fours and he fucks her doggy style from behind, driving his cock in and out of her wet pussy until she cums over and over again. He then lifts one of her legs up and T-bones her.


This turns into a missionary and he fucks her sweet Latina pussy, giving her orgasm after orgasm, until he shoots off on her face. With his cum still caked on her face and amazing tits he turns her in and sends her back to Mexico. That, people, is fucked up!


Scene Two: “The Dollhouse” starring Lana Adams, Lyra Law and Marcus Dupree


Now this scene is just plain weird, but it's so well made with an outstanding performance from Lyra Law. And I really like that it touches on arguably one of the most underused porn sub-genres, mind control. College student Lana Adams answers an internet ad for “Dupree's Dollhouse”, which promises a sugar daddy will pay all of her bills if she agrees to live at The Dollhouse. She goes to the interview with Marcus' assistant Lyra Law and is taken aback with all of the dolls sitting around the house. Lyra turns in a terrific performance as the creepy psycho assistant. She leaves one of the dolls with Lana who stares into it's eyes, and the next thing we see she's completely brainwashed, staring back at herself in a mirror, all painted up with a permanent plastic smile on her face. Lyra goes on and on about how she's going to love being Marcus' (or “daddy's”) new plaything as she plants more makeup on Lana. She takes her to Marcus who tells them to put on a show for them. “Yes daddy,” Lyra says and starts licking Lana's pussy.


She eats and devours her cunt making her cum when Marcus tells them to switch. Keeping in abeyance Lyra starts eating out Lyra, bagging her to eat her pussy. Marcus then tells them to completely undress and for Lyra to masturbate Lana. With Marcus looking on Lyra rubs Lana's pussy when he tells Lyra to sit on Lana's face, which she does until she cums on Lana's tongue. She tells Marcus she's ready for his cock and sends Lana to the oversized dollhouse to watch. Lana peers out the window grabbing her tits and squeezing her nipples as Marcus fucks Lyra missionary on the couch.


He slams his cock in and out of Lyra's wet pussy, slapping her tits and making her cum over and over as her fucks her. She then flips over and Marcus fucks her from behind, pistoning his cock in Lyra's pussy while his balls slap against her clit. Marcus eats her ass out a second and then lays down for Lyra to ride him reverse cowgirl. She has a convulsive orgasm on his cock and cleans it up with her mouth before climbing back on and riding him regular cowgirl. He fucks her from underneath and just as she's about to cum he pulls her off and eats her so she can cum in his mouth. She climbs back up and rides him again before they go back into a missionary, all the while Lana getting off watching the whole show from the dollhouse.


He then picks Lyra up and fucks her ballerina style, first on one leg and then picking her up and sliding her up and down on his cock. He sets her down and she then bends over and he fucks her standing from behind until he cums on her face and in her mouth. This is a terrific, if, yes, a little fucked up. But Craven Moorehead's camera work is great, and I really liked Lyra Law's completely whacked out performance.


Scene Three: “A Wife's Consolation” starring Nina Elle and Alex D


Here's another great performance from Nina Elle, who plays the mom to Alex D's girlfriend. Nina discovers a stranger's panties in her and her husband's bed. She immediately assumes her husband is cheating on her, so she calls her daughter. Instead Alex answers and she asks him to come over, she needs someone to talk to. When he arrives Nina is crying on the side of the bed. She tells him about the panties, which Alex recognizes as belonging to his girlfriend. That's right, Nina's daughter is screwing her husband. Nina sobs to Alex, telling him about how she did everything for her husband, including getting bigger tits which she shows to Alex.


She starts to get turned on when she makes Alex feel them and they start making out. She lays him down on the bed and undoes his pants. She then pulls his big cock out and wraps her mouth around it. She slurps and gags on him while they both get naked and then she climbs up and rides him. Alex slaps Nina's magnificent ass as she bounces it up and down on his cock. After cumming on it she spins around and rides him reverse cowgirl, giving us a great view of Nina's sweet pussy as it glides up and down on Alex's cock.


He grabs her tit and fucks her from underneath making her cum again before he spoons her from behind. He jabs his cock in and out of her pussy making her cry out with every stab. She then gets on all fours and and he fucks her doggy style, giving her multiple orgasms until he strokes his cock and cums on Nina's face, with Nina sucking every last drop of jizz from his cock. Nina Elle, not only being smoldering hot, gives a great comedic performance at the beginning, joking about how her tits get in the way when she works out, etc., before turning in a scorching hot sex scene. Great performance and a great scene.


Final Thoughts: Before Bree Mills created the outstanding website Pure Taboo, Pretty Dirty was the site to show adult stories that pushed the envelope. Not to the degree as Pure Taboo, but still cutting edge stories that tested the boundaries. If you've been on the website lately, it's sadly been pretty barren, the last scene from nearly six months ago. That's understandable though since Bree has been growing in new directions (Pure Taboo being the latest terrific venture for Bree's Gamma Media group). But Pretty Dirty still has terrific stories, very well made and constructed with amazing acting. And this collection is an outstanding example. Fascinating if slightly off kilter story lines like The Dollhouse make it still a great source for adult filmmaking. So absolutely, I still Highly Recommend this title, and hope to see a return of new content on Pretty Dirty soon.

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